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On the Move Public Transportation in Adelaide

On the Move: Public Transportation in Adelaide

Moving around Adelaide is a breeze because of our efficient and convenient public transportation network. From our modern trains to our quaint yet effective tram system, it’s an integral part of every Adelaidean’s life. 

If you’re visiting Adelaide for the first time, this guide will be handy for you to know which ones to ride and how much you’ll pay. Get ready to embark on a ride through the transportation marvels of the city! 

Fare in Adelaide

Fare in Adelaide

The great thing about public transportation in Adelaide is that it can all be paid using metroCARD. 

Refer to the table below to see the cost of public transportation in Adelaide:

General ratesPeak travel times (before (9:00 AM and after 3:00 PM and during Saturdays)Off-peak travel times (from 9:01 AM to 3:00 PM, Sundays, and holidays)
Regular card$4.05$2.25
Single trip$5.90$4.00
Tap and pay$4.05$2.25
Concession card$2.00$1.10
Concession single trip card$3.00$1.40
Concession day trip$5.60
Student $1.40$1.10
Student single trip $3.00$1.40
Student day trip$5.60

Where do you buy the MetroCard in Adelaide?

Where do you buy the MetroCard in Adelaide

You can buy a MetroCard in one of the vending machines near the train and tram stops in Adelaide, through their online website, or through their retailers all over the city.

How do I pay for public transportation/metroCARD in Adelaide?  

How do I pay for public transportationmetroCARD in Adelaide

You can pay for your MetroCARD through

  • their online website,
  • the InfoCentre available in railway stations,
  • the vending machines across Adelaide.

Sometimes, the trams/buses themselves have vending machines on board. Take note that with online transactions, there’s a delay of up to 1 hour before your money is credited.

Is public transportation free in Adelaide?

Is public transportation free in Adelaide

Only some public transport in Adelaide are free, specifically

  • the tram that passes by Entertainment Centre Station and South Terrace Station,
  • the tram that passes by Brighton Road and Moseley Square,
  • the city bus loop 99A to 99C (passes by Town Hall, Rundle Mall, SA Museum, etc).

As you can see, the free rides are in the CBD. For daily work commutes, you’ll have to pay approximately $5–$10.

What are the public transport options in Adelaide?

The main modes of transportation in Adelaide are buses, trains, and trams. Other forms of transportation include taxis and ridesharing. 

Buses in Adelaide

Buses in Adelaide

The bus system in Adelaide is a handy way to get around town because it has many stops in the CBD and outside it. The buses are comfortable, clean, and usually spacious!

Operations start as early as 4:30 AM, and they usually arrive every 15 minutes, making them convenient for work commutes. 

A complete list of the timetables for the different bus stops in Adelaide can be seen here.

Bus Routes in Adelaide

Below is a map showing the bus routes for Adelaide.

Bus Routes in Adelaide

Do buses in Adelaide accept cash?

Buses in Adelaide won’t accept cash payments starting July 2023. You’ll have to pay for every trip using the metroCARD.

Trains in Adelaide

Trains in Adelaide

The train is the most convenient public transportation if you’re visiting the outer suburbs of Adelaide. They start as early as 4:30 AM and usually close at around midnight. 

You can catch a free train ride whenever there’s a big sporting event at the Adelaide Oval. I definitely felt the Aussie sporting spirit when I rode it to watch the AFL Match back in 2016!

Train Routes in Adelaide

Below is a map showing the train routes for Adelaide.

Train Routes in Adelaide

Trams in Adelaide

Our trams in Adelaide are quaint yet highly effective in their job! You’ll get a pretty view all the way from North Terrace to CBD, Glenelg Beach, and more here!

It’s a legacy transportation method that has been modernized to make each ride comfortable and fast. 

I recommend you catch it whenever you’re visiting the landmarks of the CBD, such as the Botanic Gardens, Adelaide Zoo, and the Entertainment Center.

Tram Routes in Adelaide

Below is a map showing the tram routes in Adelaide.

Tram Routes in Adelaide

Taxis in Adelaide

Taxis in Adelaide

Taxis are the ever-reliable means for getting around the city. It’s my go-to whenever coming from Adelaide Airport, as it’s cheap and accessible. 

There are three major operators that handle taxis in Adelaide:

  • Independent taxis 
  • Suburban taxis (caters to passengers with disabilities)
  • Yellow cabs

How much do taxis charge in Adelaide?

Taxis charge $3.70 as a base fee and then add $1.87 per kilometer in Adelaide. They also charge $39.30 for standing and waiting time.

Ridesharing in Adelaide

Ridesharing in Adelaide

Ridesharing is also a convenient choice because you can simply request it through your phone. The ridesharing companies in Adelaide are

  • Uber
  • Go Catch
  • Ola
  • Shebah 
  • MyCar

FAQs about Public Transport in Adelaide

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