How We Review Things - Adelaide Examiner

Hi, Ava and Isla here again. In this section, we’ll tell you all about our creative process in reviewing products and services here in Adelaide.

This process has evolved from the time we were just making reviews about services on our campus. This tried and tested technique has been passed on to everyone else in the team that we’re working with.

So, you can be assured that our process is thorough, accurate, and honest.


First off, we check all our options. We narrow down our choices based on what we’ve researched from the different resources, platforms, referrals, etc.

Once we’ve checked everything, we pick the ones that make the most impact on us and others.


Next, we check how credible our list is. We look into their years of experience, excellence as evidenced by licenses, accreditations, certifications etc.

We make sure that our choices are consistently reliable and credible all throughout.


We then look for reviews for the particular service or product. From there, we garner the general public opinion and gauge for ourselves which ones make the cut.

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Then, we compare them to competitors, looking for the ones that are a cut above the rest. We look at what they’re capable of.

Test run

Of course, we don’t recommend anything unless we’ve tried them. That’s our secret to reliable reviews.

We make sure our reviews come from a place of experience.