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Best Ways to Celebrate Your Kids’ Birthday in Adelaide

Best Ways to Celebrate Your Kids’ Birthday in Adelaide

Adelaide is an amazing place to celebrate your kids’ birthdays. 

With fun-filled play zones, exciting obstacle courses, thrilling water parks, and many more, the City of Adelaide will provide your little ones with unforgettable and extraordinary birthday parties! 

The venues and activities you’ll see in this article have been carefully researched and checked by our team. Continue reading and find out where you should celebrate your kids’ next birthday!


Why Celebrate Your Kids’ Birthdays Here: Birthday parties in BRICKZ 4 KIDZ are fun and educational because of the interactive LEGO-themed party programs they offer.
Service AreasAdelaide and nearby areas (offers mobile parties)
Best for Ages5 to 12 years old
Number of Guests Allowed10–20 (number will depend on the package you’ll purchase, and additional payment will be required for extra guests)

If you want to BUILD a fun birthday party for your little ones, an educational and creative play zone full of LEGO bricks will do the trick! 

BRICKZ 4 KIDZ hosts birthday parties wherein your kids and their friends can create whatever their playful imaginations can think of!

There are multiple (and affordable) themes to choose from. We suggest picking a theme based on your kids’ hobbies and preferences! 

With BRICKZ 4 KIDZ, you also don’t have to worry about the flow of your kids’ parties. The party hosts are great at controlling the party’s flow and are experts in maintaining the celebration’s fun! 

They’re also great at bringing out the creativity of kids! The educational parlor games and LEGO-building lessons they provide will sharpen your kids’ cognitive skills and creativity! 

BRICKZ 4 KIDZ’ Best Party Ideas

They offer a lot of party packages, but for us, these are the top party ideas by BRICKZ 4 KIDZ!

  • Galaxy Far Away – a party workshop where kids can build characters and objects from Star Wars (Johanna, a member of our team picked this theme for her little boy, and the fun party left the kids starstruck!)
  • Mining and Crafting – a LEGO-building activity based on the structures and materials found in Minecraft, one of the best-selling video games of all time
  • Superhero Academy – an action-packed LEGO-building session full of superhero-themed LEGO parts and characters 
  • Spinning Ninjas – an activity where kids can build motorized LEGO characters with fun spinning mechanisms
  • Princesses and Palaces – a LEGO party where kids take the roles of prince and princesses while building castles made of LEGO

Funtime Kids Parties

Funtime Kids Parties
Photo courtesy of FuntimeKidsParties
Why Celebrate Your Kids’ Birthdays Here: If your children love popular trends like famous video games or viral social media challenges, Funtime Kids Parties is the one you should pick. 
Funtime Kids Parties will set birthday parties for your kids that are greatly inspired by Internet trends!
Service AreasAdelaide and nearby areas (offers mobile parties)
Best for Ages5 to 10 years old
Number of Guests Allowed20–30 (number will depend on the party idea you choose)

Funtime Kids Parties is a mobile entertainment service that will bring exciting birthday celebrations to your chose venues! 

This party organizer offers a variety of fun and unique party ideas such as a disco party, Nerf war, Beyblade tournament, and more!

The exciting party themes from Funtime Kids Parties are perfect for your kids’ socializing skills and fitness. It’s a win-win situation because your tiny ones could also meet new friends while having a fantastic time!

Funtime Kids Parties’ Best Party Ideas

Here are the party ideas offered by Funtime Kids parties:

  • Disco Party – Funtime Kids Parties’ most popular party format where kids can play dancing games accompanied by trendy songs
  • Archery Wars – an action-packed game of archery that also includes the exciting elements of hide-and-seek and tag
  • Nerf Wars – a group-based, obstacle-filled game where kids could play with Nerf Guns
  • Lego Build-N-Bash – a unique LEGO where your kids can make different LEGO structures and destroy them at the session’s end
  • Beyblade Tournament – a friendly competition where kids can build their personalized metal tops and pit them against the metal tops of their friends

Big Wedgie Inflatable Water Park

Big Wedgie Inflatable Water Park
Photo courtesy of TheBigWedgieInflatableWaterPark
Why Celebrate Your Kids’ Birthdays Here: Big Wedgie Inflatable Water Park is a great venue for kids’ birthday parties because of its record-holding and breathtaking inflatable slides. 
If your kids are tiny daredevils, this water park is for them!
LocationMilitary Road via West Beach Parks Resort, West Beach
Best for Ages5 to 13 years old
Number of Guests AllowedNo limit

What’s not exciting about celebrating your kids’ birthday parties at the world’s tallest and most extreme inflatable water slide? 

With a whopping 18.2-meter height and 82-meter length, the awe-inspiring Big Wedgie is where our kids slid down into a world of fun!

Your kids might also enjoy this water park’s vibrant vibe. 

In our team’s case, the water park’s multicolored inflatable water structures and the energetic sound of people having a great time boosted our kids’ energies! 

Big Wedgie Inflatable Water Park’s Best Party Ideas

Big Wedgie Inflatable Water Park has three party ideas designed to cater to different age brackets:

  • Junior Birthday – held at the Just Right Wedgie waterslide, Junior Birthday is a party package suitable for kids ages 5–8 years old
  • Big Birthday – a birthday party at the world’s tallest inflatable water slide that is perfect for kids ages 8 to 9 years old
  • Epic Birthday – a birthday party for thrill-seekers held at The Big Chucka, the most extreme slide of this water park (this is what we picked since Kyle, our teammate’s kid celebrating his 12th birthday at the time, wanted a more daring party!)


Why Celebrate Your Kids’ Birthdays Here: If your kids want an adventurous birthday party, come to Funtopia, as this place has state-of-the-art walls for rock climbing and mirror mazes! 
Funtopia also has super-speed slides, a shooting gallery, and obstacle courses where your little ones can play interactive games.
Location259-269 Main N Rd, Sefton Park
Best for Ages1 to 13 years old
Number of Guests Allowed10 per party package 

The word fun in this indoor playground’s name isn’t just for the wordplay! Boasting many private party rooms with different themes and challenges, Funtopia is one of Adelaide’s most unique and adventurous birthday party venues for kids!

Aside from the game rooms full of fun activities, Funtopia also has a kiosk that prepares delectable snacks. This one’s a great feature since we know how hungry kids can get after hours of zestful playtime!

The food they prepare in this kiosk consists of platters full of decadent pastries, fruits, veggies, and meat!

Funtopia’s Best Party Ideas

Funtopia prides itself on being a party expert. This place has a right to do so because of the party ideas listed below!

  • Playground Party – an exciting birthday party for kids ages 1 to 5 years old that is held at the indoor playground of Funtopia
  • Climbing Party – involves thrilling, indoor rock climbing, ideal for 4 to 10-year-old kids
  • Best of Both Worlds Party – a fun birthday party idea for kids ages 3 to 13 years old held at Funtopia’s climbing zone and playground 
  • Tiny Tots Party – a charming party at Funtopia’s indoor playground that’s dedicated to kids ages 0 to 2 years old

Kartmania Gepps Cross

Why Celebrate Your Kids’ Birthdays Here: If your kids want to celebrate their birthdays on a go-kart race track or laser tag arena, you must come to Kartmania Gepps Cross, as this place has both! 
Kartmania Gepps Cross’ speedy go-kart races and thrilling laser tag matches will fulfill your children’s wish of having an action-packed and super fun birthday party! 
Location1 Port Wakefield Rd, Gepps Cross 
Best for Ages12 to 13 years old
Number of Guests AllowedNo limit

With a 600-meter-long karting track full of speedy challenges and an exciting laser tag arena that utilizes cutting-edge technology, Kartmania Gepps Cross blitzes as one of Adelaide’s premier places for enjoyable and challenging birthday parties for kids!

Our kids totally enjoyed the fast-paced action of Kartmania Gepps Cross’ kart tracks. They also had a blast lurking in the corners of the venue’s laser tag arena while shooting colorful lasers at each other! 

Kartmania Gepps Cross’ Best Party Ideas

Kartmania Gepps Cross’ Best Party Ideas
Photo courtesy of Kartmania

Here are the two party packages of Kartmania that our team tried!

  • Grand Prix and Enduro Package – This package will give your kid a moving birthday. Your tiny racers will experience driving go-karts on the adrenaline-pumping tracks of Kartmania.
  • Laser Tag Missions – set in Kartmania’s visually-captivating laser tag mazes, this party package consists of missions and laser tag battles


Why Celebrate Your Kids’ Birthdays Here: If you want a place where your kids can have a highly physical and fun birthday party, BOUNCE Inc. is the one for you, as this indoor trampoline park has many jumping-based play zones. 
Location164-168 Richmond Rd, Marleston 
Best for Ages2 to 13 years old
Number of Guests AllowedNo limit

With features such as a free-jumping arena, slam dunk zones, cliff-jumping spots, and many more, this trampoline wonderland will make your kids bounce to cloud nine!

Aside from the FUNtastic trampoline-based games and obstacle courses, BOUNCE Inc. also has an onsite cafe that’s a great spot for relaxation after a day of merriment. We think that your kids will enjoy the fried snacks here!

BOUNCE Inc.’s Best Party Ideas

Who can say no to the bounciest of birthday packages? Here are the best party ideas of BOUNCE Inc.!

  • Junior Bounce Party – a jumping party with games and coaching sessions designed for kids ages 2 to 5 years old
  • Classic Bounce Party – an expressive party for kids ages 5 to 8 years old that includes dancing, access to the best areas of BOUNCE Inc., and action-packed games
  • Freestyle Bounce Party – an energizing party full of obstacles and adventure challenges specifically created for kids ages 8 to 13 years old


Why Celebrate Your Kids’ Birthdays Here: Celebrating your kids’ birthday at TreeClimb is also celebrating with nature, as this venue has activities highlighting the environment’s importance and beauty.
TreeClimb has challenging features too such as aerial obstacles and tree-lined courses! We believe that your kids will love the triumphant feeling of finishing these challenges! 
LocationCnr Greenhill Road &, Unley Rd, Adelaide
Best for Ages5 to 13 years old (a minimum height requirement is in effect on each course)
Number of Guests AllowedNo limit

“Engineered for fun, powered by nature”—this is the tagline of the first-ever inner-city aerial adventure park in Adelaide. 

With stirring zip lines, refreshing tree-climbing activities, and obstacle courses, TreeClimb is here to give your kids’ birthday parties a breath of fresh air.

Our kids (and also us) really enjoyed the courses of TreeClimb. They offered a unique experience that kids and even adults don’t find at conventional parties.

What we enjoyed the most, though, is TreeClimb’s Nets Adventure. This course let our group relax inside netted areas while enjoying TreeClimb’s unspoiled surroundings and unpolluted air.

TreeClimb’s Best Party Ideas

TreeClimb’s birthday party ideas revolve around the venue’s tree-climbing and obstacle courses. We have tried these courses, and the ones below are our favorites!

  • Grand Course – a combination of two venues with more than 100 obstacles that become harder as your kids move forward (minimum height requirement: 135 cm) 
  • Kids Course – a place designed for less experienced kid explorers, with 5 routes around 2 places and 45 obstacles, including breathtaking zip lines (minimum height requirement: 100 cm).
  • Zip-Loop Course – a zip line course that will take your kids on an airborne journey across the gorgeous and refreshing Adelaide City Park Lands
  • Nets Adventure – a family-friendly relaxation spot where you and your kids can take a breather on huge tree nets


Photo courtesy of Cirkidz
Why Celebrate Your Kids’ Birthdays Here: Birthday parties at Cirkidz will always be fun because of the circus-based party sessions this place offers. In these sessions, your kids will see and learn various circus tricks and acts! 
Location27 Fifth St, Bowden
Best for Ages2 to 13 years old
Number of Guests Allowed20 guests

Cirkidz is here to deliver a circus-themed birthday party for your kids that totally rocks! This circus school offers educational workshops, engaging recreational activities, and enticing shows that will transport your little ones into a fantastic circus ring.

Cirkidz’ Best Party Ideas

A birthday party where your children can learn and watch amazing circus tricks truly sounds fantastic. Here are the best birthday party ideas of CirKidz!

  • Circus workshops – a session that lets kids ages 5 to 13 years old learn basic circus tricks and acts under the guidance of experts 
  • Circus shows – where the celebrant and his/her guests get to watch remarkable circus tricks and acts 

The Enchanted Palace – Children’s Disco Parties

Why Celebrate Your Kids’ Birthdays Here: The Enchanted Palace – Children’s Disco Parties is a great venue for birthday parties because of two major reasons—non-stop dancing and enchanting fantasy-based party themes.
Location218 Prospect Rd, Prospect 
Best for Ages2 to 10 years old
Number of Guests Allowed15

What’s a kid’s birthday party without breaking out some groovy moves? The Enchanted Palace – Children’s Disco Parties is one of the best spots in Adelaide for kids who are into dancing!

The food in the Enchanted Disco Zone is also as electric as the parties! 

The Enchanted Palace – Children’s Disco Parties serve delectable treats like chicken nuggets, hot chips, party pies, sausage rolls, and fairy bread. Their menu is also modifiable! 

The Enchanted Palace – Children’s Disco Parties’ Best Party Ideas

This party venue is indeed enchanting. 

The Enchanted Palace – Children’s Disco parties multiple themes that are based on a beloved fairytale, movie, or animated show. The best ones they offer are the following.

  • Unicorns
  • Frozen 
  • Barbie
  • Mermaids & Pirates 
  • Superheroes

Tent Events

Why Celebrate Your Kids’ Birthdays Here: The birthday parties organized by Tent Events are great for kids who enjoy camping. With multiple camping-themed parties to choose from, you’ll have a lot of party options here too!
Additionally, this place has waterproof tents that have a thick vinyl floor and mesh windows that keep out bugs while allowing the fresh breeze to come in!
LocationUnit 1 – 34 Light Terrace, Thebarton
Best for Ages5 to 13 years old
Number of Guests Allowed10-12

A camping-themed birthday party at the clean and green landscapes of Adelaide Hills is something your kids should experience.

We gave it a try, and the delight on our children’s faces showed how much they loved TentEvents’ camping party.

What our kids love about Tent Events is the “glamping” experience. They still think that it’s one of the coolest birthday party ideas ever!

In case you don’t know, glamping is outdoor camping with modern luxuries and amenities such as access to the Internet!

Tent Event’s Best Party Ideas

Prepare your little campers because here are the party packages offered by Tent Events!

  • Chill Out (Standard/Deluxe) – this party package is where your kids can stay in a 4–5 meter bell tent with delightful amenities such as pallet-style tables, flower rattan chairs, and ottomans 
  • Sleep Out (Standard/Deluxe) – an overnight party idea where your kids can stay inside a 4–6 meter bell tent with airbeds, in-tent lighting, bedding, linen packs, decorations, and a Bluetooth speaker 
  • Glamping – a birthday camping idea that offers a “picnic-style” party inside a 4–5 meter bell tent complete with modern amenities

Once Upon a Slumber Party

Why Celebrate Your Kids’ Birthdays Here: Once Upon a Slumber Party is amazing for kids because of the amusing fantasy-themed slumber/camping party accessories and games they provide.
LocationAdelaide and nearby areas (offers mobile parties)
Best for Ages2 to 10 years old
Number of Guests Allowed10-15

Speaking of birthday parties inside tents, Once Upon a Slumber Party can also do such a thing, albeit with a whimsical and fantastical approach! 

Once Upon a Slumber Party will decorate your kids’ rooms with specialized teepee tents, playful lighting, and accessories that are based on the child-friendly theme your little wizard or princess chooses!

You also don’t have to worry about the setting-up or cleaning process. Just sit back and relax because the staff of Once Upon a Slumber Party will handle these things for you!

Once Upon a Slumber Party’s Best Party Ideas

Turn your child’s room into a whimsical wonderland by picking one of the enticing themes below! 

  • Unicorn
  • Avengers
  • Enchanted Fairy Garden
  • Hippie Hippie Snake
  • Super Mario

Ice ArenA

Why Celebrate Your Kids’ Birthdays Here: Ice ArenA has fun ice-based activities such as ice skating, ice skating lessons, snow fighting, snowmen building, and, of course, ice dancing. 
If you want to experience a birthday on ice, we believe this is Adelaide’s premier ice skating venue!
Location23 James Congdon Dr, Thebarton 
Best for Ages5 to 13 years old
Number of Guests Allowed15–30

Ice skating in Ice ArenA is a cool way to celebrate your kids’ birthdays. 

With a massive ice rink made livelier by dancing party lights, live music, bubble effects, and smoke machines, Ice ArenA showed Terry (our teammate’s kid who celebrated her 11th birthday here) why a birthday party on ice is outstanding!

The amazing thing about this venue is they also cater to newbie skaters! 

Terry and almost all of our kids were just beginners when they partied in Ice ArenA. Thankfully, the staff provided them with thorough lessons and guidance so that they wouldn’t miss out on the fun!

Ice ArenA’s Best Birthday Party Ideas

Gift your kids with the coolest birthday party ever by trying out the three main party ideas of Ice ArenA!

  • Snow and Ice Party – an ice skating party with tubes, toys, sleds, and real snow
  • Ice Skating Party – an ice skating party with party lights, bubbles, smoke machines, and live music 
  • The Polar Room – a party package that lets you celebrate inside a snow-capped private room that offers a more personal experience

The Beach House Amusement Park at Glenelg

Why Celebrate Your Kids’ Birthdays Here: The Beach House Amusement Park at Glenelg is amazing for your kids’ birthday celebrations because of the numerous rides and games they can try here!
Location4 Colley Terrace, Glenelg
Best for Ages5 to 13 years old
Number of Guests AllowedNo limit

Celebrating your kids’ birthday parties at a phenomenal amusement park is one of the best things you could do as a parent! 

The Beachouse in Glenelg is famous for its exciting amusement rides and indoor playhouses!

With wet and dry attractions as well as an array of energizing party games, your kids and their guests will have a great time here!

The Beach House’s Best Birthday Party Ideas

Prepare to experience fun games and rides with your tiny ones! Here are the best birthday party ideas offered by The Beach House!

  • Build It Birthday – a birthday package where your kids can pick 3 party activities from the following: Dodgem Cars, Arcade Games, Mini Golf Carousel, Play Castle, Train, and our favorite, Indoor and Heated Waterslides
  • Extreme Birthday – a birthday idea for kids ages 6 to 13 that includes the use of Dodgem Cars, Indoor and Heated Waterslides, Bumper Boats, Mini Golf, and The Carousel
  • Kids Party – a birthday package for kids ages 1 to 5, that provides access to the Carousel, Train, and Play Castle

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