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The 8 Best Cocktail Bars in Adelaide

The 8 Best Cocktail Bars in Adelaide

Mixed with the bustling nightlife of the city, Adelaide’s lineup of cocktail bars offer unique but extraordinary drinking experiences, and one is bound to become a new favorite.

Rooftop Bars in Adelaide

There’s something breathtaking about inhaling the fresh air and seeing the majestic Adelaide sights from a bird’s eye view. Combined with a glass of your favorite spirit, you’ll have a grand time kicking back whether you come alone or with a group.

1. 2KW Bar & Restaurant

2KW Bar & Restaurant

Location: 2 King William Street, Adelaide

Website: https://2kwbar.com.au/wp/ 

Price: Start at $4.50 for freshly shucked coffin bay oyster and $6 for appetizers such as smoked almonds and spicy chili corn

Must-try: Roasted enoki mushrooms with walnut miso and Murray cod fillet

Situated on top of the city’s most historically prominent buildings, 2KW Bar & Restaurant is a local haunt for Adelaide residents and a must-try for visitors.

Not only do they have an extensive list of beverages, but this rooftop bar in Adelaide boasts postcard views and a broad list of mouthwatering dishes. 

Their choices for cocktails and mocktails alone will have you tempted to try every single item on the menu.

People who frequent 2KW enjoy their fine selection of beers—some even taken directly from their vault, aged perfectly like their collection of wines.

We can’t forget about their food, though.

For guests looking for something light to snack on while enjoying their drinks, they have multiple aged-cheese platters and cured meats to choose from. But their pizza and bar chows are perfect with a side of wine or whiskey too.

While their restaurant sits at the heart of 2KW, the outdoor terrace bar—complete with modern outdoor furniture like chic lounge seating and festoon lighting—is the main attraction of this venue.

They even offer private seating for groups who prefer to be discreet. Choose between their LA-inspired outdoor cabanas or their tranquil garden.

There’s a reason why 2KW is always packed, and you should see why for yourself.

The Gallery

Location: 30 Waymouth Street, Adelaide

Website: https://galleryadelaide.com.au/ 

Price: Starts at $7–$9 for sides, including house-seasoned fries and Sicilian olives

Must-try: Their $15 “any pizza, every lunch” offering, which includes classic favorites like Margherita to more exotic Mediterranean flavors

The best thing about The Gallery? It’s an incredible social function venue.

Because this Adelaide rooftop bar is such a hit with people of all ages, it’s safe to bring your kids along to date night instead of hiring a nanny. 

The Gallery has become a staple for just about any event—be it corporate ones, engagement or wedding occasions, or your kid’s birthday.

Despite its relatively small menu, the place has affordable but fantastically delectable, food options. Their sides range from fan-favorite fries to vegan-friendly mixed leaves, while their pizza selection offers both classic and unique choices.

With that said, the Gallery is quite popular for their “any pizza, every lunch” promise. $15 for a one-of-a-kind pizza brings a herd of patrons over just about every day.

(BBQ chicken or Moroccan lamb pizza? We’re definitely sold!)

They also refuse to back down in the drinks department. 

Aside from their fine menu of sparkling champagnes and wines, they also offer cocktail jugs to get the party going. Deliciously sweet Strawberry Punch and Hard Lemonade carafes all around will have you happily tipsy before the night ends.

If you’re sold on giving The Gallery a try…Well, to quote them, “Catch you on the roof.”

3. Sôl Rooftop

Sôl Rooftop

Location: SkyCity Adelaide, Adelaide

Website: https://skycityadelaide.com.au/eat-and-drink/sôl-rooftop/ 

Price: Starts at $10 for pork sausage rolls and $12 for an artisan cheese trolley

Must-try: Wagyu with pickled mushrooms and charred onion, and Boston bay pork tomahawk with roast grapes and cider cream

Perched on top of the iconic Eos Hotel, Sôl Rooftop offers a glamorous immersion to high society via its high tea menu and multiple-course meals.

The best thing about Sôl is that this place seamlessly transitions throughout the day, from the inviting warmth of their interior lounge bar to the colorful vibrancy of their outdoor one—complete with a stunning view from the hills to the coast.

While Sôl offers a decent list of beers and lagers straight from the tap, their guests come back mostly for their dynamic selection of cocktails. 

From their signature glasses to unique mocktails, you can stay all day and night and still have loads to try.

If your budget is free rein and you’re feeling like splurging on yourself or simply impressing your date, this Adelaide rooftop bar’s all-occasion dining provides quite the sophisticated VIP treatment.

Their five to seven-course meal gives you a taste of what each season has to offer, as per the chef’s recommendations, of course. However, you can still choose a la carte options from their fancy, mouthwatering entrées. 

Located in the pulse of Adelaide’s entertainment scene, Sôl Rooftop is an ideal venue to pass the time after checking into Eos Hotel or a fantastic stopover on the way to Adelaide Oval or the Festival Centre, both of which are iconic local sights.

Hidden Cocktail Bars in Adelaide

The mystery factor of hidden watering holes is what makes them so enticing. It’s like being in on the city’s well-kept secret. 

Adelaide has its fair share of these hidden gems, and both locals and tourists seek them out for a good reason.

4. Maybe Mae

Maybe Mae

Location: 15 Peel Street, Adelaide

Website: https://www.maybemae.com/ 

Price: Starts at $13 for their signature drink and $14 for nonalcoholic ones

Must-try: Peel St. Corpse Reviver, and Booze and Juice

An award-winning Adelaide hidden cocktail bar, Maybe Mae is snugly tucked away between the laneways of Peel and Leigh Streets in the west end of Adelaide CBD.

Almost like Wonderland, you need to literally venture into a tunnel-like passageway that used to be a disused stock cellar and stop at a concealed entrance. 

That’s the charm of Maybe Mae. The intricacies of the below-ground art-deco-style cocktail bar makes for a unique encounter, especially in the evening.

While they don’t have an extensive food menu, you can head back up to their sister store, Bread & Venue, if you’re craving wood-grilled dishes and some late-night snacks.

But their cocktail menu? A smorgasbord of delightfully creative specialties.

Their access to locally sourced products and partnerships with Australian markets are what make their seasonal drinks such a must-try. 

Their “From the Market” cocktails (which speaks for themselves) have incredibly unique, fruity flavors that you won’t find anywhere else.

But even during off-seasons, this hidden bar in Adelaide manages to preserve ingredients from the other side of the year to create signature drinks that are just as rich. 

Six years running and winners of international awards, they have mastered the art of spicing up their innovative cocktail selections.

Maybe Mae is the perfect place for adventurous palates and sweet tooths who want to take a memorable trip down the rabbit hole.

5. Therapy Cocktail Bar

Therapy Cocktail Bar

Location: Basement, No. 2 Peel Street, Adelaide

Website: https://therapycocktailbar.com.au/ 

Price: Starts at $7 for Base + Mixer/Pints and $9 for a Hendricks + Tonic

Must-try: Notorious F.I.G., Taken for Granite, and Grains of Paradise

If you’re in need of some drinking therapy (don’t we all?), have a go at Therapy Cocktail Bar.

With over a hundred cocktails on their menu, this concealed gem is worth revisiting if only to go through their selection. 

The amazing thing about this Adelaide hidden cocktail bar is their rotating items. From classics to experimental signatures—they have it all.

Each of their bartenders has house specialties that you can catch depending on the time and day of your visit. This intriguing concept is what makes them so popular.

Despite its basement location, you can’t go wrong with hosting intimate events here. 

Its discreet but lively atmosphere makes it an ideal place to hold birthday celebrations with your closest friends. 

Plus, it has a romantic enough vibe for an enjoyable nightcap after that first date.

Follow their social media accounts to know about their latest creations and stay updated on their ever-changing drinks menu. They have monthly promos for their deliciously unusual cocktails that you won’t find anywhere else.

Since you’ll want to try just about everything, you’ll always have a drink in hand. One night at Therapy Cocktail Bar will definitely have you coming back for more.

6. Mr. Goodbar

Mr. Goodbar

Location: 12 Union Street, Adelaide

Website: https://mrgoodbar.com.au/  

Price: Starts at $9 for a Peroni Red Beer and Hills Apple Cider

Must-try: Coco Nutty and Romeo had Juliete

Describing themselves as a “good place to sin,” Mr. Goodbar displays a tongue-in-cheek quasi-spiritual vibe. 

You can only expect this kind of irony from a jewel of a bar that has a shrine dedicated to St. Armand, the patron saint of bartenders.

Slip through the East End Product Market archway over Ebenezer Place, and you’ll find Mr. Goodbar tucked away in all its historically rich glory. Now, however, this hidden cocktail bar has transformed into the definition of a cozy speakeasy.

With their neon lights and generous portions, Mr. Goodbar serves drinks on the satisfying side, and you’ll get your night’s fill after a glass or more of their signature cocktails.

The bartenders make an absolute performance out of mixing each drink, and you’ll love the bold (and oftentimes natural) flavors of that night’s special. They can make you a custom drink on the spot, off the menu and completely personalized.

Just let them know your preference, and you’ll enjoy the many surprises that this cocktail bar has in store. It’s no wonder they have plenty of returning patrons.

Another notable aspect of Mr. Goodbar is their atmosphere. Some nights, live music and DJ beats will be the soundtrack of your night. On others, just the overall vibes and the amiable bartenders will make you want to stay until late.

If you’re in the area, Mr. Goodbar should be on top of the list of places you need to visit.

Cheap Cocktail Bars in Adelaide

For those that want an evening full of mirth without the cost of an arm and a leg, here are some cheap cocktail bars in Adelaide with drinks that should be worth more than their price. 

These are excellent places to relax with a beer or cocktail after an exhausting day.

7. Pink Moon Saloon

Pink Moon Saloon

Location: 21 Leigh Street, Adelaide

Website: http://www.pinkmoonsaloon.com.au/ 

Price: Starts at $5 for bar snacks and $10 for beer

Must-try: Moon Mimosa and Pink Moon Clover Club

If you’re looking for premium quality signature cocktails at an affordable price, Pink Moon Saloon has fan-favorite beverages worth checking out.

This cocktail bar’s main attraction is their fruity and zesty cocktails that they keep fresh even until late into the night. 

Despite their tried-and-tested classics, their bartenders aren’t afraid of mixing it up, so you can request a personalized cocktail anytime.

Aside from their sweeter drinks, they also have an impressive selection of spirit suggestions: vodka, gin, scotch, whiskey, and rum—you name it. 

They even have spirits from all over the world, from gin locally sourced in Australia to whiskey coming from Japan.

Pink Moon Saloon lives up to its name, with its somewhat midwestern, cabin-inspired feel. 

Their interior is all warmth and wood, while their drinks provide the vibrancy needed to make this an ideal millennial hangout. 

It offers an extremely cozy and even sort of bohemian atmosphere that would definitely amp up anyone’s social media game.

While it’s a popular place for group gatherings and social functions, it’s also perfect for those who want to fly solo for the night. Their bar counter seats serve the best view in the house if you want to get a closer look at each bartender’s talent.

8. Clever Little Tailor

Clever Little Tailor

Location: 19 Peel Street, Adelaide

Website: http://www.cleverlittletailor.com.au/ 

Price: Starts at $5 for small plates and $10 for beer and cider

Must-try: Neon Ballroom and Steward…and Beyond!

With its extensive (almost endless!) wine list, Clever Little Tailor almost doubles as an excellent wine bar.

Its cozy, rustic aesthetic with its warm lighting and stone walls makes it an ideal place to wind down and leisurely sip a glass of your beverage of choice.

They categorize their wines so beautifully; it would be a crime not to try at least one from every group: Crisp, Aromatic Whites; Textural and Skin Contact; Aligoté and Chardonnay; Chablis and White Burgundy—the list goes on.

Despite their affordable price range, they do also offer “nights of luxury” where you can taste wine sourced both from their own backyard and abroad. 

While they only typically offer bar snacks and charcuterie, on these specific nights, you get mouthwatering meals made by their restaurant partners for an out-of-this-world dining experience.

But back to their beverages—Clever Little Tailor serves classic cocktails with a twist of their own. Some of them are especially noteworthy due to a spicy or minty kick.

With their house blend vermouth and side servings, you’ll find it difficult to choose from their unique specialties. 

You will, however, enjoy feeling the curiosity reading down the menu and then the mind-blowing encounter when you finally take the first sip.

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