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Our 5 Favorite Coworking Spaces in Adelaide

Our 6 Favorite Coworking Spaces in Adelaide

Location: We made sure that the location of the coworking space is easily accessible for all office tenants, members, and their clients.

Since every coworking space we picked is in the Central Business District, we considered how near they are to establishments and what their security features are.

Accessibility: We measured this by determining how convenient it is for members to go to and from the office and how near they are to essential establishments like restaurants and convenience stores.

Security: We took the time to assess the security features of the coworking spaces so that you will feel comfortable going to and from the office despite the time of the day.
Atmosphere: It’s important that the coworking space you will be signing up for has a conducive area for collaboration and concentration on individual work.
Amenities and Perks: One advantage coworking spaces have is they offer amenities such as gyms, resting quarters, recreational areas, and more. We handpicked those that offer the best and well-kept amenities for members’ use.

We also picked coworking spaces that offer valuable perks such as concierge services and free-flowing coffee and snacks.
Prices: We picked coworking spaces that offer reasonable membership rates that are similar, if not cheaper, in comparison to renting an office of your own for conducting your business.

1. Spot

Spot Homepage

Services: Coworking spaces, boardroom hire, meeting room hire, training room hire

Website: https://www.spotcoworking.com.au/

Address: 12 Pirie St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Contact Details: +61 8 7078 3531

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Google reviews score4.9/5
Total reviews4.9/5
Score consistency 4/5
Amenities and Perks4/5


  • Offers luxurious boardroom hire
  • Offers free trial
  • Tightly knit work community
  • Excellent end-of-trip facilities
  • Friendly and professional concierge service
  • Chic kitchen with free-flowing snacks and beverages
  • Dedicated desks on Level 3 and lower level


  • No discounts at the present
  • Fully booked sometimes due to popularity

If you’re looking to impress your clients, Spot is an ideal coworking space for you. They offer a luxurious boardroom hire where you can set up meeting appointments with your clients and you can leave the rest to the staff to take care of them with refreshments.

Of course, the privacy of your business transactions with clients is guaranteed because the boardrooms have good soundproofing and sleek blinds. 

The community here is tight-knit because given their quaint space, you will be interacting with people from different companies and you are sure to make new connections and acquaintances.

What we especially love about them is their amazing end-of-trip facilities that support members who jog or cycle to work. They’re equipped with bike racks, lockers, and showers so you can freshen up to jumpstart the day or after a long day. 

On top of this, the professional and approachable concierge staff are always available to help you out if there are any issues that arise during the day or to assist you with any administrative work.

However, they can get pretty crowded during peak days. We recommend booking a spot ahead of time.

Given their high-class amenities and assistance that their packages come with, Spot is a coworking space you should check out.

If you’re not sold yet, you can opt to avail their free trial. We see this as a great opportunity for you to get a feel of their work environment and amenities.

2. Little City

Little City Homepage

Services: Coworking spaces (essential desk membership or premium desk membership), private office citizenship, virtual citizenship, meeting room hire

Website: https://www.littlecitycoworking.com.au/


Prospect Branch: 1/132 Prospect Road Prospect SA 5082, Australia

Unley Branch: 78 Edmund Avenue, Unley SA 5061, Australia

Contact Details: +61 421 910 097

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Google reviews score4.95/5
Total reviews4.95/5
Score consistency 4/5
Amenities and Perks4/5


  • Two accessible locations in Adelaide
  • Nearby parks and greeneries for relaxation
  • Offers electric height-adjustable desks
  • Includes promotion of business upon membership via social media and website
  • Assigned work desks
  • Good security features


  • High base rates 
  • Poor room acoustics, so noise from other offices can be distracting

Little City proudly started in Adelaide and continues to offer wonderful coworking spaces to locals and people who are visiting the city.

They’re praised by locals for being a vibrant representation of Adelaide. Having two accessible locations means you won’t have to suffer the monotony of being stuck at one working space for a long time.

The lively suburb of Unley and the unrivaled views at Prospect are sure to jumpstart your day at work or help you recharge after a long day. Both locations have nearby parks and greeneries to help you relax.

When you enter their coworking spaces, you will be greeted with their modern and creative interiors and office technology. Their artistic murals can pump up your creative juices.

You also get assigned work desks that are exclusively for your use. You can leave your belongings here, and current members note how secure their personal and work items are even if they’re left on the desk unattended.

This speaks about their secure work environment and tight security features through modern technology and surveillance.

Speaking of modern technology, they have electric height-adjustable desks that will help you boost your productivity and work on your posture at the same time. Sitting in a desk chair for long periods of time can make your back sore, so this is a way to remedy that.

Little City is also all about supporting its members’ businesses and ventures, which is why being a member includes getting free promotion of your business via their social media platforms and website. 

That said, a downside with the company is that they have high rates for the premium desk membership, which is the ideal membership for their coworking spaces if you plan on maximizing their service offerings.

In addition to this, their office spaces don’t have full room divisions and have poor room acoustics, so the noise from these areas can be distracting especially when groups are having meetings and presentations.

Nonetheless, Little City lands on our list as one of our favorite coworking spaces because of its client-centric approach to coworking spaces.

3. Servcorp 

Servcorp Homepage

Services: Coworking spaces, private office spaces, virtual offices, meeting room hire

Website: https://www.servcorp.com.au/en/

Address: Levels 24 & 30, Westpac House 91 King William Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Contact Details: +61 8 8233 5883

Operating Hours: 

  • Open 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • For public and hot desk members: Mondays to Fridays, 8:45 am to 5:15 pm, excluding holidays
Google reviews score4.5/5
Total reviews4.5/5
Score consistency 4/5

Amenities and Perks5/5


  • Multiple branches across Australia
  • Variety of perks and freebies for members
  • Live chat is available for queries on their website
  • Executive interior design
  • Complete workplace equipment
  • Networking and charity events for members


  • Payment issues can arise
  • Escalating charges
  • Visual clutter in website

Servcorp has been alleviating countless Australian businesses’ overhead troubles and workspace maintenance duties for four decades with many branches all around Australia, making them very accessible. 

Their executive interior design looks premium yet still maintains the comfort that you look for in an ideal office space.

With years of experience, they are well aware of what businesses look for in coworking spaces. Knowing this, they offer a variety of perks and freebies for members like a professional team to take care of your administrative tasks.

Having an opportunity to make a new network of connections is also possible with them through various networking and charity events so you can continue to grow your brand.

You will be glad to know that Servcorp intends to work with you for a long time, which is why they are offering discounted packages if you intend to sign up with them on a yearly basis rather than month-to-month.

However, we found that some members complained that settling their payments was problematic. Sometimes they charge extra to members who are falling behind their payments without noticing them.

Sometimes charges can also escalate for their optional add-ons for their packages such as reception services, premium Wi-Fi, and even registering their address as your company address.

Fortunately, your queries and concerns are promptly met by their responsive concierge staff. They also have a live chat service on their website whenever you need to inquire about your membership.

You’ll also be glad to know that they have complete office equipment at your disposal, from printers and scanners on every desk to shredders and other office materials. This means you won’t have to worry about coming to work unarmed with office essentials.

One downside of having an abundance of inclusions and perks for members is there’s visual clutter when you go through them on their website. Though this can be seen as a good problem, making it more concise and easy to digest will help the readers a lot.


WOTSO Homepage

Services: Secure offsite document destruction, special purge or shredding projects, secure IT asset disposition, and other secure storage and logistics services

Website: https://www.wotsoworkspace.com.au/

Address: 217-225 Flinders Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Contact Details: (08) 7477 7666

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Facebook reviews score5/5
Google reviews score4.7/5
Total reviews4.85/5
Score consistency 4/5
Amenities and Perks5/5


  • Comfortable atmosphere with a roof deck
  • Dog-friendly office
  • Podcast studio hire
  • Café
  • Accommodating and attentive staff
  • Ease of payment
  • Perks and discounts at partner stores and establishments for members


  • Less accessible to people with disabilities
  • Members and management can be disruptive after work hours

WOTSO stands out as one of the locals’ favorite coworking spaces. This is because of its cozy ambiance and welcoming staff members.

Their manager and receptionist are accommodating and highly attentive to all your needs during the day. Clients have noted that because of the WOTSO team, they were immediately comfortable in their working spaces as if they had worked there for years.

It helps a lot, as you may be dealing with a lot of pressure on your deliverables and day-to-day operations at work that you may not have time to allot for housekeeping. The attentive staff will effortlessly take care of your workspace and overhead needs.

They prioritize the comfort of their members, so when you fancy a change of scenery when you’re working, they have communal benches and a balcony area.

Of course, WOTSO also provides opportunities for you to unwind and recharge, from the assortment of snacks and beverages from their stocked kitchen to the serene roof deck where you can wind down and pop a cold one (free beer too!) with colleagues.

If you have a well-behaved dog, you can bring them to work, just inform the front desk so they can help make your furry friend more comfortable.

The roof deck also doubles as a breakout space for lunch and where events for community members are held.

Speaking of lunch, there’s a café on-site, so you won’t have to worry about going far to grab a quick bite.

However, their office is less accessible to those with physical disabilities because you need to go up a steep stairway to reach it.

This unfortunate disadvantage aside, they also have other kinds of workspaces like podcast studios and photo studios for multimedia ventures and social media projects. This makes their spaces more eclectic and appealing for all businesses.

Being a member at WOTSO also provides access to perks and discounts at their partner establishments and businesses. 

Another downside that we found is that some of the members and management can tend to be a little too rowdy when they play drinking games after the usual working hours. If you’re pulling an all-nighter for work, this is something that will tick you off.

5. mâché

mâché Homepage

Services: Private offices, coworking desks, meeting rooms

Website: https://www.mache.space/

Address: 451 Pulteney St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Contact Details: https://www.mache.space/contact

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Facebook reviews score5/5
Google reviews score4.9/5
Total reviews4.95/5
Score consistency 4/5
Amenities and Perks5/5


  • Affordable rates
  • Excellent work dynamic between people in the coworking space
  • Well-kept facilities
  • Convenient location
  • Events and training opportunities
  • Wheelchair-accessible office
  • Inclusive for pregnant members


  • Minor website issues
  • Events aren’t regularly updated
  • Rates could’ve been reflected on the site

mâché lands at the top of our list for offering both quality and secure facilities coupled with valuable perks at a competitive price.

All members here enjoy a vibrant atmosphere, from the natural lighting to the easygoing energy of all the people working there. It’s a safe space for everyone to mingle, especially in the common areas, and be undistracted when it’s down to business.

An online members portal is accessible, so you can be acquainted with other people working in the spaces. We feel this is an avenue to establish networks of relation even for introverted people.

The abundance of lights and plants also helps to boost creativity and productivity. The facilities are well-kept, so you won’t have to worry about the visual clutter around the area and maintaining cleanliness in work areas and common areas alike.

Convenience isn’t an issue since there’s a nearby bus stop and secure parking areas for cars and bikes. Food establishments are a minute away, so you can always grab a bite anytime.

Looking for a way to chill? They also have a yoga studio where you can practice and learn how to focus on your wellness through yoga classes.

We find this an inclusive recreation for pregnant members who need to decompress. Speaking of inclusivity, the office is also wheelchair accessible to cater to persons with disability.

mâché also has events and training opportunities so you can further hone your individual and collaborative skills. But we find that they’re lacking in updating the members of the upcoming events through their online portal.

In addition to this, we experienced some minor website issues like occasional webpage errors. We feel that in order to optimize the user experience for the members portal and attract people inquiring about the coworking spaces, this must be fixed.

Despite offering membership at an affordable rate, as base rates start at AUD 25, mâché doesn’t post their prices on their website like other coworking spaces do. We feel that this is crucial in attracting potential tenants.

In hindsight, because of their solid reputation for being sustainable and the everyman’s ideal working space, mâché is definitely a place to check out if you’re on the lookout for coworking spaces.

6. CORE Innovation Hub Adelaide

Services: Workspaces, desks, and more

Website: https://www.corehub.com.au/

Address: 7th Floor, FLUX, 191 St Georges Tce, Perth, Western Australia 6000

Contact Details: [email protected]

Operating Hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 8AM – 5PM
  • Saturday – Sunday: Closed
Facebook reviews scoreN/A
Google reviews score5/5
Total reviewsN/A
Score consistency N/A
Amenities and Perks5/5


  • Variety of options available
  • Located in the heart of Adelaide’s premier innovation district
  • Excellent place for networking


  • Closed on weekends
  • Specialized for specific industries

CORE Innovation Hub Adelaide is the country’s first innovation hub for the resources sector.

This innovation hub is located in the heart of Adelaide’s premier innovation district, Lot Fourteen.

This co-working space provides a central base for growth-stage energy, mining and resources businesses that are looking into expanding, as well as larger organisations looking for greater flexibility, across the resources and energy sector.

We like that they have a variety of options depending on your needs. They have a Casual option for those who just need a desk for up to 32 hours a month.

The Part Time Desk with 24/7 access and up to 3 days a week, and the Full Time Desk where you get a full-time hot desk. These two options have other benefits as well.

You can also opt to choose an Office Space that’s available for short term leases with full access to common facilities and events.

What we like about this space is that they have pretty much whatever you would need to be productive and grow your business.

It’s the place to network with like-minded people who will help boost your businesses.

One thing though is that thsi space is best for those in industries such as Mining, Energy, Resources, Oil and Gas, Space, and Defence.

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