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The 5 Most-Rated Home Care Services in Adelaide Homepage

The 5 Most-Rated Home Care Services in Adelaide

History and reputation: With proper research and background check, we can make recommendations which services will guarantee your loved one’s safety and comfort.
Quality of service: There’s no limit to the services home care can offer. We want as much help as we need when tending to our loved ones, so we rated these ones by their level of commitment to the job.
Staff qualifications: We want to make sure that our loved ones are being taken care of by trained, professional, empathetic experts who are passionate about providing home care services. 
Rates: Not all home care services can be cheap. We rated these services by their payment plans, insurance coverage, and affordability.

1. Scarlet Home Care  

Scarlet Home Care Homepage

Services: Support coordination, NDIS provider, NDIS high-intensity support, positive behaviour support, community nursing, specialist disability support worker, supported independent living, complex hospital discharge planning 

Website: https://www.scarlethomecare.com.au/

Address: Suite 2, 276A Main North Road, Prospect, South Australia 5082

Contact details: 08 8120 4069

Operating hours: Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM 

Google reviews score5/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Experience and reputation5/5
Quality of service5/5
Staff qualifications 5/5
Rates 4/5


  • Friendly staff
  • Wide variety of services
  • Staff are continuously trained


  • Focused on personal care only
  • Nontransparent pricing

Highly driven by their person-centric approach, Scarlet Home Care aims to provide nurturing in-home care services for their clients to live their lives healthily and happily.

Scarlet Home Care is highly rated for its warm, passionate, and highly supportive team of carers. They also continuously train their staff to keep up with the most up-to-date home care practices.

Their clients’ health is their main priority. This way, their client’s family will have the ultimate peace of mind knowing their loved ones are in good hands.

To fully accommodate any of your needs, their staff are accessible 24/7 to help provide a wide range of healthy activities and personal assistance.

But unlike others, we don’t think they offer highly specialized domestic support. They’re more focused on providing personal care only.

It’s unfortunate they don’t automatically provide full-on domestic assistance with tasks like grocery shopping, social visits, bills, and appointments.

But maybe your chosen care provider can be persuaded, so make sure you communicate the specific chores you’re having trouble with. 

You can request transportation if you can’t drive and financial management if you find it hard to stay on top of your bills.

One more thing we think they can improve on is to provide a transparent pricing section on their website. They claim to offer affordable service that adjusts to clients’ budgets, but they don’t give clients a good basis for comparison.

We think it’s important for clients to prepare their finances before they avail of the service. Home care services need to be planned out, as it’s most often not a one-time thing.

2. Yellow Door Care  

Yellow Door Care Homepage

Services: Recovery support, aged care, private home care, residential care, palliative care, customized home care, home and respite care

Website: https://www.yellowdoorcare.com.au 

Address: 139 Gilles St, Adelaide, South Australia 5000

Contact details: +61 8 8362 3033

Operating hours: Monday to Sunday, 24/7 

Google reviews score4.9/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Experience and reputation5/5
Quality of service5/5
Staff qualifications 5/5


  • Consistently trained staff
  • Free assessment
  • Informative website


  • A bit costly
  • Eye-straining website

Yellow Door Care is a family-run business that’s based in Adelaide. They’re accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards, as they surpassed its stringent criteria and highest standards of qualifications in the home care industry.

Yellow Door Care offers a free initial assessment for the clients to help evaluate their situations. Once assessed, they will construct a care plan consisting of all the client’s home care needs along with a quotation.

As for the pricing, take note that they charge by the hour. Also, they only provide clients with the average cost per hour, so the price is still subject to change.

They’re surely not the cheapest in the area. Home visitations from their registered nurses may range from $80 to $110 per hour. 

But we still think this price transparency is a plus. This way, clients can prepare their budgets ahead of time.

They also accommodate private health insurance. However, it still depends on the type of insurance you have and its limitations.

To add to that, Yellow Door provides ongoing training and education for their staff to maintain their top-quality home care service. They have a team of nursing professionals who deliver prompt responses to clients’ needs and queries.

So far, we think they have the most structured website information among those on this list. They have a very helpful FAQ section that has answers to every client’s possible questions, from home care consultation to the daily process.

On the downside, the oversaturated yellow elements of their website are eye-straining and can make it hard for website visitors to take in their content.

3. Home Nursing Solutions   

Home Nursing Solutions  Homepage

Services: In-home palliative care, in-home disability care, private home care

Website: https://www.homenursingsolutions.com.au 

Address: 271 The Parade, Beulah Park, South Australia 5067

Contact details: +61 8 8331 3791

Operating hours: Monday to Sunday, 24/7 

Google reviews score4.7/5 
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Experience and reputation5/5
Quality of service3/5
Staff Qualifications 5/5
Rates 4/5


  • Owned and run by nurses
  • Honest and upfront service


  • Nontransparent pricing
  • Unresponsive

Home Nursing Solutions is a private home care agency owned and run by nurses. They strive to provide individual and specialised care practices with a balance of empathy and professionalism.

With over 20 years of experience, they have formed a well-established nursing care team who undergoes continuous training and education to ensure excellent care and guidance.

Their expertise is focused chiefly on palliative care, home care, and disability care. They have a wide range of specialised services under their home care program, so you can rely on them for flexible home care assistance.

One of their disadvantages is they’re not transparent with their prices. They claim to provide affordable home care services but don’t have any pricing information on their website for clients to base it on. 

Even some information about their daily average charges and payment plan options would be a big help, especially since they’re a private agency. Most people will assume that their services cost higher than other companies.

If you ever plan to avail of their service, we suggest calling directly through their hotline and communicating your concerns.

Sending out inquiries through their website form can take more than 24 hours to get a response. Sometimes they don’t respond at all. 

It’s not ideal, especially for emergency instances.

4. KompleteCare Community and Home Care Head Office

KompleteCare Community and Home Care Head Office Homepage

Services: Domestic assistance (cleaning), home modification disability support, gardening, and general home maintenance, support coordination, meal preparation, nursing services, shopping assistance, social support, transport services, overnight care, personal care, medical support 

Website: https://kompletecare.com.au/ 

Address: 492a Churchill Rd, Kilburn South Australia 5084

Contact details: +61 8 8265 5696

Operating hours: Monday to Sunday, 24/7 

Google reviews score4.5/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Experience and reputation5/5
Quality of service3/5
Staff qualifications 4/5
Rates 5/5


  • Wide variety of home care services
  • Friendly approach to clients
  • Transparent pricing
  • Affordable


  • May take 24 hours to respond to queries
  • Records of having inattentive admins

KompleteCare Community and Home Care Services strives to live up to its name and offers a wide variety of home care services, from domestic assistance to garden maintenance.

One thing we like about them is their website’s homepage, which features their staff’s pictures. We think this is a great approach to getting your clients’ trust and making them feel at ease.

Should you need any immediate response to your questions, we recommend calling directly through their phone number. 

Even though they have a rapid response policy, it will still take them as long as 24 hours to answer simple questions about their services. 

To add to that, if you decide to avail of their home care service, it will take two more weeks to set up the support you need in place.

The process may take longer due to organizational issues on their side. There have been records from a few clients about their records going missing or the admins failing to manage proper documentation for the clients.

As result, some clients are being charged extra for services they have no idea about due to the inattention of their staff.

Speaking of rates, KompleteCare has a full pricing section on its website. Price transparency is an important factor, especially since they claim that they provide affordable services, which they do.

If you still find their prices way above your budget, you can apply for different funding and financial assistance, and they will have it tailored to your capacity to pay.

5. All In Home Care

Services: https://aihca.com.au/what-we-do/

Website: https://aihca.com.au/

Address: 40 Ann Street, Salisbury, South Australia, 5108

Contact details: (08) 8117 7065

Operating hours: Contact for more information

Google reviews score5/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Experience and reputation5/5
Quality of service5/5
Staff qualifications 4/5
Rates 5/5


  • Long-Term Client Relationships
  • Supporting Relationships and Team Quality
  • Capacity Building Support Services
  • Empowering Mission and Values


  • Operating hours unavailable

All In Home Care’s mission to empower and support individuals in navigating, building capacity, and gaining confidence to live their best life reflects a client-centered approach, which we really like.

The commitment to supporting dreams, choices, and individuality aligns with the values of personalized care and empowerment.

The organization provides capacity building support services that aim to help individuals achieve their dreams and exercise choice and control in their lives.

This includes care and support services, coordination, and crisis management support.

We think that their focus on one goal at a time demonstrates a commitment to a step-by-step approach in supporting clients.

We like that All In Home Care emphasizes the value of what makes each individual unique and recognizes the universal right to have choice and control over all aspects of life.

This commitment is crucial in fostering a sense of inclusion, respect, and dignity for clients receiving home care services.

We’ve heard of various testimonials that clients have built long-term relationships with All In Home Care, creating a sense of continuity and familiarity.

The comparison to a “family you never had” speaks to the bond formed between clients, support workers, and the organization!

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