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The 5 Best Paving Stone Stores in Adelaide's Homepage

The 5 Best Paving Stone Stores in Adelaide

Range of products. Our priority is choosing a store with many design variations and brands.
Customer convenience. For this, we checked how well they maintain communication with clients. Also, we considered how easy it is to order from them. 
Fairness of pricing. The paving stone company should price their products just right, taking the brand and design into consideration.
Delivery. The speed of their delivery is crucial. Quick delivery is ideal so that there will be no delays in construction projects.  

1. Austral Bricks 

Products: Bricks, mortars, pavers, terracotta cladding

Website: https://australbricks.com.au/

Address: 201 Greenwith Rd, Golden Grove SA 5125

Contact Details: (08) 8282 6301

Operating Hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 8 AM-5 PM
  • Saturday-Sunday: Closed
Google reviews score3.9/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency 3.9/5
Range of products5/5
Design variations5/5
Brands offered5/5
Customer convenience4/5
Customer communication4/5
Process for ordering4/5
Fairness of fees4/5


  • Has one of the broadest catalogs in Adelaide
  • Well-made website
  • Has a handy visualization tool 
  • Helpful representatives


  • Unresponsive to phone calls and emails
  • Sometimes delivers faulty pavings

Austral Bricks has some of the best designs for paving stones in Adelaide. They’re compatible with various architectural styles, such as heritage, modern, and rustic.

We especially like how thorough their design brochures contain the sizes and colors they provide. Planning the design of the paving stones is made easier because of this.

Furthermore, the 3D visualization tool they have on their website is ideal for seeing how the paving stones will look at your home. 

You can also match the paving stones with the roof and wall design, which is handy for those in the planning part of home construction.

Another strength of the company is how helpful its representatives are. They thoroughly explained to us the best colors and sizes of paving stones depending on our needs.

Moreover, their website is very accessible and straightforward. Choosing products, reading descriptions, and online orders are a breeze.

That said, we found it hard to contact them via phone. They need to be more responsive, and they need to answer emails faster.

We also heard of cases where they delivered products with some stains and chipped parts. The good news is that they replace these fast.

2. Playford Pavers

Products: Driveway pavers, pool pavers, patio and alfresco pavers, garden paths and walkways 

Website: https://www.playfordpavers.com.au/

Address: 2 Christopher Ct, Salisbury North SA 5108

Contact Details: (08) 8258 8945

Operating Hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 8 AM-4 PM
  • Saturday: 9 AM-3 PM
  • Sunday: Closed
Facebook reviews score4.4/5
Google reviews score4.8/5
Total reviews4.9/5
Score consistency 4.6/5
Range of products5/5
Design variations5/5
Brands offered5/5
Customer convenience3.5/5
Customer communication3/5
Process for ordering4/5
Fairness of fees5/5


  • More than 20 years in the business
  • Affordable
  • Fast response rate
  • Delivers and installs on time


  • Doesn’t handle refunds well
  • The website lacks information about prices and designs

Playford Pavers has more than 20 years in the business. 

We think this experience reflects well in their customer communication because when we talked to them, they were very knowledgeable about design possibilities and how to match them with our preferences.

One of their strengths is that their rates are pretty low compared to other paving stone stores in Adelaide. 

They have a great variety of natural stones offered, including porcelain, granite, marble, and more.

Another strength of theirs is that they can install the pavers and other landscaping materials like retaining walls and artificial grass.

They have one of the best response rates too. They responded quickly to our call and communicated directly about their available products.

Moreover, both their delivery and installation services are on-time. They also clean up well after, which is a plus for us.

If there’s anything we think they can improve on, one is that they need to handle refunds better. Some clients said that they had to contact them repeatedly to receive one.

Aside from this, their website needs to explain their rates and design variations more comprehensively. Its lack of information makes it hard to plan your design.

3. Stonecraft Imports

Products: Pools, pavers, stone tiles, hearths and slabs, walling, verandah edging, grouts, glues, sealers 

Website: https://www.stonecraftimports.com.au/

Address: 56 Manchester St, Mile End South SA 5031

Contact Details: (08) 8351 7477

Operating Hours:

  • Tuesday-Friday: 9 AM-5 PM
  • Saturday: 9 AM-3 PM
  • Sunday-Monday: Closed
Google reviews score3.1/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency 3.1/5
Range of products4/5
Design variations3/5
Brands offered5/5
Customer convenience4.5/5
Customer communication5/5
Process for ordering4/5
Fairness of fees5/5


  • Wide range of natural stone selections
  • Helpful staff
  • Provides discounts for bulk order
  • Good for cohesive outdoor designs


  • Products lack variation in colors
  • Website is not useful for online purchases

Stonecraft has been supplying pavers in Adelaide for more than 40 years. One of their strengths is that they offer a wide range of natural stones.

Their extensive catalog includes Pompeii, Tuscany, pearl, monuments, and more. Their rates are among the most affordable we’ve seen too.

We also liked visiting their showroom because the staff there was accommodating. In addition, their knowledge of designing and matching preferences makes the process faster.

Even better is that they provide discounts if you’ll buy in bulk and if you’re going to add other stone products too. We have no complaints about their delivery times too.

We recommend them if you’re buying pool and walling products. Their stone designs match well with each other, making the overall result cohesive.

However, upon reviewing their offerings, we noticed that they need more color variety. Unfortunately, this can limit their flexibility regarding the properties they can help design.

Another thing they can improve on is that their website could be more useful for online purchases. It also needs to have more information about the sizes and prices of their products.

4. Best Bricks & Pavers

Products: Pavers, outdoor tiles, indoor tiles, retaining wall blocks, retaining wall cladding, garden walls, garden edging, steps, wall cladding, concrete blocks, designer concrete blocks

Website: https://apcsalisbury.com.au/

Address: 255-259 Cormack Rd, Wingfield SA 5013

Contact Details: (08) 8169 7700

Operating Hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 8 AM-5 PM
  • Saturday: 8 AM-1 PM
  • Sunday: Closed
Facebook reviews score4.3/5
Google reviews score3.6/5
Total reviews4.5/5
Score consistency 4.13/5
Range of products5/5
Design variations5/5
Brands offered5/5
Customer convenience5/5
Customer communication5/5
Process for ordering5/5
Fairness of fees4/5


  • Great designs offered
  • Very helpful staff
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Guides clients from ordering to installation of pavers


  • A bit expensive
  • Some deliveries are a day late

Best Bricks & Pavers has some of the best paving designs we’ve seen. The Courtyard Paver, in particular, looks stunning up close and leaves a classic touch to spaces where it’s used.

Their selections have great variety in design. We like how these vary in price and color range too.

We appreciate how they reached out and offered to send samples of their products. This can make it easier to plan your outdoor design.

Upon visiting their store, we were also happy with the service we received. They quickly gave us price estimates and were ready to answer our questions.

It also helps that they’re open seven days a week. Their shop in Parafield Gardens is also accessible.

Moreover, we also like how they have many recommended installers. It made us feel guided from start to finish.

It’s just disappointing how their fees are on the more expensive end. The good news is that they regularly provide sales and discounts.

Another downside is that we’ve seen cases where they sometimes deliver products delayed by a day.

5. Beyond Stone Pty Ltd.

Services: Curved pool coping, paving, pool coping, stone walls, treads garden edging, water features

Website: https://www.beyondstone.com.au/

Address: 3/73 King William Rd, Unley SA 5061

Contact Details: (08) 8272 7786

Operating Hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 11 AM-5 PM
  • Saturday-Sunday: Closed
Google reviews score5/5
Total reviews3.5/5
Score consistency 5/5
Range of products4/5
Design variations4/5
Brands offered4/5
Customer convenience4.5/5
Customer communication5/5
Process for ordering4/5
Fairness of fees5/5


  • Great for minimalist designs
  • Provides high-quality finishes for their products
  • Good with guiding clients
  • Fast delivery


  • Limited product selections
  • Website contains inadequate information

Beyond Stone is an excellent choice for minimalist designs. Their product variations come in mellow shades and feature classic options like travertine, charcoal, and Tuscan.

We also like how they provide different forms of finishes for their products. It helps in elevating the look and the durability of the pavings.

Their products are used in notable locations, like Adelaide Airport, Grenfell Street, and St. Clair.

They also have one of the fastest delivery times we’ve seen. Of course, it helps that their representatives are responsive by phone once contacted.

We also appreciate that they guided us when we browsed their products. They computed our costs and suggested ways to make our purchase more cost-efficient.

However, a downside with them is that their product selections are limited. Their store is relatively small, too.

Aside from this, we didn’t find their website helpful for ordering products online. It needs more details about sizes and designs available.

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