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Norwood Nosh The Best Restaurants in Norwood

Norwood Nosh: The Best Restaurants in Norwood

It’s a full-blown culinary showdown in Norwood, Adelaide. We’re talking about A-list eateries like Hanamura Norwood and Cafe Saba.

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Parade Thai Restaurant

Address: 136 The Parade, Norwood, SA 5067

Contact Details: (08) 8364 4243

Operating Hours:

  • Mon – Closed
  • Tue to Wed – 5:30 pm to 9 pm
  • Thu – 5:30 pm to 9 pm
  • Fri to Sun – 5 pm to 10 pm


Parade Thai Restaurant doesn’t mess around when it comes to Thai curries.

Check out this family-run resto’s green curry, and you’re in for a wild ride. It boasts chicken or beef chilling in a coconut milk pool with zucchini, kaffir lime leaves, and chili.

You can opt for seafood by going with the plump prawn toppings or make things hotter by switching to the flame-kissed red curry. Don’t worry, though, they have homemade Thai banana sticky rice to ease the heat.

Grotto on Edward Pizza-teca

Address: 61B Edward St, Norwood, SA 5067

Contact Details: (08) 8331 1288

Operating Hours:

  • Mon – Closed 
  • Tue to Sun – 4:30 pm to 10 pm


Grotto on Edward Pizza-teca is a modest pizza joint serving delectable signature pizza.

There’s the tandoori pizza featuring chicken breast and semi-dried tomatoes, all jazzed up with natural yogurt and mango chutney. If your diet is plant-based, try the vegetarian pizza with mushrooms, kalamata olives, and tomatoes.

But don’t forget their specialty, The Grotto. It’s topped with roasted chicken breast, bacon, and Roma tomatoes and finished with seeded mustard mayo.

Cafe Saba

Address: Unit 7/47 The Parade, Norwood, SA 5067

Contact Details: (08) 8363 2006

Operating Hours:

  • Mon – 10 am to 3 pm
  • Tue to Fri – 10:30 am to 8:30 pm
  • Sat – 10:30 am to 8 pm
  • Sun – Closed


Cafe Saba is dishing out traditional Vietnamese dishes with authentic flavors and ingredients.

This is a Vietnamese diner, so start with their beef phos. You can elevate the umami-rich and aromatic broth by adding more toppings like beef slices, beef balls, and chicken.

If cold rolls are your jam, they have a DIY option, letting you create any combinations you want. We suggest going with grilled pork balls, sugar cane prawns, and roast pork as your main fillings.

Caffe Buongiorno – Norwood

Address: 145 The Parade, Norwood, SA 5067

Contact Details: (08) 8364 2944

Operating Hours:

  • Mon to Thu – 7 am to 11 pm
  • Fri to Sat – 7 am to 11:30 pm
  • Sun – 7 am to 11 pm


Nestled in a vibrant, spacious setting with wooden chairs and streetside seats, Caffe Buongiorno has classic Italian pasta down pat.

The first choice you’ll make here is picking your pasta preference—penne, spaghetti, or fettuccine, you decide, foodie.

For the sauces, they have Napoletana for the herb and spice lovers, bolognese for the meaty maniacs, marinara for the seafood seekers, and more. Pair your choice with the fruity and spiced Pike & Joyce Vue du Nord Pinot Noir to complete the experience.

Bravo Norwood

Address: 144 The Parade, Norwood, SA 5067

Contact Details: (08) 8364 3663

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon to Fri – 7:30 am to 10 pm
  • Sat – 8 am to 10 pm
  • Sun – 8 am to 4 pm


Bravo Norwood is all about classic vibes and hearty Italian meaty goodness.

You can sink your teeth into their Scotch filet, a 250-gram piece of aged perfection cooked just the way you like it. Each bite bursts with the flavors of wilted garlic spinach, red wine jus, and horseradish cream.

Their chicken parmigiana is a must-have too. It’s smothered in fresh Napoletana sauce, generously topped with gooey mozzarella, and best eaten with a glass of ice-cold limoncello or Aperol spritz.

Sfizio Cucina e Caffé

Address: 89 The Parade, Norwood, SA 5067

Contact Details: (08) 8332 2942

Operating Hours: Daily – 7:30 am to 9 pm


Sfizio Cucina e Caffé has lunch and dinner delights, but their Italian-style brekkie is the selection that stands out.

Their Big Breakfast is a heavyweight morning meal. It has eggs cooked your way, bacon, hash browns, Italian sausages, and toasted ciabatta bread that’ll have you saying “ciao” to your hunger and morning blues.

But if you’re in the zone for a bit of breakfast DIY, their La Frittata deal lets you call the shots. You pick your favorite, with options like ham, mozzarella cheese, and roasted capsicum. 

Salt & Pepper

Please embed: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cyed1L5SD0l/?hl=en

Address: 2/1 Margaret St, Norwood, SA 5067

Contact Details: 0404 077 530

Operating Hours: Daily – 11 am to 3 pm, 5 pm to 8:30 pm


Salt & Pepper’s Halal-certified phos are pho-nomenal. Our favorite is the pho dac biet, starring fresh and cooked beef and tripe.

The pho tai is another popular one. It has silky-soft rice noodles and delivers a super savory punch with well-marinated beef slices.

The seafood-based pho do bien is also a banger. Expect sweet and salty flavors with this one, as it has fish cakes, prawns, and squid swimming in a spice-infused broth.


Address: 185 The Parade, Norwood, SA 5067

Contact Details: 0405 728 676

Operating Hours:

  • Mon to Thu – 11:30 am to 2:30 pm, 5 pm to 9 pm
  • Fri to Sun – 11:30 am to 9 pm


Hanamura is a contemporary joint with stunning indoor flowers and authentic Japanese grub.

If you’re craving juicy, porky goodness, don’t miss the pork gyoza at $11.50. But if you’re more of a teriyaki fan, their savory teriyaki chicken roll at $10.80 is where it’s at.

Treat yourself to their Aburi salmon nigiri with a smoky, seared salmon and a hint of soy sauce. Another terrific option is the kakiage nigiri, offering a crunchy, tempura-style vegetable fritter with a soy sauce drizzle.

Danny’s Thai Bistro

From nina_yangggg

Address: 123A The Parade, Norwood, SA 5067

Contact Details: (08) 8332 1288

Operating Hours:

  • Mon – Closed
  • Tue to Fri – 12 pm to 3 pm, 5 pm to 9:30 pm
  • Sat – 5 pm to 10 pm
  • Sun – 12 pm to 3 pm, 5 pm to 10 pm


Danny’s Thai Bistro is famous for both its time-honored and experimental Thai dishes.

The traditional pad Thai here offers a perfect balance of sweet, tangy, and savory. Its stir-fried rice noodles are paired with a delectable sauce made from tamarind, fish sauce, and palm sugar.

For those looking for something new, give their red kangaroo curry a whirl. Prepare to savor slow-cooked kangaroo meat and potatoes covered in a fiery and creamy sauce.


Address: 127 The Parade, Norwood, SA 5067

Contact Details: (08) 8330 3300

Operating Hours:

  • Mon – Closed
  • Tue to Wed – 5 pm to 12 am
  • Thu to Sun – 12 pm to 12 am


Arkhé’s modern Aussie BBQs are fancy and flavorful. Our favorite starter here is the grilled sourdough slices slathered in brown butter and smoked honey.

They also have a lightly brined chicken enhanced by Jerusalem artichokes, salt-baked celeriac, and a truffle jus that’s super rich and velvety.

Arkhé didn’t forget seafood lovers too. Their Southern rock lobster is pure indulgence and flavor, dressed in spicy XO sauce and sprinkled with crisp chives.

400 Gradi – Adelaide

Address: 121 The Parade, Norwood, SA 5067

Contact Details: (08) 8364 6422

Operating Hours:

  • Mon to Thu – 12 pm to 3 pm, 5 pm to 10:30 pm
  • Fri to Sat – 12 pm to 11 pm
  • Sun – 12 pm to 10:30 pm


400 Gradi is where culinary adventures take a delightful detour to Italy. You have to start with the Focaccia Vulcano—warm, fluffy focaccia bread bringing a subtly salty and nutty flavor eruption to a plate.

And then, there’s the olive oil-bathed burrata, a creamy, dreamy ball of cheese perfection served with pesto and pine nut crumble.

And to cap off the Italian feast, go with the Italian pavlova—a sweet symphony of vanilla Chantilly and raspberry gel.

Cinnamon Club Indian Cuisine

Address: 211A The Parade, Norwood, SA 5067

Contact Details: (08) 8431 3311

Operating Hours:

  • Mon – 5 pm to 9:30 pm
  • Tue to Sat – 12 pm to 2:30 pm, 5 pm to 9:30 pm


You can always count on Cinnamon Club Indian Cuisine to spice things up. Their Kashmiri lamb rogan josh is a medium-spiced dish highlighting slow-cooked lamb embraced by a rich blend of cinnamon and Kashmiri red chilies.

They also serve Lucknowi goat curry, a Nawabi classic. This fiery mixture of yogurt and exhilarating spices brings the heat.

For dessert, you can’t go wrong with their gulab jamun—sweet dumplings oozing with rose syrup.

Madame Wu’s Noodle Bar

Address: 195 The Parade, Norwood, SA 5067

Contact Details: (08) 8431 7188

Operating Hours:

  • Mon to Thu – 5:30 pm to 9 pm
  • Fri – 12 pm to 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm to 10 pm


Madame Wu’s Noodle Bar is a hot noodle destination offering Asian classics with a few creative South Australian twists.

They’re wok-tossing some magic with Madame Wu’s Special Chow Mein. This dish is a house specialty brimming with egg noodles that get cozy with king prawns and Asian greens. 

For those seeking creamy soup noodles, they have laksa. Fish cakes and prawns top this one, but the real star is the coconut curry soup.

Mr. Chu Contemporary Restaurant

Address: 220 The Parade, Norwood, SA 5067

Contact Details: (08) 7080 1143

Operating Hours:

  • Mon to Fri – 9 am to 3 pm, 5:30 pm to 9 pm
  • Sat – 8 am to 3 pm, 5:30 pm to 9 pm
  • Sun – 8 am to 3 pm


Mr. Chu Contemporary Restaurant is a taste of Malaysia. The star of the show is the sweet and sour yin yang chicken boasting zesty and a bit spicy sambal sauce.

Their grilled King Prawns with Malaysian curry are a royal treat. Each bite delivers savory and slightly sweet notes with just the right spiciness.

Wrap it up with panda panna cotta teeming with fruit and orange granita, the perfect sweet ending to your Malaysian flavor journey.

Martini on the Parade

Address: 59A The Parade, Norwood, SA 5067

Contact Details: (08) 8362 7822 

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Closed
  • Tue to Fri – 12 pm to 9 pm
  • Sat – 5:30 pm to 10 pm
  • Sun – Closed


Martini on the Parade shakes up some seriously stylish and flavorful cocktails. Start with the classics, like the Aperol spritz with Aperol and a splash of orange soda.

Their bold Negroni is Italy in a glass, mixing spirits like gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth. The Old Fashioned with whisky and sugar is another must-sip—a true classic that’s smoother than a gondola ride through Venice’s canals.

The cocktail party gets better with food. Have a taste of their calamari and crispy polenta with Taleggio cheese, and sit outdoors for a taste of Norwood’s fresh air and comfy shade.


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