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Trip Tokens: The Finest Souvenirs from Adelaide

Adelaide’s extraordinary gift shops offer some of the best and most unique souvenirs in the entire country. From classic mementos like local food or handcrafts to eccentric ones like scary cookie jars or 3D-printed birds, Adelaide’s a hub for amazing souvenirs!

We meticulously surveyed Adelaide’s gift shops and categorized, tasted, and checked the finest trip tokens you can bring home!

Edible Souvenirs 

A trip is never complete without tasting or bringing home some local delights! From the hilariously named frog cake to some of Australia’s finest beverages, here are the best edible souvenirs you can purchase in Adelaide!

A Packet of FruChocs

It’s only right to start a list of Adelaide’s best souvenirs with a classic SA snack! These adorable apricot-flavored balls first appeared on the local confections scene in 1948, and they have continued to delight us with their sweetness and fruitiness up until today!

In terms of taste, our team’s favorite, the OG FruChocs, properly mixes the concentrated flavor of dried apricots with the sweetness of peach and milk chocolate. 

We also enjoy the fruity, creamy, and tangy flavor of FruChocs’ new choco milk strawberry edition!

The great thing about buying this snack is that some local vendors will sell you delightful FruChocs earrings too. You get an edible and novelty souvenir in just one purchase!

These stores are where you can commonly purchase FruChocs!

  • Woolworths
  • Coles
  • Drakes Supermarket
  • Romeo’s Supermarkets
  • Foodland

Tim Tam

Arnott’s iconic Tim Tam, which was first made in 1964, is the most recognizable chocolate-flavored biscuit in Adelaide. 

With an indulging blend of chocolatey coating that melts in the mouth and a sweet velvety filling, Tim Tam biscuits are phenomenal souvenirs!

The best part about Tim Tam biscuits is the fact that they’re very affordable. This biscuit is a part of every Aussie’s childhood (including ours!), and we think that you won’t regret buying a pack or packs of this chocolatey masterpiece! 

Our favorite variety has to be the original chocolate-flavored Tim Tam. New additions like chewy caramel, sunshine coast strawberries, and milk chocolate taste awesome too!

If this made you crave Tim Tam biscuits, you can buy some in these Adelaide stores: 

  • Coles
  • Woolworths
  • IGA
  • Drakes Supermarket
  • Adelaide Arcade

Pie Floater

This 130-year-old dish is a traditional Australian pie that floats on a soup made of peas and rich tomato or mint sauce. The Pie Floater is so delicious and well-loved in Australia that it was recognized as a South Australian Heritage Icon back in 2003!

We love Pie Floater because of its distinct and rich savory taste that usually comes from the crisp cuts of well-seasoned beef. This succulent beef filling is typically coated with a slightly salty and sweet flaky crust that perfectly balances the pie’s meaty side!

To top it all off, the mushy pea soup and tomato sauce softens the pie’s crust and creates a unique combination of consistency and flavor that our team (and honestly, almost all Aussies) truly loves! 

Here are some of the stores and pubs that sell pie floaters: 

  • Bakery on O’Connell
  • King’s Head
  • Pie in the Sky
  • Harry’s Cafe de Wheels
  • Cafe de Vili’s

Frog Cake

We know what you’re thinking, and no, this one’s not really made of frogs. The frog cake is actually a beloved South Australian sponge cake shaped like a frog’s head and covered in fondant before getting filled with thick and luscious cream!

Our favorite part about the handmade Frog Cake is that it goes all out with the very thick fondant and super creamy filling that’s usually topped with more sweet delights like jam or chocolate! Every bite of this exceptional dessert is a sweet tooth’s dream!

We believe that the Frog Cake’s quirky and funny looks add to its overall appeal as a souvenir! Our team always leaps with joy whenever we eat these cute treats!

Frog Cakes can be purchased in the following stores:

  • Woolworths
  • Balfour
  • Etsy Australia
  • Riso Cake
  • Muratti Cakes and Gateaux

Haigh’s Chocolates

What started as a tiny sweets shop in 1915 is now an Australian chocolate mogul with retail outlets found in almost every major city of the country. You cannot leave Adelaide without purchasing a box of milk chocolate speckles or dark chocolate pastilles here!

For us, Haigh’s Chocolates is a must-try because of its high-quality, artisan-made choco products that only use premium cocoa beans and meticulous chocolate-making techniques. 

Whenever we take a bite of this shop’s chocolate frogs or scorched chocolate almonds, we get to taste the spectacular creaminess, bitterness, and sweetness of first-rate desserts. 

If this made you crave for some, you may buy Haigh’s Chocolates here:

  • Adelaide Central Market
  • Adelaide Arcade
  • 44 Gouger Street, Adelaide
  • Rundle Mall
  • 154 B26, Parkside

Coffin Bay Oysters

Coffin Bay Oysters are large Pacific oysters that live in the pristine waters of Coffin Bay in South Australia. 

What makes these oysters special is that they are grown for up to 6 or 7 years, as opposed to the typical 18 month-development common oysters undergo.

The long wait is definitely worth it, though, as the world-renowned Coffin Bay Oysters have an exceptionally tender and juicy texture and amazingly sweet flavor. We normally feast on these with lemon and a hint of salt for an additional zesty and salty kick!

These oysters are perfect souvenirs for your loved ones who enjoy top-of-the-line sea-based products. You also don’t have to worry about the oysters’ freshness.

Coffin Bay Oysters are typically delivered inside polypyrene bags by accredited transporters of refrigerated goods. They also remain closed or unshucked for the purpose of maintaining freshness.

If you’re not feeling shellfish, you can purchase Coffin Bay Oysters in these Adelaide shops:

  • 1802 Oyster Bar
  • West Coast Oysters
  • Oyster HQ
  • Pristine Oyster Farm
  • Adelaide Showgrounds Farmers Market


Photo courtesy of Woolworths

You may or may not like this, but vegemite is surely a must-buy souvenir when you visit Adelaide. This classic Australian spread is thick and dark brown and produced from leftover brewer’s yeast extract, several vegetables, and different spices.

We buy vegemite because of its strong umami flavor that is akin to a very salty beef bouillon! It’s also somewhat bitter and malty.

Vegemite is amazing for alternative diets too, as it’s a hundred percent kosher, halal, and vegan!

If you’re planning to get one for you or your loved ones, here are the top stores that sell vegemite:

  • Coles
  • Woolworths
  • IGA
  • Drakes Supermarket
  • Costco

Shiraz: Adelaide’s Red Wine

Grown in the extensive and sweeping vineyards of Adelaide, the Shiraz Red Wine is a testament to the city’s fineness. Shiraz is the most widely planted wine grape variety in Australia, and its rich aroma and flavor are worth every single penny.

The wine is very sweet and fruity with a smoky and earthy touch to it. There’s also a piquant quality from the wine’s dark berries as well as the perfect intensity of mocha and black currants. 

This luxurious and mouth-watering drink is perfect for you and your wine-drinking/collecting buddies! If you’re looking to purchase a bottle (or bottles), you may visit the following Adelaide wineries, wine cellars, and liquor stores: 

  • East End Cellar
  • Vintage Cellars North Adelaide
  • Penfolds Magill Estate Cellar Doors
  • d’Arenberg
  • Mount Lofty Ranges Vineyard

Coopers Pale Ale

We couldn’t continue this list without mentioning the classic Coopers Pale Ale, a preservative-free, rich, and smooth beer that’s already considered an icon in South Australia. The all-malt blend of this low-carb beer makes it a perfect souvenir!

In terms of taste and aroma, we’d describe Coopers Pale Ale as strongly malty with whiffs of light grassy or floral flavors. 

This unique combination makes it a superb lager-style beer for long drinking sessions and blowing off steam.

Coopers Pale Ale is also very affordable. You can purchase multiple packs for yourself and your loved ones without breaking the bank!

Here are the best places in Adelaide where you can get Coopers Pale Ale:

  • Dan Murphy’s St. Peters
  • Rundle Mall
  • Coopers Brewery
  • Bws Unley
  • Vintage Cellars North Adelaide

Essential Products

For those who are not fond of giving out food and drinks as souvenirs, you can always go with the proven-and-tested, essential products route. After all, giving away daily commodities will never be out of style, especially if the goods are from Adelaide!


The astonishing fashion finds in Adelaide seem to be endless. With multiple malls and shopping districts that offer prominent local and international brands, this city will always deliver when it comes to stylish clothing souvenirs!

For those who are looking for clothing that best represents Adelaide’s culture and history, we suggest visiting vintage clothing shops that are scattered throughout the city. 

Our team, for example, always goes to Adelaide Vintage and Push Pin Boutique Vintage.

If you’re looking for clothing that’s more modern, shops like Attitudes Boutique and Nowa the Label got your back. We often buy in these shops because of their electric and fun fashion goodies that are usually crafted by local designers!

Bondi Wash

We think Bondi Wash is worth bringing home because of its gentleness on the skin! It doesn’t use any form of synthetic preservatives or strong chemicals, so it’s perfect for all ages!

Bondi Wash also has air freshener products that perfectly capture the fragrance of Adelaide’s flowers and native trees! No matter where our team goes, we always bring one because the sweet scent never fails to remind us of Adelaide—of home.

Additionally, Bondi Wash is also great for washing and grooming pets like dogs and cats!

If you want to purchase Bondi Wash products, here are some stores you may visit!

  • David Jones – Adelaide Central Plaza
  • Sephora Rundle Mall
  • Chemist Warehouse
  • Myer Adelaide
  • Bunnings Adelaide

Lucas Papaw Ointment

If you know someone who’s suffering from allergies, body aches, or skin conditions, do them a favor and get them Lucas Papaw Ointment. This topical ointment is an all-around problem-solver for issues that concern aching muscles and skin diseases!

With a cool and soothing effect on the body, this gentle ointment is Adelaide’s go-to salve! 

Lucas Papaw Ointment is a favorite of our group too, as all the traveling we do for work often results in painful backaches, and a touch of this cream truly alleviates the aching!

A word of advice, though: please make sure first that you’ll get the authentic version of this ointment, as the popularity of this product comes with a cost, which in this case is counterfeiting.

With that said, here are the places in Adelaide where you can get the Lucas Papaw Ointment:

  • Chemist Warehouse
  • Blooms the Chemist
  • Woolworths
  • Big W
  • Target

Products Made from Kangaroo Leather

Because of its thickness and hard malleability, kangaroo-made leather is recognized to be the most durable leather in the world. 

Our go-to shop when it comes to leather made from kangaroo skin is Real McCaul. This trusted leather goods manufacturer specializes in essential and fashionable products like deluxe wallets, belts, key holders, jackets, and handbags!

If you’re looking for kangaroo-made leather footwear, though, UGG Boots Adelaide is where you should be headed to. 

The design of the durable boots here ranges from simple and traditional to chic and glamorous, so you’ll have several options to choose from!

Emu Oil

The vibrant local wildlife of Adelaide just keeps on giving! For those who are wondering (and most likely confused or shocked), emu oil is a popular South Australian product that’s used as a very effective moisturizer. 

Fatty acids are beneficial components in emu oil; these compounds can lessen discomfort and swelling. Emu oil also provides hydration and reinvigoration to dry and damaged skin, similar to what the more well-known mineral oil does.

Check these stores in Adelaide to grab one as a souvenir:

  • Emu Spirit
  • Chemist Warehouse
  • Priceline
  • Ugly Bird Emu Oil
  • Emu Tracks

Sydney Harbor Bridge Coat Hanger

Photo courtesy of Koalafication

Even though the tourist attraction referenced in this item is not in Adelaide, the Sydney Harbor Bridge Coat Hanger is still ubiquitous in the city’s homeware and gift shops.

With a cute and honestly, brilliant design that imitates the Sydney Harbor Bridge, this hanger would look good in your home! 

As for ourselves, you’ll find plenty of these hangers in our cabinets and drying rack, as they remind us of our country’s best!

If you want to obtain this iconic Australian souvenir, these are the stores you should head to:

  • Bits of Australia
  • Adelaide Arcade
  • Rundle Mall

Towels with Australia’s Icons

Photo courtesy of TeaTowelsCo

Now, this is something that perfectly pairs up with your Sydney Harbor Bridge coat hangers! These towels come in different sizes and are designed with Australian icons like the country’s tourist sites, products, wildlife, plants, and cultural items.

What we love about these towels aside from the theme, is that they’re very comfortable and have multiple functions. 

The smaller ones, for example, are used by our team as charming little tea towels, while the larger ones are utilized as colorful and fun house decors!

These towels can be found all across the country, but if you’re going to look for them in Adelaide, here are the stores you should visit: 

  • KMart Rundle Mall
  • Tea Towel Co
  • Myer Adelaide
  • Harris Scarfe Tea Tree Plaza
  • KMart Port Adelaide

South Australian Opals

Opal is the national gemstone of Australia. With multiple opal mining fields, South Australia is a hot spot for these rare gems.

Without any bias, we think South Australian opals are just outright extraordinary, marvelous, and majestic! 

The South Australian opals have a wondrous combination of white, gray, black, and amber colors different from the plain aquamarine or turquoise ones.

The fame of these opals, though, makes it a perfect subject for forgery, so you have to ask for expert advice first if you’re planning to purchase some. 

Once you’re ready, here are the stores where you can obtain these rare gems:

  • Unique Opal Mine
  • The Australian Diamond and Opal Collection
  • Opal Diamond Factory
  • Desert Jewels 
  • Black Star Opal

Aboriginal Souvenirs

Souvenir shopping in Adelaide is never complete without purchasing Aboriginal keepsakes. These items are used and crafted by the first settlers of the Adelaide Plains, and purchasing them is like fully getting engulfed in Adelaide’s culture and history!


What’s not cool about an ancient weapon used by Aboriginal hunters and warriors? This curved stick that can return to you once thrown is a fantastic Adelaide souvenir because of its historical importance and beautiful design. 

We love collecting Aboriginal boomerangs because they can fit anywhere in our homes. Their colorful markings and engravings make them perfect decorations, and there’s also the added wow factor of them being used as a weapon before!

If you’re looking to purchase one, here are the best stores in Adelaide that still sell boomerangs: 

  • The Boomerang Center
  • The Teddy Bear Shop
  • South Australia Souvenirs
  • Rebel Rundle Mall
  • Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute


The didgeridoo is a traditional Aboriginal instrument used in ceremonial affairs. They are typically used as wind instruments nowadays, but before, didgeridoos were mainly utilized by the Aboriginals as mediums to communicate and connect with nature.

This historical and spiritual significance makes didgeridoos a must-have souvenir for those who’ll visit Adelaide. 

Despite the expensive price ($140–$150) of this memento, our team still collects them because of their history and they look astounding as home decor too.

If you’re planning to buy one, these are the stores that sell this traditional Australian instrument: 

  • Adelaide City Store
  • Hollow Log Studio
  • Indigenu Art of Australia
  • Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute
  • Gallery 33

Aboriginal Artworks

Artworks made by the Aboriginals are also great as souvenirs because of their colorful and creative features. Dot paintings, abstract art, and sand or rock carvings are among the most popular types of Aboriginal artworks.

The ones that we commonly see in Adelaide are typically dot and abstract paintings that depict the city’s wildlife and folklore. They’re very pricey (around $100–$1,000), but we believe that their beauty, culture, and history are definitely worth every penny. 

Here are the places in the city where you can buy Aboriginal artworks:

  • Tandaya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute
  • Indigenu Art of Australia
  • Apy Gallery Adelaide
  • Gallery 33
  • Marra Dreaming

Quirky and Novelty Souvenirs

Let’s end this list with the weirdest, funniest, and most extraordinary souvenirs you can get in Adelaide! From humorous kangaroo figurines to tattooed dolls, here are the best quirky gifts you can find in our very creative city!

Kangaroo Body Parts as Everyday Items

From back scratchers to keychains, replicas of kangaroo body parts are some of the funniest and most useful souvenirs you can buy in Adelaide. And keep in mind that when we say body parts, we mean every single part of the Kangaroo from head to toe!

Our favorite items are kangaroo-inspired pouches and bottle openers. Whenever we bring them out, their outrageous designs would always result in giggles and snickers!

If you’re looking to buy these items, here are the stores in Adelaide where you can find them:

  • Adelaide Wholesale Souvenirs
  • Australia the Gift
  • Have You Met Charlie
  • Essence of Australia
  • Bella Casa Gifts and Collectibles

After buying Adelaide’s most delicious treats, you need a fine container to store them. Instead of purchasing boring jars, why not try the kinda scary yet fascinating skull cookie jars found in Adelaide?

Since our team absolutely enjoys horror flicks, these skull cookie jars are definitely up our alley! They also come with different designs such as smiling skulls, colorful ones, and our favorite, realistic-looking skulls! Spooky!

These are perfect as Halloween gifts, and if you want to obtain them, here are the stores where you should go:

  • The Bradford Exchange
  • Have You Met Charlie?

The Aussie Slang Magnet Pack

We totally understand how Aussie slang could sometimes sound like Klingon to non-locals. If this is a problem that you also experience, why not purchase the Aussie slang magnet pack that contains Australian jargon?

We have given this souvenir to our pals who have trouble understanding Australian slang, and we’re very happy to say that it definitely works! Just put the magnets on your fridge and memorize at least one phrase or word every time you get food or water.

This product can be purchased in these stores:

  • Bits of Australia
  • Australian Souvenirs
  • Australia the Gift
  • Mokoh Design

3D Construction of Adelaide’s Wildlife

The real-life counterparts of these animals could get scary at times (plus you’re not allowed to catch them). Thankfully, you can still bring home the local wildlife of Adelaide by purchasing their 3D construction models that can double as postcards!

We recommended giving these gifts to kids as these 3D construction models can be also used as a creative way to teach them about the animals of Adelaide! Additionally, they’re really colorful and, of course, they don’t bite or peck!

Our team bought the lorikeet and cockatoo models because they look friendlier! If you’re planning to buy some, here are the stores that sell these souvenirs: 

  • BitsofAustralia
  • TheLittleToyShop
  • Emu Ridge
  • Aspects of Kings Park

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