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Love-Struck 10 Best Spots in Adelaide for Valentine's Day

Love-Struck: 10 Best Spots in Adelaide for Valentine’s Day

February ushers in a magical atmosphere; the air hums with sweet symphonies of romance. At this time of the year, many go all out to paint the world in shades of passionate hues of red and crimson.

If you’re looking for that perfect spot in sunny Adelaide to spend Valentine’s Day in, let us be your guide. We’ll uncover the hidden romantic spots in the city eagerly awaiting the next pair of lovebirds.

Hilton Adelaide

Website: https://www.hilton.com/en/hotels/adlhitw-hilton-adelaide/

Address: 233 Victoria Square, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Contact details: +61 8 8217 2000

The classic romantic dinner date can never go wrong, and the Hilton Adelaide is a great venue for it. With its intimate lighting, hushed atmosphere, and subtle elegance, it feels like the room is just for you and your partner. 

One of their standout dishes is the Chicken Supreme, complemented by a velvety sweetcorn puree and a delightful pancetta crumb. For a memorable finale, indulge in the bittersweet sticky date pudding crowned with luscious toffee caramel!

Pro tips:
The view at night is simply amazing, so be sure to inform them during the reservation that you want a seat close to the window. 

The hotel’s rates are affordable for a 5-star hotel, so staying here after the meal is a great idea. 

Thorngrove Manor Hotel

Website: https://thorngrove.com.au/

Address: 2 Glenside Ln, Stirling SA 5152, Australia

Contact details: +61 8 8339 67481

For a private piece of paradise, Thorngrove Manor Hotel is a must-visit. Staying in the boutique hotel feels like being transported to an 18th-century manor because of its castle-like architecture, antique furniture, stained glass windows, and stone statues.

A picnic on their spacious lawn is reminiscent of a scene from a Jane Austen novel. There’s the fresh air, the gentle shade of the trees, and the welcome silence. The exquisite food they serve includes smoked salmon and cheese, pate, and mint tea.

Pro tips:
Thorngrove Manor Hotel has limited accommodations, so booking a date on Valentine’s Day is extremely competitive. I advise you to book as early as a year in advance.

The hotel is highly recommended for vegetarians and vegans thanks to its diverse array of options tailored to these dietary preferences.

The Observatory is an excellent option for those seeking a stunning view of Adelaide. The mornings here are refreshingly breezy and delightful.

Beerenberg Farm

Website: https://beerenberg.com.au/

Address: 2106 Mount Barker Rd, Hahndorf SA 5245, Australia

Contact details: +61 8 8388 7272

Operating hours: 

  • Sunday to Saturday: 9 AM-5 PM

For an energetic and sunny Valentine’s Day, Beerenberg Farm is a great spot! The farm has rows of fresh strawberries awaiting to be picked.

You won’t need to go home to taste the delights of the berries, as their shop has sweet concoctions of strawberry ice creams, jams, and pancakes for eating. It’s truly a haven for berry lovers!

Pro tips:
You’ll know that a strawberry is ready to be picked once most of its surface is red. To pick it, gently pull and twist.

Sometimes the patch for picking isn’t available because of weather conditions or because the berries aren’t ready yet. It’s best to call them in advance to be sure.

There is barely any shade on the farm, so bringing a hat and applying sunblock is necessary!

Adelaide Botanic Garden

Website: https://www.botanicgardens.sa.gov.au/

Address: North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Contact details: +61 8 8222 9311

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Wednesday: 7:15 AM-6:30 PM
  • Thursday to Friday: 7:15 AM-7 PM
  • Saturday to Sunday: 9 AM-7 PM

It’s easy to get lost in the greenery and blooming flowers in Adelaide Botanic Garden, making it a perfect spot for that perfect companion. A visit to its International Rose Garden, home to 2,700 exquisite pink and red blossoms, is an unforgettable experience.

For those who prefer a more relaxed date, sit on one of the benches beneath the towering New Caledonia and camphor trees. The gentle breeze and picturesque surroundings set the perfect stage for an intimate conversation.

Pro tips:
I recommend buying a cup of iced coffee before going inside so your senses are revitalized before your long walk inside the garden.

It’ll take a lot of work to tour the entire garden in one day. For Valentine’s Day, I highly recommend skipping other parts and going directly to the following:

Amazon Waterlily Pavilion
International Rose Garden
Palm House
Australian Native Garden
Sunken Garden

Although a romantic bicycle ride amidst the flowers may seem tempting, bringing a bicycle into the garden is strictly prohibited.

Brighton Beach

Photo by lemielch

Address: Beach Rd, Brighton SA 5048, Australia

With Valentine’s falling at the end of summer, a beach day at Brighton is a splendid choice! Along the shore, you’ll discover historic buildings, each housing unique offerings like bespoke homewares, old-fashioned waffles, and beach-inspired jewelry.

To end the day, walk by the romantic Brighton Jetty, where the gentle waters give a rhythmic melody that perfectly complements the sky’s hues of orange and purple. 

Pro tips:
Dolphins sometimes swim by Brighton Beach!

The public toilets are far from the Brighton Jetty, so pass by one before you go here. When taking a dip, ensure you’re in proximity to one of the lifeguards, as stingrays occasionally swim the waters of the Beach.

Urth Clay Studios

Website: https://urthclaystudio.com.au/

Address: 3A Hubbe Ct, Burnside SA 5066, Australia

Contact details: +61 8 8166 4333

Operating hours: 

  • By appointment

In Urth Clay Studios, you and your partner can dive into the art form of pottery. With plenty of opportunities for tactile connection (or simply getting your hands messy), your creative wheels will be in motion while having cheerful chatter and laughter.

Here, you can craft a Valentine’s cup with charming heart shapes and playful patterns or let your imagination run wild and sculpt something unique out of clay!

Pro tips:
You won’t immediately get the product of your hard work, as the clay needs to be fired. Waiting times are between a week or two at Urth Clay Studios.

Pottery classes on Valentine’s Day are almost always fully booked in advance. You should have a reservation a month before to be sure.

Don’t be afraid to ask the instructors about every step of the pottery process, as their classes are for absolute beginners.

Rundle Mall

Website: https://www.rundlemall.com/

Address: Adelaide – Glenelg, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Thursday: 9 AM-5:30 PM
  • Friday: 9 AM-9 PM
  • Saturday to Sunday: 9 AM-5 PM

For Valentine’s Day, why not take your special someone on a shopping spree? Whether it’s sparkling jewelry, a chic blouse, or a coveted gadget, Rundle Mall has everything for their heart’s material desires!

If shopping wears you out, recharge at the mall’s charming al fresco eateries. Here, you can indulge in a dessert or savor a cup of coffee, all while having a great view of the mall’s delightful mix of heritage and modern architecture.

Pro tips:
Adelaide is home to many aspiring performers, and they sometimes busk during Valentine’s Day at the mall. Tip them to show your appreciation!

There are plenty of whimsical photo spots in the mall such as the Rundle Mall Pigs and the Spheres (AKA Malls Balls).

If the items of a shop are out of your budget range, check out similar shops in Rundle Mall to see if they offer the same items in lower prices.

Prohibition Liquor Co

Website: https://prohibitionliquor.co/

Address: 22 Gilbert St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Operating hours: 

  • Wednesday to Thursday: 11:30 AM-10 PM
  • Friday to Saturday: 11:30 AM-11:30 PM
  • Sunday: 11:30 AM-7 PM
  • Monday to Tuesday: Closed

If you’re looking to spice up your Valentine’s Day with some locally crafted spirits, Prohibit Liquor Co is the spot to be. They host exciting events like painting lessons and couples cocktail sessions, making your celebration more special!

The bar exudes a snug, relaxed vibe—ideal for some playful banter! With the bartenders’ creative concoctions, you will share more laughs than usual.

Pro tips:
If you’re fond of Prohibition Liquor Co, subscribe to their Prohibition Bootleg Box to quarterly receive a package containing the shop’s best liquor offerings.

You’re bound to like some of the drinks more than others, and that’s okay! Just remember to list down their names so you can order them the next time around.

For those who don’t drink, their espresso martini and Capi Mixers are worth a shot.

St. Louis House of Fine Ice Cream and Desserts

Website: https://www.st-louis.com.au/

Address: 20 O’Connell St, North Adelaide SA 5006, Australia

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Thursday: 9 AM-10:30 PM
  • Friday to Saturday: 9 AM-11:30 PM
  • Sunday: 9:30 AM-10:30 PM

In sweet, sunny Adelaide, it’s hard not to imagine Valentine’s without an ice cream or slice of cake in hand. For treats like dulce leche cakes, Nutella Bomboloni, and crunchy nut cereal waffles, St. Louis House of Fine Ice Cream and Desserts is recommendable.

A world of sweet delights await at this Valentine’s Day hotspot, where gelato, froyo, and sorbets await! Some crowd favorites include the caramel and honeycomb Saint Louis, the delightfully sour blueberry crepe, and the invigorating Espresso Frangelico.

Pro tips:
It’s a great idea to bring a bottle of water when you go here in case the desserts get too sweet for your liking. Order just enough items to finish in one sitting, as their takeout fees are a bit pricey.

River Torrens

Image by wonderlustadelaide

At the end of the day, a date with your special someone doesn’t always need a spectacular place. For a simple and heartfelt date, River Torrens is a great spot. 

During the afternoon, ride the paddle boats alongside the ducks in the area. As night falls, have an enchanting riverside stroll under the soft glow of the gentle streetlights – a perfect way to end the day.

Pro tips:
The River Torrens plays a big part in the economy and beauty of Adelaide, so refrain from littering anywhere near its vicinity.

The summer heat can be intense, so bring a hat and water bottle.

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