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Squidtacular Waters: Adelaide’s Top Spots for Catching Squid

Squidtacular Waters: Adelaide’s Top Spots for Catching Squid

Why settle for store-bought squid when you can embark on a squid fishing adventure in  the waters near and in Adelaide? 

Catching one (or an entire bucket) is made easier by Adelaide’s squid-filled fishing spots, like Glenelg Jetty and West Lakes. If you want to know more, dive into our article below!

Things Needed for Squid Fishing

Things Needed for Squid Fishing

Squid Jigs: These flashy lures are specifically designed to mimic the appearance and movement of squid prey. The more colorful your jigs are, the greater your chances of going home with a bucket of squid become.

Fishing Rod and Reel: With their swift movements and squirmy tactics, squid can put up a surprisingly strong resistance. Having a well-balanced rod and reel ensures you can effectively battle and land these wily creatures.

Squid Light: By using squid light, you increase your chances of luring these creatures closer to your fishing area, as they’re like the sea’s moths—easily attracted by light sources!

Fishing Line: A strong and durable line, such as a braided or monofilament line, is necessary to handle the sharp beaks and unpredictable movements of squids. Don’t forget these tiny krakens always put up a fight!

Things Needed for Squid Fishing

Tackle Bag or Box: Keeping your squid jigs and other fishing accessories organized in a tackle bag or box ensures you have easy access to the right tools at the right time. 

It also minimizes the chances of tangled lines and helps you stay focused on the task: outsmarting those clever tentacled, soon-to-become calamari creatures.

Cutting Tool: A sharp cutting tool is necessary for various tasks, such as cutting bait, trimming excess lines, and safely handling caught squid. 

Landing Net or Gaff: These slimy squirmers have a knack for slipping away at the last moment, so having a landing net or gaff is crucial for successfully bringing them on board. 

Where to Catch Squid in Adelaide

Glenelg Jetty

Address: 2 Colley Terrace, Glenelg SA 5045
Contact Details: (08) 8229 9999
Operating Hours: Daily – Open 24 Hours

Glenelg Jetty boasts a reputation for being a squid hotspot. To catch some, you must have parent-level patience and a terrific sense of timing.

Speaking of timing, the best time for a squid fishing escapade at Glenelg Jetty is during the magical twilight hours. They’re more active during this time, and if you get lucky like us during our last angling sesh here, you’ll have calamari for days! 

Squidly Suggestions: Squids tend to congregate in deeper waters. For a more bountiful catch, why don’t you venture beyond the jetty’s confines and paddle or sail your vessel into these deeper areas?

However, we only encourage going here if you know the area like the back of your hand and if your swimming skills are top-tier. Make sure to bring a companion, too!

Brighton Jetty

Address: 134B Esplanade, Brighton SA 5048
Contact Details: (08) 8229 9999
Operating Hours: Daily – Open 24 hours

For a less crowded, more exclusive squid fishing experience, look no further than the scenic Brighton Jetty. 

We prefer fishing here during dawn’s golden hours, as nature’s glamor and serenity truly stand out around this time—plus morning temperature here won’t burn your patience into ashes in just minutes.

The best part? When the hunger blues fill your tummy up while waiting for your catch, Brighton Beach’s cafes are just a stone’s throw away. 

Squidly Suggestions: Our team used to always face the disappointing reality of an empty ice box rather than a bountiful catch of squids at Brighton Jetty. 

However, a single decision proved to be our saving grace, transforming our fishing fortunes entirely: making the jigs shake and jerk like anxious prey!

Henley Beach Jetty

Address: Seaview Rd, Henley Beach SA 5022
Operating Hours: Daily – Open 24 hours

Ah, Henley Beach, is the epitome of coastal charm and a sun-kissed squid fishing hotspot. 

Aside from being the playground of arrow squids and southern calamari, the view of chic restaurants and cafes surrounding this area makes angling or fishing more mind-soothing.

Our team typically opts for after-dusk squid fishing here, as our previous catches were better around the hours after 5 pm. 

Also, and more importantly to most of our teammates, Henley Beach’s premier seaside pubs wake up around this time, giving us the best spots to celebrate our fishing victories. 

Squidly Suggestions: If you dare to follow our route and give nighttime squid-catching a whirl, be sure to leave home with your trusty light source to attract squids on a night out. 

Squid fishing with margaritas can also be fun-filled, but make sure you’re fishing skills are still tip-top, or you’ll wake up in the morning with a hangover instead of squid stew. 

West Lakes

Address: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1pH8GsI6fSjcJlTl9V2DDJBvuvKjwEXE&ll=-34.881993940934194%2C138.5497815344238&z=12

Operating Hours: Daily – Open 24 hours

Our last squid fishing extravaganza at West Lakes proved that estuaries can be as good as beach jetties in providing bountiful catches. 

Powell Court Road Bridge and Trimmer Parade are where your chances of pulling multiple squids are high, especially if you go fishing in the fall. 

Don’t get surprised if you catch several cuttlefish, too, as they’re known to get trapped in West Lake’s estuaries.

If you got kids with you, they might love the playgrounds surrounding the reserves, but we suggest letting them join your squid fishing escapade!

Squidly Suggestions: 

  • Some areas in West Lakes are off-limits for fishers. Make sure to check what these prohibited fishing spots are for a trouble-free outing.
  • Also, try targeting estuaries after rainfall. Rainfall washes nutrients into the estuaries, changes water turbidity, and alters salinity and temperature to levels preferred by cephalopods, leading to increased chances of catching squids!

O’Sullivans Beach Boat Ramp

Address: Marine Dr, O’Sullivan Beach SA 5166
Contact Details: (08) 8384 7773

O’Sullivans is a team favorite, as it offers everything you need for a day or night of squid fishing. 

Firstly, this picturesque fishing site has a large boat ramp equipped with stone breakwaters that not only make fishing a breeze but also assist in launching and landing your prized vessel. 

Furthermore, the waters here brim with squid all year long. You just have to pick the days when the ocean is clearer to boost your catch potential.

Squidly Suggestions: Don’t miss out on this beach’s onsite kiosk that can cater to your every fishing whim. 

Need to replenish your bait supply? No problem. 

Craving a quick snack to fuel your fishing prowess? They’ve got you covered! 

While you’re here, why don’t you expand your catch by aiming for other ocean marvels? This area is renowned for salmon, mullet, and garfish—just to name a few.

Marino Rocks

Address: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1YRhDon4GvwbUetZzOH49xeOpvJEAX1E&ll=-34.92258097109458%2C138.3846599883488&z=10

Operating Hours: Daily – Open 24 hrs

Marino Rocks’ main draws are its serenity and tantalizing view of the horizon. The area’s birdlife is also thriving, although you may have to compete with other elite squid-catchers, like pelicans and seagulls!

Squidly Suggestions: Make sure to wear sturdy, slip-resistant shoes and don a wetsuit or waterproof clothing to navigate the mostly rocky terrain and stay comfortable in the waters.

Outer Harbor Breakwall

Address: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1fLcU83Aq_I2J8YZS-BwOo6lWEZOoA3g&ll=-34.85159738749436%2C138.4567612109375&z=11

Operating Hours: Daily – Open 24 hours

Our 30-minute drive to Outer Harbor Breakwall was oh-so-worth-it, as it was brimming with squids and other ocean goodies like snappers and crabs! 

Another plus side of this site is its entrance is guarded by mighty breakwater rocks, nature’s fort against the relentless tides, ensuring a fishing experience not derailed by danger. 

Moreover, just beyond this rugged barrier, a southern wall built with platforms became our fishing spot, allowing a comfortable position for our pursuit of the elusive squids. 

Squidly Suggestions: Always be on the lookout for baitfish or crabs grouping in specific areas. This indicates a potential squid feeding frenzy, as squids are known to gather where their prey is abundant. 

Do you have the eagle eyes for this, though? If not, a bright headlamp or flashlight can be a real lifesaver.

Port Noarlunga Jetty

Address: 95/96 Esplanade, Port Noarlunga SA 5167
Contact Details: (08) 8384 0666
Operating Hours: Daily – Open 24 hrs

Oh, this spot will fill your icebox with squids!

What sets Port Noarlunga Jetty apart is the flourishing marine ecosystem it harbors. With over 200 species of marine plants, it’s no wonder squids crowd here in search of delectable sustenance.

Squidly Suggestions: Also, while squids can be found here throughout the year, summer is their favorite season. So, why settle for the same old summer escapades when you can take it up a notch and go on the daring quest of catching squid? 

Wirrina Cove

Address: 1 Paradise Dr, Wirrina Cove SA 5204
Operating Hours: Daily – Open 24 hours

This Fleurieu Peninsula squid fishing spot and renowned summer retreat is a feast for the eyes—and the stomach if you got a remarkable talent for catching squid!

Our favorite aspect of Wirrina Cove, though, is its marina with boats and yachts gently swaying on the water as seabirds rest on them. 

Wirrina Cove’s marina is also more than just a picturesque backdrop, as it provides practical benefits like its docking facilities and boat accessibility with convenient launching points for your fishing expeditions. 

Squidly Suggestions: If you’re not finding success in one spot while squid fishing at Wirrina Cove, don’t be afraid to make a move along the marina. Squids can be finicky creatures, and their feeding patterns can vary!

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