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Vacay Galore Adelaide’s Best Staycation Spots

Vacay Galore: Adelaide’s Best Staycation Spots

Sometimes, the best things in life are just a few kilometers away from you. The glamorous city of Adelaide, for example, has nearby luxurious and scenic getaway spots perfect for a short weekend escape or relaxing staycation experience.

From stylish hotels to cozy holiday homes, our team has researched and tried the best staycation spots in Adelaide. If you’ve got a hankering for a short breather, simply continue reading to learn where you can go for a well-deserved break!

Affordable Accommodations

Flinders Bush Retreat

Flinders Bush Retreat
Photo courtesy of Booking
Location651 Willow Waters Rd, Hawker SA 5434
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If you’re looking for a staycation spot where you can do lowkey activities like picnics, bushwalking, biking, and intimate dates by the bonfire, you should book a stay at Flinders Bush Retreat. 

We found this camping-themed place pleasant, simple, cozy, and stunning. The best feature of this staycation sanctuary for us was the view of the vast Flinders Ranges, especially when we were taking a stroll during sunrise or sunset. 

With a view of the seemingly unending hills and green plains, we were in awe of the grass-covered landscapes surrounding this Flinders Bush Retreat and couldn’t stop taking selfies!

The room where we stayed here was Tent 1, a comfortable wooden guest room with glass doors that reveal the breathtaking view of the mountains of Flinders Ranges. 

The room was very comfortable because it had a queen bed, blackout drapes and curtains, and a kitchenette with all our cooking needs. 

Flinders Bush Retreat is also just a few kilometers away from famous tourist attractions such as historical landmarks and golf courses. Here are some of the best places that are near this sublime staycation site:

  • Yappala Indigenous Protected Area – 20.8 kilometers away
  • Hawker Golf Course – 13.7 kilometers away
  • Wilpena Panorama – 15.4 kilometers away
  • Old Hawker Railway Station Park – 15 kilometers away
  • Hawker Visitor center – 15 km kilometers away
Best Staycation Activity Here: We recommend barbecuing by the mountain and hillsides for a great Flinders Bush Retreat experience. If you don’t have any barbecuing equipment, the staff will provide you with free barbecue grills. 

Atlantic West Beach Apartments

Atlantic West Beach Apartments
Photo courtesy of AtlanticWestBeachApartments
Location68 Seaview Rd, West Beach SA 5024
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The Atlantic West Beach Apartments offers travelers access to the picturesque sandy white shores of West Beach. With modern amenities, this seaside staycation spot is perfect for beach lovers like us.

The Two Bedroom Apartment was the one we picked because, with a 50-square-meter size, it’s the largest room this place offers. We were a bit tired when we arrived here but the relaxing and spacious room gave us a well-deserved rest.

We also enjoyed cooking in this room because of its spacious kitchen that provides a direct view of the buzzing West Beach coastline! 

The open-air garden of Atlantic West Beach Apartments is also great for relaxation. We spent our time here reading books and taking naps, and we think that it could also be great for picnics and pictorials—especially on sunny days.

This stress-relieving staycation spot is also near Adelaide’s major attractions. Here are the tourist sites you can visit while staying here: 

  • Victoria Square – 9 kilometers away
  • Carrick Hill – 13 meters away
  • West Beach – 100 meters away
  • Henley Beach – 800 meters away
  • Tennyson Beach – 3.8 kilometers away
  • Glenelg Beach – 3.9 kilometers away
Best Staycation Activities Here: We believe that swimming and sunbathing are the two best staycation activities here. West Beach’s safe shallows have crystal clear water while the vast and sun-lit shorelines are perfect for getting tanned!

CABN Kuitpo Forest

CABN Kuitpo Forest
Photo courtesy of CABNKuitpoForest
Location94 Black Nursery Rd, Kuitpo SA 5201
Book HereCABNKuitpoForest

If you’ve ever wondered what an off-the-grid staycation in a forest would be like, all you have to do is book a stay with CABN. Deep in the foliage of the Kuitpo Pine Forest is where we found this secluded and truly bewitching staycation spot.

Our team totally enjoys nature escapades because of the tranquility and excitement they provide. This is why we decided to book a stay in CABN.

This accommodation offers many rooms, but we chose the Bambra Cabin because it has many amenities and is situated in one of the forest’s wider glades. 

This open-area feature was very convenient because it provided us with the opportunity to do several staycation activities.

The first thing that we did was to set up a barbecue grill on the open space outside the Bambra Cabin. It was a great experience, but we had to be extra careful because the forest’s radiata pine trees were just about 10 meters away from our grilling spot.

After finishing our satisfying and meaty meal, we decided to burn calories by going for a walk into the depths of Kuitpo Forest. The forest has easy-to-navigate trails so we weren’t worried about getting lost.

After a day of exploring the enchanting Kuitpo Forest, we went back to the Bambra Cabin for some much-needed shut-eye. 

The cabin provided us with two, very relaxing, queen-size beds and some bunk beds. The room had modern air-conditioning, but we decided to just go the natural way and opened the windows for fresh and cool air!

If you’re in the mood for exploration, here are the most beautiful sites you can visit near CABN.

  • CABN Nala – 70 meters away
  • CABN Jarrah – 70 meters away
  • Kuitpo Pine Forest – 10 meters away
Best Staycation Activity Here: Bushwalking is definitely the best activity here. We strongly suggest checking the best spots of the Kuitpo Pine Forest on foot for a complete and fulfilling CABN staycation experience!

Trestrail Cottage

Trestrail Cottage
Photo courtesy of TresTrailCottage
Location144 Saw Mill Rd, Sevenhill SA 5453
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We booked a stay in Trestrail Cottage because we were looking for a staycation experience that involves cozy cottages, unspoiled surroundings, modern comforts, and a day of sipping lavish wines. 

During our stay here, we never had to worry about boisterous cars or rowdy people because Trestrail Cottage is located on a 100-acre private and peaceful land.

The cottage that we picked was The Cottage, which is a very gorgeous, wooden, and stone room amid the Clare Valley Woodland. This little location, which is perched atop the breathtaking Sevenhill Hills, provided us with much-needed inner peace.

The fresh air, enchanting view, and mouthwatering breakfast are also major factors that make us want to go back to this spot. Plus, we also love the distinct minty and honey-like fragrance of the woodland’s gum and eucalyptus trees!

You may also check these nearby areas for a more complete staycation getaway:

  • Inchiquin Lake Reserve – 9 kilometers away
  • Martindale Hall Conservation Park – 12 kilometers away
  • Unnamed (No.HA1339) Heritage Agreement – 12 kilometers away
  • Clare Valley Racecourse – 13 kilometers away
Best Staycation Activity Here: We suggest searching for the local wildlife that inhabits the Clare Valley Woodland. Some of the rare animals you’ll likely see here include Western Grey Kangaroos, Shingle-Back Lizards, and Bearded Dragons.

Luxurious Accommodations

KT Apartments

KT Apartments
Photo courtesy of KTAparments
Location99a Little King William St, Kent Town SA 5067
Book HereKT Apartments

This luxury apartment complex in the center of Kent Town is perfect for travelers who enjoy the hustle and bustle of the ever-energetic city of Adelaide. Our favorite feature of this place is that it’s near the city’s major establishments but it isn’t very noisy.

The walls of KT Apartments greatly reduced the noise of passing cars. We almost forgot that we were in the city when we first entered our room!

The guest room we picked is elegantly furnished and very comfortable. The spacious living room has an HD flat-screen TV that was fantastic for our movie marathons!

Eating at KT Apartments was also very enjoyable and fulfilling. Our team’s dining room was spacious too, but we decided to eat on the balcony where we could clearly see the city’s skyline.

For wallet-watchers, KT Apartments usually offer seasonal vouchers and promos!

Aside from the urban attractions, here are the other most-visited spots near KT Apartments:

  • Ayers House Museum – 1.2 kilometers away
  • Adelaide Botanic Garden – 1.3 kilometers away
  • Adelaide Zoo – kilometers away
  • Beehive Corner Building – 2.1 kilometers away
  • Victoria Square – 2.4 kilometers away
  • Carrick Hill – 7 kilometers away
Best Staycation Activity Here: KT Apartments provides some of the most tantalizing views of Adelaide’s skyline. We suggest taking full advantage of these vantage points and filling up your phone’s memory with selfies where your backdrop is the entire city!

5 Rooms at The Stirling Hotel

5 Rooms at The Stirling Hotel
Photo courtesy of Booking
Location52 Mount Barker Rd, Stirling SA 5152
Book Here5RoomsatTheStirlingHotel

5 Rooms at The Stirling Hotel is perfect for travelers who are looking for an elegant spot that’s near Adelaide’s astonishing natural reserves and botanic gardens. 

This hotel has five types of guest rooms with amenities such as refrigerators, kitchenettes, Wi-Fi, and TVs. We decided to go with the Balcony Room 3, as it’s the biggest room the hotel offers and it has a spacious private balcony.

The balcony was where we spent most of our time. It was perfect for our team’s mid-afternoon snacks and also for our picture-taking sessions!

After spending time on the balcony, we then watched some movies in the sizable and cozy room. 

With an HD, flat-screen TV and 2 king-sized beds at our disposal, our movie-watching experience here was incredible. It made us feel like we were watching in a private and extravagant movie theater! 

And, of course, all the movie-binging that we did made us really hungry, so we decided to head to the Stirling Bistro, the hotel’s restaurant. 

The restaurant has a contemporary and casual vibe to it, and the menu consists of affordable and luxurious meals. It was happy hour when we visited the Stirling Bistro, so we decided to order some cocktails and paired them with juicy burgers.

The next morning, we visited the hotel’s peaceful coffee and tea shop that’s near a lush garden. It was the perfect place for aromatic and richly-flavored beverages and self-reflection.

For travelers who enjoy the outdoors, here are the nearby locations you can check while in this sensational spot:

  • Mount Lofty Botanic Garden – 4 kilometers away
  • Cleland Wildlife Park – 0.9 kilometers away
  • Cleland Conservation Park – 3 kilometers away
  • Stirling Markets – 0.9 kilometers away
  • Crafers to Mt Lofty Trail Trailhead – 4.9 kilometers away
Best Staycation Activity Here: A staycation is never complete without fulfilling food. 5 Rooms at The Stirling Hotel has The Bistro that’s ideal for restaurant-style breakfasts!

Barossa Shiraz Estate

Barossa Shiraz Estate
Photo courtesy of Booking
Location246 Barossa Valley Way, Lyndoch SA 5351
Book HereBarossaShirazEstate

With amenities like extremely fast and free Wi-Fi, outdoor barbecue grills, terraces, gardens, climate-controlled air conditioning, laundry facilities, and many more, Barossa Shiraz Estate is an unforgettable staycation spot for our team.

We had a hard time picking our room here because they’re all impressive! Each of the rooms at Barossa Shiraz Estate has a different architectural theme or design! 

There’s a room with a countryside theme; one with a vineyard cabin design; and one with a modern mansion aesthetic.

The room that we picked was the latter. It’s called Vines Cottage, and it’s a mansion-type room with a mellow golden palette, one king-sized bed, a flat-screen TV, and a balcony that provided us with a direct view of the captivating Barossa Vineyards.

We could even smell the earthy and fruity scent of the nearby vineyard while hanging on this room’s balcony! We also enjoyed taking selfies and groupies on this spot because of the jaw-dropping background!

The Barossa Shiraz Estate is also great for those who want to see some of Adelaide’s best attractions. From charming rose gardens to wine-producing paradises, here are some of the fantastic places you can visit while staying in this staycation hotspot:

  • Barossa Chateau – 0.7 kilometers away 
  • McGuigan Barossa Valley – 1.6 kilometers away 
  • Hemera Estate – 0.1 kilometers away 
  • Kellermeister Winery – 0.1 kilometers away 
  • God’s Hill Wines – 3.8 kilometers away 
  • Chateau Yaldara – 2.4 kilometers away 
Best Staycation Activity Here: Your staycation experience at the Barossa Shiraz Estate is not going to be fulfilling without experiencing their famous massage therapies. You may ask for in-room massages or go directly to their massage centers.

Eos by Skycity

Eos by Skycity
Photo courtesy of TheAustralian
LocationFestival Drive, Station Rd, Adelaide SA 5000
Book HereEosbySkycity

Eos by Skycity is a 5-star hotel situated in the heart of Adelaide, so it’s perfect for those who prefer a metropolitan staycation getaway. 

With top-rated facilities like multiple fitness centers, restaurants, and pools, this one’s a paradise in the city, and we couldn’t afford to miss it.

The room where we stayed is the King Room – Allure, a 40-square-meter room with a flat-screen TV, mini bar, private bathroom, air conditioning, balcony, and coffee machines.

We threw a mini dancing and singing party in this room, and it’s safe to say that we had a great time! 

We didn’t have to worry about noise complaints too, as The King Room – Allure is fully equipped with soundproof walls. This was a very reassuring fact for us because our team’s singing was definitely far from perfect! 

This splendid hotel is also near Adelaide’s most visited attractions. From festival centers to bustling casinos, here are our choices for the sites you should check while staying in Eos by Skycity:

  • Adelaide Festival center – 0.2 kilometers away
  • The Bradman Collection – 0.3 kilometers away
  • Parliament House – 0.2 kilometers away
  • Adelaide Casino – 0.2 kilometers away
  • Adelaide Parklands – 0.1 kilometers away
  • River Torrens Footbridge – 0.2 kilometers away
Best Staycation Activity Here: We strongly suggest going to Eos by Skycity’s Leisure Deck for a night swim in their award-winning heated outdoor pool and relaxing spa pool. 
There is also a cedarwood sauna on the Leisure Deck and a balcony that provides a panoramic view of the River Torrens.

Oval Hotel at the Adelaide Oval

Oval Hotel at the Adelaide Oval
Photo courtesy of OvalHotel
LocationKing William Rd, North Adelaide SA 5006
Book HereEosbySkycity

The Oval Hotel at the sweeping Adelaide Oval provided us with a distinctive lodging experience through its sensational guest rooms.

These rooms offer views of Adelaide’s jam-packed shopping and eating districts, heritage-listed parklands, art galleries, and museums. 

With first-rate services, a tranquil and reinvigorating atmosphere, and aerial spots for picture-taking, this highly-rated boutique hotel provided us with a safe spot to relax. The nearby greenery also made our pictures look more beautiful!

We picked the Parkland King Room. This 26-square-meter Navajo white and pewter gray-colored room had superb amenities such as an open-air balcony, soundproof walls, ensuite bathroom, mini bar, flat-screen TV, and many more!

Our team enjoyed hanging in this electronically-controlled room because of its organic interiors and modern furniture designs. 

These features perfectly complimented the picturesque view of the surrounding gardens which we could see through the Parkland King Room’s windows and balcony!

Also, you also want to visit parklands, cathedrals, or gardens while staying in the Oval Hotel, here are the nearest ones you can head to:

  • Brougham Gardens – 0.6 kilometers away
  • Women’s and Children’s Hospital – kilometers away
  • Adelaide Parklands – 0.1kilometers away
  • St Peter’s Cathedral – 0.4kilometers away
  • Adelaide Oval – 0.5 kilometers away
Best Staycation Activity Here: The Oval Hotel’s bar and restaurant are highly-regarded and always full. The food and drinks in their restaurant and bar taste exquisite, and the fine-dining vibes they give are perfect for intimate moments.

Mount Lofty House

Mount Lofty House
Photo Courtesy of MountLoftyHouse
Location1 Mawson Dr, Crafers SA 5152
Book HereMountLoftyHouse

The Mount Lofty House is a historic manor that provides access to the lovely Piccadilly Valley in the Adelaide Hills wine region. Built in 1852, this 19th-century mansion with copper and peanut brown transported us back in time.

The fascinating thing about this quaint staycation spot for us is that despite its old-fashioned design and vibe, it’s actually well-equipped with modern facilities and amenities. Moreover, this paradise is also just 15 minutes away (by car) from the city. 

During our stay here, we exercised in the manor’s tennis court and croquet grass zone and cooled off in its swimming pool. 

Since we’re nature lovers, we also love the fact that 450 meters from the manor lies an awe-inspiring viewing spot for the Mount Lofty Summit. Our team visited this spot and relished its glorious beauty!

The other tourist spots you can visit nearby include the following:

  • Carrick Hill – 9 kilometers away
  • Ayers House Museum – 12.9 kilometers away
  • Bicentennial Conservatory – 12.9 kilometers away
  • Victoria Square – 12.9 kilometers away
  • Adelaide Botanic Garden – 12.9 kilometers away
  • Adelaide Zoo – 13.9 kilometers away
Best Staycation Activity Here: The award-winning Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant is Mount Lofty House’s in-home eatery, and it offers a degustation menu that changes depending on the season. 
We truly had a blast eating here because of the remarkable food and enchanting view.

Pavilion at Lenswood

Pavilion at Lenswood
Photo courtesy of PavilionatLenswood
Location759 Swamp Rd, Lenswood SA 5240
Book HerePavilionatLenswood

Pavilion at Lenswood is the perfect retreat for travelers who are looking for a more private and intimate staycation experience. 

Complete with beautifully manicured lush gardens and modernized pavilions, this place is best for romantic getaways and for lazing off. Our team visited this place for a breather and we truly got what we came for.

With an emphasis on attention to detail and comfort, each pavilion here is roomy and cozy, both in terms of form and practicality. 

We found the furniture and fittings here to be very easy on the eyes, and the atmosphere made us feel like we weren’t just 30 minutes away from the city center.

The pavilion that we picked was the Ruhe (a German word for “quiet” or “peace”) Pavilion. This relaxing room has a fireplace, king-sized bed, mini bar, flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi, Netflix, and a Japanese cedar hot tub. 

Here are the most famous tourist attractions near this romantic haven:

  • Waterfall Gully Recreation Park – 14.0 kilometers away
  • Rundle Mall – 20.5 kilometers away
  • Mt Lofty Ranges Vineyard – 1.9kilometers away
  • Golding Wines – 3.2 kilometers away
  • Pike & Joyce Wines – 3.3 kilometers away
  • Filsell Hill – 3.6 kilometers away
Best Staycation Activity Here: Drinking high-end cocktails or wine while relishing the relaxation provided by the hot tubs is the best staycation activity here.

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