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The 5 Best Tree Removal Services in Adelaide Homepage

The 5 Best Tree Removal Services in Adelaide

Qualifications. To get the best service, the company must have the necessary licenses, training, and insurance. 
Prices. We prefer companies with transparent cost estimates and affordable rates. What they will charge should also be exactly or close to what they initially quoted. 
Equipment. The company must be able to work fast using the latest equipment. Their workers’ safety should also be guaranteed. 
Convenience. For this, we considered how fast they reply to requests, the informativeness of their representatives, and more.

1. All Out Tree Removal Adelaide

All Out Tree Removal Adelaide Homepage

Services: Tree removal, stump removal, tree pruning, palm tree removal

Website: https://allouttreeremovaladelaide.com.au/

Address: 22 Beare Ave Netley, South Australia 5037, Australia

Contact Details: +61 8 8297 2537

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday: 7 AM-5 PM
  • Tuesday: 7 AM-5 PM
  • Wednesday: 7 AM-5 PM
  • Thursday: 7 AM-5 PM
  • Friday: 7 AM-5 PM
  • Saturday: 7 AM-5 PM
  • Sunday: 7 AM-5 PM
Facebook reviews score4.5/5
Google reviews score5/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency 4.8/5
Years of experience5/5
Range of expertise5/5


  • Many years of experience
  • Has a resident arborist
  • Many methods for ensuring tree safety
  • Professional staff


  • Slow to respond to initial inquiries
  • May take some time to provide quotes

All Out Tree Removal is one of the most qualified companies on this list, as their staff has more than 70 years of combined experience. As a business, they’ve been operating for more than 30 years. 

In addition, they have a resident arborist. With the help of this expert, they go beyond tree cutting and also take into consideration the health and safety of other nearby trees. 

Their range of expertise is adequate for most homes. In particular, many will like their tree pruning service in case you need to upgrade the aesthetic quality of your garden or backyard. 

The company’s approach to the said service ensures your and the tree’s safety, too. While pruning, they will study the branch structure to minimize the chances of its parts falling. 

You can see their expertise through the many methods they have for tree care. These include care after storm damage, dead wood removal, canopy lifting, and more. 

Even better is that many clients also praised their representatives for being courteous and professional, from consultations to execution. 

You won’t have issues with cleanup, either, as they make sure to leave your house clean and orderly after doing the job. 

Finally, their rates are affordable and reasonable for the complexity of the work. Clients are well-guided at every step.

With all of this, the company is one of the best choices for tree removal in Adelaide. If there’s anything to take note of, though, it’s that some first-time users had issues with receiving quotes. 

Due to high demand, they’re sometimes unable to respond quickly. Because of this, be sure to follow up on your requests every time. 

2. CTL Services Tree Removal Adelaide

CTL Services Tree Removal Adelaide Homepage

Services: Tree removal, stump removal, tree pruning, palm tree

Website: https://completetreeservice.com.au/

Address: PO Box 7452, West Lakes, SA 5021

Contact Details: +61 411 550 409

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Google reviews score4.5/5
Total reviews4.8/5
Score consistency 4.8/5
Years of experience5/5
Range of expertise5/5


  • More than 25 years of experience
  • Available 24 hours
  • Responds quickly to calls
  • Approachable team


  • Issues with processing invoices
  • Hard to contact after job is finished

CTL Services has more than 25 years of experience, which is why you’re in good hands. Because of this, their range of service is very complete, from pruning to cleanups. 

Emergency services are their expertise, as we can see with them available for 24 hours. They respond quickly to issues affecting power lines, transplanting, and more. 

One client even said that they were able to arrive at his home within just 10 minutes of calling.

You can see their expertise even in the first consultation. They’re thorough in explaining the core issues of the trees, the service they can do, and the rates for this. 

We like the extra effort the team applies to each job. They make sure to listen to every instruction you have and to take care of spots that are hard to reach. 

It helps that they’re very friendly and approachable too. Their way of establishing rapport with customers is why they have many regulars in Adelaide. 

Their equipment is complete and is highly effective for stump removal. They can do both grinding and complete removal, depending on your budget. 

With all of that said, we aren’t fond of what some clients said about how they transact after the job. Specifically, many said that they were slow to provide tax invoices. 

Clients also had difficulty in reaching out to the company regarding this. Because of this, be sure to request this in advance. 

3. Embark Tree Services

Embark Tree Services Homepage

Services: Tree and stump removal, tree pruning, tree reports and consultations, disease diagnosis, beehive retrieval and relocation

Website: https://embarktreeservices.com.au/

Address: Adelaide, South Australia

Contact Details: +61 413 801 785

Operating Hours:

  • Monday: 9 AM-5 PM
  • Tuesday: 9 AM-5 PM
  • Wednesday: 9 AM-5 PM
  • Thursday: 9 AM-5 PM
  • Friday: 9 AM-5 PM
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed
Facebook reviews score5/5
Google reviews score5/5
Total reviews4.5/5
Score consistency 4.8/5
Years of experience5/5
Range of expertise5/5


  • Highly qualified team
  • Holistic service
  • Professional team
  • Provides beehive retrieval and relocation services


  • Hard to book because of high demand
  • Has minor issues with scheduling

Embark Tree Services has a very experienced owner, Tom Fleming. He has over 40 years in arboriculture and forestry and is qualified under international standards for the field. 

Included in his experience are commercial street trees, domestic trees, and land surveyance for the Royal Palaces. His knowledge of these is applied through the range of services they provide. 

One service of theirs we’d like to note is their disease diagnosis and tree report service. Here, they explain tree diseases and risk factors in simple terms through a free consultation. 

Included in what they explain are the risk rating for public and private property, tree health and physiology, and your adherence to legislative requirements. 

Additionally, they provide beehive retrieval and relocation. They recognize the importance of these for the ecosystem, which is why they ensure its survival and safety when doing so. 

The company is notable for its community efforts, especially during cyclones. They employ strategies that always take wildlife into consideration, which we appreciate. 

Professionalism is guaranteed with them, which their clients can attest to. They make sure that you’re informed about the complete process.

Those interested in the field can also receive professional training from the owner. With an Australian Qualifications Framework Certificate 3, he’s highly qualified for this. 

In short, Embark is a great choice because of its good qualifications and holistic services. However, it’s also why they are very high in demand in Adelaide. 

Because of this, you may have some difficulties booking their service. For this, we advise contacting in advance to be given a consultation immediately.

Some clients experienced having multiple reschedulings with them, which is inconvenient for those on a tight schedule. 

4. Northern Tree Services

Northern Tree Services Homepage

Services: Tree removal, stump removal, tree pruning, palm tree, storm damage, mulch supplies

Website: https://www.northerntreeservices.com.au/

Address: 10 Strangways Rd, Angle Vale SA 5117, Australia

Contact Details: +61 8 8284 8333

Operating Hours: By appointment

Google reviews score4.7/5
Total reviews2/5
Score consistency 4/5
Years of experience5/5
Range of expertise5/5


  • More than 25 years of experience
  • Eco-friendly practices
  • Goes the extra mile for post-service cleanups
  • Over $20 million for liability cover


  • Limited scope of location
  • Received some complaints of damaging client property

Northern Tree Services offers complete tree services, including pruning, trimming, stump removal, and garden maintenance. 

With more than 25 years of experience, they’re familiar with most issues in Adelaide properties. 

Our favorite aspect of the company is its dedication to eco-friendly practices. They recycle small woods, branches, and leaves into mulch to improve soil fertility. 

They make sure to improve the aesthetics of your garden, too. Aside from post-tree removal cleanups, they can clean and trim nearby plants too. 

Additionally, they can arrive at your location on the same day as the booking. Because of this, you won’t have to dedicate a whole day just for the tree removal service. 

You will be more confident with the company, as they have over $20 million for their liability cover.

Finally, their fees are among the most affordable we’ve seen. They make sure to be fully transparent with these too starting on your first consultation. 

They do their job well, but if there’s anything to nitpick, it’s that the scope of the locations they serve is limited. It only includes Gawler, Barossa Valley, and Northern Adelaide.

Another issue is that some clients experienced having some objects in the property damaged when the team visited.

5. Jim’s Trees

Jim's Trees Homepage
Jims Homepage

Services: Commercial tree removal, tree stump poisoning, tree removal, stump removal, stump grinding, tree pruning, tree felling, hedge trimming, palm tree removal and cleaning, mulching

Website: https://jimstrees.com.au/

Address: Level 5, Bank House, 11-19 Bank Place, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 (Serves Adelaide)

Contact Details: +61 131546

Operating Hours:

  • Monday: 7 AM-8 PM
  • Tuesday: 7 AM-8 PM
  • Wednesday: 7 AM-8 PM
  • Thursday: 7 AM-8 PM
  • Friday: 7 AM-4 PM
  • Saturday: 7 AM-7 PM
  • Sunday: 8 AM-4 PM
Facebook reviews score5/5
Google reviews score4.4/5
Total reviews2/5
Score consistency 4.5/5
Years of experience5/5
Range of expertise5/5


  • Part of the Jim’s franchise
  • Open seven days a week
  • Wide range of service
  • Offers wood chipping service


  • Takes some time to schedule appointments
  • Customer service is slow to respond

Jim’s Trees is a part of the large Jim’s franchise in Australia, which is known for offering mowing, plumbing, and other home services.

Because of this, the company is highly organized in the services they provide. From website design and consultation to billing, their process is highly streamlined. 

The company is open seven days a week, so you can expect them to help you during emergencies. 

What we like best is how thorough they are in explaining the different costs of their services. Aside from consultations, you can also find the rates on their informative website. 

They provide a wide range of services, including tree removal, stump poisoning, and palm tree services. They’re also suitable for commercial and council works. 

You can be more at ease with them, as they’re insured for up to $10 million. This is applicable to the property and assets of the client. 

In addition, they provide wood chipping services. This can be used for temperature regulation, fire starters, and more. 

Finally, they’re recommendable because they’re quick to work. This is especially important for commercial service who may need to lessen operating hours for the process.

Overall, the company is a great pick. Just be sure to have patience when contacting them for the first time, though, as some clients experienced being answered only after a couple of days. 

This extends to their phone customer service too. This can be attributable to them being highly in demand. 

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