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Chill Out in Style Things to Do in Adelaide During Winter

Chill Out in Style: Things to Do in Adelaide During Winter

The chills and thrills of Adelaide’s coldest season make our city a certified winter wonderland! Winter in Adelaide has everything from frosty escapades to flaming hot festivals.

If you want to feel the magic of winter, it might be time to plan a trip here. And since we know how trip planning can sometimes be a total buzzkill, we created the coolest guide for you, wintry wanderer!

Top Things to Do in Adelaide During Winter

Head to Adelaide Hills

Location: 13 km east of the CBD

The picturesque landscapes of Adelaide Hills may serve as the perfect winter warmers. 

The verdant vineyards of this spot bask in mellow sunlight during the cold season, giving Adelaide Hills a subtle glow that’s easy on the eyes and a temperature perfect for the skin.

Adelaide Hills is also where you can find Hahndorf, a heritage town providing a European-themed winter escapade with finely-designed German buildings and eclectic shops. 

If you enjoy a moody atmosphere, we suggest strolling here on a relaxed foggy day!

Tip: Take advantage of the region’s beautiful and peaceful walking trails. The crisp winter air and scenic landscapes make it a perfect time for invigorating hikes or strolls, especially around sunrise or sunset. 

Travel to the Fleurieu Peninsula

Location: 84 km south of the CBD

Fleurieu Peninsula offers some of Australia’s finest winter destinations: stunning wineries, tranquil coastlines, and knockout landscapes. The red wine here can elevate your winter escapade, especially if you drink at Wirra Wirra Vineyards or d’Arenberg. 

The drive from the bustling city center to the serene Fleurieu Peninsula is less than an hour, so traveling here won’t drain your energy. The road here may become cold, but there’s a huge chance it won’t be exhausting!

Tip: Fleurieu Peninsula is known for its stunning coastal landscapes and natural beauty. Take advantage of the milder winter weather and explore the picturesque beaches, cliffs, and national parks. 

Visit the South Australian Museum

Website: http://www.samuseum.sa.gov.au/
Address: North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000
Contact details: (08) 8207 7500
Operating hours: Daily – 10 AM to 5 PM
Price: Free Entry

The laidback vibes of winter make it a fantastic season for art appreciation. If you agree with us, we suggest visiting the South Australian Museum in Adelaide—a haven of artworks showcasing SA’s heritage, culture, and biodiversity! 

The museum’s winter collection and events include snowy masterpieces and a winter-themed ball where you can flaunt your creative cold-weather drip! 

Tip: Don’t forget to check the museum’s website or social media accounts for any special winter programs. They typically announce what they’ll be displaying a month before winter starts. Plus, they often offer winter discounts on guided tours!

Go whale-watching at the South Australian Whale Center

Website: https://www.sawhalecentre.com.au/
Address: 2 Railway Terrace, Victor Harbor SA 5211
Contact details: (08) 8551 0750
Operating hours: Daily – 10 AM to 4 PM

  • Child – $4
  • Adult – $5
  • Concession – $4
  • Family (2 Adults + 2 Children) – $15

Whale watching during winter is a jaw-dropping experience. Winter is the peak season for Southern Right and Humpback Whales to migrate along the coast, providing ample chances to witness and take snaps of these beguiling and unbelievably huge creatures! 

Our team’s wildlife enthusiasts had a blast when we visited this spot! 

Beyond breathtaking whale sightings, we also learned a lot about the importance of aquatic animals, from microscopic organisms to the king of sea predators, the great white shark!

Tip: Adelaide’s prime whale-watching spots offer calm waves during winter, but keep in mind that chances of rain are high during this season. 

Check the weather forecast days or weeks before you visit the South Australian Center so that you can schedule a visit on a sunny day! 

Stay in a cozy cabin at Kuitpo Forest

Website: https://cabn.life/cabn/nala/
Address: Brookman Rd, Kuitpo SA 5172
Contact details: (08) 8391 8800

  • Weekdays – $275 per night
  • Weekends – $345 per night
  • Long Weekends – $375 per night

A cold winter night spent at the Nala Cabin of Kuitpo Forest is a magical escape from the cacophony and pollution of the modern world. 

This spot is a team favorite, especially during chillier seasons when the leaves of the forest’s radiata pine trees turn light green.

The other thing we enjoy most about the Nala Cabin is the outdoor fire pit offering cozy warmth and the light crackling sound of flames. 

Pair this with cold ones and succulent barbecue, and you’ll have the recipe for an unforgettable winter escapade.

Tip: The forest wonders surrounding Nala Cabin are hard to resist. We recommend researching which ones suit your preferences and mastery of navigation before you explore them, either by bike or on foot.

Feast at Adelaide’s top restaurants


Website: http://www.africola.com.au/
Address: 4 East Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000
Operating Hours: 

  • Mon to Sat – 6 PM to 11 PM
  • Sun – Closed

Osteria Oggi

Website: https://www.osteriaoggi.com.au/
Address: 76 Pirie St, Adelaide SA 5000
Operating Hours: Daily – 11:30 AM to 11:30 PM

Don’t let your tummy be as cold as winter! We recommend turning your wintry getaway into a gastronomical voyage featuring two of Adelaide’s top-notch eateries—Africola and Osteria Oggi. 

Africola is famous for its electric atmosphere and African-inspired cuisine bursting with extraordinary flavors. The interior here also sparks with shades of sharp red, green, and yellow, giving this eclectic eatery an energetic atmosphere perfect for lazy winter nights!

If you prefer a spot that can transport you to the exquisite wine cellars and romantic candle-lit tables of Old Italy, you should dine at Osteria Oggi. 

This resto’s Beef Carpaccio and Squid Ink Fiori combined with a glass of their fruity wine are simply chef’s kiss!

Tip: Diners flock to these world-class restaurants during the winter. If you prefer dining with fewer people, we suggest going here during off-peak hours, which are typically around 3 to 4 PM. 

Drink at Adelaide’s best pubs

The Crafters Hotel

Website: http://www.crafershotel.com.au/
Address: 8 Main St, Crafers SA 5152
Operating Hours: 

  • Sun and Mon – 10 AM to 8 PM
  • Tue to Sat – 10 AM to 9 PM

Hahndorf Inn

Website: http://www.hahndorfinn.com.au/
Address: 5 Mount Barker Rd, Hahndorf SA 5245
Operating Hours: 

  • Mon to Sat – 10:30 AM to 8:30 Pm
  • Sun – 10:30 Am to 8 PM

Who says Adelaide is dull during winter? Our fireplace-equipped pubs offer happy hour promos and robust drinks that can turn your snuggly wintertime vacation into a funfest!

The Crafters Hotel, for example, is one of our go-to pubs during winter because of its elegant, bygone-era interior and rustic fireplace. The handcrafted wines here are ideal for frigid nights, especially the oaky and spicy variants that leave a warm sensation!

Hahndorf Inn gets the next spot because its premium German beers are winter staples for us. 

The only con here is this pub isn’t in the CBD, but, with Adelaide being a “20-minute city,” the journey is still short, and the inn makes every second of the drive worth it.

Tip: Winter-themed drinks are often served at these pubs during, well…winter. Be bold, and try one. Our top picks have to be spiced rum and mulled wines!

Shop at the Adelaide Central Market

Website: http://www.adelaidecentralmarket.com.au/
Address: 44-60 Gouger St, Adelaide SA 5000
Contact details: (08) 8203 7494

We believe winter shopping at the Adelaide Central Market should be on every shopper’s bucket list! The market’s abundance of fresh and seasonal winter produce is the reason why.

Last winter, we went on a shopping spree here and purchased winter fruits and veggies like navel oranges, cumquats, parsnips, and celery. Our team’s nut aficionados also had a marvelous time with the market’s wide array of nut traders!

Tip: Adelaide Central Market is a big place; shopping here can get tiresome. Our solution? Take a break from time to time with a snack from the market’s numerous food stalls!

Attend the Adelaide Winter Reds

Website: https://www.adelaidehillswine.com.au/events/winter-reds/
Address: Adelaide Hills Wine, 93 Jones Road Balhannah, SA 5242
Contact details: 1300 305 577

Wine and winter go hand-in-hand in Adelaide. The Adelaide Winter Reds is a must-go event for wine enthusiasts because it offers a unique and exciting experience to celebrate and taste the region’s exquisite red wine varietals.

The Winter Reds is also an upbeat hub for foodies and party-goers! 

As you dine on tender gourmet BBQ and flavorful wood-fired pizza, expect spectacles such as fire dances and live music performances. You may also move and groove with locals and tourists!

Tip: Adelaide Winter Reds would never happen without the city’s hardworking and talented winemakers. Take the time to chat with them, ask questions about their wines, and learn about their winemaking processes.

Who knows? You might learn a lot and become Adelaide’s next big-time wine mogul! 

Take a stroll at Glenelg Beach

Website: https://glenelgsa.com.au/
Location: 12.5 km southwest of the CBD

Winter is Glenelg Beach’s off-season. You can enjoy long, silent walks along the pristine shorelines and relax on the sand without the hustle and bustle of crowds.

It’s also an ideal opportunity to indulge in a delicious meal or a hot cup of coffee served by the spot’s chic seaside cafes while enjoying the beachfront views. 

If that’s not a deal-sealer, how about the chance to see Glenelg Beach’s bewitching sunset?

Tip: Riding chilly waves is a must-try when at Glenelg Beach during winter. The offshore winds are perfect during this time, and the waves are not too overpowering or weak.

There is only one concern: will you let the cold stop you from a surfing bonanza?

Go ice skating at the Winter Wonderland in Glenelg

Address: Moseley Sq, Glenelg SA 5045
Operating Hours (based on 2022)

  • Sun to Thu – 10 AM to 8 PM
  • Fri and Sat – 10 AM to 9:30 PM

Prices (based on 2022 prices)

  • Adult – $18
  • Child (2 to 14 yrs old) – $12
  • 2 Adults and 2 Children – $40
  • 3 Adults and 1 Child – $40

If Glenelg’s beach beauty and winter water activities aren’t for you, you can try its famous ice rink, the aptly named Winter Wonderland. 

Here, we felt winter’s jovial energy as we glided across the ice surrounded by twinkling lights and winter-themed decorations! Even the newbie ice skaters in our team had a phenomenal time on this fun-filled ice rink.

Tip: Winter Wonderland can get quite busy, especially during weekends and school holidays. 

To secure your spot on the ice rink, check the session times in advance and consider booking tickets online. This ensures you have a designated time slot and reduces waiting times at the ticket counter!

Visit the Adelaide Zoo

Website: https://www.adelaidezoo.com.au/
Address: Frome Rd, Adelaide SA 5000
Contact Details: (08) 8267 3255
Operating Hours: Daily – 9:30 AM to 5 PM

  • Adult (15 and above) – $42.50
  • Concession (15 and above) – $31
  • Child (4 to 14 yrs old) – $22.50
  • Cub (0 to 3 yrs old) – Free
  • 1 Adult + 3 Children – $107
  • 1 Adult + 4 Children – $107
  • 1 Adult + 5 Children – $115
  • 2 Adults + 1 Child – $107
  • 2 Adults + 3 Children – $107
  • 2 Adults + 3 Children – $107
  • 2 Adults + 4 Children – $115.50
  • 2 Adults + 5 Children – $124

Do you want to see animals in their winter habitats? If your answer is a resounding yes, Adelaide Zoo should be your destination. 

Winter will also let you stroll through the zoo’s lush gardens and pathways without the heat and humidity of hotter seasons, allowing you to fully enjoy the outdoor environment without sweating bullets!

Tip: From themed animal encounters and behind-the-scenes tours to educational talks and interactive exhibits, there’s always something unique and exciting happening at the zoo during this season!

Visit the Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens

Website: https://www.botanicgardens.sa.gov.au/visit/mount-lofty-botanic-garden
Address: 16 Lampert Rd, Crafers SA 5152
Contact Details: (08) 8370 8370
Operating Hours: 

  • Mon to Fri – 8:30 AM to 4 PM
  • Sat to Sun – 8:30 AM to 5 PM

Price: Free

Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens blooms with the ethereal glow of winter. The garden’s refreshing atmosphere, enhanced by the winter mist and the occasional dusting of snow, creates an invigorating and captivating setting you shouldn’t miss.

The bare branches of the trees reveal intricate patterns, and the vibrant colors of winter-flowering plants add a splash of beauty to the landscape. Plus, the absence of large crowds might allow you to find solace in the quietude of the winter season. 

Tip: Pack a picnic basket with your favorite snacks and drinks, find a scenic spot, and savor the garden’s symphony of chirping birds and rustling leaves while indulging in a delicious meal.

Don’t forget to bring a blanket or a foldable chair for added comfort.

Take part in Illuminate Adelaide

Website: https://www.illuminateadelaide.com/
Address: 12 King William Rd, Unley SA 5061
Contact Details: (08) 8271 1488

Illuminate Adelaide is hard to beat—and resist, with its cutting-edge laser shows and awe-inspiring light arts. 

The festival showcases bedazzling light installations, stunning projections, and interactive displays that transform the city into a vibrant visual spectacle!

We always attend this much-anticipated winter celebration because it provides a unique platform to connect with the arts, ignite our imaginations, and be part of a dynamic cultural event spectacularly unveiling the best of Adelaide’s creative spirit!

Tip: While the headline events and installations are undoubtedly captivating, remember to explore the lesser-known or hidden gems of Illuminate Adelaide.

Be sure to venture off the beaten path, discover more miniature artwork, and explore the city’s nooks and crannies where surprises and artistic delights await!

Get some pampering at Endota Spa

Website: https://endotaspa.com.au/find-a-spa/adelaide-central-plaza
Address: Adelaide Central Plaza, Shop 1A, Level 1/100 Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA 5000
Contact Details: (08) 8223 3899
Operating Hours: 

  • Mon to Thu – 10 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Fri – 10 AM to 9 PM
  • Sat – 9 AM to 5 Pm
  • Sun – Closed

Winter may bring cold temperatures, but it can heat your head too, especially since reduced sunlight can result in anxiety and exhaustion

One of our recommended solutions to this is escaping the winter blues by indulging in pure bliss offered by Endota Spa!

Their therapy packages helped us achieve calmer minds, relaxed bodies, and better winters!

Tip: Arrive early at Endota Spa so you may unwind, warm up your muscles, and fully immerse yourself in the zen atmosphere before your scheduled treatment. We also recommend maximizing the spa’s facilities and equipment like the sauna and hot tubs!

Cruise down River Torrens

Website: http://www.thepopeye.com.au/
Address: Elder Park, King William Rd, Adelaide SA 5000
Contact Details: (08) 8232 7994

The crystal-clear waters of River Torrens are one of Adelaide’s wintry crown jewels. As the cold air embraces the city, our beloved river becomes calmer, allowing tourists to experience a slow-paced and easy-going cruise.

Last winter, our teammates glided through the unruffled River Torrens while snuggling up with a hot cup of cocoa. The trip was planned by Popeye River Cruises, and the postcard-worthy sites they led us to were straight out of winter wonderland!

Tip: This river cruise might get bone-chilling, making it an ideal time to showcase your winter fashion prowess while staying warm and toasty! 

Have a historic (and spooky!) time at Adelaide Gaol

Website: http://www.adelaidegaol.sa.gov.au/
Address: 18 Gaol Rd, Adelaide SA 5000
Contact Details: (08) 8231 4062
Operating Hours: Daily, 10 AM to 4 PM

Mysterious places get more intriguing as winter’s spine-crawling coldness envelops the air. This is why Adelaide Gaol, a former prison and present treasure trove of spooky ghost stories and urban legends, is one of our team’s prime winter destinations!

The chilling atmosphere and faint winter sunlight enhance the historical ambiance of Adelaide Gaol, allowing you to immerse yourself in the haunting tales of the past and the one-of-a-kind appeal of old and eerie ruins.

Tip: The morning and afternoon tours here are fantastic, but we recommend exploring the nighttime ghost hunting exploration. It’s not for the faint of heart, though! 

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