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Pocket-Friendly Paradises The Cheapest Suburbs in Adelaide

Pocket-Friendly Paradises: The Cheapest Suburbs in Adelaide

Looking for an affordable and high-quality place to live in Adelaide? We’ve scoped out the coolest and most economical suburbs in town, from the CBD’s Davoren Park to North Adelaide’s Elizabeth Vale!

These neighborhoods are about more bang for your buck, offering a sweet spot to call home without draining your bank account. If you’re ready to save some coin while living your best life, this article has all the deets! 

All the information in this article, like prices and crime rates, is gathered from Your Investment Property Magazine, Property Value, My Adelaide Life, and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Davoren Park

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Weekly Median Rent: House – $370

Travel Time and Distance From the CBD: 42 minutes (40.3 kilometers)

Population Based on the 2021 Census: 6619

Quarterly Growth: 1.54%

Annual Growth: 12.89%

Crime Rate: 110.8 offenses per 1,000 people

Davoren Park, nestled at the northern edge of the CBD, exudes an understated charm. Despite its relatively small size of 3.2 square kilometers, this suburb packs a punch with its median house price of $330,000.

Amenities in this suburb are the communal rail services and the nearby Munno Para Village shopping center. Davoren Park also has educational institutions like the Swallowcliffe Primary School.

In addition, you can enjoy family-friendly reserves like the Kalara, Aurora, and Anne Wright JP Reserves—all perfect for blowing cobwebs amid greenery or below lush trees.

Elizabeth Vale

Elizabeth Vale

Weekly Median Rent: House – $405

Travel Time and Distance From the CBD: 36 minutes (28.1 kilometers)

Population Based on the 2021 Census: 4,331

Quarterly Growth:

  • House – 0.62%
  • Apartment Unit – 4.37%

Annual Growth:

  • House – 11.64%
  • Apartment Unit – 9.20%

Crime Rate: 102.6 offenses per 1,000 people

Elizabeth Vale is a northern suburb bordered by the northern bank of the Little Para River. This neighborhood packs some essential facilities, including the Lyell McEwin Hospital, a reputable public teaching hospital, and the private Central Districts Hospital. 

The neighborhood houses the esteemed Elizabeth Vale Primary School, nurturing the local kids in a supportive educational environment.

You can also expect a slice of tranquility with its cozy 2.5 square kilometers. It’s certainly not the largest suburb in Adelaide, but its current median prices of $407,500 (house) and $208,750 (apartment unit) are still worth every buck.

Shopping for daily necessities won’t be an issue here, too, as the suburb boasts the Elizabeth Vale Shopping Center. And when it’s downtime, you can frequent the inviting Boundary Park, one of the area’s 11 clean and green parks.

Evanston Gardens

Evanston Gardens

Weekly Median Rent: House – $450

Population Based on the 2021 Census: 2,347

Quarterly Growth:

  • House – 1.76%
  • Apartment Unit – 1.58%

Annual Growth: House – 6.58%

Travel Time and Distance From the CBD: 40 minutes (57.2 kilometers)

Crime Rate: 51.6 offenses per 1,000 people

Evanston Gardens offers a taste of easy living, with its location along Angle Road and Sturt Highway making traveling a breeze. The Gawler railway line also passes through, with the Tambelin station serving the area.

Education-wise, this suburb houses highly rated schools such as the Evanston Gardens Primary School and Trinity College.

Most importantly, Evanston Gardens is an accessible community. With a median house price of $432,500 and apartment units priced at $386,000, it’s a relatively affordable choice.

Families will also appreciate its relaxation and leisure spots, like the Karbeethon Reserve on Angle Vale Road and the suburb’s other parks, notably the ones along Hindmarsh Boulevard.


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Weekly Median Rent: House – $480

Travel Time From the CBD: 37 minutes (31.9 kilometers)

Population Based on the 2021 Census: 4,491

Quarterly Growth: 

  • House – 3.26%
  • Apartment Unit – 0%

Annual Growth:

  • House – 10.68%
  • Apartment Unit – 1.76%

Crime Rate: 44.6 offenses per 1,000 people

Hackham is in the CBD’s hilly outskirts and has a vibe that’s as mellow as a Sunday afternoon. Don’t expect wild nightlife or bustling streets here; it’s a chill spot favored by seasoned folks aged 60-69.

Its current median house price is hitting $475,000, while apartment units are at $150,000. Amenities like the Huntfield Heights Primary School, Hackham West R-7 School, and the Home Child Care on Alexander Street justify the price.

The neighborhood also offers access to chill spots such as Holly Reserve and Forsyth Reserve. Additionally, cycling, jogging, and strolling enthusiasts can take pleasure in the Coast to Vines rail trail, conveniently passing through Hackham.

Morphett Vale

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Weekly Median Rent:

  • House – $480
  • Apartment Unit – $370

Travel Time From the CBD: 31 minutes (25.5 kilometers)

Population Based on the 2021 Census: 24,310

Quarterly Growth:

  • House – 0%
  • Apartment Unit – 2.67%

Annual Growth: 

  • House – 10.90%
  • Apartment Unit – 9.19%

Crime Rate: 61.1 offenses per 1,000 people

Morphett Vale is a southern suburb with a median price tag of $520,000 for houses and $385,000 for apartment units, making it a place where affordability meets quality.

Education is in no shortage here, with a variety of schools like Antonio Catholic School, Calvary Lutheran School, Coorara Primary School, Flaxmill Primary School, Morphett Vale Primary School, and even more.

Morphett Vale also stands out thanks to its sporting clubs and grounds. From the Morphett Vale Memorial Bowls Club to the Football, Tennis, and Netball clubs, sports enthusiasts will have a fun time living here.

The residents are a diverse mix, ranging from senior citizens to young families, creating a vibrant community. Plus, it’s only a 10-minute drive from the beach and flexes 12.8 square kilometers of land size with a total of 48 parks!



Weekly Median Rent:

  • House – $478
  • Apartment Unit – $400

Travel Time and Distance From the CBD: 28 minutes (24.4 kilometers)

Population Based on the 2021 Census: 10,286

Quarterly Growth:

  • House – 2.46%
  • Apartment Unit – 0.72% (negative)

Annual Growth:

  • House – 9.89%
  • Apartment Unit – 10.18%

Crime Rate: 43.8 offenses per 1,000 people

Reynella is a snug suburban patch spanning about 4.2 square kilometers. The households here are mainly made up of couples and kids, probably due to the area’s closeness to primary schools, like the Reynella South School.

The median prices are sizzling at $532,770 for houses and $345,000 for apartment units. In terms of transportation, the Adelaide Metro network has your back here, making sure you can head to the CBD with ease.

When you’re in the mood for some retail therapy, there’s a cute shopping spot in Southgate Plaza nearby. But if you’re craving some major shopping spree action, Westfield Marion and Centro Colonnades are the big players in town.

Hiking lovers can always explore the Field River Land Public Trail. And for those lazy Sunday afternoons, there’s no shortage of reserves to kick back in—Robertson Street Reserve, Ross Court Reserve, George Street Reserve Playground, and more.



Weekly Median Rent:

  • House – $480
  • Apartment Unit – $355

Travel Time and Distance From the CBD: 20 minutes (15.7 kilometers)

Population Based on the 2021 Census: 3,263

Quarterly Growth:

  • House – 0.38%
  • Apartment Unit – 3.77%

Annual Growth:

  • House – 6.48%
  • Apartment Unit – 1.92%

Crime Rate: 84.2 offenses per 1,000 people

Rosewater is a simple western suburb northwest of the CBD that offers affordable living with houses averaging $527,000 and apartment units at $275,000. Young couples primarily shape the community here.

It’s mostly residential, but this neighborhood also flexes a lively shopping strip along Grand Junction Road.

What’s special about Rosewater is its proximity to the beach and the bustling Port Adelaide. Furthermore, there are plenty of points of interest scattered throughout the suburb, from the Rosewater Social Sports Club to the Duffield Playground.

Aldinga Beach

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Weekly Median Rent:

  • House – $505
  • Apartment Unit – $475

Travel Time and Distance From the CBD: 47 minutes (47 kilometers)

Population Based on the 2021 Census: 10,667

Quarterly Growth:

  • House – 3.39%
  • Apartment Unit – 5.36% (Negative)

Annual Growth:

  • House – 12%
  • Apartment Unit – 8.32%

Crime Rate: 199 offenses per 1000 people

Aldinga Beach is a stunning and laid-back suburb on the southern outskirts of Adelaide. Houses here go for an average of $610,000 while apartment units clock in at $495,000—cheaper than the tags of other big-name beach ‘burbs.

The area is a hub for surfing, swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling buffs, especially during the summer. Its shopping culture is also buzzing, with retail hotspots like Coles, Foodland, and the Aldinga Central Shopping Center.

You’ll also find attractions like the Aldinga Conservation Park and the Hart Road Wetland here—perfect for nature lovers or anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle.

Elizabeth Downs

Elizabeth Downs

Weekly Median Rent: House – $380

Travel Time and Distance From the CBD: 35 minutes (28.9 kilometers)

Population Based on the 2021 Census: 5,160

Quarterly Growth: House – 5.74%

Annual Growth: 13%

Crime Rate: 106.1 offenses per 1000 people

Elizabeth Down is a northern suburb that packs a median house price of $350,000. It’s known for the Argana Park, which hosts football, rugby league, cricket, and netball clubs.

It doesn’t have flashy attractions, but it has its pockets of charm. The Smith Creek Walking Trail and the Burdell Reserve stand out among the local spots, offering serene spots for those seeking a relaxed stroll or picnic.

For parents looking for a primary school for their kiddos, the two main ones in Elizabeth Downs are the Elizabeth Down Primary School and South Downs Primary School.

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