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How much does it cost to live in Adelaide

How much does it cost to live in Adelaide?

Looking for an affordable choice within sunny Australia? Adelaide is an excellent choice for you because our city has one of the lowest living costs in the country! 

We’re especially proud of how we have budget-friendly rates without sacrificing safety, healthcare, and liveability. If this sounds like a dream city for you, find out more about Adelaide’s cost of living below. 

Is Adelaide affordable?

Is Adelaide affordable

Adelaide is, no question, one of the most affordable capital cities in Australia. Numbers from StudyAdelaide, LivingCost, and Numbeo all agree!

City Cost of living indexRank in terms of affordability
Gold Coast 70.46

*Based on numbers from Numbeo

*Higher score means more affordable everyday expenses

The fair cost of living contributes to our city’s high livability index. Did you know that it was once called the most liveable city in Australia?

According to LivingCost, most of Adeladieans’ expenses go towards rent and utilities, followed by food, and transport. 

Average Cost of Living in Adelaide

Average Cost of Living in Adelaide

The average cost of living in Adelaide is $1,915 for one person and $4,598 for a family of four, according to LivingCost

According to Numbeo, our city ranks 39th worldwide in a list of countries with the highest costs of living. While this may seem daunting, you shouldn’t worry too much, as the city has plenty to offer for its moderately high cost of living. 

In fact, the city has been branded as one of the best places to live in the world because of its excellent healthcare, culture, education, and infrastructure. 

Cost of Accommodation for International Students in Adelaide

Cost of Accommodation for International Students in Adelaide

As the city is where the top choices University of Adelaide and University of South Australia can be found, it’s a popular choice among international students. We’re very welcoming of students from various countries and cultures. 

As you’ll see in the table below, Adelaide’s not so bad for the average international student! Your best bet if you’re on a tight budget is to get a shared rental, many of which are close to the University of South Australia and The University of Adelaide.

AccommodationAverage monthly rate
On campus dormitories$1,040
Boarding schools$1,250 (annually, about $15,000)
Shared rentals$792
Single rentals$1,800

*Numbers from StudyAdelaide

We suggest allocating around $450 per week for students, considering rent and expenses for entertainment, food, and more.  

Keep in mind that for rentals, proximity to the CBD can make rates more expensive. The good news is as long as your accommodation is within 30 minutes of your university, our fast and dependable public transportation has got you covered. 

Cost of Education in Adelaide

Cost of Education in Adelaide

One of the best parts of moving to Adelaide is that you get to experience our prestigious universities and high schools. To help you assess your budget once you move here, check out the average prices for studying below. 

Education feesPrice
Student visa$575
International student medical examination$30-$50
Second school tuition$7,800-$30,000 annually
Vocational education tuition$4,000-$22,000 annually
Bachelor’s degree$15,000-$33,000 annually
Master’s degree$14,000-$37,000 annually
Doctoral degree$14,000-$37,000 annually

*Based on numbers from StudyAdelaide

Most students apply for financial aid available through StudyAdelaide for those who meet the criteria. We’re proud to say that over 30% of students at The University of Adelaide are international students!

If you’re planning to study in Adelaide, we made a list of the best colleges and high schools here for your guidance.

Cost of Eating Out in Adelaide

Cost of Eating Out in Adelaide

The cost of eating out in Adelaide is average compared to other capital cities of Australia. 

Notably, the most expensive item here is our domestic beer, which we’re sure you’ll find reasonable given that our city features some of the best breweries and wineries in the world.

RestaurantsAverage rates
Meal from inexpensive restaurant$25
Meal for 2 people from mid-range restaurant$185
McDonalds meal$14
Domestic beer$11
Imported beer$11.50

*Based on numbers from Numbeo

Aside from that, most of our products rank moderate, if not low, compared to other capital cities of Australia. After all, eating out is an integral part of every Adelaidean’s week! 

Grocery Rates in Adelaide

Grocery Rates in Adelaide

Groceries in Adelaide are priced just right, and the most expensive product here is a bottle of wine. We’re proud of our wines, as they’re known worldwide, especially our chardonnays and pinot noir.

1 liter of milk$2.30
Loaf of bread$3.71
1 kg of rice$3.90
12 eggs$6.15
1 kg of cheese$20.39
1 kg of chicken filets$12.93
1 kg of beef rounds$28.00
1 kg of apples$4.72
1 kg of bananas$4.45
1 kg of oranges$5.79
1 kg of tomatoes$7.26
1 kg of potatoes $4.51
1 kg of onions$3.46
1 head of lettuce$4.19
Water bottle$2.92 
Bottle of wine$20.00

*Based on numbers from Numbeo

To get the freshest produce, get your groceries from the Adelaide Central Market. We regularly get our products from its convenient online delivery service

Rent and Utility Rates in Adelaide

Rent and Utility Rates in Adelaide

The average Adelaidean pays $2,648.41 monthly for rent, assuming they’re in a 1-bedroom apartment near the CBD. Since the monthly average salary in the city is close to $5,000 monthly, there’s plenty of money left for other things.

UtilitiesMonthly rates
Basic utilities (electricity, garbage, water, etc.) for small apartment$439.03
Prepaid mobile payment$0.56
Internet (unlimited data, 60 mbps or more)$87.64

*Based on numbers from Numbeo

RentMonthly rates
1-bedroom apartment in CBD$2,121.18
1-bedroom apartment outside of CBD$1,551.14
3-bedroom apartment in CBD$3,974.79
3-bedroom apartment outside of CBD$2,526.95

*Based on numbers from Numbeo

It’s important to know that Adelaide has been once been dubbed as a 20-minute city, meaning transportation here is fast. If you can allot about 40 minutes every day to go to work, you’ll probably save more by renting or buying outside of the CBD. 

Transportation Rates in Adelaide

The transportation fees in Adelaide are on the average side. Adelaide Metro singly manages all of these, and their prices are affordable!

From trams, buses, and railways, the Adelaide Metro is our transportation company. You can also view the rates for their cards and fares below.

One-way ticket$4.50
Monthly pass$109
Taxi starting fee$5
Gasoline (1 liter)$2

*Based on numbers from Numbeo

Adelaide MetroCosts
Regular metroCARD$5
Student metroCARD$3.50
Concession metroCARD$3.50

The metroCARD is topped up in blocks of $5, which you can do online, through the InfoCentre in the railway stations, or through the vending machines found all over Adelaide. 

Also, the seniors of the city are given a free pass to all of the transportation means every day since July 2022. 

Real Estate Prices in Adelaide

Real Estate Prices in Adelaide

The average price for houses in Adelaide is $756,000, while for apartments, it is $455,000. Check out the table below to be guided further.

Type of propertyPrice
2-bedroom house purchase$765,000
3-bedroom house purchase$855,000
2-bedroom house rent$500 per week
3-bedroom house rent$597 per week
1-bedroom apartment purchase$375,000
2-bedroom apartment purchase$504,500
1-bedroom apartment rent$425 per week
2-bedroom apartment rent$520 per week

*Numbers from RealEstate

According to PropertyUpdate, Adelaide is the 4th most expensive capital city in Australia in terms of the average price for properties. This isn’t too bad considering the good location of the city and its low crime rates. 

If the numbers sound right to you, consult with a real estate agent to find the perfect home for you.

Cost of Healthcare in Adelaide

Cost of Healthcare in Adelaide

Healthcare costs in Adelaide are usually covered by Medicare Rebate. The following are the fees for the out-of-pocket payments that patients usually cover:

Health serviceOut of pocket payment
Brief consultation$30-$50
Comprehensive consultation$90-$120
Skin biopsy$45-$54
Pregnancy management $85-$90
Standard wound care$10-$20

For specific procedure costs, use the calculator provided by the local government here.

Cost of Entertainment in Adelaide

Of course, we can’t finish the list without knowing how much you’ll be spending on your leisure. Adelaide is a city filled with theme parks, gardens, and pubs for you to enjoy, after all!

The following are the costs for some common leisure activities in Adelaide. 

Form of leisureCost
Fitness club monthly fee$88.75
Tennis court rental$30.06
Cinema $23

*According to numbers by Numbeo

Of course, not everything fun in Adelaide needs payment. The city has countless gardens, parks, and museums free of charge, such as

  • South Australian Museum
  • Art Gallery of South Australia 
  • Adelaide Botanic Garden
  • Himeji Garden

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