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Picturesque Passages Pretty Streets in Adelaide

Picturesque Passages: Pretty Streets in Adelaide

Some of Adelaide’s streets are a sight for sore eyes, from bustling urban landscapes in North Terrace to Glenelg’s coastal charm! We listed the best ones, and now it’s your turn to hit the streets and experience the beauty of Adeladie’s streets yourself.

North Terrace 


North Terrace in Adelaide is a pretty street offering cultural insights through its diverse attractions. 

With the Adelaide Casino (formally named SkyCity Adelaide), the War Memorial, and an impressive art gallery like the South Australian Museum, visitors can witness Adelaide’s identity and heritage on this street.

Modern hotels also add a dash of luxury to the street, with the highly-rated InterContinental Adelaide and Stamford Plaza Adelaide as examples. 

In addition, Adelaide Botanic Garden and northern Adelaide Parklands provide a lush contrast to the surrounding urban landscapes.


  • Don’t miss the street’s colonial dwellings, especially the restored Ayers House, a manor teeming with Victorian opulence and modern flash.  
  • Chic cafes beautify North Terrace too. Some of our favorites are The Espresso Room and Nuttea North Terrace.

Frome Rd


Frome Rd in Adelaide boasts a timeless allure, thanks to its history of being adorned with plane trees over a century ago. 

The majestic trees form a green canopy, making the road a beloved destination for cyclists and runners seeking shade and natural beauty. 

Autumn, in particular, holds a charm for Frome Rd, as the plane trees showcase a mesmerizing display of warm hues, turning the entire stretch into a picturesque avenue of reds, oranges, and yellows. 

Tip: Adding to the historical significance of the street, the Albert Bridge, constructed back in 1879, stands as a testament to the city’s engineering heritage. Don’t forget to check this out! 

Barossa Valley Way


The perfectly-manicured pine trees before Tanunda is Barossa Valley Way’s highlight, but the sweeping plains and dramatic hills come in close.

As you venture further along the road, the landscape transforms into a patchwork of vineyards, with Penfolds and Langmeil as some of the most notable ones. 

The cool countryside air adds to the street’s beauty, making Barossa Valley Way ideal for cycling or running, especially if you visit in spring.


  • Barossa Valley Way is prettier on Saturdays when bustling stalls of the Barossa Farmers Market adorn the street. Swing by this event and sample the top-notch delicacies the street offers.
  • In addition, this street brims with art, from Menglers Hill Lookout and Barossa Sculpture Park’s sculptures to Barossa Regional Gallery’s artwork. Don’t forget to see these attractions.

Seppeltsfield Rd


Seppeltsfield Road enticed our team with its west entrance, fittingly named Avenue of Palms. On this section of the rural road, over 2,000 palms cast a magnificent canopy perfect for selfie backdrops and picnics.

History comes to life along this road through several well-preserved historic buildings, including the iconic Seppeltsfield Winery and Hentley Farm. 

Our favorite is the Seppeltsfield Mausoleum, a stone structure with views of Seppeletsfied’s plains and hills.

You might also spot hot air balloons gracefully floating over the horizon in the late afternoon or early morning. We witnessed some near Stonewall Cottages and Winery, a must-see vineyard and accommodation oozing with rustic charm and modern elegance. 


  • Plan your visit during spring or autumn for the most enjoyable experience. Additionally, these mild seasons make Seppeltsfield Rd prettier.
  • If you’re into wine-tasting detours, consider booking cellar-door tastings in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Glenelg Jetty Rd


Glenelg’s Jetty Rd is a treat to the eyes, with a serene coastal charm that never fails to captivate locals and tourists. Beyond the beachside ambiance, buzzing cafes and boutiques line this street, adding color and hip vibes to this renowned vacation spot.

Jetty Rd is also home to the iconic Glenelg Jetty, which extends gracefully into the glistening waters of the ocean. This picturesque landmark provides a perfect setting for strolls, fishing, or breathtaking sunsets.


In addition to the beachside attractions, Jetty Rd’s Mosely Square often hosts live musicians, food fairs, and party events, making the street a top-tier site for party-goers and travelers who enjoy socializing.

Tip: The Beachhouse is a fantastic amusement park found on Jetty Rd. Don’t miss this spot if you’re into giant water slides or epic arcade games!

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