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Home Sweet Adelaide Raising a Family in Adelaide

Home Sweet Adelaide: Raising a Family in Adelaide

Adelaide shines as a beacon of comfort and community, with excellent educational institutions and secure residential enclaves. 

In this article, our team delves into the questions surrounding raising a family in Adelaide. Learn why you should build a home in our city!

Is Adelaide a good place to live for families?

Is Adelaide a good place to live for families

Adelaide is a good place to raise a family because it offers a high quality of life, excellent healthcare, top-notch education options, and a family-friendly environment with numerous parks, recreational facilities, and cultural attractions.

A 2020 survey also identified Adelaide CBD and Adelaide Hills as Australia’s most livable metropolitan regions. Ipsos’ Liveability Index was the basis for the two locations’ 71.5 rankings.

In the survey, only Adelaide, among all metropolitan areas, received an above-average rating across all 16 metrics.

Are there good schools in Adelaide?

Adelaide has good schools, like St Peter’s College, Pembroke School, and Scotch College, to name a few. 

These schools offer effective academic curricula, extracurricular activities, and excellent facilities. 

The city’s top primary schools based on a 2022 ranking are St Andrew’s School, Dara School, and Linden Park Primary School. These three schools garnered a 100-state overall score. 

Additionally, there are reputable public schools such as Glenunga International High School, known for its International Baccalaureate program, and Adelaide High School, which offers advanced academic pathways. 

Is Adelaide safe for raising kids?

Adelaide is a safe city for raising kids. It has one of the lowest crime rates in the country; in 2022, it had a crime rate of 27.24 per 100 individuals

The city also has a 32.97 crime index, which is lower than Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Melbourne. (Survey answers from Numbeo’s visitors are the source of this data.)

Moreover, a public CCTV system (City Safe CCTV Network) also operates in the city, focusing primarily on highly populated areas within the CBD and North Adelaide. 

The South Australia Police (SAPOL) monitors this security network 24/7. In 2022, the city equipped the CCTVs with facial recognition technology, allowing law enforcers to identify and trace violators easily.

What family activities are available in Adelaide?

Adelaide offers several fun and family-friendly activities, such as tree climbing at TreeClimb Adelaide, arcade gaming at Glenelg’s The Beachouse, and water play at Waterworld Aquatic Center.

Other affordable and exciting options include visiting the Adelaide Zoo, exploring the Adelaide Botanic Garden, and enjoying the South Australian Museum’s exhibits.

Families in Adelaide also love spending time at Glenelg Beach, scaling the high rope course in Mega Adventure Aerial Park, and interacting with native animals at Cleland Wildlife Park.

How is the healthcare system in Adelaide?

The healthcare system in Adelaide is comprehensive and accommodating, with South Australians having access to a combination of public and private health services to meet their medical needs.

Furthermore, the public Medicare system also extends free care to all permanent Australian residents when they opt for public hospital treatment. 

Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) are also spread across the city, ready to be used during cardiac emergencies.

Adelaide also hosts world-renowned medical research and treatment hubs, including the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI). SAHMRI is an independent institute with over 700 brilliant medical researchers.

Additionally, families can receive cost-free or reduced-rate medical services from doctors, specialists, optometrists, and dentists for specific treatments.

Private healthcare choices are also easily obtainable for employees. Most South Australian salary packages come with this benefit. 

Here are some of the top family-friendly hospitals in Adelaide.

  • Women’s and Children’s Hospital: Specializes in healthcare for women, infants, and children.
  • Flinders Medical Centre: Offers a wide range of medical services and is known for its comprehensive care
  • Royal Adelaide Hospital: Leading teaching hospital known for its specialized care and advanced medical technologies

What is the cost of living for families in Adelaide?

What is the cost of living for families in Adelaide

The cost for a family of four in Adelaide is approximately $6,871.6 per month, excluding rent. (Survey answers from Numbeo’s visitors are the source of this data.)

The price of rent will depend on the home or apartment where you and your family stay. 

Premium accommodations typically average $2,200 per month, standard ones cost $1,300 per month, and the cheapest homes are around $700 per month. 

A thrifty family of three should expect an average living cost of around $3,500 to $4,000 per month, including standard rental prices. 


Here’s an estimated expense breakdown for a family of three. With a larger household, especially if there are students, anticipate the amount to double or triple.

Cost of Living for a Family of Three in Adelaide (Monthly)PremiumStandardMost Affordable
Phone $80$70$60
Internet$80$60 to $76$45
School Expenses (Ages 1 to 10)$1,600 to $17,000$1,200 to $13,000$300 to $6,000

How does Adelaide compare to other Australian cities for families?

How does Adelaide compare to other Australian cities for families

Compared to other Australian cities, Adelaide is notably more affordable for families

To put it in perspective, living expenses in Sydney are 49% higher than in Adelaide, Canberra 31% higher, Brisbane 19% higher, Melbourne 9% higher, and Perth 2% higher.

Housing costs make Adelaide the most economical major city in Australia, with an overall expense that’s 61.19% less than in Sydney. Rent, in particular, is around $1,338 cheaper per month on average. 

However, Adelaide is more expensive compared to other cities in terms of monthly utilities and Internet costs. 

expenses (2)

Adelaide’s average monthly utility cost is around $339, which is more expensive than in Sydney (cost difference of $113), Melbourne (cost difference of $90), Brisbane (cost difference of $20), and Canberra (cost difference of $16). 

A decent Internet connection in Adelaide is around $76, $2 to $3 more than in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.

What are the most family-friendly suburbs in Adelaide?

Listed below are some of the best suburbs in Adelaide to raise a family and their median house prices.

  • Unley ($1,500,000): Unley’s pleasant tree-lined streets, parks, such as Heywood Park, and local cafes, make it an inviting and unpolluted space for families.
  • Seacliff Park ($790,000): Seacliff Park’s proximity to the coast and its attractions like Seacliff Beach attract families. The area is generally peaceful and not too populated as well.
  • Semaphore ($960,000): Semaphore is a vibrant foreshore precinct, offering families a beachside playground, grassy areas for picnics, and the iconic Semaphore Jetty.
  • Sheidow Park ($700,000): With its family-oriented appeal and attractions like green parks and recreational spaces, Sheidow Park is an excellent choice for families. 

This laidback suburb is also only 30 minutes from the CBD and is near resorts and Hallet Cove Recreational Park.

  • West Croydon ($932,500): West Croydon is famous for its amiable community. The heritage houses and convenient village strip also add to its charm. 
  • Evandale ($1,242,500): Evandale is perfect for families that love nature and heritage homes. The streets here are leafy, and bustling cafes and boutiques on Magill Road are nearby.
  • Colonel Light Gardens ($1,195,000): Colonel Light Gardens is home to exceptional local schools, colorful playgrounds, and fantastic restaurants. 

Additionally, it’s near the city and sea, offering modern conveniences and nature’s splendor at the same time.

What areas in Adelaide are not good for families?

What areas in Adelaide are not good for families

Areas in Adelaide that might not be suitable for families due to higher crime rates include 

  • Elizabeth, with a crime rate of 0.82 incidents per person, 
  • Bolivar, with a rate of 0.95 incidents per person, 
  • and Port Adelaide, with a rate of 0.41 incidents per person. 

SA Police reports spanning from 2019 to 2022 serve as the foundation for this data. compiled this information.

Are there family-friendly job opportunities and flexible work arrangements in Adelaide?

Adelaide offers family-friendly job opportunities and flexible work arrangements through various industries like healthcare, education, and technology. 

Companies such as SAHMRI and BAE Systems provide such options. Additionally, the city government promotes work-life balance, allowing parents to balance work and family responsibilities effectively.

What are the other advantages of raising a family in Adelaide?

Adelaide stands out as an advantageous city for families due to its combination of “large city” convenience, recreational spaces, and diversity while providing ease of exploration. 

Commuters can visit major attractions like Adelaide Central Market, Adelaide Botanic Gardens, Glenelg Beach, and Mt Lofty Ranges within a day. 

The average travel time is around 39 mins from one destination to the other The wait time is nearly 10 mins. 

Moreover, Adelaide’s vibrant food scene, diverse festivals, and stunning beaches, like Henley and Brighton Beach, provide enriching experiences that make it an ideal place for family living.


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