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CBD Cabbies: FAQs about Taxis in Adelaide

Traveling via taxi in Adelaide can be complicated and confusing, especially for tourists and newbie commuters. If you lack transit wisdom, you could get lost or end up insanely overcharged!

But we got you! From fare hacks to the best locations to hail a taxi, we’ll share all things taxi-related in Adelaide.

What are the main taxi companies in Adelaide?

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What are the main taxi companies in Adelaide

The primary three taxi companies servicing Adelaide and its suburban areas are Independent Taxis, Suburban Taxis, and Yellow Cabs.

Independent Taxis offer personalized services, Suburban Taxis cover a wide range of suburban locations, while Yellow Cabs provides a recognizable brand for taxi services in the region.

What’s the cost of a taxi in Adelaide?

What’s the cost of a taxi in Adelaide

In Adelaide, the basic cost for a taxi ride during the day is $3.70, with a kilometer price of $1.87 and a waiting time charge of $39.30 per hour.

During the night and early morning from 7 pm until 6 am, the base fee increases to $4.90, the kilometer price rises to $2.16, while the waiting time charge remains at $39.30 per hour.

These taxi tariffs are regulated for all taxis and companies in Adelaide’s compulsory driving area. They are enforced by calibrated taximeters in taxis, ensuring adherence to set rates without any driver or company exceeding or undercutting them.

What is the cost of a taxi ride from Adelaide Airport to the city?

What is the cost of a taxi ride from Adelaide Airport to the city

A taxi ride from Adelaide Airport to the city center costs about $25, with taxis waiting outside the terminal to the left. Peak traffic hours can make the trip longer, but usually, you’ll reach the CBD in under 15 minutes.

Where can you get a taxi in Adelaide?

Where can you get a taxi in Adelaide

You can get a taxi in Adelaide by hailing one directly from the street or pre-booking a ride by contacting your preferred taxi company via phone, their website, or a smartphone app.

Alternatively, taxi ranks and stands throughout the city serve as designated spots where taxis wait for passengers, providing another convenient option to catch a cab in Adelaide. You can find taxi ranks and stands in the areas below.

  • Rundle Mall, 42/91 Pulteney St, Adelaide, SA 5000
  • 51 Morphett St, Adelaide, SA 5000
  • 28/30 King William St, Adelaide, SA 5000
  • 91 Pulteney St, Adelaide, SA 5000
  • 156 North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000
  • Roma Mitchell House, 136 North Terrace, Adelaide, SA 5000
What to do if you have a taxi-related complaint in Adelaide

To provide taxi-related feedback or complaints in Adelaide, contact the taxi customer feedback line at 1300 311 108.

For an effective resolution of feedback or complaints regarding taxi services, it’s crucial to furnish specific details such as the date and time of the journey, the taxi company’s name, and either the taxi’s number plate or the driver’s identification number.

If dissatisfied with the response or the complaint involves serious customer service or safety concerns, you can escalate the complaint by emailing [email protected].

Are there wheelchair-accessible taxis in Adelaide?

Are there wheelchair-accessible taxis in Adelaide

Yes, over 100 wheelchair-accessible taxi cabs operate across Adelaide, coordinated and dispatched through Adelaide Access Taxis.

These specialized cabs are equipped with hydraulic lifts and staffed by trained drivers, ensuring safe and secure transportation for individuals with disabilities. For bookings in Metro Adelaide, the dedicated contact number is 1300 360 940.

Available 24/7, these taxis can also be conveniently booked by phone or online via the Access Taxis’ website, providing a reliable option for those requiring accessible transportation services in the entire region.

How do I pay taxi drivers in Adelaide?

How do I pay taxi drivers in Adelaide

To pay taxi drivers in Adelaide, you can use cash, debit, or credit cards. However, it’s important to note that paying by card might incur a surcharge.

Some taxi services also accept Apple Pay or Google Pay. To avoid any unexpected fees, it’s advisable to confirm payment methods, including surcharges, with the driver before commencing your journey.

Do you need to give tips to taxi drivers in Adelaide?

Do you need to give tips to taxi drivers in Adelaide

In Adelaide, tipping taxi drivers is not needed or expected. However, the general practice is that while tips are not required, they are appreciated.

It’s considered a courtesy, though, to allow the driver to keep the change or offer a tip of around 10% if you’ve had an exceptional experience with a driver.

Ultimately, tipping is at the discretion of the passenger, and there’s no set rule regarding gratuities for taxi services in Adelaide.

Are there ride-share services in Adelaide?

Are there ride-share services in Adelaide

Adelaide offers various ride-share services for transportation, with options including well-known services like Uber and Ola.

Additionally, there are specialized services such as Shebah, designed and operated by women for women, and MyCar, focusing on eco-friendly transportation.

Visit the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) for an extensive list of accredited passenger transport services available in Adelaide.

How to become a taxi driver in Adelaide?

How to become a taxi driver in Adelaide

To become a taxi driver in Adelaide, you need to meet specific criteria and provide essential documentation, including a current unrestricted South Australian driver’s license and a minimum of six months’ driving experience in Australia.

When applying for driver accreditation, necessary documents include a completed application form, a valid working with children check, a current national criminal history check, and a medical fitness certificate issued within the last three months.

Taxi driver applicants must also complete an approved taxi driver training course and present the certificate of completion with their accreditation application.

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