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The Finest Wine Bars in Adelaide

The Finest Wine Bars in Adelaide

Another thing you need to know about Adelaide is the exquisite wines served in the finest wine bars in the city!

So if you want to try bar hopping, well, we’ll give you a list of the wine bars that you should visit in Adelaide!

Best Places to Enjoy Wine in Adelaide

Best Places to Enjoy Wine in Adelaide

Imagine a nice and cozy bar to have a date over wine and steak, and Adelaide will deliver! To have your wine and dine experience in the city, visit the following wine bars.

1. Hellbound Wine Bar

Hellbound Wine Bar

Location: Downstairs 201 Rundle Street Adelaide 5000
Operating Hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Website: http://hellboundwinebar.com/ 

Underground bar Hellbound serves your favorite with various choices up their sleeves!

This basement wine bar has a good selection of new and old wines that you can enjoy. With its cozy and casual vibe, you can even have a little get-together with your friends here.

Aside from more than 200 listed bottles of wine that you can try, they also have servings of cocktails like negroni and martini.

To add to their menu, they also serve snacks to go with your drink. 

Hellbound Wine Bar is deemed a trusted place because of the vision of wine experts Mark Reginato and Louis Schofield.

2. Apoteca


Location: 118 Hindley St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Operating hours: 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM daily except Sunday and Monday

Website: https://apoteca.com.au/ 

If you want to go to a place with a New York feel, then Apoteca is the best for you! This place screams a fresh city vibe that is suitable for a fine night with your friends.

With its long list of choices, Apoteca has a European taste menu. They have an approximately 30-page menu where you can enjoy various wines and cocktails.

Apoteca features different interior venues all in one place. You can choose whether you want to be in a more private part of the bar.

They have the main bar where you can see the outside surroundings. But if you prefer to be in a secluded area with your group, you can go to the dispensary or the mezzanine area.

Aside from walk-in dining, Apoteca offers events booking like birthdays and wedding receptions. You can book the entire venue, the private courtyard, and the cellar.

For event bookings, you may refer to their official website at https://apoteca.com.au/

3. Leigh Street Wine Room

Leigh Street Wine Room

Location: 9 Leigh Street, Adelaide, SA 5000   

Operating hours: 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM daily except Sunday and Monday

Website: https://www.leighstreetwineroom.com/ 

If you are also a fan of galleries, you may want to visit Leigh Street Wine Room just in the center of the CBD. This place has a gallery-like interior partnered with a beautiful arch ceiling.

This wine room has more than 400 lists of wines available and a dinner menu you shouldn’t miss when you visit. They also have dishes with wine dressing!

Leigh Street has different areas where you can enjoy a bottle of wine with your friends. They have a terrazzo bar and a mezzanine perfect for a little celebration. 

If you wish to celebrate using this place, you can message them at [email protected] and visit their official website for more details.

Aside from its promising design, the management of this wine room also prides itself on excellent customer service. You can even share a drink with their staff and chefs!

4. Bibliotheca Bar

Bibliotheca Bar

Location: 27 Gresham St., Adelaide, SA 5000

Operating Hours: 5:00 PM to 12:AM daily except Sunday and Monday

Website: https://bibliotheca.com.au/

Bookworms who love good wine, this might be the best wine bar for you! The Bibliotheca Bar & Book Exchange offers you a relaxing time with your favorite drink and book!

With its low-light interior, you can enjoy your book with a drink of your choice.

This place offers a different range of drinks. From wines to cocktails, they all have it here in Bibliotheca. They even have whiskeys on display that you can choose from.

Bibliotheca also offers a good menu of gourmet dishes such as prosciutto and ricotta. 

5. Proof Bar

Proof Bar

Location: 9a Anster Street, Adelaide, 5000

Operating hours: 3:00 PM to 2:00 AM daily except Sunday

Website: https://www.proof-bar.com/

Established in 2013, Proof is recognized as a pioneer of small licensed venues in Adelaide. It may be a little space, but rest assured that it’s one of the best wine bars in the city.

Aside from the wines and whiskeys that you can try, this place also offers a list of brandy, rum, and cocktails. They also have food to enjoy together with the drink of your choice.

Proof is also available for events and other functions. You can choose to do events on their lounge and bar and their terrace.

What is the proper way to taste wine?

What is the proper way to taste wine

To taste wine, smell the aroma of the drunk, sip a little, let it sit on your tongue, and savor the flavor.

By knowing how to taste wine, you will know its quality. You will also recognize how old a wine is and if it is spoiled or not.

Tips on Safe Drinking

1. Research the place where you will drink

It is important to have prior knowledge of the place where you will drink. It is to know if the place is safe and secured for your protection.

2. Know your alcohol tolerance

Know when to stop yourself from consuming too much alcohol. It’s dangerous for your body to drink too much.

Know your alcohol tolerance

3. Always bring your drinking cup with you

You are surrounded by strangers. It is best to keep an eye on your drinks for your protection. 

4. Stay aware of your surroundings

If you’re drinking outside of your home, you have to be alert to what is happening in your environment. It is to avoid getting in trouble or fighting.

5. Do not drive if intoxicated

You have to be responsible when drinking to avoid accidents while on the road. It is best to not drive to the drinking place and just hail a cab to go home.


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