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Fruit Frenzy Where to Pick Fruits in and Near Adelaide

Fruit Frenzy: Where to Pick Fruits in and Near Adelaide

Do you want to get your hands juicy and your taste buds dancing with delight as you pluck nature’s sweet and sour wonders straight from South Australia’s fruitful soil? With plump berries and juicy peaches, our region’s bountiful orchards and fruit farms await!

Browse this list of the top fruit-picking spots in Adelaide. We’re here to help you have the ultimate fruit-picking adventure!


Season – From mid-November to mid-January—perfect for your Christmas charcuterie!

Harrisville Orchards

Website: http://harrisvilleorchards.com/
Address: 72 Harris Rd, Lenswood SA 5240
Contact Details: 0407 427 747

Known for their perfect balance of tartness and sweetness, the plump cherries of Harrisville Orchards are packed with flavors. 

Their deep crimson hue hints at the lusciousness within, while their firm yet juicy texture adds a delightful sensation with every bite. 

Additionally, the orchard brims with gentle sunshine, making it a suitable spot for a picnic. Be sure to try some of the cherries you handpicked as you relax under a lush tree or a sunny hilltop!

Martin Hill Cherries

Address: 309 Martin Hill Rd, Forreston SA 5233
Contact Details: 0457 846 691

This serene spot is a go-to for cherry-picking enthusiasts, so our team had to try it! With trails shaded by healthy cherry trees, we never had any issues walking from point to point here, even during hotter hours.

We also gave the orchard’s famous cherry moonshine a shot. The fruity drink’s tanginess stands out, and it has a sweet aftertaste balancing out the bitterness! 

Harben Vale Pick Your Own Cherries

Website: http://www.harbenvale.com/
Address: 34 Altmanns Rd, Balhannah SA 5242
Contact Details: 0439 001 962

As soon as we stepped foot in this cherriful place, the warm and welcoming staff whisked us away to their magnificent orchard! They showed us the art of effortless cherry picking, making the experience an absolute blast.

We highly recommend selecting perfectly ripe cherries before you call it a day because you’ll be charged for everything you’ll pick here. Make every cherry worth every penny. 


Season – From December to February—just in time for summer!

Adelaide Hills Berry Farm

Website: https://www.facebook.com/adelaidehillsberryfarm/
Address: 60 Swamp Rd, Uraidla SA 5142
Contact Details: (08) 8390 3369

This quaint berry farm overlooking situated in Adelaide Hills has some of our favorite fruits: strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. The owners are also as sunny as their orchards, making berry-picking here a pleasant and hilarious summer escapade.

The ripe berries of this farm burst with earthy, sweet, and tangy tones. Once your fruit basket is full, we suggest sitting by the farm’s calm creek where flowers bloom and cattle rest—sights that go well with berries.

Beerenberg Farm

Website: http://www.beerenberg.com.au/
Address: 2106 Mount Barker Rd, Hahndorf SA 5245
Contact Details: (08) 8388 7272

Nestled amid rolling hills and flowery landscapes, Beerenberg Farm’s strawberries can make you berry happy. 

The atmosphere here has the sweet fragrance of their most famous fruit, too. Every breath is like a taste of what’s to come.

Don’t forget to dress comfortably and bring sunscreen. The strawberry section is perched in the open plains, so you’ll soak up the sunshine as you pick nature’s red candies!

Ceravolo Orchards

Address: 208 Rowley Rd, Myponga SA 5202
Contact Details: (08) 8390 3678

Ceravolo Orchards offers a more peaceful strawberry-picking adventure. As one of Myponga’s secret gems, this rustic farm encircled by majestic hills and leafy trees is tranquil and less crowded even during peak seasons.

The strawberries they grow can compete with bigshot farms, too. They’re juicy, impeccably sweet and sour, and big!

Harvest The Fleurieu

Website: http://harvestthefleurieu.com.au/
Address: 2256 Victor Harbor Rd, Mount Compass SA 5210
Contact Details: 0448 598 198

Freshness and creativity are two things you should expect at Harvest The Fleurieu. 

The berries here taste heavenly. The clean and green backdrop adds magic to the experience, and they have tayberries—the delicious lovechild of raspberries and blackberries!

Feeling a little rumbly-tummy? Beyond the berries you pick at this creative farm, you may also have a go at their freshly-baked and gluten-free pastries: sourdough loaf, artisan bread, and baguettes!


Season – Around February to April—flavorful fruits to top off summer and welcome autumn!

Willabrand Australia

Willabrand Australia

Website: http://www.freshfigs.com.au/
Address: Range Rd N, Lower Hermitage SA 5131
Contact Details: (08) 8380 5657

Figuring out where to pick figs? We suggest Willabrand Australia, an award-winning farm where you can handpick velvety and plump figs while being surrounded by seemingly-endless lush greenery.

This spot also sells other products made from figs, such as chutney and chocolate—ideal for those not in the mood for basking in the sun! 

But if picnicking is what you came for, go by the farm’s pond and reap the fruits of your hard labor next to the crystal-clear water.

Apples and Pears

Season – From March to May—fantastic fruits to feast on as the foliage changes color!

Magarey Orchard

Website: http://facebook.com/magareyorchard
Address: 40 Magarey Rd, Coromandel Valley SA 5051
Contact Details: (08) 8278 3692

With rows of apple trees stretching as far as the eye can see, Magarey Orchard is a vast playground for apple and pear aficionados. The trees here are heavy with plump, sun-kissed pomes full of sweet, sour, and subtly floral flavors.

Stay tuned to their website for updates on special promotions and discounts, particularly during holidays and festive occasions. Also, make sure to stretch before you go on an apple-picking frenzy! 

Aberdeen Orchards

Aberdeen Orchards

Address: Tiers Rd, Lenswood SA 5240
Contact Details: (08) 8389 8429

Tucked away in the serene outskirts of Lenswood, Aberdeen Orchards has top-tier apples and cordial staff. They’re also committed to organic farming practices, ensuring that the fruits you’ll pick are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides!

Additionally, they offer educational tours and workshops, allowing individuals to learn about the art of fruit cultivation and gain a deeper appreciation for the orchard’s rich heritage.

Paracombe Premium Perry

Website: http://www.paracombepremiumperry.com.au/
Address: 169 Murphy Rd, Paracombe SA 5132
Contact Details: 0402 082 532

If the zinging alliteration of this farm’s name didn’t catch your attention, their first-rate pears and apples might! 

Planted and raised in the enriched soul of Paracombe’s plains, the fruits you can pick here have helped the orchard win the silver medal at the 2014 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards!

Plus, if your throat ever dries up while picking pears, you may quench your thirst with their other award-winning product—pear cider! 

The farm’s Perfect 5 and The Triumph ciders won bronze medals at the 2014 Cider Awards. Have a glass to learn why!


Season – Typically from June to August—winter months when vitamin C comes in handy!

Montacute Valley Orchard

Montacute Valley Orchard

Website: https://montacutevalleyorchards.com.au/
Address: 93 Institute Rd, Montacute SA 5134
Contact Details: (08) 8390 2213

Montacute Valley Orchard’s citrus grove teems with juicy and refreshing lemons. Here, we handpicked a lively trio of lemon varieties: the zesty Eureka, the tangy Lisbon, and the vibrant Villa Franka—all great for lemon curds and lemonades! 

With zero noise and pollution, this spot also has a rustic charm that turns lemon-picking into an invigorating activity. 

Lennane Orchards

Website: http://www.lennaneorchards.com.au/
Address: 814 Montacute Rd, Montacute SA 5134
Contact Details: (08) 8390 2271

Lennane Orchards is another tranquil spot where you can handpick high-quality lemons. We reached this orchard from the CBD in just about 20 minutes, making it one of the nearest hubs of fruity excellence.

Lemon-picking bliss awaits at Lennane Orchards, but remember to secure your spot by booking online ahead of time! For groups larger than 10, give the staff a call so you can deposit a small reservation fee of $50. 

Heritage Apple and Pear Orchard

Heritage Apple and Pear Orchard

Address: Carrick Hill, Springfield SA 5062

When life gives you lemons, squeeze out every drop of joy, especially if the lemons are from Heritage Apple and Pear Orchard. 

The name of this spot might suggest that lemons aren’t their main thing, but don’t let the name fool you. This spot is a gem for lemon lovers! 


Season – From March to May—just in time for autumn!

Ballycroft Vineyard and Cellars

Website: http://ballycroft.com/
Address: 1 Adelaide Rd, Greenock SA 5360
Contact Details: 0488 638 488

Ballycroft Vineyard and Cellars has a 20-year tradition of handpicking luscious grapes, and we wanted to take part in it! It’s a delightful affair filled with camaraderie, top-notch produce, and winemaking lessons!

And the best part? No payment and prior experience are required to be a part of this grape-picking extravaganza! Just give the staff a quick call and make sure to pack your own tools like grape hooks, vine knives, and picking knives

Pridham Viticulture 

Website: http://www.pridhamviticulture.com.au/
Address: 39 Chalk Hill Rd, McLaren Vale SA 5171
Contact Details: 0414 600 342

Pridham Viticulture’s grapes are one of nature’s sweetest gifts from the earth to your plate. Set in the laidback and enticing McLaren Vale, this agricultural haven is a grape picker’s dream come true. 

While grape-picking at this delightful spot is an absolute joy, it does come with a tiny requirement. 

To ensure the utmost quality of their products, they kindly request visitors to fill out a quick form on their website before embarking on a fruitful and fun adventure. 

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