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11 Fun Facts and Trivia about Adelaide

11 Fun Facts and Trivia about Adelaide

Adelaide is the crown of South Australia, from its bustling streets, lush scenery, and cultural heritage.

The city is more than just its festivals, pubs, and museums, though. Read more to learn fascinating facts and trivia about Adelaide. 

1. Adelaide’s name has royal roots

Adelaide’s name has royal roots

Where did Adelaide get its name?

Did you know that Adelaide’s name came from Queen Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen? She was the queen of the United Kingdom during the reign of King William IV.

Within the short seven years of her husband’s reign, the newfound city was gifted to and named after her. She was known for her modesty, charity, and tragically, her unsuccessful childbearing.

Now, her name is also seen in Adelaide Hospital and the Queen Adelaide Club. Various statues and memorabilia have also been built to remember her. 

Every August, the city holds Queen Adelaide Day when little girls with similar names can join the Lord Mayor for tea time. There’s even a winner of the title “Princess Adelaide” given yearly to commemorate the bejeweled legacy of the city’s namesake. 

When was Adelaide named Adelaide?

Adelaide received its name around the 1840s after its first governor, Captain John Hindmarsh, chose the location as the settling spot for its future residents. 

What was Adelaide called before?

Before getting its royal name, Adelaide used to be called Tarndanya or Tarntanya. This was given by its original residents, the Kaurna people.

Tarntanya meant “red kangaroo rock” because of the abundance of the said animals in the area. Now, the city still has a rich ecosystem that makes it a great spot for recreation. 

2. Adelaide has a thriving wine industry

Adelaide has a thriving wine industry

Is Adelaide a wine country?

One thing that defines Adelaide is its wine industry. South Australia has 18 regions dedicated to homegrown offerings. 

These produce alcohol for different pubs, bars, and restaurants all over Adelaide. 

The regions’ influence is felt all throughout Australia. In fact, more than half of Australia’s premium bottled wine comes from the area. 

Not to mention, the wine regions themselves are picturesque locations you can take a day trip in. Their owners are friendly and accommodating to guests coming from different parts of the world.

How many wineries are in South Australia?

All in all, South Australia houses more than 3,000 vineyard owners and 600 wineries! There’s a blend of wine available for everyone.

These wineries are equipped with winemaking techniques refined through decades of practice. Adelaide also has its own National Wine Center made to boost its thriving industry.

Which wines does Adelaide specialize in?

Adelaide’s local winemakers’ expertise includes Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Riesling. These are made with high-quality grapes such as Tempranillo, Sangiovese, and Fiano. 

Want to try the different offerings of Adelaide? Simply ask any local pub for their local wine selections to get a taste of one of the city’s sources of pride. 

Adelaide also regularly holds seasonal events for its wines. This includes Sparkling Spring, Winter Reds, and Chardonnay May. 

If you had too many sips of their sumptuous wines, why not try teeth whitening services to keep your smile pearly white?

3. Adelaide was freely settled

Adelaide was freely settled

Was Adelaide settled by convicts?

Adelaide is notable for being freely settled by the British, contrary to most cities in Australia that were initially convict colonies. It was built to be a promising area of growth for free immigrants rather than a settlement for felons.

Before the British arrived, the area was inhabited by the indigenous Kaurna people. They called the city Tarntanya.

Why did Adelaide have no jails back then?

Did you know that Adelaide once had no gaols or jails? This is because of their first settlers’ belief that a non-convict city won’t need one. 

While this didn’t last long (due to a string of crimes in the area), the ambition of the city is still highly admirable. Its influence is still seen in the modern free-spirited and open-minded culture that lingers in the community.

4. Adelaide is a testament to good urban planning

Adelaide is a testament to good urban planning

Adelaide is one of the most unique cities in the world, as it has plenty of parks. Because of this, its residents have a lot of space for both working and recreation. 

Who designed the city of Adelaide?

The city was designed by Colonel William Light to be a perfect balance between city life and outdoor leisure. 

It has been developed to have a modern transportation system too. 

In less than an hour, you can drive by Adelaide’s central business district and then to the nearby Henley Beach. This is also near Adelaide Hills and Cleland Wildlife Park. 

Because of this, Adelaide has been labeled as a “city within a park.” The parkland comprises more than 700 hectares and 29 family-friendly parks.

Here, there’s something for everyone. You can enjoy tennis clubs, public barbecue spaces, playgrounds, and more. 

The city is a great choice for pet owners too, as it has many spaces where pets can exercise and meet furry friends.

5. Many Australian firsts came from Adelaide

Many Australian firsts came from Adelaide

As Adelaide was made to be a fresh start for many British settlers, it comes as no surprise how many firsts came from the city. 

For starters, they were the first city in South Australia to allow women to vote and to stand for parliament. At its time of legislation in 1894, this was a great achievement in the battle for equality. 

Another fun fact is that Adelaide was the first city in South Australia to provide a license for driving motor vehicles. In 1906, historic “No. 1” plates were issued to a trailer, a car, and a motorcycle. 

In line with Adelaide’s environmentally forward-thinking initiative, they were also the first in Australia to provide a refund of 10 cents for recycling. Its residents can receive this much coin for every can or bottle. 

This led to the city’s great reputation for proper waste disposal.

6. University of Adelaide is home to 5 Nobel prize recipients

University of Adelaide is home to 5 Nobel prize recipients

The University of Adelaide is one of the city’s greatest points of pride. Because of its notable architecture and its impressive alumnae, the university is one of the most sought-after in the whole world. 

Ever since it was established in 1874, the university has produced an amazing number of five Nobel prize recipients. Their contributions range from medicine to literature and physics. 

Who was the first Nobel award recipient in Adelaide?

The first one to receive the coveted Nobel award is Sir William Henry Bragg who has notable contributions to mathematics. 

His contributions led to the invention of the hydrophone, which is used by submarines to detect ocean sounds. 

Interestingly, the next recipient is his son, Sir William Lawrence Bragg. Genetics seemed to spell genius for him, as he received a Nobel award for the discovery of crystal x-ray diffraction and the Bragg Law. 

The next person to receive the award made one of the most used medicines nowadays—penicillin. This was Sir Howard Walter Florey, whose invention helps millions of lives every year. 

Aside from the award, he also has an institute named after him located at the University of Melbourne. His name can be seen in the “Lord Florey Student Prize ” too, which is given by the federal government to academically excellent students. 

The fourth person to receive it, John M Coetzee, excels in the field of literature. He was awarded a Nobel after his contributions to Dutch and African literature. 

Finally, the most recent Nobel Prize recipient as of writing is Dr. John Robin Warren AC, who discovered the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. It’s useful in the treatment of stomach ulcers.

Want to be the next Nobel award recipient? You might want to take a chance by enrolling in one of Adelaide’s prestigious colleges

7. Music gigs and events are regularly held in Adelaide

Music gigs and events are regularly held in Adelaide

One of the best parts about Adelaide is the music. From jazz to classical music, rock, and indie, almost every genre is regularly played in its pubs and public spaces. 

In fact, Adelaide was awarded the title of UNESCO City of Music. After all, the culture of music in the city is simply too enamoring and unique to not be recognized. 

And the government plays a big role in promoting musicians too. Here you can promote your live music gig through a tourism website to make thousands of people aware of your event. 

You can visit many areas in Adelaide while dressed in your best clothes and makeup to stand out in the crowd. 

Some of the famous musical spots in the area includes

  • Adelaide Entertainment Center – for all types of live performance
  • Nineteen Ten – for jazz enthusiasts
  • The Grace Emily – for rock fans
  • Rundle Mall – for buskers 

8. You can be in and out of Adelaide city in less than 30 minutes

You can be in and out of Adelaide city in less than 30 minutes

Did you know that Adelaide was once branded as a “20-minute city”? This is because it used to be possible to be in and out of the city by this time. 

While the 20-minute drive has increased to less than 30 minutes due to a higher rate of car ownership and usage, it’s still very impressive for a city with a thriving economic hub. 

Is Adelaide easy to drive around?

It’s easy to get around Adelaide because of its smartly designed roads and commuting system. 

There are many trams that travel along popular areas like Festival Plaza and the Botanic Gardens too. 

It also helps how vigilant the city is against car accidents, speed limits, and stop lights. It’s why you’ll feel safer about driving around the city for leisure. 

Because of this, going to work in the morning and then visiting pubs in the evening is very easy. Unsurprisingly, Adelaide has one of the highest scores in the global quality of life index. 

9. Adelaide is home to diverse wildlife

Adelaide is home to diverse wildlife

What animals are in Adelaide Australia?

As with many cities in Australia, Adelaide is home to many interesting animals. This includes dolphins, kangaroos, rare breeds of birds, and more.

The best part is that you can visit their natural habitat within just a few minutes because of the city’s amazing transportation system. 

Where can you find dolphins who can tail walk in Adelaide?

You can find “tail walking” dolphins in the Port River of Adelaide. First noted in a 1987 publication, a group of dolphins lives near the urban area, which is a rare sight. 

Watching them tail walk in synchronized fashion is a fascinating sight to see. They were taught this skill by an earlier generation of dolphins who were held in captivity. 

Another great display of wildlife is the Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to koalas, kangaroos, and wallabies. 

The Laratinga Wetlands, which has received the United Nations Association of Australia World Environment Day Award for its ecological features and maintenance, is a great spot to visit. 

Here, you can see many forms of flora and fauna. It’s a great spot for birdwatching, and some of the birds that visit the site are the Brown Songlark, Black Kite, and Black-Eared Cuckoo.

In these spots, you can plan your next outdoor photography session, may it be for family, portrait, or wedding shots. 

10. Adelaide has one of the most expensive buildings in the world

Adelaide has one of the most expensive buildings in the world

Is the Royal Adelaide Hospital the most expensive building in the world?

The Royal Adelaide Hospital or NRAH is the third most expensive building in the world and Australia’s priciest building. Costing more than $2 billion, it’s one of Adelaide’s biggest investments. 

It’s built to be futuristic, from its facilities to its food and rooms. It has more than 800 beds, 6,000 staff, and more than 2,000 car parks. 

Through these features, it can accommodate many patients with different cases. 

Why was Royal Adelaide Hospital expensive to build?

Royal Adelaide was expensive to build because of its many advanced facilities for healthcare that weren’t found in other hospitals. 

For starters, they use robots for transporting supplies all over the hospital, including medicine and food. It’s made to be eco-friendly, with reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Along with this, it uses an advanced patient record system that can lessen waiting times immensely. This dedication to healthcare and comfort further establishes Adelaide’s image as one of the most liveable cities in the world.

Which buildings were more expensive to build compared to Royal Adelaide Hospital?

The second most expensive building in the world is the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, while the most expensive one is the One World Trade Center in New York. 

Notably, the NRAH is the only hospital in the list of the 10 most expensive buildings in the world, which is mostly filled with business buildings. This shows how people-centric the culture in Adelaide is.

Along with its pricey construction are its premier rates. Be sure to prepare your insurance when in need of their services!

11. Adelaide is also called the “City of Churches”

Adelaide is also called the “City of Churches”

Does Adelaide have the most churches?

Adelaide doesn’t have the most churches but rather, the number of religions present in the area is abundant. It’s in line with Adelaide’s liberal and accepting culture. 

Here, there’s a place of worship for many religions including

  • Catholicism – The St. Francis Xavier Cathedral is a great place to visit in Adelaide CBD.
  • Islam – The Adelaide Mosque was restored by Muslim immigrants and now stands on Little Gilbert Street.
  • Judaism – There are synagogues in the city to serve different sects.
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