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Quick Guide to Start Your Career in Adelaide

Quick Guide to Start Your Career in Adelaide

Enter the land down under of endless opportunities, vibrant career prospects, and a robust economy: Adelaide. 

In this guide, I’ll teach you how you can get a leg up in the competitive job market as a young adult taking your first steps after college. There’s no time to be wet behind the ears, so let’s kick things off immediately! 

Why should you work in Adelaide?

Working in Adelaide will give you plenty of advantages such as low cost of living, abundant work-life balance opportunities, and excellent quality of life index.

Adelaide has placed first in Savvy’s rankings of Australia’s most affordable capital cities of 2020, so the city is a great choice if you’re looking to save money.

In terms of work-life balance, we have our reliable transportation system, our vibrant festival culture, and the great urban planning of the city to thank. 

And finally, our city has been dubbed the 3rd most liveable city in the whole world by The Economist Intelligence Unit in 2021, so you know we’re cut above the rest! 

How do you start a career in Adelaide?

 1. Apply for an internship

Internships offer real-life application of your learning and allow exploration of sub-branches within your field—a valuable opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Are internships paid in Adelaide?

Most companies pay their interns in Adelaide about $252 per day according to Talent. Do note, however, that volunteer internships aren’t usually paid.

To jumpstart your internship application, try some of these websites:

2. Form valuable networks

A strong set of skills is incomplete without the support of the right people. Hence, it’s crucial to utilize your college years to build a professional network within your industry.

This network can comprise professors, classmates, organization members, and even students from other universities. You can connect with them by joining organizations, pursuing internships, and reaching out directly for career advice.

Some of the best websites to visit if you’re looking for volunteering opportunities in Adelaide are

3. Build a compelling resume

Build a compelling resume

Your resume is like your personal advertisement. It may sound a bit silly that your whole career depends on a piece of paper, but once you step into the workforce, you’ll realize that most employers refer to it.

How do you create a good resume?

The best resumes have the following characteristics:

  • Short and precise (one page at most)
  • Contains no false information
  • Matches the job position you’re applying for 
  • Has your contact details, relevant work history, and achievements

4. Apply for a job!

Once you’ve built a solid set of experience, a well-made resume, and a network in the industry you’ll pursue, it’s time to apply for a job.

In Adelaide, there’s a strong sense of community spirit, so you’ll get a great chance for employment if you mingle with the right people in your industry. This can be through engaging in community activities and attending industry events. 

The usual methods for applying for a job in Adelaide are

  • Applying online
  • Joining career expos
  • Directly e-mailing companies you’re interested in

If you’re applying online in Adelaide, the following are great websites to find employers in the city:

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