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A Local Cinephile’s Guide to Adelaide Film Festival

A Local Cinephile’s Guide to Adelaide Film Festival

Lights, camera, Adelaide! Cinephiles and casual viewers alike gather annually to have a truly fantastic experience of viewing the latest gems on the silver screen at the Adelaide Film Festival!

Featuring both international and local delights, Adelaide’s Film Festival is a dream come true for any film geek. From tearjerker dramas to laugh-out-loud comedies and gripping thrillers, the festival’s films are a treat for all.

So grab your popcorn, and I’ll give you the lowdown on the festival, from the programs you can expect to the standout flicks and guests that have graced its screens!

What is the Adelaide Film Festival?

The Adelaide Film Festival is a celebration and showcase of different films, both local and international. Here, guests can watch fresh films, listen to discussions with industry professionals, and meet fellow cinephiles.

There’s no shortage of talent and creativity at this festival! From thought-provoking documentaries and experimental films to crowd-pleasing blockbusters, there’s plenty to see and experience at this vibrant event.

When is the Adelaide Film Festival held?

Starting 2022, Adelaide Film Festival will be held annually around the third week of October. It used to be held biennially (every 2 years), but it’s now held more frequently because of high audience participation.

What to do at Adelaide Film Festival

The specific programs of the Adelaide Film Festival may vary, but here are some standout ones that I anticipate will continue to captivate audiences for years to come!

1. Attend Adelaide Film Festival’s opening gala

The Adelaide Film Festival Opening Gala is the perfect opportunity to catch a glimpse of the stars of the silver screen as they grace the red carpet. 

Personally, I had a blast meeting and exchanging a few words with Dave Patel, the star of Hotel Mumbai, back in 2018.

Additionally, this event showcases some of the most formidable contenders for the best film category, making it one of the most highly anticipated and attended events of the festival.

And let’s not forget the live shows that take place during the opening night! With performances by talented Aboriginal artists and powerhouse vocalists, we Adelaideans certainly know how to deliver top-notch live entertainment!

2. Participate in the Q&A sessions with directors (and actors)

One of the best things about attending a film festival is the opportunity to meet the people behind the camera! From amusing behind-the-scenes anecdotes to inspirational creative advice, you’ll surely pick up a thing or two from these talented individuals.

One of my most thrilling moments as a cinephile was attending the 2022 Q&A session of the Oscar-nominated film Tar with none other than Cate Blanchett. 

Hearing the producers’ thought process and witnessing its translation onto the screen was truly amazing!

3. Join masterclasses and workshops 

Join masterclasses and workshops
Photo from Adelaide Film Festival’s website

If the Q&A sessions inspire you to pursue a career in the film industry, the workshops are your next destination! 

Led by esteemed directors, actors, and cinematographers from down under, these workshops offer invaluable insights and hands-on learning experiences.

Think you might be the next Francis Ford Coppola? You may be interested in joining the AFF Youth Workshop which not only teaches you the craft but exposes you to networking opportunities in the industry.

4. Attend the Adelaide Film Festival’s awards night

The awards night is another star-studded event when the crème de la crème is recognized. It’s a pleasant mix of suspense, delight, and anticipation for audiences and filmmakers alike. 

Some of the standout awardees include

  • Shiva Baby
  • Hotel Mumbai
  • Yer Old Faither
  • The Art of the Game
  • Sweet Country

How much are tickets to the Adelaide Film Festival?

The prices for tickets at Adelaide Film Festival are as follows:

Type of ticketPrice
Platinum pass*• Adults – $599
• Concession/industry – $525
Gold pass*• Adults – $299
• Concession/industry – $25
Multi passes (3 standard screenings)• Adults – $50
• Concession/industry – $43
Multi passes (7 standard screenings)• Adults – $99
• Concession/industry – $84
Multi passes (10 standard screenings)• Adults – $120
• Concession/industry – $99
Standard screenings• Adults – $20
• Concession/industry – $17
• Youth – $10
*These passes give you access to all the standard screenings

Where are the films for the Adelaide Film Festival shown?

The venues for the Adelaide Film Festival are

  • Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas
  • Palace Nova Prospect Cinemas
  • Mitcham Wallis Cinemas
  • Odeon Star
  • Capri Theater
  • Her Majesty’s Theater

How do you submit a film for the Adelaide Film Festival?

To submit a film for the Adelaide Film Festival, drop your entry at their website. There’s a small fee of less than $150 depending on which type of film you’ll be submitting. 

You can also get funding from the festival if your film benefits South Australia creatively, culturally, and economically.

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