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Things to Do at Morialta Mukanthi Nature Play Space

Things to Do at Morialta Mukanthi Nature Play Space

The Morialta Conservation Park is a known destination for South Australians and tourists. For our family, it’s our go-to place when we go out on an impromptu trip and the kids want some adventure.

It’s a place where you can experience nature and provide the kids with a play time they won’t find anywhere in the city.

It can be your children’s favourite place, too, so we’ve provided a rundown of some of the activities you can do at Morialta Mukanthi Nature Play Space.

The Morialta Mukanthi Nature Play Space

The Morialta Mukanthi Nature Play Space
Photo by: Landscape Architecture Projects

Location: Morialta Conservation Park, Woodforde, SA 5072, Australia

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours, but vehicle entry gates are only open between 6:30 AM to 7:00 PM daily

Just 10 kilometres away from the city, Morialta Conservation Park’s Mukanthi Nature Play Space is popular among South Australian families with kids around the age of 2 and above.

With the help of Climbing Tree and Peter Semple Landscape Architects, the Morialta Conservation Park is able to open a play space where kids can connect to nature.

The playground has five separate play areas, namely, Kookaburra Nests, Great Snake, Frog Island, Eagle’s Perch, and Climbing Boulders. Each of these play areas offers kids fun physical activities and an adrenaline boost they won’t find anywhere else.

The play areas are equipped with structural pieces that are unique to the playground. They are made from natural products like wood, matching the entire playground’s nature play theme.

The Mukanthi Nature Play Space is the perfect spot for an unforgettable family day. Living up to its name, it’s indeed a spot where families can “celebrate and play”.

Morialta Mukanthi Nature Play Space Entry Fee
Entry to the Morialta Mukanthi Nature Play Space is completely free of charge. You’ll be able to enjoy the park’s facilities and play areas without spending a dollar!

Morialta Mukanthi Nature Play Space Car Park
There are plenty of car parks in Morialta Mukanthi Nature Play Space. You’ll find three car parks on Stradbroke Road, just right next to the playground, so you won’t have a hard time getting a parking space even when it gets busy.
If you decide to explore the rest of the Morialta Conservation Park, you’ll also find several car parks at the Natural Resource Centre and at the First Falls.

Things to Do at Morialta Mukanthi Nature Play Space

There are a lot of things you can do and enjoy at the Mukanthi Nature Play Space, and we’ve taken the initiative of writing them down for you! 

Climb over the Ngungana Wardli/Kookaburra Nests

Climb over the Ngungana WardliKookaburra Nests
Photo by Mum’s Grapevine

The Kookaburra Hollow part of the playground is composed of a series of enormous wooden nests that presents a unique obstacle of varying heights. This can put anyone’s—child or adult—gymnastics ability to the test!

Kids aged 2 to 5 can have the best time climbing through the nets and sliding over the metal slide on the other side.

The nest hollows are also comfortable and can serve as a perch to view the activity going on around you.

When we visited, we found kids cheering each other on as they climbed. It’s a delight to see kids out in the open (not a phone in sight lol)!

Pro tip: While your kid is playing here, you’ll most likely be standing next to them and away from the shade of the trees, so make sure to bring your sunnies and plenty of sunscreen.

Play in and on the Ilya Wardli/Great Snake

Play in and on the Ilya WardliGreat Snake
Photo by Mum’s Grapevine

Childrens’ unexplainable fascination with tunnels might just be the best explanation for why the Great Snake or Ilya Wardli is always filled with running kids.

The Ilya Wardli is a fantastic setting for creative and thrilling play, with areas to crawl under, balance on, and struggle across its rocky head.

The best part about this adventure zone is the squeals of delight you’ll hear from the kids running through it.

We found several kids who didn’t know each other running after each other and playing inside the snake when we dropped by, making us realise that the place is not just a play area but also a place to socialise and make friends.

Pro tip: This is the perfect play space for kids younger than 5, as it doesn’t involve much physical activity.

Cross over to the Yulta Karta/Frog Island

Cross over to the Yulta KartaFrog Island
Photo by Maggie Dent

At Frog Island, a small island in Fourth Creek, visitors can pick up the sounds of a variety of local frogs and toads. On one of our visits, the cacophony had some of the kids running around searching for them!

Towering Gum trees provide protection for this serene spot, casting a glistening shadow on the nearby creek and contributing to the overall sense of serenity of the island. 

We thought there would be fewer kids in the area since the play zones in the main ground seemed more appealing for younger kids, but we were wrong.

Besides immersing the children in nature, the island provides a fun way for them to learn about the aboriginal culture and develop empathy for our shared cultures. 

They can create traditional Wodli shelters, look for hidden carvings, and engage with the surroundings of the stream.

Pro tip: Make sure your kid is wearing runners with tread patterns and rubber outer soles, as these shoes have better grip. The creek you’ll walk in before reaching the island is slippery, so this is a must.

Slide at the Wirlu Wardli/Eagle’s Perch

Slide at the Wirlu WardliEagle's Perch
Photo by Maggie Dent

Probably the most famous play zone at the Morialta Mukanthi Nature Play Area, the Eagles Perch or Wirltu Wardli provides children with a thrilling and challenging activity.

The giant bird’s nest placed at the top of the main tower imitates the traditional home of the Wedge Tailed Eagle, which is significant to the Kaurna people.

The Eagles Perch is probably one of the playground’s most risky play zones. Children need to climb over wood logs to get to the tower, and it’s not just a simple climb.

Upon reaching the top, there’s a tall metal slide and a fireman pole that they’ll ride to go down again. To be honest, even at our age, the slide is quite intimidating, so it’s understandable for kids to be scared too.

However, as soon as they go down, you’ll find them running towards the logs to go up again. It’s a fun activity that gives them an adrenaline boost, so we highly suggest it to parents.

Pro tip: Keep a close look on your kid while they’re here, as the rocks and the climbing logs can be really risky, especially for younger kids.

Experience rock climbing at the Climbing Boulders

Experience rock climbing at the Climbing Boulders
Photo by Landscape Architecture Projects

Morialta is known to many rock climbers. It’s one of the places they go to when they want to do some rock climbing.

However, climbing enormous rock formations can be overwhelming and too risky for little kids. Fortunately, the Morialta Mukanthi Nature Play Area is there to provide them with a rock climbing experience that’s fitting for their age.

There are three boulders with varying difficulty built in the playground to help children experience the thrill of rock climbing. 

We found it to be a great play area not just for toddlers but also kids who are a bit older. In fact, even we adults were excited to play when we came to visit.

It was fun to see kids taking risks; the challenge allows them to explore their capabilities and take safety more seriously.

Pro tip: Band-aids are a must! The kids can get a few scratches while climbing, so always have band-aids ready.

Spot some koalas

Spot some koalas
Photo by Rita Blom

Morialta Conservation Park is famous for its wildlife and beautiful nature. There are several trees surrounding the entire park and playground, so it’s not surprising to see some animals when you visit.

When we went to the park, we saw some koalas peeking from the trees, which was an exciting and fascinating experience for our family.

You’ll probably find more of them when you make your way to the creek and the waterfall, so be sure to keep close attention to your surroundings to not miss the chance of spotting one.

Pro tip: Visit around spring if you want to see as many koalas as possible, as they usually come out more during these months. You’ll also find more wildlife like reptiles and frogs around this time.

Explore the creek

Have a fun picnic experience with your family
Photo by Busy City Kids

Parents can’t deny that many kids are crazy about water and would take every chance they get to play with it, whether it’s lake water, rainwater, or beach water.

Luckily, the Morialta Mukanthi Nature Play Space is near a creek that the children can enjoy and explore. The water is shallow, but there are several rocks, so keep a close watch on kids when they play there.

It’s a fun activity that kids and adults don’t get to experience much in the city. It will give the children a chance to splash around and truly appreciate nature.

Pro tip: Bring at least 2 extra clothes and runners, as there will be a lot of splashing once they are at the creek.

Have a fun picnic experience with your family 

Have a fun picnic experience with your family
Photo by Michael Genrich

The Morialta Mukanthi Nature Play Space has an enormous land area. Despite having huge facilities for the playground, there are still a lot of areas where you can have a picnic at.

Lay down a blanket and bring out some tasty food to recharge your kids after a long day of playing. They’ll definitely eat a lot, considering how much energy they exert while playing.

There are also BBQ areas in the park, so you can make some delicious barbies to make the most out of your outdoor family bonding.

Pro tip: Always put covers over your food, especially canned drinks because there are quite a number of European wasps in the area.

FAQs about Morialta Mukanthi Nature Play Space

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