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Adelaide vs Sydney Choosing the Better City to Live In

Adelaide vs Sydney: Choosing the Better City to Live In

If you want to relocate to Australia and are eyeing Adelaide and Sydney, we’ve got you covered. We go through its differences in terms of climate, culture, safety, monthly salary, and more here. 

Which is better: Adelaide or Sydney?

Which is better Adelaide or Sydney

Adelaide is better if you want a lower cost of living, more safety, a better climate, and faster transportation times. Sydney is better if you want to work in one of the commercial centers of Australia, which translates to higher monthly salaries. 

Adelaide is more suitable for someone looking for a relaxed and simple way of living because of its music culture and family-friendly suburbs. 

Sydney better fits those who want a more dynamic environment in terms of lifestyle and workplace. It’s a gateway for the Pacific Ocean and international travel, making the employment opportunities here more abundant. 

Adelaide vs Sydney: Culture

Adelaide vs Sydney Culture

Adelaide and Sydney both share an appreciation for the natural resources of the land. Both have well-maintained natural parks, which makes them great for environmentalists. 

Aside from this, however, there are some distinguishing traits that separate the two. 

First, Adelaide is much smaller compared to Sydney. The general atmosphere here is more relaxed and laid back. 

In comparison, Sydney has a much faster pace thanks to its bustling economic hub, large and diverse population, and thriving tourism industry. 

Adelaide is a better option for those who want a more laid-back culture that specializes in music and wine. Sydney has a better culture if you want something more urban, fast, and diverse.

What is Adelaide known for?
Adelaide is known as the city of churches, wine, and music. It has a great balance of city life and suburban living thanks to its small population of 1.3 million.

Why is Adelaide called the City of Churches? 
Adelaide is called the City of Churches because of its open acceptance of different religions. They don’t have the largest number of churches, but they do have some historical ones of different religions.
Some notables include St. Peter Cathedral, the Pilgrim Uniting Church, the Adelaide Mosque, and the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Nicolas. As we can see, these churches represent many kinds of faiths or denominations. 

Why is Adelaide known for its music?
Adelaide is one of UNESCO’s Cities of Music, which is a title given to cities that promote musical creativity through festivals, conservatories, and different avenues for performers. 
If you want to see the live music of Adelaide, check out the best spots in the city for it
What is Sydney known for?
Sydney is known as the “Harbor City,” and it has the biggest population in the continent. It got its name, as it’s built around Port Jackson Bay. 
Some of its famous spots, including the Sydney Opera House and the Royal Botanic Garden, lie close to this body of water. 

Why is the Sydney Opera House popular?
The Sydney Opera House is popular for its iconic architecture and the high-profile performances regularly held here. 
Some have compared its modern expressionist design to a shell, a peeled orange, and a walnut. At the end of the day, however, everyone can agree that it’s one of the most stunning and memorable architectural designs worldwide. 
Why is the Sydney Opera House popular

Adelaide vs Sydney: Food

Both Adelaide’s and Sydney’s cuisines specializes in seafood because of their proximity to the sea. However, Adelaide’s restaurants are generally more affordable and awarded compared to Sydney’s. 

Adelaide’s restaurants are priced lower by 6.92% according to BudgetDirect. Also, Adelaide’s very own Adelaide Botanic Garden took the title of Australia’s Restaurant of the Year for 2022.

What food is Adelaide known for?
Adelaide is known for its award-winning wines. It’s best enjoyed with their seafood favorites: Coffin Bay King Oysters and King George Whiting. 
Both are highlights of Southern Australia’s cuisine. Their delicate texture goes easily with different sauces. 

When mixed with the floral and citrus taste of white wine, their flavors make a lasting impression. 
Why is Adelaide known for its wines?

Adelaide is known for its wines because it’s home to many wineries, most of which are in the Adelaide Hills and the Barossa Valley which have diverse soil types perfect for growing high-quality grapes. 
Their award-winning bottles include their Pinot Noir that is made with attention to temperature and variation of spice to create a unique taste. 
We highly suggest visiting Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley through a tour so you can have multiple wine-tasting sessions. 
What food is Adelaide known for
What food is Sydney known for?
Sydney’s specialty is the barramundi which is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and is native to the area. It’s versatile for many types of dishes because of its mild taste and delicate flesh. 
The barramundi is best cooked with sweet and sour sauce to bring out its savory flavor. Some also like it barbecued or baked. 
What food is Sydney known for

Adelaide vs Sydney: Climate

Adelaide has a more comfortable climate overall because it has lower humidity and rainfall. Sydney has a higher heat index and has parts that are especially hot because of its urban design. 

How’s the climate in Adelaide?
Adelaide has a Mediterranean climate with wet winters and dry summers. 15°C is its lowest temperature, and 31°C is its highest (according to LivingInAustralia). 
The dry summers of the city result in a cooler feeling even while the temperature is high. Many locals visit Henley Beach during this season to cool down. 
The coldest part of the city is in Adelaide Hills, where there are occasional frosts during winter. When you visit here, have some of their internationally-acclaimed wines to get you some much-needed heat. 
How’s the climate in Adelaide
How’s the climate in Sydney?
Sydney has humid subtropical weather. Their proximity to the ocean moderates any extreme weather changes. 
There is no dry season in Sydney, only humid summers around the middle of the year. It’s most rainy here from June to August. 
The extreme weather conditions in Sydney include droughts, heat waves, and thunderstorms. Thanks to the great infrastructure, however, these rarely become a major problem. 
The hottest temperature here is 26°C and the lowest is 17°C, according to LivingInAustralia.
What is the urban heat island effect in Sydney?
Sydney experiences a phenomenon called the urban heat island that causes its western part to be hotter. It’s brought about by having less vegetation. 
How’s the climate in Sydney

Adelaide vs Sydney: Cost of Living

Adelaide vs Sydney Cost of Living

Adelaide and Sydney both have thriving economies, but Sydney has a higher cost of living by far. After all, it has a higher population count compared to Adelaide. 

In fact, Sydney has been labeled as the 10th most expensive city in the whole world by Economist Intelligence.

Moreover, based on numbers from Numbeo, Sydney is more expensive than Adelaide in almost all aspects except wine and utilities.

The cost of living in Sydney is higher by more than 20% of Adelaide’s, especially if you’re living in the city center.

Meal from inexpensive restaurant25.00 A$25.00 A$
Milk (one liter)1.94 A$2.62 A$
Loaf of white bread3.43 A$3.85 A$
Bottle of wine20.00 A$19.00 A$
Pack of 20 cigarettes40.00 A$42.00 A$
One-way ticket 4.50 A$5.00 A$
Basic utilities for an apartment (electricity, water, garbage, etc.)433.70 A$252.52 A$
One-bedroom apartment within city center2,047.43 A$2,898.36 A$
One-bedroom apartment outside city center1,471.21 A$2,107.13 A$
Three-bedroom apartment within city center3,889.18 A$6,000.17 A$
Three-bedroom apartment outside city center2,479.65 A$3,671.33 A$

Where are real estate prices higher: Adelaide or Sydney?

Sydney has a much higher median home value of $1,006,923 compared to Adelaide which is at $645,812, which is a difference of more than 60%. This data is from Property Update.

Adelaide vs Sydney: Safety 

Adelaide vs Sydney Safety

Based on Numbeo’s crime statistics, the safer city is Adelaide, as its crime index is 2 points lower than Adelaide. 

Adelaide’s safety index, which indicates more safety, is higher. 

Crime Index32.0534.13
Safety Scale67.9565.87

Sydney also has lower scores in terms of how their residents feel regarding their safety. 

Level of crime29.9534.75
Worries about being mugged24.3027.88
Worries about having their car stolen31.4230.82
Worries about being attacked28.0732.31
Number of people with drug problems45.6945.89
Feeling safer walking alone during daytime79.2979.34
Feeling safer walking alone during nighttime52.9353.96

Adelaide vs Sydney: Healthcare

Adelaide vs Sydney Healthcare

According to Numbeo, the health index of Adelaide and Sydney isn’t that far from each other, but Adelaide scores slightly higher.

CityHealth Index
How is Adelaide’s healthcare system?
Adelaide’s healthcare system is remarkable, as it’s where the most expensive hospital in the world, Royal Adelaide Hospital is found. 

The hospital is priced at more than $2 billion, with most of its budget going towards its advanced medical technology and use of robots. 

It’s also eco-friendly, as its system is made to have less than 50 percent greenhouse gas emissions compared to most hospitals.

Take a look at some of the best medical centers in Adelaide here to know which ones you should visit in case of emergencies.
How is Sydney’s healthcare system?
Sydney’s healthcare is excellent, especially in terms of childcare, as they house the largest network of hospitals for children. There are more than 220 hospitals in the city.

It’s where the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, which has consistently topped Newsweek’s World’s Best Hospital list, is located. 

Adelaide vs Sydney: Transportation and Location

Adelaide vs Sydney Transportation and Location

Both Adelaide and Sydney have excellent transportation systems, but Adelaide has faster travel times via car because of its geography. Sydney has a great ferry system that can take you from harbor to harbor in less than 20 minutes. 

Is Adelaide’s public transportation good?
Adelaide’s public transportation is excellent, as everything is managed by Adelaide Metro, which simplifies payment and scheduling. It was once dubbed as a “20 minute city” because you can easily visit major spots outside the city center within that time.

Most of their public investments have been in the bus and train system. This can definitely be seen by its quick travel times and modern facilities. 
Is Sydney’s public transportation good?
Sydney has great public transportation that maximizes its geographical location. Their Opal card system also simplifies payment for multiple methods of transportation. 

A fast way to get across locations is to ride the water ferry. In fact, you can get from Watsons Bay to Circular Quay Harbor in less than 20 minutes. 

Adelaide vs Sydney: Job Market and Opportunities

Adelaide vs Sydney Job Market and Opportunities

When it comes to the job market, it’s no question that Sydney has a larger workforce because it’s a much bigger city. Still, you may still prefer Adelaide in case you work in particular industries.

Moreover, Sydney has an average monthly salary of $6,287.66, which is about 30% higher than Adelaide which has $4,285.79.

According to Informed Decisions, the top industries in Sydney are professional and scientific services, financial and insurance services, and healthcare and social assistance. 

Meanwhile, according to the same source, the top industries in Adelaide are healthcare and social assistance, professional and scientific services, and accommodation and food services. 

Final Verdict: Which city is better: Adelaide or Sydney?

Final Verdict Which city is better Adelaide or Sydney

Adelaide is the better choice if you want a city that’s a perfect balance between suburban and commercial. It has faster travel times, less humidity, a lower crime index, and a lower cost of living.

Sydney is better if you want a higher average monthly salary and a more dynamic urban setting. It’s considered by many as the commercial hub of Australia along with Melbourne. 

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