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Is North Adelaide a good area

Is North Adelaide a good area?

As one of the most opulent spaces in Adelaide, the North Adelaide area is eyed by many as their target suburb. It has a perfect balance of historical spaces, posh shopping strips, and idyllic streets. 

North Adelaide is definitely a great suburb to live in—if you’ve got the budget for it. After all, the cost of living here is higher compared to the nearby suburbs. 

The place provides you with everything you would want in a suburb, though. It’s near the CBD, has many spaces for recreation, and is great for all age groups. 

If you’re checking whether North Adelaide will be a great fit for you, check out our thorough analysis of the suburb’s cost of living, demographics, and more. 

North Adelaide’s Cost of Living

North Adelaide’s Cost of Living

Before choosing your next home, it’s best to check if it’s a good match for you financially. One way to do so is to find out the cost of living in the area. 

For this, we used numbers provided by Muval and Numbeo.

Generally, living in Adelaide costs about A$4,796.76 per month for a small family. Taking rent in North Adelaide into account, it can take up to A$6,835.65.

The prices of basic necessities can be seen in the table below.

NecessitiesPrice Range
1-bedroom apartment A$1,200 – A$1,500
3-bedroom apartmentA$2,500 – A$2,500
Restaurant meal (inexpensive)A$18 – A$36
Weekly groceryA$80 – A$157.49
Monthly transportation passA$105
Gasoline per literA$1.98 – A$3 per liter
Utilities (electricity, internet, and water) A$350 – A$400
A new set of clothes (jeans and shoes)A$100 – A$150

Keep in mind that these rates, except for the apartment rates, are applicable for all of Adelaide. Because of this, more focus should be given to the rental rates in North Adelaide. 

North Adelaide’s House Market

North Adelaide’s House Market

If you want to purchase your own house in North Adelaide, check out the data we’ve gathered from Smart Property Investment and Property Value. Before purchasing one, a building inspector might come in handy.

North Adelaide has a median home price of more than $1,000,000. This is more than 50% higher than the average median home price in Australia, which is $485,000. 

The suburb has gained a 2.8% growth over 10 years, which shows that the area can be a good investment for you. To further help you in managing your property portfolio, try hiring a property manager

This gives you a good idea of why many affluent families reside in the area. Be sure to be prepared financially if you decide to reside in the suburb. 

North Adelaide Demographics

North Adelaide Demographics

North Adelaide has an average population of 7,220. This is almost half of Adelaide City Center’s, which is at approximately 15,000. 

It occupies 5,091 sq km, and it has a total population density of 1,418 per sq km. 

North Adelaide has an almost equal male-to-female ratio. 51.1% are females, while 49.9% are males. 

It has a predominantly adult population (aged 15–64) at 71.4%. On the other hand, 7.6% are of the very young population (aged 0–14), and 21% belong to the elderly population (65+ years). 

In terms of religion, almost half are Christian (at 48.9%). The other half is secular or nonreligious (43.3%), and the remaining 7.8% are Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and Jewish. 

Finally, the languages spoken here include English, Punjabi, and Vietnamese. 

*These numbers are from City Population and Informed Decisions.

North Adelaide Safety and Security

North Adelaide Safety and Security

North Adelaide has a low crime rate of 0.06% per person. This shows that the suburb can be a great place for families with young children or elderly members. 

Additionally, North Adelaide’s busiest streets are fully-equipped with CCTV coverage to provide constant surveillance. Because of this, you’ll be more at ease in the area. 

Next, health emergencies are quickly responded to through the Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) scattered throughout the suburb.

Finally, Adelaide has adequate bus services available even during midnights, and these are guarded by police. Bus stops also have good lighting and CCTV coverage.

Through these, you can feel more secure in taking strolls in its streets even late at night.

*These numbers are from My Adelaide Life.

North Adelaide Social Services

An important aspect we should review in a suburb is the social services available here. We will go through North Adelaide’s education and healthcare for this. 

North Adelaide Education

North Adelaide Education

One thing that makes North Adelaide stand out is that it is home to many residential colleges that are directly affiliated with the University of Adelaide. These include the following:

  1. Aquinas College – It’s led by Marists for the Archdiocese of Adelaide. The college was founded in 1950 and houses both men and women (currently housing less than 300 students).
  1. Lincoln College – It was founded by the Methodist Church of Australasia and currently houses about 180 students. Founded in 1973, it has four heritage-listed buildings. 
  1. St. Ann’s College – It’s known for its diverse student base, as it caters mostly to students from overseas and rural Australia. 

It isn’t affiliated with any church, and its students study at the University of South Australia, Flinders University, and the University of Adelaide.

  1. St. Mark’s College – The residential college is notable for being the oldest in South Australia. It’s run by the Anglican Church of Australia and currently houses 250 students. 
  1. Kathleen Lumley College – It mostly caters to postgraduate students and those undergoing cultural and research work from abroad. 

As we can see, North Adelaide is a good choice for those who want to stay in a residential college. They can interact with students and create a community easily.

To help you in moving to your college of choice, we recommend hiring local removalists to make the job easier.

North Adelaide Healthcare

North Adelaide Healthcare

North Adelaide has a total of three hospitals. These include 

  1. Calvary North Adelaide Hospital – They’ve been operating since 1900, which is why most of its rooms are heritage-listed. Today, it’s fully operational and has a total of 153 beds. 
  1. The Memorial Hospital – It’s a private, not-for-profit facility that was established as a memorial to the brave veterans of World War I.
  1. Women and Children’s Hospital – Their specialties are gynecology, neonatal, postnatal, and pediatric care. 

We recommend hiring home care services in case you have someone with special needs too. 

North Adelaide Transportation

North Adelaide Transportation

North Adelaide seldom has congested roads, which makes it ideal for everyday driving. Be sure to avoid O’Connel and Melbourne street during peak hours, though. 

Additionally, it has adequate space and infrastructure for bikes and for jogging.

The suburb has seven bus routes that run along the main roads of King William, O’Connor Street, and Melbourne Street. From here, accessing community centers, shopping malls, and colleges is easy.

North Adelaide Culture and Lifestyle

North Adelaide is notable for its numerous heritage sites that are filled with villas and mansions that’ll take you to a blast from the past. Some great places you can visit to immerse yourself in Adeladian culture are museums, pubs, and college houses. 

1. Museums and Art Galleries

Museums and Art Galleries

One of the notable ones is the David Roche Museum, which displays various European ceramics, furniture, and paintings. 

These have a wide variety of designs, artists, and centuries from when they were made, making the museum highly recommendable for enthusiasts. 

Another place for art lovers is Elder Fine Art, where auctions take place. It has a blend of Victorian and contemporary design, making its exterior very striking. 

For those who want to meet the local art community, you can join the Adelaide Art Society. Here, sketch groups, workshops, and exhibitions can be seen regularly. 

Related to this is the Open Space Contemporary Arts, which specializes in creating large-scale puppetry, toured performance works, and spectacle theater projects. 

2. Music, Art, and Dance Education

Music, Art, and Dance Education

For children who love to move, you can also enroll them in Studio Arts Ballet, which holds an annual showcase of their student’s talents. It’s one of Adelaide’s oldest ballet schools. 

A nearby place is the LJR Dance Academy, which offers classes for jazz, pointe, hip hop, radar, and other dance types. 

There are learning opportunities for young musicians too. North Adelaide is home to the Elder Conservatorium of Music, which is one of the well-known tertiary music schools in South Australia. 

They’re connected globally with schools from Canada, Europe, the UK, and more. 

Here, students can learn composition, pedagogy, popular music, and others. They’re under the University of Adelaide, hence its prestige and funding. 

Those who lean more into other genres of music may prefer the ARMI Australian Rock & Metal Institute. It’s led by famous guitarists and vocalists with many years of experience in music. 

North Adelaide Recreation

North Adelaide has many to offer to relieve you of your work or school stress. May it be shopping centers, theaters, or pubs, the suburb has something for anyone. 

1. Pubs


First is the Kentish Hotel, which is notable for its quaint and comfortable space. The homey ambiance here always makes regulars feel at home. 

In terms of food and drink, they don’t disappoint either. Crowd favorites here include their lamb kofta, pan-fried saganaki, and the Kentish Sauvignon Blanc.

Next is the Caledonian Hotel, which has a rustic and elegant style that makes it perfect for date nights. Their specialties include schnitzels, filet steaks, and their large wine catalog. 

To accommodate different crowds, they have the Bar 219 made for casual drinking, a special kids menu, and the Bartons Restaurant for intimate evenings. 

Another pub with many regulars is the Queen’s Head Hotel, a restaurant that has been awarded multiple times by the South Australian Restaurant and Catering Awards. 

The hotel has a unique design made from brick and marble, most of which were sourced from Egypt. This exquisite design elevates the mood of your night. 

Next is the Royal Oak Hotel, which is the definition of an iconic bar, from its endearingly rugged exterior to its funky and indoor decor. It’s one of the oldest pubs in North Adelaide, and it caters to tourists and locals alike. 

The staff is highly accommodating and approachable when providing food and drink recommendations. Live entertainment, coffee, and music freely flow in the area. 

Lastly, The Archer is another favorite by many because of its great history, as seen in the unique architecture of its building. Built in 1849, it continues to be frequented by regulars because of its spacious beer garden and well-designed bar. 

They have a big balcony bar, which is why it is a favorite for cocktail parties. They also have a library, which houses books and paintings.

2. Shopping centers

Shopping centers

The main shopping center here is North Adelaide Village, which houses over 40 stores. It has an accessible location near major roads Regency Road and Prince Highway. 

Here, you can get your complete grocery needs, as they have a fruit shop and two supermarkets. Your food, beauty, and clothing needs will be met here too. 

The place has many parking spaces, which makes it a great place for hanging out. Lastly, the mall is very kid-friendly because it conducts events specifically for them. 

Another shopping center is the Brougham Plaza, which is newer and still growing. The atmosphere here is relaxed and pleasant. 

They have stores for fashion, food, beauty, and more. The shops are close to each other too, which makes everything more convenient to tour. 

3. Family-Friendly Spots

Family-Friendly Spots

One place frequented by swimming enthusiasts is the Adelaide Aquatic Center, which has three heated pools. It’s popular for those who want swimming classes, recreational swimming, and fitness classes. 

It also has a sauna, gym, and steam room. Open all year long (except for Christmas), the center is easily a great place to always visit. 

Children can also have fun at The Glover Playground, which is part of the National Heritage List. The place has a wide space and many kid-friendly attractions. 

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