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Eco-Adventure Exploring the Adelaide Park Lands Trail

Eco-Adventure: Exploring the Adelaide Park Lands Trail

The Adelaide Park Lands Trail is one of the best ways to explore Adelaide.

With an area spanning over 760 hectares and a distance of 19.5 km, this massive and lengthy urban park system will take you to our city’s best spots, like Glover North Playground!

And since we’re a team of supportive wanderers, we’ll help you explore the best Adelaide Park Lands Trail offers!

Map of the Adelaide Park Lands Trail

Top Spots in the Adelaide Park Lands Trail

Veale Gardens

Address: South Terrace, Adelaide, SA 5000

Operating Hours: Daily – Open 24 hours

The serene Greenhill and Peacock Roads border Veale Gardens, giving it a relaxing ambiance. This garden is full of plants, including 50 different rose varieties displayed in two rose beds—one featuring the majestic City of Adelaide rose.

Veale Gardens also offers several delightful walks through well-maintained landscapes, taking you past gardens with water features, shaded areas, and a charming greenhouse. 

Moreover, the Adelaide Pavilion restaurant and function center is within the gardens, providing a great spot to relax and savor the surroundings after your stroll.

Tip: Veale Gardens is family-friendly, with open spaces for kids to play and run around. Pack a picnic and make it a day of fun for the whole family.

Adelaide Botanic Garden

Address: North Terrace, Adelaide, SA 5000

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon to Fri – 7:15 am to 5:30 pm
  • Sat to Sun – 9 am to 5:30 pm

Adelaide Botanic Garden is another lush haven you can pass through by following the Adelaide Park Lands Trail. In this garden, you can explore the Australian Forest Walk and see the continent’s flora, such as wattles and banksias.

You may also wander through the Bicentennial Conservatory. 

It’s a massive glasshouse filled with fascinating global plant species. The plants here range from common shrubs to exotic plants like the magnificent Rafflesia arnoldii, the vibrant bird of paradise, and the rare and striking corpse flower.

If you’re into medicinal plants, head to the Garden of Health and discover the healing powers of nature. Additionally, you can swing by The First Creek Wetland, a tranquil trail with babbling brooks, singing lorikeets, and a whole lot of relaxation. 


  • Remember to stop by the stunning Palm House, an iconic Victorian glasshouse housing tropical wonders.
  • If you’re an art and history enthusiast, visit the Santos Museum of Economic Botany to see its captivating exhibits, which showcase a rich tapestry of botanical wonders and historical treasures.

Rymill Park / Murlawirrapurka Lake (Park 14)

Address: East Terrace, Adelaide, SA 5000

Operating Hours: Daily – 24 hours

Here’s what you need to check out at Rymill Park: First up, the star of the show—the lake! 

You can stroll around it and wave at the ducks doing their thing but don’t feed them anything, as it isn’t allowed. 

If you’re in the mood for post-walk snacks, this park has a kiosk and several BBQ grills. And the picnic facilities are top-notch, with rose beds and gum trees adding a dash of natural beauty. 

Got little ones in tow? No problem! The park also has playgrounds for them to go wild, and you can enjoy a chill picnic in the open spaces while you watch the action.


  • Try to visit this spot during the Adelaide Fringe. Rymill Park is the venue for the Fringe’s Gluttony, a buzzing event filled with music, arts, and—you guessed it—food.
  • The park features a bowling venue, so you can unleash your inner pro bowler and show those pins who’s boss!

GS Kingston Park / Wirrarninthi (Park 23) 

Address: West Terrace, Adelaide, SA 5000

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

The Adelaide Park Lands Trail won’t be complete the GS Kingston Park or Park 23. This park’s peaceful pathways that lead to the historic West Terrace Ceremony make it special. 

Furthermore, you can continue your journey to the Wirrarninthi Wetlands Interpretive Trail. Relish the wetland’s natural beauty while learning about the environment.

The park on West Terrace hosts a delightful playground for the little ones, providing a chance to unwind and enjoy playtime. Additionally, you can go to the nearby Edwards Park, another picturesque green space along the Adelaide Park Lands Trail.


  • Don’t miss the unique bronze animal statues of acclaimed sculptor Silvio Apponyi.
  • Join the Guided Walk hosted by Park Ambassador Ted Jennings and his son Nate Jennings. The walk offers a fascinating journey through the northern part of the park, including the West Terrace Cemetery.
  • Pass by the charming Kingston Gardens and its delightful rotunda if you need a break or have a hankering for roses. This spot also has picnic tables with chess boards.

Glover North Playground

Address: 62 Lefevre Terrace, North Adelaide, SA 5006

Hours: Daily – 24 hours

Glover North Playground (a.k.a. Helicopter Park and Glover North Play Space) is our kids’ go-to spot on the Adelaide Park Land Trail. It’s the perfect place for fun games and socialization, with expansive play spaces, slides, and swings.

In addition, the playground is eye candy. Its facilities pop with bright and playful reds, blues, and yellows. 

Kids also love this spot’s centerpiece, a helicopter slide doubling as a base for imaginative little ones! In addition, there are BBQ facilities for those who love a good cookout.


  • This playground is fully fenced, but we still advise keeping an eye out for your kiddos, especially since Glover North Playground is often jam-packed. 
  • Remember to bring sun protection, as this playground’s playing zone isn’t shady.

Bonython Park/Tulya Wardli 

Address:  Bonython Park, Port Rd, Adelaide, SA 5000

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon to Fri – 9:30 am to 4 pm
  • Sat to Sun – 9 am to 4 pm

Bonython Park is Adelaide’s largest of Adelaide’s urban parks, sprawling 17 hectares of green landscapes and a few ponds. It’s a popular picnicking spot, especially in summer, so prepare to meet multiple park-goers.

The park’s playground is teeming with fun play areas catering to all ages, with the big mouse wheel as a favorite. There are also climbing frames, swings, slides, and interactive play equipment.

For the older kids, there are challenging play structures like monkey bars and climbing nets. 


  • Have a picnic near the pond to see waterfowl like ducks and swans. Bonython Park is also home to some possums and lizards, but they’re harder to spot, particularly during peak hours.
  • Be mindful of events and activities at the park, as there might be special happenings during your visit.

Fun runs and color marathons are typical activities here, but you can also look forward to career expos and live music performances. 

  • Bonython Park is extremely cold at night. If you want to explore during this time, wear thick clothing.

Marshmallow Park

Address: Glen Osmond Rd, Adelaide, SA 5000

Operating Hours: Daily – 24 Hours

Marshmallow Park is a colorful, whimsical, and fun-field playground full of marshmallow-like equipment, hence the name. 

One of the park’s highlights is the thrilling climbing areas and multiple drinking fountains, ensuring you’ll stay hydrated throughout a fun day.

If you need a soothing break from exploring the Adelaide Park Lands Trail, you can cross the street and head to Adelaide Himeji Garden to unwind. The water play zone is also perfect for beating the heat, as it’s vast and shady, and has water pumps!

The multi-seated swings and wide slides are a big plus for our team, especially since we brought several munchkins during our visit!


  • Some of Marshmallow Park’s playing zones, like the taller climbing bars, might not be suitable for smaller kids. 
  • Marshmallow Park is dog-friendly, so bring your furry friends along for a walk or play. Remember to keep them leashed, as the playground is full of kids.
  • The colorful playground and vibrant surroundings make for great photo opportunities.
  • The park has grassy areas and walking paths, so wear comfortable shoes for walking and playing.

Pinky Flat

Address: War Memorial Dr, North Adelaide, SA 5006

Operating Hours: Daily – 24 hours

Pinky Flat is one of the top spots for ending your Adelaide Park Lands Trail exploration. This northern riverside park earned its name from a tiny marsupial called pingko bilby.  

The grassy open spaces provide ample room for picnics, running, cycling, and walking. 

In addition, you’ll love the boating opportunities here, as the park allows kayaking, canoeing, and cruises. Barbecuing is allowed, too, with electric grills found in the park’s eastern section.

Pinky Flat is also not as crowded as other parks on this trail. Moreover, most park-goers here prefer reading books, birdwatching, and picnicking over loud activities. 

The only downside is the lack of playgrounds and toilets.


  • The best time to visit Pinky Flat in Adelaide is spring when the weather is perfectly mild. The riverside paths are also lushier around this time, making the scenery more captivating.
  • Pinky Flat is known for music and food festivals, too. Schedule your visit during the festivities if you want a more energetic experience. 


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