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Work Hard and Play Harder Benefits of Working in Adelaide

Work Hard and Play Harder: Benefits of Working in Adelaide

Are you the type to grind hard and then play harder? Adelaide may just be the perfect city for you!

We Adelaideans enjoy great work-life balance. As the clock strikes past five, you can enjoy a drink at Henley Beach after a 20-minute drive!

If you’re considering Adelaide for your next career move, find out what makes the city such a big hit for workers!

1. Adelaide has a low cost of living!

1. Adelaide has a low cost of living!

Adelaide is one of the most affordable cities in Australia according to Savvy. This extends to both our median rental rates and the average prices of daily goods.

An overview of the cost of living in the city can be seen below. 

Average rates
Meal from an inexpensive restaurant$35.00
Fast food combo meal$14.80
Water bottle$3.32
Milk (1 L)$2.44
Chicken filets (1 kg)$13.17
One-way ticket$4.50
Monthly pass$110
Taxi starting rate$5
1 liter of gasoline$2.01
Basic utilities for the average apartment$445.33

2. Flexible Working Schedules

2. Flexible Working Schedules

Since the start of the pandemic, more Adelaide employers have been implementing flexible working schedules. According to ABC News, more than 40% of regular employees will be working from home in 2022!

While it depends on your industry, this schedule is doable in most workplaces. Having this flexibility lets you control your hours better.

Even better, as part of the “Secure Jobs, Better Pay” bill, it’s easier to demand flexible working arrangements if it suits the job!

3. It can be a way to get permanent residence

3. It can be a way to get permanent residence

Immigrants can obtain permanent residence in Adelaide by obtaining a skilled worker visa after working here for some time. 

The process is made easier through the South Australian state nomination visa, which simplifies the process for those who possess specific skills that are in demand in the state. 

The path to permanent residency involves improving English proficiency, gaining more work experience, and ensuring that all paperwork is properly completed.

Which occupations can be considered as skill workers in Adelaide?

Which occupations can be considered as skill workers in Adelaide

The occupations considered as skilled workers in Adelaide include

  • Farmers
  • Electrotechnology and telecommunications workers
  • Specialist managers
  • Food trades workers
  • Business and marketing professionals
  • Skilled animal and horticultural workers
  • Education professionals
  • Health and welfare support workers
  • Engineering and transport professionals
  • Protective service workers
  • ICT professionals
  • Sports and personal service workers
  • Legal, social, and welfare professionals
  • Office managers and program administrators
  • ICT and Science technicians
  • Sales representatives and agents
  • Automotive and engineering trades workers
  • Clerical and assistive positions
  • Construction trades workers

If your profession is listed here, Adelaide can be a great city for you! Refer to this website to see the specific positions available under these.

4. The work-life balance is great!

4. The work-life balance is great!

Given all the reasons stated above, it’s clear that work doesn’t dominate the schedules of Adelaideans. With less time dedicated to work, there’s more time for recreational activities!

After work, you can expect the following:

There are plenty of festivals!

There are plenty of festivals!

Adelaide has festivals almost every month. Whether you’re a foodie, a wine aficionado, or a theater geek, there’s always something for you!

Some of our most popular festivals include:

  • Illuminate Adelaide – Are you a fan of fancy light shows? Illuminate Adelaide is perfect for you, as it features some of the most stunning and technologically-advanced light shows down under!
  • Adelaide Fringe Festival – This festival is perfect for anyone who loves performances, may it be street singing, magic shows, cabaret shows, and more!
  • Santos Tour Down Under – This is the largest cycling event of South Australia. The best part is that you get to visit the different wineries of McLaren Vale, Barossa Valley, and the Adelaide Hills!
  • Tasting Australia – Foodies will have a great time trying the different dishes from different cuisines in this festival. Seafood, steaks, 5-star dishes, and more—you can taste everything here!
  • National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant – It may be strange to you, but we celebrate Christmas when it’s hot while wearing extravagant costumes! 

Personally, there’s no better way to celebrate the festive season in Adelaide than visiting this annual pageant held at the heart of Adelaide!

5. The city has fast transportation 

5. The city has fast transportation

According to Harvard Business Review, people worldwide spend at least 40 minutes on average commuting. The good news is that in Adelaide, traveling times are short (about 20–30 minutes!).

Even better is that Adelaide has great urban design, meaning that reaching entertainment areas such as the Adelaide Zoo, Henley Beach, Rundle Mall, theme parks, cafes, and more is very easy!

This is why it’s very easy to de-stress after work. Capping the day with a drink at the local pub with your friends is a breeze! 

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