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6 Best Places to Live in Adelaide for Families

6 Best Places to Live in Adelaide for Families 

The city of Adelaide is a gem for those searching for a place to raise a family. With thriving industries, captivating sceneries, diverse communities, safe suburbs, and beautiful locations—Adelaide will surely be a splendid haven of a home for your family.

In this article, we have listed the best places to live in Adelaide. Continue reading to find the area where you’ll build a utopia for your loved ones!

What are the most family-friendly areas in Adelaide?

Walkerville and Why It’s Perfect for Families 

Walkerville and Why It’s Perfect for Families
Photo courtesy of WalkervilleSA

Walkerville is one of the best places to raise a family because it offers many housing options and is close to the city center. 

Location Walkerville (SA 5081) lies northeast of the city center. It’s about 4 km from the Adelaide GPO.
Median Property Prices$371,500 for units, $1,570,000 for houses

In the suburbs of Walkerville, there are apartments, luxury homes, and townhouses. These housing options are close to premier private schools such as Walkerville Primary, St. Andrew’s School, Wilderness School, and St. Peter’s College.

Additionally, Walkerville’s proximity to the city is an advantage for families. If you live in Walkerville, you can easily get your daily necessities without traveling for hours. 

Here are additional pros of living in Walkerville.

Efficient Transport System

Even with traffic, you can get to the city from Walkerville in a mere 10 minutes!

This means that you’ll also swiftly reach other important places such as hospitals, grocery stores, and banks. 

The area is well-served by the public transport system too. Waiting for a bus is rarely an issue in Walkerville!

Walkerville has a community bus system that is free of charge. This is a door-to-door service that is given to residents who register for this program.

You can sign up for Walkerville’s Community Bus program in WalkervilleSA.

Growing Economy

Growing Economy
Photo courtesy of Bestec

According to WalkervilleSA, Walkerville’s business plan budget for 2022–2023 is $11,328,775—with $8,595,000 allocated for old and new capital projects.

With more than 100,000 jobs and about 30,000 registered enterprises, Walkerville is a suburb full of opportunities.

Small businesses are truly welcomed and supported in Walkerville as well. Local businesses like cafes and restaurants are predominant in the area.

Clean and Beautiful

The place is also exceptionally clean, safe, and quiet. Walkerville’s residents are very welcoming and friendly!

What we love most about Walkerville, though, are its beautiful infrastructures and locations. This suburb has magnificent Victorian houses and modern mansions.

Great Recreational Areas

Walkerville also has wonderful recreational areas like ovals and tennis courts. You can always break a sweat in these areas with your family!

The playgrounds in Walkerville are also tidy and safe! 

Kids will love the things they can play with in the Walkerville play zone. Plus, the view there is truly attractive!

Notable Places and Organizations in Walkerville

Bicycle & Cycling ClubsSouth Australian Bmx Association Inc ARPA Active Over 50s Cycling
Places of WorshipAnglican Church Of AustraliaCatholic Church 
Community Centers Payneham Community Centre Enfield Community Centre
Athletic Clubs Enfield Harriers Amateur Athletic Club Western Districts Athletics Club Inc
LibrariesProspect Public LibraryProspect Gallery 
Social ClubsReturned & Services League Prospect Petanque Club 
Local MarketsMariana Market Prove Supplements 
Local Government Organizations Robert Brokenshire MLC Local Government Association of South Australia 

Some Cons of Living in Walkerville

Here are a few negative feedbacks about Walkerville.

  • Rental prices for commercial establishments in Walkerville are really high. The range of the rental prices is around $73 per week to 823 per week.
  • Due to the high rental price, the suburb also has expensive goods. Most residents even think that it’s better to purchase necessities in the nearby city center.

Prospect and Why It’s Perfect for Families 

Prospect and Why It’s Perfect for Families
Photo courtesy of Prospect1838

Choosing Prospect as a place to live is a good decision because it has beautiful houses, a cordial community, and is close to the city’s amenities. 

Location Prospect (SA 5082) is located 5 km north of Adelaide’s center.
Median Property Prices$465,000 for units, $1,100,000 for houses

Prospect has elegant Edwardian and Victorian houses. The aesthetic quality of these homes gives Prospect a more sophisticated vibe.

The community of Prospect is also very welcoming. The residents of this suburb are often touted as some of the most amiable people in Adelaide!

Furthermore, Prospect is close to the city. 

Prospect is just 5 km away from Adelaide’s city center. This means that it’s near important institutions and amenities like schools, grocery stores, hospitals, etc. 

Beautiful Parks, Gardens, and Shops

The suburb of Prospect also has terrific parks and gardens. These unpolluted areas are ideal for strolls, bike rides, and relaxation. 

Near Tourist Attractions

Near Tourist Attractions
Photo courtesy of Viator

Prospect is also 20 mins away from some of Adelaide’s tourist attractions

These tourist destinations include Hallet Cove Glacier Hike, the Port Adelaide National Railway Museum, South Australian Aviation Museum, Adelaide Gaol, Mount Lofty, and the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. 

But for us, the best feature of this beautiful and safe place is its abundance of independent cafes, gourmet shops, and boutiques! Every corner of Prospect is Instagrammable! 

Notable Places and Organizations in Prospect

Places of WorshipBlacktown Church of Christ Saint Marks Coptic Catholic Church
Community Centers Toongabbie NeighbourhoodCottage Blacktown Community Services
Athletic Clubs Winston Hills Athletic Centre
LibrariesBlacktown City Libraries Blacktown City Council
Social ClubsWorkers Sports Workers Blacktown
Local MarketsBlacktown Markets (1 km away)Herbalife – Ann Hyde
Local Government OrganizationsBlacktown City Council Holroyd City Council

Some Cons of Living in Prospect

Here are a few negative feedbacks about living in Prospect.

  • The major gripe concerning Prospect is its slow maintenance. Many residents have complained about the road preservation in Prospect. 
  • Streets are also frequently blocked in this suburb. Residents have also complained about old traffic signs and parking spaces that need to be renovated.
  • Some residents have also complained about the number of ants in the area. 

Burnside and Why It’s Perfect for Families 

Burnside and Why It’s Perfect for Families
Photo courtesy of BurnSideSA

Burnside is one of the best places for your family to live in because it’s picturesque and peaceful. 

Location Burnside (SA 5066) is 7.5 km east of the Adelaide city center by road. It stretches from the Adelaide Parklands into the Adelaide foothills.
Median Property Prices$540,500 for units, $1,365,000 for houses

The suburb of Burnside is famous for its enchanting tree-line avenues, period architecture, and well-protected reserves. We say enchanting because going for a walk or drive there feels magical! 

Burnside is also free from the hustle and bustle of the city. This suburb is about 7.5 km away from Adelaide’s city center, so it’s very serene!

Below are additional reasons why you should live in Burnside.

Low Number of Criminal Offenses 

Out of all the places on this list, Burnside has the lowest number of criminal offenses. The data of South Australian officials shows that from 2018–2023, there were only 205 cases of criminal offenses in this area.

Premier Schools

Like the other places on this list, Burnside is also close to premier schools. 

Some of the best schools near Burnside are the Burnside Primary School, St. Peter’s Collegiate Girl’s School, Pembroke School, Seymour College, and many more!

Beautiful Reserves, Hills, and Beaches

Beautiful Reserves, Hills, and Beaches
Photo courtesy of WalkingSA

As stated before, Burnside is also known for its well-protected reserves. 

Some of the most famous reserves found in Burnside are the Langman Recreation Reserve, Willowbridge Reserve, Hubbe Court Reserve, and Alan E Cousin Reserve.

In our opinion, the most alluring aspect of Burnside is how close it is to the Adelaide Hills and beaches. 

When you’re in Burnside, you’re just 15 minutes away from the blooming wine region found in the Adelaide Hills

In the Adelaide Hills, you can see the vineyards where sought-after classics like the Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir are grown and made!

Burnside is 25 minutes away from the majestic coastlines of Adelaide too. We would strongly recommend going for a stroll or bike ride on these beaches!

Notable Places and Organizations in Prospect

Bicycle & Cycling ClubsSouth Australian Bmx Association Inc ARPA Active Over 50s Cycling Group
Places of WorshipBurnside Christian Church Catholic Church
Community Centers Burnside Community Centre Community Business Bureau
Athletic Clubs United Collegians Athletic Club Inc Clubroom Hills District Athletics Club Inc.
LibrariesBurnside Library Norwood Library
Social ClubsBurnside Tennis Club Zonta International 
Local MarketsGilles Street Market Proven Supplements
Local Government Organizations Local Government Association of South Australia Great Start

Some Cons of Living in Burnside

Listed below are some of the complaints about living in Burnside.

  • Burnside is an expensive place to live in. As stated before, the median prices of properties in Burnside range from $540,500 for units to $1,365,000 for houses.
  • Nightlife is non-existent in this suburb. This suburb does not suit those who want a livelier area to live in, especially younger people.

Springfield and Why It’s Perfect for Families 

Springfield and Why It’s Perfect for Families
Photo courtesy of RealEstate

Springfield is becoming a popular place to live in Adelaide because of its 

affordability and stunning views. 

LocationSpringfield (SA 5062) is located in the foothills of the Mount Lofty Ranges, around 8 km (5.0 mi) southeast of the Adelaide city center.
Median Property Prices$325,000 for houses in non-major towns, $650,000 for houses near Metropolitan Adelaide.

As seen in the table above, Springfield’s housing prices are lower compared to most of the suburbs on this list. This makes Springfield a suitable residence for young adults with budding careers and families.

Springfield is renowned for its view of the Adelaide Hills and Adelaide Plains too. These spots are desirable bonding zones!

We recommend taking your loved ones for a stroll or jogging up the Adelaide Hills. The Adelaide Plains, on the other hand, have exemplary biking trails!

The leafy areas of this suburb are also perfect for families wanting to reside in a greener and cleaner place. Despite its proximity to the city center, the leafy environment of Springfield gives the suburb a dose of fresh air.

If you need more details on why Springfield is a great place for your loved ones, just check the additional pros below.

Near the City Center

Springfield is only 16 mins away from the city if you take Fullarton Rd/B28 and Glen Osmond Rd. This means that it’s near important establishments. 

The public transport system in this suburb is also efficient and quick. We never waited for the bus for more than 10 mins while in Springfield!

Prestigious Schools

There are many prestigious schools in Springfield too. Some of these schools include Westside Christian College, St Augustine’s College (Augustine Heights, QLD), Springfield Central State School, and Augusta State School.

Carrick Hill

Carrick Hill
Photo courtesy of InDaily

Moreover, Springfield is close to Carrick Hill—a publicly accessible historic property at the foot of the Adelaide Hills. 

Your loved ones will love strolling in Carrick Hill’s stylish manor, cafes, and gardens. This establishment in Springfield also has the Children’s Story Book Trail!

Found in the parklands of Carrick Hill, the Children’s Story Book Trail is designed for an enjoyable and imaginative exploration. Along the trail, you and your loved ones can see landmarks and characters from delightful tales!

Some of these literary landmarks and characters include Hobbiton, the home of Bilbo from The Hobbit and Wilbur, the pig from Charlotte’s Web!

Notable Places and Organizations in Springfield

Bicycle & Cycling ClubsSturt Marion Holdfast Cycling Club Bicycle Institute Of South Australia
Places of WorshipAnglican Church Of Australia Baptist Churches of South Australia
Community Centers Fullarton Park Centre Denman Community Centre
Athletic Clubs United Collegians Athletic Club Inc Clubroom Hills District Athletics Club Inc.
LibrariesMitcham Council Fullarton Park Library 
Social ClubsReturned & Services League Kingswood Sports & Social Club
Local MarketsAdelaide Showground Farmers Market  Gilles Street Market 
Local Government Organizations Local Government Association of South Australia Great Star

Some Cons of Living in Springfield

Listed below are some of the cons of living in the suburb of Springfield. 

  • Although Springfield is generally quiet, residents have noticed how overcrowded it is. 

Springfield’s popularity attracted new residents. A 2021 census revealed that Springfield has a population of 35,797 people. 

It currently has the highest population on this list.

  • The high population of Springfield can make job-hunting a little bit harder. You’ll have several competitors in this area. 

The prominent industries in the area include technology and innovation, corporate offices, advanced manufacturing, data centers, distribution and logistics, and call centers.

Brompton and Why It’s Perfect for Families 

Brompton and Why It’s Perfect for Families
Photo courtesy of GlamAdelaide

Brompton is ideal for families to live in because of its artistic vibe and convenient location and railway systems.

Location Brompton (SA 5007) is an inner-northern suburb of Adelaide, South Australia. It’s situated in the City of Charles Sturt.
Median Property Prices $572,000 for units, $676,000 for houses.

Brompton is an art sanctuary for artsy families. Its bohemian-style establishments are charming and interesting.  

In the suburb of Brompton, you’ll see magnificent character homes, cottages, and maisonettes. Maintenance of these infrastructures is also affordable.

You can also experiment with the type and color of paint that you’ll cover your artsy house with!

Your loved ones will definitely be engaged in the arts while living in this area too. Aside from Brompton’s artistic architecture and street artworks, there are also numerous art schools in the area.  

The most famous art schools in Brompton are BAPëA Art School & Studios, Blip Art School, and Adelaide Art Outside.

We suggest taking a lesson or two with your loved ones in one of these artistic establishments. Your family’s imagination and creativity will definitely shine if you do so! 

Brompton is also a part of railway systems that span across Adelaide. 

These railway systems make traveling from Brompton to the city conveniently fast! For example, if you take the Adelaide Metro, you can get from Brompton to the city in just four minutes!

This makes shopping more efficient and quicker. You and your kids will never be late for work and school too!

Aside from the previous reasons, here are more noteworthy features of Brompton.

Clean and Green Parks 

Brompton is praised for its clean and green parks. The Brompton Green Playground and Reserve, for example, attracts a lot of people because of its cleanliness and natural beauty.

This makes Brompton a suitable bonding spot. You’ll get to connect with your loved ones easily if you take them on a picnic date in one of Brompton’s parks or reserves.

Close to the Adelaide Beaches

Also, the suburb of Brompton is close to the beaches of Adelaide. In just about 14 mins of travel time from Brompton, you’ll get to witness the beauty of Adelaide’s coastlines.

Its closeness to the beaches of Adelaide makes Brompton not just an ideal home but also a fitting vacation destination!


Photo courtesy of Mab

Moreover, Brompton is heralded as one of the fastest-developing suburbs in Adelaide. The community leaders of Brompton seek to improve and modernize the infrastructure of the suburb.

Last December 2022, the development agreement for the former Brompton Gasworks site was ratified. The deal promises over half a billion dollars of investment.

The key highlights of this deal are the following:

  • Construction of more than 800 new homes made up of approximately 200 townhouses and 600 apartments
  • Restoration of former Gasworks structures with an average of 190 South Australian construction jobs supported per year
  • Around 1.5 hectares of high-quality, publicly accessible open space for people to relax, meet, exercise, and play
  • Seamless integration with the existing Bowden project, including open space connections, bike paths, and walkways that connect with Adelaide’s Green Way network

The good thing is that, despite the modernization, old dwellings are still maintained. This shows that Brompton’s people care about the historical institutions in the area. 

The suburb of Brompton is also becoming a residential hotspot. Its growth in population is an indicator that it might become an up-and-coming force in the business world. 

Brompton is gradually turning into a hotbed of major establishments like cafes, restaurants, fitness parks, and hotels too!

Suffice it to say, Brompton’s future is bright and beautiful!

Notable Places and Organizations in Brompton

Bicycle & Cycling ClubsARPA Active Over 50s Cycling Group Bicycle SA 
Places of WorshipAustralian Christian Churches Branches Churches 
Community Centers Bowden Brompton Community Centre The Arch Paterson Community Centre
Athletic Clubs Western Districts Athletics Club Inc Enfield Harriers Amateur Athletic Club
LibrariesNorth Adelaide Public Library Prospect Public Library
Social ClubsCzechoslovak Club In S.A. Incorporated Scandinavian Association Of S.A. Inc.
Local MarketsBrickworks Markets & Leisure Complex Business Bridging Australia
Local Government Organizations Education Adelaide Robert Brokenshire MLC 

Con of Living in Brompton

Brompton’s closeness to the city makes it a bit noisier compared to the other places on this list.

Henley Beach and Why It’s Perfect for Families

Henley Beach and Why It’s Perfect for Families
Photo courtesy of Urban

Henley Beach is the best place for families that want to experience the serenity and relaxation of the seaside lifestyle. 

Location Henley Beach (SA 5022) is a seaside suburb that is 10 km away from the city center. Henley Beach is located in the City of Charles Sturt.
Median Property Prices$525,000 for units, $1,374,000 for houses.

Despite its proximity to the CBD (just 10 km away), it feels like it’s in an entirely different paradise. We can guarantee that your loved ones will enjoy the “summer vacation” vibe this seaside enclave gives.

Here are some of the other major reasons why Henley Beach can be the ideal home for you and your loved ones.

Beautiful Beaches

The beauty of Henley Beach is accentuated by crystal-calm waters and white shorelines. The clean beaches attract swimmers, kite surfers, and paddle boarders!

The coastlines with powder-like sand, on the other hand, fascinate tourists and locals alike. People love to rest, dine, and stroll on the fine-grained shorelines of Henley Beach—making it a feasible leisure and business area. 

Vibrant Cafe Scene

Vibrant Cafe Scene
Photo courtesy of HenleyBeach

In these shorelines, you’ll also see the main drawcard of Henley Beach. The suburb of Henley Beach is well-known for its vibrant cafe scene that embodies the surfie or beach lifestyle. 

This cafe and beach scene opened up the doors of opportunity to many of Henley Beach’s residents. 

Along with the rows of cafes, there are also seafood restos, ice cream parlors, pubs, and fish and chip shops on the shorelines of Henley Beach.

Growing Economy

The seaside lifestyle made the economy of the place prosperous. This means that Henley Beach has a bright future ahead of it, and so do the residents dwelling on this gem of a place.

In fact, according to Microburbs, 46% of Henley Beach’s residents are earning around $1,000 per week, while around 12% of the total population is earning $2,000 dollars per week. 

The average income in the area is $1,073 per week, and the entirety of Henley Beach has an affluence score of 9/10.

Beautiful and Laid-back Beaches

The place also becomes almost like an enticing work of art during sunsets and sunrises. During these times, the sun gives the beaches of this suburb a captivating faint glow worthy of a thousand camera snaps!

Due to its location, it’s also free from the boisterous and polluted city. Retirees often praise Henley Beach for its quiet (yet friendly) atmosphere and fresh seaside air.

What makes Henley Beach so special for us is how everything feels distinctly laid-back there, even during its busiest hours.

Prestigious Schools

Just like the other places on this list, Henley Beach also has prestigious schools in its proximity. Some of the notable schools in Henley Beach are St. Michael’s College, Star of the Sea School, Henley Beach Primary School, and St. Francis School.

Close to the City Center

Another positive side of living in Henley Beach is its closeness to the city. Despite its more tropical aesthetic, Henley Beach is still technically very near the CBD. 

Within 10–15 minutes, you can already reach the amenities of the city center from Henley Beach.

Diverse Housing Options and Friendly Residents

Henley Beach also offers diverse housing options. This seaside paradise has modern houses, classic villas, charming bungalows, and affordable apartment units

Residents in Henley Beach are also kind and welcoming. Adjusting there is not an issue at all!

If you’re a new settler or tourist, they’ll greet you with pleasantries while smiling genuinely. They also love to crack jokes from time to time so you’ll definitely have fun socializing.

Pet-Friendly Policies

In our opinion, the most underrated features of Henley Beach are its pet-friendly policies and safety.

As long as your pets are trained well, you’ll be allowed to take them for seaside strolls.

Your security is also given importance in Henley Beach. 

There are many law enforcers watching over the area. In fact, the crime rate in Henley Beach is low. 

According to the crime statistics gathered by FindmyRate, in 2022, there was an 8% decrease (-28 incidents) in total criminal incidents compared to the previous year.

Notable Places and Organizations in Henley Beach

Bicycle & Cycling ClubsPort Adelaide District Cycling Club Findon Skid Kids 
Places of WorshipCatholic Church St Michael & All Angels’ Anglican Church
Community Centers Reedbeds Community Centre Sex Industry Network (S.A.SIN)
Athletic Clubs West Lakes Triathlon ClubPort Adelaide Athletic Club Inc
LibrariesAdelaide Theological Library Charles Sturt Library Service 
Social ClubsReturned & Services League Henley Surf Life Saving Club 
Local MarketsCommunity Meditation Discount Supplement Warehouse Pty Ltd 
Local Government Organizations Australian Maritime Safety Authority Skills For All

Some Cons of Living in Henley Beach

Listed below are some of the minor cons of residing in Henley Beach.

  • Due to it being a tourist spot, it can get overcrowded. Although relatively peaceful, you’ll see a lot of people in Henley Beach.
  • Some residents have complained about Henley Beach being overdeveloped. The modernization of Henley Beach, according to some residents, has stained its once-natural beauty.
  • And, of course, Henley Beach is not a good choice for those who want a drier place to live.

Significant Stats to Consider

Below, we compare the stats of all the suburbs on this list. The data and numbers were acquired from detailed address scorers, Microburbs and FindMyRates.

PlacePopulationNumber of Nearby Health CentersNumber of Nearby SchoolsNumber of Nearby StoresPercentage of Leafy AreasConnectivityMedian Price (units and houses, respectively)3-Year Investor GrowthCriminal Offenses (2018-2022)
Walkerville8,091893218243%Very fast$371,500$1,570,0007.04%903
Prospect22,497952798421%Very Fast$465,000$1,100,0004.91%3787
Burnside3,0608315410087%Very Fast$540,500$1,365,000 17.84%205
Springfield35,79794127132100%Slow-Very Slow$325,000$650,000 13.42%1732
Brompton3,7299628710069%Fast-Very Fast$572,000$676,0007.04%1619
Henley Beach6,25912936713439%Fast-Very Fast$525,000$1,374,0007.04%1486

FAQs about the Best Places in Adelaide for Families 

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