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A Quick Guide to Henley Beach

A Quick Guide to Henley Beach

Henley Beach is a great location to visit if you’re touring Adelaide. With its proximity to the city, it can easily be a part of your trip’s itinerary. 

There are many activities you can do here, including paddling, fishing, sunbathing, and swimming. It’s a great spot for photography because of its majestic view of the sunset.

If you’re looking for an accessible and tourist-friendly spot, Henley Beach is the spot for you. Here, we’ll guide you through the different hangout spots, activities, and restaurants nearby. 

Henley Beach Restaurants

Henley Beach is filled with many restaurants. It’s vibrant night and day, and the sea’s calming breeze is the cherry on top. 

1. Seamores


Location: 255 Esplanade, Henley Beach SA 5022, Australia

Website: http://seamores.com.au/

Bestsellers: Beer-battered fish and chips, grain salad

When it comes to a beach restaurant experience, a visit to Seamores is a must. Its exterior is immediately recognizable because of its retro inspiration.

This aesthetic also extends to its comfortable and sunlight-filled interior. Inspired by surf clubs, it’s wide and ready for a party with its DJ booth and dance floor! 

There’s abundant space in the area, especially in its roomy balcony. All-in-all, the place can house more than 250 people. 

A view of the ocean accompanies you as you dine on their comfortable couches. It has leather seats and plenty of space for many people. 

Their specialty is their beer-battered fish and chips that’s especially delicious after a long swim. Their pizza and cocktail duo is also a crowd favorite! 

We like the variety of their finger foods. Our favorites include their house focaccia, polenta fries, and truffle arancini. 

In line with their Italian food inspiration, their choices of wines contain many imported Italian ones. Completing your meal is their inspired selection of cocktails which are mostly special twists of classics. 

While a car wash may be necessary after driving past the view, spending lunch or dinner in the area is highly worth it.

2. Bacchus Bar

Bacchus Bar

Location: 253 Esplanade, Henley Beach SA 5022, Australia

Website: https://bacchusbar.com.au/

Bestsellers: Calamari, cocktails

Bacchus Bar easily gets lively (and loud) on the weekends. If this is more of your vibe, it’s definitely recommended for you. 

It has a great view of the beach made possible by its large open space. From here, you can see the people hanging out on the beach jetty. 

There are many DJ sessions regularly held here, and they take care of the regulars well by bringing out snacks and quick bites as you dance the night away.

One of the most visited events in the bar is Latin at Bacchus. Held every second Sunday of the month, this event provides free dance lessons for those interested. 

Bacchus Bar primarily serves Spanish-inspired cuisine. Their bestsellers include calamari, oysters, and beef salads. 

Dessert is affordable and tasty here. Their choices for gelato match many palates, and they include coconut, vanilla, salted caramel, and cookies and cream.

Completing the experience is their friendly servers. You can visit the beach in between snacks and quick bites easily. 

3. Hnly


Location: 253A Seaview Rd, Henley Beach SA 5022, Australia

Website: https://hnly.com.au/

Bestsellers: Champagnes, white wines

Hnly is a very iconic restaurant in Henley’s seaside, both for its branding and architecture. The restaurant is owned by renowned restaurateurs Peter Louca, George Kasimatis, and Angela Papas. 

It has a great view of the lively Henley Square, making it a great spot day and night. It has a classy European interior that’s accentuated with limestone and clean lines.

This is partnered with a Mediterranean menu, with their best offerings including oysters, anchovies, and mussels. These are South Australian-sourced, which makes every bite fresh. 

Aside from this, their dessert choices are delectable, with choices including rhubarb tarts, boozy tiramisu, and lemon sorbet. 

Drinking their sherry-dessert-fortified wines is a delight, especially while watching the sunset view. It also helps that the ambiance here is always calm and hushed. 

They have offerings from local winemakers, including 23rd Street Distillery, Ambleside Distillers, and 78 Degrees Distillery.

4. Estia Restaurant

Estia Restaurant

Location: 255 Seaview Rd, Henley Beach SA 5022, Australia

Website: https://www.estia.com.au/

Bestsellers: Greek dips, salads

Estia lets you have a fabulous Greek experience, complete with a beach view, meze-style of dining, and a Mediterranean-inspired interior. 

They’re recognized by Tripadvisor and National Savour Australia as one of the best European restaurants in South Australia. 

With such accolades, they are an easy choice for those looking for a premier experience.

Meals are hearty and especially mouth-watering because of the complimentary sea breeze. You’ll get service with a smile from their cheery servers and chef to complete the experience. 

The best part is that their prices are surprisingly affordable considering the size of their servings. Here, you can try different Greek appetizers, such as pita, dips, Kalamata olives, and Kolokithi.

We especially liked their croquettes and calamari, as they have just the right crispiness and oiliness. When dipped in special sauces like htipiti and taramosalata, every palate will be satisfied. 

The restaurant is an excellent place for functions, as its packages are all-inclusive and provide many food and beverages. 

The place is great for morning and lunch dates because of its sunny ambiance. With popping and vibrant colors from flowers, your day can be extra memorable.

5. Joe’s Henley Beach

Joe's Henley Beach

Location: Esplanade, Henley Beach SA 5022, Australia

Website: https://joeshenley.com.au/

Bestsellers: Breakfast buns, fried pawn, cocktails

Joe’s Henley Beach boasts a spectacular design that instantly makes it Instagram-worthy. The view of the sea is always visible from its large windows

If you want to feel the sea breeze, they’ve got the perfect outdoor dining spot. It’s decorated with a 50s-inspired aesthetic, complete with stripes, pastel colors, and clean lines. 

Their food is especially good for breakfast and lunch, with their bestsellers being their juicy breakfast buns and fish and chips. 

Many regulars love their soft-shelled tacos, as they have generous servings of avocado, cheese, and salsa. This, partnered with their beers, can make your trip to the beach worth it. 

Vegetarians will also love their mixed leaf salad, as it’s always fresh and comes with a good amount of dressing. 

And of course, those who want extra zest to match the bright sun will be boosted with their coffee. It has a distinct brew that has the right balance of bitter and sweet. 

Finally, they’ve received rave reviews for their smashed avocado. Its mix of poached egg, lemon, and heirloom tomatoes elevates its taste. 

What to Do in Henley Beach

Henley Beach is the perfect blend of convenient spots for lounging and for energetic activities. 

If you’ve recharged after taking a bite from the nearby restaurants, now is the time to stroll around and try the different activities here.

6. Visit Henley Square

Visit Henley Square

Henley Square is what’ll greet you upon entering the area. With its vibrant lighting, modern architecture, and spacious area, it’s a very family-friendly area. 

Built as one of the community precincts, it’s a recreational venue that has offerings for almost all guests. They have spaces for families, couples, and tourists.

In line with this, the square has more than 20 specialty shops. They have everything, from salons, burger shops, and medicine. 

To freshen up after a dip, you can try the beach showers placed nearby. In addition, it’s complete with toilets, free seating, and a bike path. 

The square has many events regularly held here. From spring to winter, there’s never a dull moment with its community. 

You can get an amazing view of the St. Vincent Gulf through the nearby well-designed jetty. It’s especially charming at night because of the lights that decorate it. 

7. Marine Discovery Centre

Marine Discovery Centre

To get in touch with the wildlife of the area, you should try visiting the Marine Discovery Centre. Founded in 1997, it’s equal parts interesting and informational. 

It has been continuously redeveloped and modernized for better environmental education. As it teaches visitors, it also helps in promoting sustainability in the area.

Children will have a great time visiting it. From aquariums to virtual reality gadgets and more, a trip here is one filled with many activities. 

To make visitors’ experience more informative, they’ve prepared modules and activity sheets. 

Aside from this, it’s a popular spot for corporate team building, class trips, and private booking. Rates for group tours aren’t bad either, so we highly recommend it. 

One of the most fascinating things you can do here is to buy a creature from them. While you won’t get to take them home, you can give them a unique name and visit them regularly. 

Finally, if you live nearby, the area is a great place to regularly volunteer in. If you’re passionate about marine life and eco-conversation, this might be your next favorite spot! 

Here, you can help with cleaning the facilities. You’ll get to know the different equipment and wildlife here in no time.

8. Swimming and Paddling

Swimming and Paddling

Henley Beach is clean and safe to swim in, which is why it’s a tourist spot during the summer season. You’ll feel safe because of the adequate patrol period in the area. 

In between swimming, you can try paddling and surfing too. The place is never too crowded, making it a great place to visit no matter the month. 

As we’ve seen earlier, it’s easy to take a bite in between dips in case you feel hungry. There’s always something to do while in the area.

Lastly, there are many events regularly held in the area, such as New Year’s Day celebrations. You can also join the swimming groups that frequently visit the area. 

Hotels and Accommodation near Henley Beach

Planning to rest near sunny St. Vincent Gulf? These hotels can relax you as you take in the great view of Henley Beach.

9. Ramsgate Hotel

Ramsgate Hotel

Location: 328 Seaview Rd, Henley Beach SA 5022, Australia

Website: https://www.ramsgatehotel.com.au/

Ramsgate Hotel is a few steps from Henley Square. It has been around since 1897, and its picturesque architecture accentuated by dark colors immediately makes it stand out.

Their bar has a great variety of drinks, from wheat beer to ales, ciders, and more. There are many regulars, and the vibe here is hospitable and welcoming.

With fresh seafood, fries, and sandwiches, everyone will have fun in the area. They regularly have acoustic and electronic music nights too. 

But the main selling point of the area is its great view and atmosphere. It’s an amazing place both for family getaways and night dates. 

It has a total of 18 rooms, all of which have a deluxe King Koil bed. It has complete facilities, such as Wi-Fi, ventilation, social spaces, and more. 

Each room is designed with a modern style and accentuated with modern lighting and vibrant paintings. 

10. Lockleys Hotel

Lockleys Hotel

Location: 493 Henley Beach Rd, Fulham SA 5024, Australia

Website: https://lockleyshotel.com.au/

Lockleys Hotel has a modern cozy feel that can attract younger tourists. Its proximity to both the beach and Adelaide airport makes it a great visit. 

It’s complete in terms of function rooms, food and drinks, gaming, and dining room. The ambiance here is relaxed and comfortable.

Speaking of function rooms, they have many. They include a fireplace, lounge bar, beer garden, and cafe, all of which are priced reasonably. 

The regular crowd here is friendly and warm. Tourists can easily drop in during game or music nights. 

In addition, their staff is friendly and generous when it comes to food servings. This, partnered with their affordable rates, makes them a great choice for those on a budget. 

Finally, their rooms are cozy and clean. They can accommodate couples, groups, and families. 

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