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8 Best Restaurants to Eat Lunch in Adelaide

8 Best Restaurants to Eat Lunch in Adelaide

From delectable delicacies that celebrate Australia’s multiculturality to beloved cuisines that cater to all types of diets—Adelaide’s incredible restaurants are crave-worthy!

In this article, we’ll let you get a taste of the gastronomic gems that Adelaide is cooking for lunch. Loosen your belt buckles and sample your way to the city’s finest lunchtime restaurants! 

Best Restaurants for Long Lunches

We’ve rounded up the best restaurants to eat long lunches in Adelaide for your next “middle of the day” foodie getaway!


Photo courtesy of Concubine
Why You Should Eat Lunch Here: Lunch at Concubine is a must-try because of the restaurant’s masterful combination of Australian ingredients and authentic Asian cuisine.  

Concubine dishes out the best well-kept culinary secrets of Asia. There, you can delight yourself with their beloved and best-selling entrees of flavorful noodles, tasty baos, and saporous shallot cakes!

The restaurant has a “fine dining” feel to it. It’s opulently lit by Chinese lanterns while the tables are covered with ironed-flat tablecloths. 

Concubine also offers variety in terms of the rooms where you can eat. 

If you go for their banquet promos, you can eat downstairs where long tables are placed. The upstairs rooms, on the other hand, are designed for more intimate occasions.

Location132 Gouger Street, Adelaide
Schedule of Serving LunchFridays 12-2 pm
Special DietsVegetarian  Gluten-Free
FeaturesTakeoutReservationsPrivate DiningHighchairs AvailableWheelchair AccessibleServes AlcoholFull BarAccepts Credit CardsTable Service
Type of DishesAsian with Australian Ingredients
Best-SellersBeijing Shallot PancakesSan Choi BaoPad Thai Kung Pao ChickenSweet and Sour pork

Fino Vino

Fino Vino
Photo courtesy of GlamAdelaide
Why You Should Eat Lunch Here: Treating yourself to lunch at Fino Vino is a delight, as the food there perfectly captures the sought-after flavor of Italian cuisine. 

There’s an adage in the culinary world that says, “In Italy, they add work and life on to food and wine.” Fino Vino embodies this saying by serving Italian food that explodes with the flavor of life with every bite

Be transported to the luxurious restaurants and wine cellars of Italy with every bite of Fino Vino’s must-tries that include the classic charred sourdough focaccia, seared venison, and a glass of the decadent Fino Vino wine.

With a design that is inspired by boutique restaurants in Milan, Fino Vino’s interior also adds up to the authentic Italian dining experience. The design allures restaurant-goers with an elegant setup that is also backed up by sweet music.

Location82 Flinders Street, Adelaide
Schedule of Serving LunchWednesdays-Fridays 12 pm
Special DietsNone 
Type of DishesItalianAustralian
Best-SellersCharred Sourdough Focaccia Rocco’s Giardiniera Jamón SerranoChocolate Tokay Truffle 4Crema Catalana

SoUrban BBQ

SoUrban BBQ
Photo courtesy of FoodCentral
Why You Should Eat Lunch Here: SoUrban BBQ is a must-try restaurant for barbecue lovers because the restaurant offers a Bottomless Brunch promo that lets you eat a variety of slow-cooked meat dishes for two hours straight!

Adelaide has many brunch restaurants, but the endless slow-cooked beef and Korean fried chicken of SoUrban BBQ’s Bottomless Brunch promo is a different experience. 

As you feast, you can also sip your way to two hours of Mimosas, Bellini, and Aperol Spritz!

Aside from the variety of meat dishes you can have in SoUrban BBQ, you’ll also get a taste of Korea’s traditional cuisines. Some of the Korean food you’ll get to order there are bibimbap, Korean dumplings, and of course, the famous Korean fried chicken!

Additionally, the restaurant’s modern design is an ideal place to take photos while waiting for the meat to be cooked!

Location397 King William Street, Adelaide
Schedule of Bottomless Brunch PromoEvery 3rd week Saturday in every month – 11:30 am – 1:30 pm or 2 pm – 4 pm
Special DietsVegetarianGluten-Free
FeaturesReservationsPet-FriendlyWireless InternetTakeawayDelivery
Type of DishesPub-StyleAsianKorean
Best-SellersSlow-Cooked BeefPulled Pork CiabattaKorean Fried ChickenPulled Mango SaladPulled Bulgogi Burger


Photo courtesy of TheCityLane 
Why You Should Eat Lunch Here: Eating lunch at Africola should be on your “to-do” list because the food they serve there is bursting with the flavors of exotic African spices.

Africola’s modern take on African dishes is every foodie’s dream. 

From cauliflower steak covered in tahini sauce and spiced butter to crispy eggplant served with chili and shallot jam, the restaurant will surely take your taste buds to a gastronomic paradise.

The spices really create a flavor that is the perfect balance of sweetness, spiciness, saltiness, and sourness! The energy of the food also extends to the restaurant’s interior design.

Africola’s eclecticism is amplified by vibrant dining rooms. The place looks very hip (some even call it the “rock ‘n roll restaurant” due to its energetic design) while maintaining very professional service.

Location4 East Terrace, Adelaide 
Schedule of Serving LunchDue to the place’s popularity, the schedule will depend on the agreed time of reservation.
Special DietsVegetarianGluten-FreeHalal Options
FeaturesAlfresco DiningBarTakeaway
Type of DishesAfrican
Best-SellersPeri Peri ChickenCharcoal Short RibRaw Kingfish Preserved SeaweedWagyu Rump Cap

Adelaide’s Best Restaurants for Fast Lunches

Adelaide’s Best Restaurants for Fast Lunches
Photo courtesy of GlamAdelaide

We understand that your time is gold and have listed the best restaurants in Adelaide for a swift middle-of-the-day chowtime! Dig into Adelaide’s finest quick but tremendously delicious lunch treats!

Abbots and Kinney

Abbots and Kinney
Photo courtesy of AbbotsandKinney
Why You Should Eat Lunch Here: You should add Abbots and Kinney to your next lunch destination because the food there is quickly prepared and served without sacrificing the exceptional flavor of Australian dishes and French pastries.

We think “fast but finely prepared with love” is a great description of Abbots and Kinney’s service. With inventive pastries and tried-and-tested dishes to-go, the restaurant will surely fill you up during the lunchtime rush hour.

You’ll also be delighted by the accommodating and professional staff there. They make sure that their job is flawless while maintaining a friendly and gleeful attitude toward the guests.

Oftentimes, they will even ask the guests’ opinions on their service and the food. They do this to ensure that the restaurant-goers are satisfied with their food and service, and they’ll even serve you French pastries after giving them your take on the cafe!

Location78 Pirie Street, Adelaide
Special DietsVegetarian
Type of DishesAustralianFrenchCafe-Style
Best-SellersTwice Baked Berry BreadTwice Baked Almond BreadFrozen Chocolate CroissantAssorted Large PastriesToasted SourdoughBacon City Rollers

Chicken and Pig

Chicken and Pig
Photo courtesy of UberEats
Why You Should Eat Lunch Here: Chicken and Pig is the ideal place for meat and salad lovers who don’t want to wait for a long time because the delicious pork and chicken there are already roasted in the morning.

With fresh crisp greens, heirloom vegetables, and condiments of your choice, Chicken and Pig’s meat roll and salad will surely be added to your greatest lunch dishes list! 

The aroma of smoky and well-roasted pork and chicken will also lure you into this shop!

When the lunch rush hour drops, you no longer have to wait for your meat to be roasted slowly. All you have to do is follow their seamless ordering system.

After deciding whether you’ll go for either a roll or salad, you just have to pick and add the vegetables and condiments you prefer. Then, just top your dish with your meat of choice (if you don’t want to, you can just go with their vegan options).

Location78 Pirie Street, Adelaide
Special DietsVegetarian
FeaturesDeliveryCommunal DiningTakeaway
Type of DishesAustralianFast Food
Best-SellersAssorted SaladAssorted Meat Rolls


Photo courtesy of Mamachau
Why You Should Eat Lunch Here: Lunch at Mamachau is a foodie escapade you cannot miss because the delicious and innovative food there westernizes classic Asian cuisines in a flavorful and convenient way.

With authentic chef-oeuvres like Korean fried chicken with Asian slaw, house pickles, and kimchi mayo, and unorthodox dishes like teriyaki with sriracha sauce and avocado, Mamachau truly dishes out the best flavors of the east and west.

The cooks in this cafe have transformed classic Vietnamese meals into sandwiches, combined Japanese ingredients with Mexican spices and condiments, and even reimagined baos as tacos (a first in Adelaide).

Despite the changes they made, their dishes still uphold the exquisite taste of Asian meals. Another positive thing about Mamachau is that most of the food is prepared like school lunches—fast, complete, and easy to eat. 

LocationShop 3 118 King William Road, Adelaide
Schedule of Serving LunchMonday-Friday 11 am-3 pm
Special DietsVegetarianGluten-Free Options
FeaturesTakeawayChild-FriendlyAlfresco Dining
Type of DishesAustralianVietnameseChineseKoreanJapaneseMexican
Best-SellersKFC Bao (Korean fried chicken with Asian slaw and kimchi mayo)Asian Tacos (pillowy baos with a twist)Crispy Silken Tofu Bowl

MK’s Cafe

MK’s Cafe
Photo courtesy of AdelaideFoodCentral
Why You Should Eat Lunch Here: Eating lunch at MK’s Cafe is a delicious way of exploring the flavor of beloved Adelaide East End cuisines. This cafe is known for its homemade Australian cooking.

MK’s Cafe is cozy and comforting. This cafe is a foodie wonderland for those looking for perfectly cooked bacon, fried-to-perfection cheese fries, and finely crafted burgers.

The Frankenstein Burger, for example, is a peppery chicken and beef burger that has local ingredients such as spinach, rockets, tomatoes, red onions, and mayo. 

There’s also the Chilli Cheese Fries that’s a staple at MK’s Cafe. They’re homemade, crinkle-cut fries that are topped with flavorful ground beef, chili sauce, cheese sauce, and sour cream. 

Kids and kids-at-heart may also order chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers!

Location178 Hutt St, Adelaide 
Schedule of Serving LunchEvery day 11 am-9 pm
Special DietsVegetarianHalal Options
Type of DishesAustralianAmerican
Best-SellersThe Frankenstein BurgerBLT Chicken BurgerTater Tot MayhemChili Cheese FriesNew Yorker Fries

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