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Smooth Travels Navigating from Adelaide Airport to the City

Smooth Travels: Navigating from Adelaide Airport to the City

A hassle-free trip from the Adelaide Airport to the city center is a real game-changer. It ensures a smooth transition upon arrival, allowing travelers to start their journey on a positive note—a luxury often denied by time constraints and inconvenient routes.

In this guide, we’ll be your trusted navigator, giving you our best routes and modes of transportation from the airport.

Best Routes from Adelaide Airport to the CBD

Direct Route

This route is for travelers with packed itineraries. This one is swift and easy to take and provides enticing sights like the G S Kingston Park and the Vincent Street Reserve.

To kickstart your smooth journey, we recommend following Sir Richard Williams Ave and taking the first exit onto the eastern part of Sir Donald Bradman Dr. 

Once you’re there, go along the A6 Hwy until you reach West Terrace’s Junction. Subsequently, drive straight to Grote St, which will lead you to the buzzing heart of Adelaide. 

Coastal Route

If you have a lot of time and prefer a bit of coastal sightseeing before stepping into the city, we advise taking this picturesque coastal route.

To begin, take Sir Richard Williams Ave from Adelaide Airport, and turn left onto Sir Hubert Wilkins Rd. Continue east until you reach the intersection with Tapleys Hill Rd, and from there, head north until you get to the corner of Henley Beach Rd.

Then, turn right and go southeast, consecutively following Whaddon, Marshall Terrace, and Marion Rd until you reach the intersection of North A14 Hwy and East A6 Hwy.

Once there, go straight to Sir Donald Bradman Dr until you reach the CBD.

Parkland Route

The parkland route might suit you if you adore sweeping parks blending colonial architecture with modern aesthetics and stretching greenery.

To take this route, head first to Sir Richard Williams Ave and merge onto the eastbound Sir Donald Bradman Dr at the A6 Hwy.

Continue on Sir Donald Bradman Dr until you reach the intersection with West Terrace where you can detour to the parklands. To do this, turn left onto West Terrace and head to Ellis Park and the Adelaide City Skate Park! 

Continue driving until you reach West Terrace and North Terrace’s intersection where the clean-and-green Adelaide Parklands will welcome you if you turn right! Then, drive straight, enter King William St., and you’ll find yourself in Adelaide’s city center.

Southern Route

With the southern route, you’re likely to get smooth sailing traffic and a front-seat view of some of Adelaide’s finest suburbs.

As usual, you’ll use the connection between Sir Richard Williams Ave and Sir Donald Bradman Dr to begin this route. Upon reaching the latter, keep your eyes straight and drive along A6 Hwy until you arrive at its intersection with A14 Hwy.

From there, go south of Marion Rd until you get to its intersection with Cross Rd where you’ll drive east. 

From there, you have several options to get to the CBD. You may take Goodwood and turn north upon reaching Goodwood and Cross Rd’s intersection. 

Keep driving until you see the corner of Greenhill Rd. Once you do, turn right and head to Peacock Rd’s corner, where you should turn north to enter the CBD.

Best Transportation Methods from Adelaide Airport to the CBD

Adelaide Metro Bus 

Adelaide Metro Bus

Traveling by bus is a classic choice. It’s simple and proven.

For this trip, we recommend the Adelaide Metro bus service. It offers a convenient and affordable option for commuting between the airport and the CBD.

In addition, it has regular schedules, comfortable seating, and designated stops!

The buses you may take from Adelaide Airport to the CBD are J1 and J2 O-Bahn buses. These convenient buses are equipped with yellow smart validators, allowing you to effortlessly pay for your journey using your Visa or Mastercard credit/debit. 

Ride-Sharing Services

Ride-Sharing Services

The best features of ride-sharing services like Uber and Ola Australia are flexibility and convenience. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can easily request a ride from Adelaide Airport to the CBD. 

These services also provide door-to-door transportation with professional drivers and various vehicle options.

As of June 2023, the typical rates of ride-sharing services from the ADL to the CBD range from $20 (non-peak) to $25 (peak). On top of these fares, you must also shoulder an added airport fee costing $3.

Taxi Services 

Taxi Services

Traditional taxi services are readily available at Adelaide Airport, offering a reliable and direct mode of transportation to the CBD. 

Taxi fares from Adelaide Airport to the CBD are around $25 (non-peak) to $30 (peak). Aside from the metered tariff, you must also pay an extra $3 for the airport fee. 

Airport Shuttle Services

Airport Shuttle Services

Some shuttle companies like Redy2Go and MoveinSyn operate dedicated services between Adelaide Airport and the CBD. 

These shuttle services offer shared transportation that can be customized, making them a cost-effective option for solo travelers or small groups. Shuttles at Adelaide Airport are located at designated pick-up points outside the terminals.

Typical prices for ADL shuttle services can range from around $15 to $25 per person for transfers to the city center.

Car Hires 

Car Hires

If you want to experience the luxury of traveling at your own pace, contacting car hire providers is the way to go. Popular car hire companies at Adelaide Airport include Hertz, Avis, and Wotif, each offering a wide range of vehicles to suit your needs.

Before you fully commit to this transport method, consider factors such as rental rates, vehicle availability, terms and conditions, and additional fees. We also suggest booking in advance to secure the best vehicle and deal for your trip!

The typical rental rates range from $39 to $80 per day. These prices depend on the car’s model or brand.

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