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20+ Spots and Events to Visit in Adelaide Hills for Tourists

20+ Spots and Events to Visit in Adelaide Hills for Tourists

If you’re looking for the perfect getaway in South Australia, Adelaide Hills is one of the best options. The numerous wineries, restaurants, and natural parks all give it a rustic charm.

We’ve created a list of the best locations here so you can make the most out of your visit. With a little over 40 minutes of drive from town, it’s very easy to visit these!

Places to Visit in Adelaide Hills for the Family

Places to Visit in Adelaide Hills for the Family

If you’re with the kids for your trip, Adelaide Hills has plenty of places for you to spend the day in. From natural parks to museums, there’s a spot for everyone!

Natural Parks and Farms to Visit in Adelaide Hills

1. Mount Lofty

Mount Lofty

How to get there: 15 km from Adelaide, metro bus or train

Park opening hours: 6 AM-11 PM (October-March), 6 AM-9 PM (April-September)

Mount Lofty Summit is one of the highest places in Australia, which is why it’s frequented by hundreds of thousands of tourists yearly. Here, you can see a great panoramic view of the area. 

The most popular activity here is following the walking trail that takes you to the mountain’s summit. You can use the lookout to take in the majestic view. 

Along the way, you’ll see and hear the rushing waves of Waterfall Gully. Its excellent view and relatively easy accessibility make it a popular spot for photography

At 710m above sea level, Mount Lofty is excellent for mountain biking. If you feel tired in the middle, you can also visit the Summit Restaurant and Cafe for a quick bite.

2. Cleland Wildlife Park

Cleland Wildlife Park

Address: 365 Mount Lofty Summit Rd, Crafers SA 5152, Australia

How to get there: From Adelaide CBD, take a bus from the stop by Pulteney St and then exit at Stop 27

Opening hours: 9:30 AM-5 PM every day

Cleland Wildlife Park is home to many marsupials, dingoes, birds, and reptiles. Here, they live in their natural habitat, which is why they are comfortable with visitors. 

If they’re nocturnal or are resting when you visit, the park’s vibrant foliage still makes your time visiting worthwhile. It’s easy to feel at ease and in touch with nature here. 

The best part is that a lot of the animals are willing to interact with people and be fed. Because of this, children will have more fun.

A favorite spot among many visitors is the wetlands, as this is where the emus and pelicans frequently visit. Seeing them eating and resting in their habitat has a certain charm that makes you feel one with nature. 

3. Beerenberg Family Farm

Beerenberg Family Farm

Address: 2106 Mount Barker Rd, Hahndorf SA 5245, Australia

How to get there: From Adelaide CBD, take a bus ride from the stop by Pulteney St and then exit at Stop 57

Opening hours: 9 AM-5 PM every day

Aside from wine, Adelaide Hills is also home to many fruit-bearing farms. One such place is the Beerenberg Family Farm, which produces sauces, jams, and condiments. 

Here, the primary activity is strawberry picking during harvest season. It can be especially good for those undergoing a healthy diet (naturopaths adelaide) and who want to be inspired by the all-natural way of cultivating fruit. 

After picking strawberries, we suggest trying their Farm Cafe, whose interior design is sure to inspire many. The mood is completed by their aesthetically pleasing plates and utensils. 

Here, you can also try their ice cream, waffles, and shakes. These use different fruits and flavors for your sweet tooth. 

4. Piccadilly Valley

Piccadilly Valley

How to get there: From Adelaide CBD, take a bus ride from the stop by Pulteney St and then exit at Stop 32

Another great place to visit is Piccadilly Valley, which displays many flowers and plants acclimated to cool temperatures.

It has many gullies which feature plants from South America and Southeast Asia. Through these, you can get a feel of traveling abroad without having to.

Walking by the trails can make you feel tranquil and calm because of the moderate climate. Because of this, you are sure to be invigorated and relaxed while traveling here.

5. Amy Gillett Pathway

Amy Gillett Pathway

Length: 15km, travels through Oakbank, Charleston, and Mt Torrens

How to get there: From Adelaide CBD, take a bus from the stop by Pulteney St and then exit at Stop 72. If driving, it takes approximately 40 minutes to reach the pathway. 

If you’re fond of cycling, leisure walking, and horse riding, Amy Gillett Pathway is for you. It directly follows a train line, and you’ll pass by notable spots such as Oakbank and Mount Torrens.

It’s family-friendly because it’s mostly flat. This can make it a great spot for those who are only learning how to use a bike. 

Traveling down the path is a pleasant experience, as you’ll get a great view of many wineries and trees. 

Amy Gillett, after whom the path was named, was a known female cyclist who died tragically in 2005. Ever since then, the path has become a reminder of the importance of a safe path for cycling. 

The path is used both by visitors and locals. Because of this, many groups of cyclists and families use the path side by side. 

The path gives you access to many coffee shops and beer gardens in case you want to rest in between. 

6. Laratinga Wetlands

Laratinga Wetlands

Address: Bald Hills Rd, Mount Barker SA 5251, Australia

How to get there: From Adelaide CBD, take a bus from the stop by Pulteney St and then exit at Stop 78. If driving, it takes approximately 30 minutes to reach the park.

Opening hours: Open 24 hours

Laratinga Wetlands is a great place for cycling, having picnics, and resting in nature. It is a favorite spot for birdwatchers, as it houses both local and migratory birds. 

Some of the notable ones that have been recorded visiting the area are the blue-billed duck and the Latham’s snipe. 

Aside from these, you can also see possums and tortoises in the area. Because of this, the place can be a great place for introducing various wildlife to children. 

It’s family-friendly because it has facilities for barbecues, picnics, and resting. Most importantly, it has a well-maintained toilet. 

You will also be glad to hear that they’ve successfully maintained the Aboriginal heritage of the area. They provide tours for those interested in knowing more about the biodiversity of the area. 

The walking trail has accommodations for the disabled through its dolomite surface. In addition, it has many seats for the elderly. 

Museums and Cultural Spots in Adelaide

7. Motor Museums

Motor Museums

National Motor Museum

Address: Shannon Street, Birdwood, Adelaide Hills, South Australia, 5234

Opening hours: 10 AM-5 PM every day

If you’re a vehicle enthusiast, you will have fun visiting two spots in Adelaide Hills. 

First is Alice Anderson’s Motor Service, which houses the work of the first-ever female garage proprietor in Australia. She’s notable for opening many doors for women to work in the automotive industry. 

Here, you can see many of her achievements, inventions, and recreations relevant to her life. It’s an excellent spot for those interested in vehicle history and in the trailblazers of feminism. 

It’s part of the National Motor Museum, which was established in 1965. Here, many iconic vehicles and motors are displayed.

Interestingly, you can also conduct picnics and barbecues in the area. After visiting the exhibits, you can have more fun with your friends and family.

8. UKARIA Cultural Centre

UKARIA Cultural Centre

Address: 119 Williams Rd, Mount Barker Summit SA 5251, Australia

How to get there: From Adelaide CBD, take a bus from the stop by Pulteney St and then exit at Stop 71. If driving, it takes approximately 35 minutes to reach.

The UKARIA Cultural Centre houses many chamber music events. The musicians who play here include local and international ones. 

Even if there isn’t an event, you can always visit the Garden Terrace. Designed by known architect Anton Johnson, it features roses, lavenders, and herbs. 

It’s a great inspiration for landscaping because of the different sculptures, the labyrinth, and other topiary features it has.

Through all of this, your creative juices may be activated in no time. It’s a popular place for many artists who want inspiration.

9. Hahndorf Main Street

Hahndorf Main Street

How to get there: From Adelaide CBD, take a bus from the stop by Pulteney St and then exit at Stop 55

An interesting fact about Adelaide Hills is that it has a strong German cultural heritage. In fact, the influence of German culture can still be seen in their churches and education. 

One of the best displays of this is Hahndorf Main Street, which houses many buildings inspired by German architecture. These include cafes, pubs, and wineries. 

A walk down the street is sure to be an Instagrammable moment, especially in the autumn. Included in the famous spots here are

  • Hahndorf Academy
  • The Cedars
  • The Lane Vineyard
  • Fairy Garden

Places to visit in Adelaide Hills for Wining and Dining

Places to visit in Adelaide Hills for Wining and Dining

Adelaide Hills is known for producing some of the best wines in Australia. Specifically, it’s home to many acres used for Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, sauvignon blanc, and more. 

This region extends from the Mount Lofty Ranges up to Mount Compass. Traveling along these fields is sure to be an excellent idea for any wine enthusiast, and it can be an excellent inspiration for your garden too. 

What makes Adelaide Hills’ wine different?

What makes Adelaide Hills’ wine different is its use of various fruits and herbs, which makes the drink easier on the palate. For example, their Pinot Noir is infused with cherry and strawberry to make it sweeter. 

Another thing is that they create smoother and lighter blends, which makes these excellent for casual drinking. Crowd favorites include their sparkling wine and Shiraz. 

The Best Wineries to Visit in Adelaide Hills

The Best Wineries to Visit in Adelaide Hills

Adelaide Hill’s best attractions are its wineries. Wine connoisseurs and casual drinkers will have a great time wine-tasting in one of these wineries!

1. Nepenthe


Address: 93 Jones Rd, Balhannah SA 5242, Australia

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 10 AM-5 PM

Nepenthe has been around since 1994 and is consistently one of the most visited wineries in Adelaide. Some of their best wines are the Nepenthe Altitude Sauvignon Blanc, Grüner Veltliner, Apex Chardonnay, and Altitude Rosé.

While tasting their wines, you can get a marvelous view of the hills. You can also munch on some light snacks carefully selected to bring out the flavor of their wines. 

The place is also great for picnics because of its wide and cozy space. They also have a classy cellar door that has a relaxed ambiance to it. 

2. Barristers Block Wines

Barristers Block Wines

Address: 141 Onkaparinga Valley Rd, Woodside SA 5244, Australia

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 11 AM-5 PM

Barristers Block Wines is known for its award-winning Shiraz, Cabernet, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay. It got its name from a long legal battle its current owners went through to keep their vineyard standing. 

Contrary to cellar doors in other wineries, theirs is more homey and rustic in design. You can even see a deer or two on some days because of their location.

It’s a great location for outdoor events, such as weddings and birthdays. Their hay shed is a picturesque space that is especially romantic at night. 

They also have a lake, a well-maintained lawn, and plenty of space for picnics. Wildlife is easy to spot in the area, including birds and lambs.

3. Mount Lofty Ranges Vineyard

Mount Lofty Ranges Vineyard

Address: 166 Harris Rd, Lenswood SA 5240, Australia

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 11 AM-5 PM

Mount Lofty Ranges Vineyard offers one of the best views, as their restaurant is directly beside their vineyards. You get a top view of the sprawling field, which is especially beautiful during harvest season. 

The interior is cozy because of the 360-degree open fire at its heart. Its design is a mix of rustic and modern, making it a great choice for intimate dinners. 

Their best options include Pinot Noir Rose, Apple Block Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc. Their wines are best partnered with the local cuisine served by their restaurant, which was awarded a Chef Hat in 2017 by Good Food Guide.

4. The Lane Vineyard

The Lane Vineyard

Address: 5 Ravenswood Ln, Hahndorf SA 5245 Ravenswood Ln, • hahndorf SA 5245, Australia

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 10 AM-5 PM

The Lane Vineyard has a great tasting experience for guests. You can taste a great variety of their specialties, from Cuvée to Chardonnay, all starting at $10. 

Aside from this, try your luck in their fun boat shed golf which is a charming experience for groups of friends who want some entertainment while wine tasting. 

The vineyard includes a restaurant with a modern look, a wide picnic space shaded by cypress trees, and a cozy walkway that leads to a lake. 

5. Golding Wines

Golding Wines

Address: 52 Western Branch Rd, Lobethal SA 5241, Australia

Opening hours: Sunday-Wednesday: 11 AM-5 PM, Friday-Saturday: 11 AM-4 PM

Golding Wines is one of the most family-friendly wineries in Adelaide Hills. With the place’s decoration and its children’s menu, families can spend a great day here. 

Located on the outskirts of Lobethal, the place has a well-decorated garden and walkway which leads you to their vineyards. There are plenty of places for photos, and with the radiant lighting in the area, it’s a great spot for family photoshoots

Their cellar door was awarded by Chanticleer and WINE Magazine because of its perfect blend of modern and rustic decor. 

It features a wood-fired menu that is filled with delectable and flavor-filled selections. 

Adelaide Hills Winery Events to Attend to

These wineries become more alive during specific seasons. Be sure to catch these seasons to experience the best of what Adelaide Hills offers. 

You can view the ticket reservations and locations through Adelaide Hills’ website for wine events.

1. Sparkling Spring

Sparkling Spring

When: Third to fourth week of October

Where: Various spots all over Adelaide Hills

Notable events:

  • Art painting in Nepenthe’s Bubbles and Brushes
  • Karkoo Nursery rose exhibition
  • Winemaking masterclass in Tappanappa
  • Howard Vineyard dance
  • Brunches in Karrawatta, Artwine, and Nepenthe

Conducted every October, Sparkling Spring features various city events, wine connoisseur classes, and lunches. As expected, each of them features the best sparkling wines offered by local wineries. 

Each day is packed with schedules waiting for tourists. Included in the wineries participating here are Hesketh Wines at Grunthal, Nepenthe, and the Lane Vineyard. 

2. Winter Reds

Winter Reds

When: Last week of July

Where: Various spots all over Adelaide Hills

Notable events:

  • Wine tasting in Golding Wines, the Lane Vineyard, Sidewood Estate, and Templewood House
  • Fire pits and dances in Barrister’s Block, Cobbs Hill Estate, and Golding Wines
  • Ski lodge in Maximilians
  • Pinot Noir display by Mt. Lofty Ranges Vineyard

How to get there: Bus loops given for general admission groups

To give you an alcohol flush in the coldest season, Adelaide Hills also has many Winter Reds events prepared for the last week of July. 

Many shops offer grilled meat along with wine to make the liquor taste even better. These dishes include souvlaki, traditional barbecue, and roasted meats. 

In addition, there are many live shows and music to set the mood. This makes the event very popular among couples and groups of friends. 

There are both free and ticketed events for this.

3. Chardonnay May

Chardonnay May

When: First week of May

Where: Various spots all over Adelaide Hills

Notable events:

  • Lunches in Barristers Block and Pike and Joyce
  • Sparkling wine display by Lobethal Road
  • 80s Chardy Party in Anderson Hill
  • Chardonnay display by Mt. Lofty Ranges

How to get there:

  • Bus transport from Victoria Square
  • Depart on Stop 25A – Greenhill Rd

May serves as the month for celebrating the famous white wine Chardonnay. It’s paired with a wide selection of local cheeses that makes it good for relaxed celebrations. 

One of the main attractions is the Adelaide Hills Chardonnay Heroes, which features wine expert Nick Ryan. Here, you will learn more about how Chardonnay is made differently by the locals. 

Where to Stay in Adelaide Hills

Where to Stay in Adelaide Hills

A full day in sunny Adelaide Hills can be tiring, and if you’ve tasted a lot of wine, it’s best to stay the night in the area. 

Check out the best accommodations in Adelaide Hills here. We’ve compiled the best hotels, lodges, and retreat homes here.

1. Thorngrove Manor Hotel

Thorngrove Manor Hotel

Address: 2 Glenside Ln, Stirling SA 5152, Australia

Contact number: (08) 8339 6748

Thorngrove perfectly captures the dreamy and romantic vibe of Adelaide Hills. Designed with a modern take on castle architecture, it’s one of the best spots for couples. 

Even better is the fact that it’s designed for the most intimate experience. It doesn’t have communal areas, and it doesn’t hold functions of any sort. 

Its interior transports you back to the medieval ages. You can see it from the stained glasses, classical decor, and intricate wall carvings. 

Since 1995, they’ve been consistently a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World. This achievement makes them highly in demand, so be sure to book in advance to get a room here. 

It can even be a fantastic venue choice for wedding videos. There are plenty of lovely spots here, all of which are complemented by blooming flowers and trees.

The best part is during the night when you can simply lay back and take a sip of Adelaide’s finest wines while the evening breeze blows. 

2. Mount Lofty House 

Mount Lofty House

Address: 1 Mawson Dr, Crafers SA 5152, Australia

Contact number: (08) 8130 9222

Mount Lofty House is the premier destination for tourists who want to stay long in Adelaide Hills. As a five-star boutique hotel, it has everything to make your stay perfect. 

One of their best offerings is the Gatekeeper’s Day Spa. Receiving therapy while basking in the gentle sunlight of the valley is sure to relax any weary body. 

During the night, indulge in the wide variety of wines they offer sourced straight from local wineries. The perfect place for this is their library, which is cozy and relaxing. 

Another highlight is their garden, which was designed by Arthur Hardy specifically to suit a vacation house. The space here is wide and blooming with life. 

They offer many other amenities to match different preferences. These include a pool, a tennis court, and a garden bar.

3. Tara Hills Retreat Centre

Tara Hills Retreat Centre

Address: 31 Jury Rd, Brukunga SA 5252

Contact number: (08) 8379 9001

If you’re looking for a more calm and relaxed trip, Tara Hills Retreat Centre is for you. It’s a secluded spot with residential design and hospitable gurus.

Designed as a place for meditating and learning, you can attend many classes here for yoga, relaxation, theory, and more. 

Classes are led by an experienced team of instructors who maximize the refreshing landscape around them.

Because of this, it’s sure to be a big hit among those who regularly do yoga or pilates

When you’re not in one of the meditation sessions, you can simply stroll and wander around the grounds. There’s plenty of space and gentle animals to accompany you on your walk. 

It’s also a haven for vegetarians and healthy eaters. Their menu is carefully crafted to have healthy, low-calorie, and well-balanced meals. 

The interior of the place is a blend of minimalist and wooden design. It’s easy to feel at home once you arrive here.

4. The Hahndorf Old Mill Hotel

The Hahndorf Old Mill Hotel

Address: 98 Main Street, Hahndorf SA 5245

Contact number: (08) 8388 7888

The Hahndorf Old Mill Hotel is a great place to stay in because it’s near many historical locations in Adelaide Hills. The German heritage of the place can be felt the strongest within this area. 

There are plenty of rooms for different numbers of sizes of guests, from single to triple rooms. These are designed with sophisticated mezzanine floors. 

The hotel has many amenities, such as gaming machines, a function room, and spas. Nights here are lively because of the sports and music nights held weekly. 

During the daytime, you can visit many of the nearby spots on Hahndorf Street including Hahndorf Hill Winery, Hahndorf Academy, and Udder Delights Cheese Cellar.

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