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The Best Swimming Pools in Adelaide for Kids

The Best Swimming Pools in Adelaide for Kids

Summer is always a great time for encouraging outdoor play. And what better way is there to cool down than swimming?

Adelaide isn’t only known for its beaches, it’s also home to some of the best swimming pools for kids. Whether you want your kid to learn some swimming skills or just to have fun, we’ve got you covered. 

Which pools are better for kids: indoor or outdoor?

Which pools are better for kids

For children, indoor pools are better, as they are protected against harsh weather conditions and are easier to maintain. 

Outdoor pools have the advantage of better ambiance along with more exposure to sunlight. It may not be the safest for children’s skin, though. 

Another natural downside to outdoor pools is that they’re harder to clean, which is why most hire pool cleaners to do the job.

The Best Indoor Swimming Pools in Adelaide for Kids

The Best Indoor Swimming Pools in Adelaide for Kids

These pools are less exposed to natural elements, which makes them safer for kids. Rain or shine, your kids will always have a chance to dip their toes in the water.

1. The Arc Swim Centre

The Arc Swim Centre

Location: 531 Lower North East Rd, Campbelltown SA 5074

Website: https://www.arccampbelltown.com.au/

Opening hours: 

  • Monday-Friday: 6 AM-9 PM
  • Saturday-Sunday: 7 AM-7 PM

The Arc Swim Centre in Campbelltown has many amenities that make it great for kids. This includes a play zone, a heated splash pad, a giant flower garden, and a bunch of water toys for their entertainment. 

You’ll feel safe because their pool is accredited as a Watch Around the Water facility. This promotes active parental supervision to ensure the safety of children. 

The continuously flowing waters inside easily bring out the giggles from all children that visit the area. It also has many spots where parents can comfortably watch their young ones. 

2. Paragon Swim Centre

Paragon Swim Centre

Location: 194 O G Rd, Felixstow SA 5070

Website: https://www.paragonswim.com.au/

Opening hours: 

  • Monday-Wednesday: 6 AM-8:30 PM
  • Thursday-Friday: 6 AM-8 PM
  • Saturday-Sunday: 7:30 AM-2 PM

Paragon Swim Centre’s aquatic cartoon-themed walls are a big hit for many kids in Adelaide. Upon entering the area, you’ll feel a cheerful atmosphere, which is always great for encouraging children to take a dip.

In relation to this, the center is a great spot for teaching your kids swimming lessons. They have a well-created learning plan that has produced many excellent swimmers. 

The place is also well-guarded, as they have many lifeguards and swimming instructors on standby. This makes it the perfect place both for casual swimming and learning for kids.

Want to help your kids learn to swim? Check out our list of the best swimming schools in Adelaide here.

The Best Outdoor Swimming Pools in Adelaide for Kids

The Best Outdoor Swimming Pools in Adelaide for Kids

Outdoor swimming pools are great for kids especially because they usually have slides. This makes them good for thrilling dips! 

1. Splash Town

Splash Town

Location: 167 Bay Rd, Moonta Bay SA 5558

Opening hours: Sunday-Saturday: 11 AM-6 PM

Splash Town is a small yet entertaining water park to visit. It’s filled with many slides made for children, and it has plenty of seats for parents to watch over them. 

The pool is free to use for everyone, and it’s highly accessible. Many families regularly go to the spot, as it’s also open all week long. 

It’s also very near Moonta Bay, which has a playground, spots for barbecues, and coffee shops lined near it. The whole family is sure to have a blast when visiting here.

And while you take the family to the pool, why not have your home cleaned in the meantime?

2. Marion Outdoor Swimming Pool

Marion Outdoor Swimming Pool

Location: Oaklands Rd &, Hendrie St, Park Holme SA 5043

Website: https://www.marion.sa.gov.au/venues-and-facilities/marion-outdoor-pool

Opening hours: 

  • Monday-Friday: 6 AM-8 PM
  • Saturday: 7 AM-6 PM
  • Sunday: 8 AM-6 PM

Marion Outdoor Pool has a remarkable 600 L tipping bucket that is a favorite for many kids. It also has water cannons and a splash pad, which is why children won’t run out of activities to do here. 

You’ll also love the inflatable playground they have on the pool. This, along with the numerous seats for parents to watch over their children, makes it an easy choice for many. 

3. Tusmore Park Wading Pool

Tusmore Park Wading Pool

Location: Stirling St, Tusmore SA 5065

Website: https://www.burnside.sa.gov.au/Parks/Tusmore-Park

Opening hours: Open 7 days a week except for Tuesdays and Fridays from 7 AM – 10 AM

The Tusmore Park wading pool is the perfect balance between an indoor and outdoor pool. You get the best of both worlds, as the pool is shaded yet open to the wide gardens near it. 

The pool has a calm and laid-back ambiance, which helps in calming first-time swimmers. It also has a lot of water play equipment.

Near the pool, you can take a picnic in one of their lawned areas, play on the tennis court, or take your kid to its large space for play. 

It’s also a great space for your kid’s birthday party. To help you in preparing, check out our list of the best party supplies stores in Adelaide.

Public Swimming Pools in Adelaide for Kids

Public Swimming Pools in Adelaide for Kids

Do you want your kid to have the opportunity to socialize and make new friends? Public swimming pools may be your best choice.

1. Adelaide Aquatic Centre

Adelaide Aquatic Centre

Location: Jeffcott Rd, North Adelaide SA 5006

Website: https://adelaideaquaticcentre.com.au/

Opening hours: 

  • Monday-Friday: 6 AM-9 PM
  • Saturday-Sunday: 7 AM-6 PM

Adelaide Aquatic Centre has one of the best facilities for swimming pools across Adelaide. It’s temperature-controlled, well-maintained, and monitored by highly experienced guards. 

Speaking of temperature control, the pools are kept at 27 degrees Celsius or higher, which is always comfortable for children. 

With a maximum depth of 0.9 m, there’s plenty of space for leisure swimming in the area. You’ll also see many slides here.

2. SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre

SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre

Location: 443 Morphett Rd, Oaklands Park SA 5046

Website: https://saaquatic.ymca.org.au/

Opening hours: 

  • Monday-Friday: 4:30 AM-9:30 PM
  • Saturday: 5 AM-7 PM
  • Sunday: 6:30 AM-6:30 PM

SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre’s best offering is aqua sensory play for babies and toddlers. Here, parents are involved in allowing them to stimulate their developing senses with the aid of water and toys.

There are many year-round events held here, which is why a sense of community is easy to feel here. 

It has great facilities, as there are multiple pool sizes, diving boards, a splash park, an inflatable obstacle course, and tall water slides!

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