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A Guide to Adelaide’s Best Team-Building Activities

A Guide to Adelaide’s Best Team-Building Activities

Employees working in the fast-paced modern world often face work-related problems like stress, dissatisfaction, and overfatigue. These issues typically occur when an employee’s personal life and work become more and more indistinguishable. 

Thankfully, the city of Adelaide has fun team-building activities that can boost morale and strengthen the relationship of employees. 

From trust-boosting obstacles to creative fashion fiascos, here are our picks for the best team-building activities the city has to offer!

Put an end to a bored room by going to Beyond the Boardroom

Put an end to a bored room by going to Beyond the Boardroom
Photo courtesy of Beyond a Boardroom
Why Choose This: This team-building site offers outdoor games and obstacle courses that are far more exciting and mentally compelling than tedious offices. 
Additionally, Beyond a Boardroom caters to both large and small groups and offers multiple venues across the city center!
Service AreasAdelaide and nearby areas
Contact Info(01) 300 998 782
Operating HoursDaily – 9 am to 5 pm

Beyond a Boardroom turns the stunning Adelaide Hills into a much-needed respite for workers. With games such as Amazing Races, zoo treasure hunts, laser tags, and drumming circles, this venue will blow your workspace blues away.

Our favorite activities here are the Amazing Races and zoo treasure hunts, as they promote outdoor exploration. 

These under-the-sun challenges will make your team’s coordination and camaraderie stronger—plus, they’re fun-filled ways to stretch and sweat!

We also applaud the remarkable customer service of Beyond a Boardroom. They took their time helping us organize our team-building session, and they even gave us recommendations on what activities suited our team best!

Team-Building Tip: If your team’s looking for an action-packed and enjoyably chaotic activity, Beyond a Boardroom’s laser tag competition is the one for you!

Scare the stress away by trying Haunted Horizons

Scare the stress away by trying Haunted Horizons
Photo courtesy of Adelaide’sHauntedHorizons
Why Choose This: Haunted Horizons is fantastic for team-building because the spooky activities and mysteries here will improve the boldness, confidence, and communication skills of employees.
Service AreasAdelaide and nearby areas
Contact Info0407 715 866
Operating HoursMon to Sat – 9:30 am to 5 pm
Sun – 10 am to 4 pm

Although telling ghastly tales and solving sinister mysteries may not be the most common team-building activities, we definitely find them to be very exciting and thrilling. 

It doesn’t matter if your co-workers believe or don’t believe in the paranormal; they’ll have tons of fun here just like we did!

Haunted Horizons offer a “ghost tour” that takes place in the old locations and historic buildings of Adelaide. These frightful buildings are the following:

  • Glenbarr Homestead
  • Adelaide Zoo
  • Old Adelaide Gaol
  • Old Tailem Town
  • National Railway Museum
  • Z Ward Asylum

In this ghoulish tour, you’ll be guided by the multi-award-winning tour company operated by the legendary Adelaide radio personality, author, and respected paranormal researcher, Alison Oborn.

Our favorite team-building activity here is the Ghost Hunt.

In this ghost-seeking challenge, my team and I were equipped with cutting-edge ghost-hunting gear while searching for signs of paranormal activities. This is definitely scary, but it’s also a great way to build trust and think critically!

Team-Building Tip: The activities of Haunted Horizons will make your blood run cold, so always remember to check on your teammates. If someone is scared, don’t forget to make them feel secure, as this dynamic can translate into office positivity.

Team Days will make the dream work

Team Days will make the dream work
Photo courtesy of TeamDays
Why Choose This: Team Days is great for team-building sessions because they offer tailor-made activities that will be based on your team’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses.
Service AreasAdelaide and nearby areas
Contact Info0407 715 866
Operating HoursMon to Fri – 9 am to 6 pm
Sat – 10 am to 4 pm

Team Days is one of the most notable team-building organizers in all of Adelaide. With online testimonials that paint their services in a very positive light, this company might be what your team’s looking for.

What we love about Team Days was that they provided us with multiple activities that each come with a different yet equally fun method of improving our teamwork. Their most booked activities include the following:

  • Amazing Race – a physical, race-themed team-building activity with obstacles and challenges
  • The Ultimate – this is the one we picked and this is a team-building activity that tested our team by combining obstacle courses with mental challenges
  • The Hustle – a virtual scavenger hunt that will grant fascinating prizes to the winning team 
  • Urban Explorer – an explorative activity that will make your team travel to the best spots in Adelaide
  • Virtual Space Escape – a team-building activity where you’ll take on the role of space cadets who are under the threat of hostile robots
Team-Building Tip: Team Days’ virtual challenges are fun, but we believe that picking their outdoor activities is the better choice, especially for office workers who are facing computers all the time.

Break the pressure in Project Break

Break the pressure in Project Break
Photo courtesy of ProjectBreak
Why Choose This: If you feel that you’re full of negative energy because of work-related stuff, head to Project Break, as this smash room will let you unleash all of your frustrations into breakable objects like glassware and ceramics.
Location5a/8 Beafield Rd, Para Hills West SA 5096
Contact Info0452 390 284
Operating HoursDaily – 12 pm to 7 pm

As ridiculous as it may sound, we can’t deny the liberating feeling we get when we destroy things, especially if we’re under a lot of stress or feel angry. 

Psychologists even say that breaking stuff is beneficial to our mental state, as it gives us a sense of control and power!

In Adelaide’s only smash room, Project Break, you and your co-workers will first wear protective gear and then enter a weapon hall where you can pick all sorts of weapons. 

In our case, our chosen weapons of destruction were sledgehammers and baseball bats!

After suiting up and picking your weapons, you’ll be given 15 minutes of pure cathartic freedom to break 30 items inside their smash room. With each vase, plate, or window that you break, you’ll feel more and more stress-free! 

Team-Building Tip: Visualization and projection are two of the keys to having unparalleled fun in Project Break. We suggest visualizing the breakable items as everything that gives you negative vibes for a more amazing experience!

Feel the mania at MANIAX

Feel the mania at MANIAX
Photo courtesy of MANIAX
Why Choose This: If you’re tired of smashing things, MANIAX is another great place for releasing frustration, as this warehouse will provide you with safe spaces to throw axes at wooden targets.
Location1 Light Terrace, Thebarton SA 5031
Contact Info1300 217 583
Operating HoursMon – 2 pm to 9 pm 
Tue to Fri – 12 pm to 9 pm
Sat – 9 am to 9 pm
Sun – 11 am to 9 pm

With a fully-licensed bar and rousing ax-throwing ranges, MANIAX will provide you and your team with two hours of raging fun—Jason Momoa-style. 

Their meals (especially the pizza) are also outstanding, and the same is true for the wine, cider, spirits, and regional beers!

What we enjoyed the most about MANIAX is how electric the place can get. From the upbeat music to the general ambiance, the warehouse feels like a very welcoming space to temporarily let go of work-related thoughts!

The attentive staff is also terrific at doing their job. 

Ax-throwing can be a dangerous activity but the workers here (or shall we say, AX-perts) will thoroughly lecture you first on the safety measures you must do and follow before going full-maniac on the throwing ranges.

Team-Building Tip: The MANIAX warehouse can accommodate up to 90 people for a rented-out party, and it also offers private rooms for groups with ten or fewer members. 
Picking the correct room in accordance with your team’s number is the first step to having fun here.

Turn the tension off by joining the Handlebar Tours Adelaide

Turn the tension off by joining the Handlebar Tours Adelaide
Photo courtesy of SouthAustralia
Why Choose This: Handlebar Tours Adelaide provides a unique stress-relieving activity, as this company offers a tour of the beautiful city of Adelaide while dining in a quirky pedaling pub.
Service AreasAdelaide and Nearby Areas
Contact Info0421 858 153
Operating HoursDaily – 10 am to 10 pm

We can safely say that dining and touring are two of the most effective methods of releasing stress. 

Handlebar Tours Adelaide elevates these experiences by combining their best features—the satisfaction of eating delicious meals and the wonder of traveling!

For 2.5 hours, our team got to visit Adelaide’s best restaurants and tasted multiple treats while riding on a moving pub that’s 100 percent powered by pedaling! 

The best part of this for us is that we got to talk with each other while enjoying the tasty food and picturesque views!

In this activity, your team is also the one responsible for the movement and speed of the mobile pub, so teamwork is a must! 

For a more productive and enjoyable experience, do what we did and listen attentively to your co-workers to make sure that you are in full sync!

Team-Building Tip: Handlebar Tours Adelaide might get tiring, especially for your legs. We advise doing a few stretches before the tour to prepare your body for this physically demanding (yet very fun) team-building activity.

Teamwork is the key at The Mindshift Escape Rooms

Teamwork is the key at The Mindshift Escape Rooms
Why Choose This: The Mindshift Escape Rooms is a marvelous spot for boosting your workplace’s bond, as the challenges and obstacles here require team unity and cooperation in order to be solved.
Service AreasGround Floor 246/248 Pulteney St, Adelaide SA 5000
Contact Info(08) 8232 8208
Operating HoursMon to Tue – 11 am to 5:30 pm
Wed to Thu – 11 am to 8 pm
Fri to Sat – 11 am to 10 pm
Sun – 11 am to 6:30 pm

Let’s face it; we are tired of doing mundane tasks and solving boring problems at work. Thankfully, we have tried The Mindshift Escape Rooms which offers a literal and figurative escape from our tedious day-to-day occupational duties.

The venue has many mystery rooms that have different themes, obstacles, and goals. In these rooms, our teamwork, wits, and composure under pressure were all tested!

The time limit for every task also added to our excitement! And since we love a good old-fashioned cryptid mystery, our favorite challenge here is definitely Hunting Bigfoot. 

In this room, you’ll take up the roles of enthusiastic cryptozoologists searching for clues that may point you in the direction of the hiding place of the infamous Bigfoot. 

Team-Building Tips: The Mindshift Escape Rooms’ challenges and rooms have varying difficulties. We advise taking what you think is gonna be the hardest for your team because the most difficult ones are best for team-building

Sing your work troubles away at La Sing Karaoke

Sing your work troubles away at La Sing Karaoke
Photo courtesy of CityMag
Why Choose This: A team-building session at La Sing Karaoke is going to be fun and relaxing because of the spot’s energizing singing room and fully-licensed bar.
Location261 Gouger St, Adelaide SA 5000
Contact Info(08) 8211 7332
Operating HoursWed to Thur – 9 pm to 3 am
Fri to Sat 9 pm to 4 am
Sun – 9 pm to 3 am

La Sing Karaoke is a classic karaoke bar where you can release your inner diva or rockstar self! With a maximum capacity of 50 guests, this upbeat and cozy place is where our group belted out bangers!

We feel that just like us, you’ll also love the fantastic cocktails they serve here, especially if you’re feeling a bit shy to sing. 

Speaking of singing, you may also sing as a group on this karaoke bar’s main stage if you and your workmates want to build teamwork through harmonization! Our group performance here was far from perfect, but it was really fun!

If you just want to relax, however, La Sing Karaoke also provides their guests with musicians who accept song requests from the audience. You may just sit back and sip on their margaritas while enjoying this bar’s laid-back atmosphere with your co-workers.

Team-Building Tips: Groups often hold friendly singing competitions in La Sing Karaoke. We suggest trying the same thing, as it’s a great and fun way to form a healthy bond with your workmates!

Have a fashion show at Sabre HQ

Have a fashion show at Sabre HQ
Photo courtesy of SabreTeamBuilding
Why Choose This: Sabre HQ’s team-building activity will bring the creativity of your group by organizing a fashion show where the designers and models will be you and your teammates.
Service AreasAdelaide and Nearby Areas
Contact Info1300 731 381 
Operating HoursThe schedule will depend on the client

Wearing a suit and tie at work every single day eventually gets dull. To spice things up, why not throw a fashion fiesta that can build cooperation, boost creativity, and uplift the morale and confidence of your teammates? 

The Fashion Fiasco team-building activity at Sabre HQ challenged our team to create, produce, and ultimately exhibit a variety of both real-world and fantastical fashion creations! 

For us, the fun parts of Fashion Fiasco were the designing and modeling portions! We painted the town red with our flamboyant fashion ideas!

Aside from the giggles and cheers, this activity will also improve your team’s communication and work efficiency. This is because in order to complete the several fashion tasks, group, and individual duties must be done effectively. 

Team-Building Tip: Know the strengths and weaknesses of your team. For example, those who are great at drawing can fill the roles of designers, while the confident ones can be catwalk models.

Be at your best at the Beach House Boot Camp

Be at your best at the Beach House Boot Camp
Photo courtesy of TheBeachHouse
Why Choose This: If you’re looking for a team-building activity that will make your team much stronger, the Beach House Boot Camp is the way to go. 
In this beachside boot camp, your team will be headed by a commando who’ll provide tough challenges and an even tougher style of leadership.
LocationThe Beachouse, Colley Terrace SA 5045
Contact Info(08) 8295 1511
Operating HoursMon and Fri – 10:30 am to 4 pm
Sat to Sun – 10 am to 5 pm

The Beach House Boot Camp’s style of team-building might be military-like, but it doesn’t mean that the challenges here aren’t fun. With obstacle courses with different levels of difficulty, this team-building site brought out the best in our team!

What we love about the boot camp is the perfect mixture of enjoyment and discipline. The main commando might get scary at times, but challenges like Dodge-em Cars and Mini Golf provide fun to balance it all out.

Additionally, the challenges do not simply require strength, endurance, and stamina. The Beach House Boot Camp also emphasizes the importance of intelligence and real-time decision-making, which are essential for work-related duties.

Team-Building Tip: In our opinion, the scavenger hunt is the best challenge here because it can be played by 10 to 200 people. This challenge will also let you explore the amazing sights of the beach.

Reach the top not just in work but also in TreeClimb Adelaide

Reach the top not just in work but also in TreeClimb Adelaide
Photo courtesy of TreeClimb
Why Choose This: With over 70 tree-lined courses and aerial obstacles across 8 scenic spots, TreeClimb Adelaide will teach your team the importance of confidence, skill, and trust.
LocationCnr Greenhill Road &, Unley Rd, Adelaide SA 5000
Contact Info(08) 7089 4490
Operating HoursMon to Fri – 9 am to 4 pm
Sat – 9 am to 5 pm
Sun – 9 am to 3 pm

TreeClimb Adelaide offers a much-needed break from four-corned walls and uninspired indoor activities.

With the forest of Adelaide Aerial Park as our team’s playground, this unique team-building site provided us with an engaging space to connect with nature.

Our favorite obstacle course here has to be the breathtaking Zip-Loop course because of the enthralling view and the tough challenge it provides. 

In this course, you’ll be tasked to fly around the Adelaide City Park Lands from one point to another using only zip lines.

Another favorite of ours is the Grand Course because it taught us why attributes like skill and camaraderie are paramount not just in work but also in other aspects of life. 

With over 100 challenges across 2 routes, you’ll never finish this one without working with your team.

Team-Building Tip: After finishing the courses at TreeClimb Adelaide, the best spot to reflect and relax with your teammates is in the Nets Adventure area. 
In this area, you’ll get to see the beauty of the forest while sitting on safety nets hanging on lush trees.

Be “d” boss at D’Arenberg

Be “d” boss at D’Arenberg
Photo courtesy of GreatWineCapitals
Why Choose This: D’Arenberg is an amazing spot to do more relaxed team-building activities, as this spot will offer your team a picturesque view of the Mclaren Vale vineyards and gratifying wine blending lessons.
LocationOsborn Rd, McLaren Vale SA 5171
Contact Info(08) 8329 4888
Operating HoursDaily – 10:30 am to 4:30 pm

D’Arenberg isn’t just famous for its beguiling five-story cube, it’s also known for its wine blending classes where you and your team can brew your very own special wine. 

We found wine blending to be a hard task to do, so we really had to work as a team to achieve our goal of brewing an amazing wine!

In this place, we began the blending process at the Blending Station where we created a personalized Shiraz. We love this task so much, as it made us experiment with three barrel samples of distinctive and captivating wines straight out of the area’s vineyard!

Our favorite, though, of the entire team-building session in d’Arenberg has to be the naming process of the wine our team made. Before giving us the wine we blended, we had to think of a quirky and catchy name for it!

Team-Building Tip: Why limit yourselves to just wine blending? D’Arenberg is the perfect spot to drink wine with your colleagues!

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