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Adelaide One of the World's Friendliest Cities

Adelaide: One of the World’s Friendliest Cities

Who doesn’t want to stay in a city with friendly people? 

Well, certainly not us. This is why we love living in Adelaide!

With cordial residents and an ever-welcoming atmosphere, the City of Adelaide is where striking up friendships can be as easy as pie. 

Stick around, and we’ll spill the beans on why Adelaide has a reputation for being super-friendly and how you can make friends here! 

Is Adelaide a friendly city? 

Adelaide is recognized as one of the friendliest cities in the world. 

In fact, Adelaideans living in both the suburbs and city center are often positively stereotyped as extremely amiable and hospitable people!

Adelaide’s Accolades for Being a Friendly City

Being friendly reaps tons of awards! Adelaide, for example, has received multiple accolades for being congenial. 

Here are some of the top recognitions Adelaide has received for being a welcoming city.

YearAwards and Award-Giving Bodies
2018One of the Most Friendly Cities in the World (Condé Nast Traveler)One of the World’s Most Liveable Cities (Condé Nast Traveler)
2017One of the Top 10 Regions to Visit (Best in Travel)One of the World’s Most Liveable Cities (The Economist)
2016One of the Best Places to Travel (Travel and Leisure)
2015One of the Best Places to Go (New York Times)
2014One of the Top 10 Cities to Visit (Lonely Planet)

Tips on How to Make New Friends in Adelaide

Making new friends is a piece of cake in Adelaide. However, there are some crucial tips and tricks you should know first before finding new mates in the city.

Know yourself

Know yourself

Hey there, friend-o! If you want to build some solid friendships, you’ll have to start by getting to know yourself! 

It’s like being your own bestie first. You have to think about what makes you, well, you! 

You have to know your quirks, interests, hobbies, and even your pet peeves. 

K-state.edu says that by doing this, you can create a deeper bond and more intimate sense of understanding with your potential buddies. We’ll have to agree with this since our team’s similar interests truly boost our teamwork!

Don’t be afraid to try new things

Don’t be afraid to try new things

Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be intimidating, but it can also lead to personal growth, and, of course, new buddies! 

Trying new things and conquering your fears can help build confidence and create opportunities for connection with other people. 

There was a time when I was fearful of heights. Thankfully, my great teammates and friends motivated me to face my fears, and it resulted in a bolder version of myself and a stronger bond with my friends!

Be an amazing listener

Be an amazing listener

Listening attentively and sympathetically is a sign of respect. According to SilverDelta, people great at lending an ear can easily establish professional and personal friendships that are sincere.

And who doesn’t like someone who genuinely listens to your stories or problems? As the adage goes, “True friends listen to you every time you speak, not just when it’s important.”

Show friendly and open body language

Show friendly and open body language

Nonverbal communication is essential in friendship-building too. The way you act, no matter how subtle the movement may be, can sometimes determine whether or not you’d make new friends.

According to Santa Clarita Magazine, body language sends a nonverbal signal that can either mean you’re open for friendship or distancing yourself from other people. With this said, here are some friendly body language techniques you should learn.

  • Maintain eye contact (but not in a creepy way, please)
  • Have an open posture
  • Always carry a warm smile
  • Face the person you want to be friends with
  • Nod (but don’t overdo it) when someone is talking to you

And here are some movements you should avoid if you’re looking for friends.

  • Slouching
  • Frowning
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Raising your chin 
  • Invading the personal space of others

Join a social group

Join a social group

This shouldn’t be a surprise at all. Joining social groups or clubs is one of the most effective ways to meet new people, and we suggest finding one that piques your interest the most.

You can join a group that does activities you enjoy best or an organization promoting something you really want to try. If you want to be more adventurous, you can sign up for a social club you have little to no idea about (unplanned friendships can be fun too!).

Friendly Groups You Can Join in Adelaide

If you’re wondering what groups are available in Adelaide, we got you covered. From circles focusing on fitness to organizations that discuss philosophy, here are the most friendly clubs you can be a part of!

Southern Adelaide Social Walking Meetup Group
Southern Adelaide Social Walking Meetup Group

Where to Sign Up: Southern Adelaide Social Walking Meetup Group

What could be better than strolling through nature with your best buds? 

That’s exactly what the Southern Adelaide Social Walking Meetup Group is all about! This crew of nature enthusiasts was founded by folks who enjoy the great outdoors and socializing with like-minded people.

With 128 members (and counting!), this group is open to anyone, regardless of age or fitness level. Their walks usually range from 5 to 12 kilometers and take about 2 hours to complete. 

The areas where they walk consist of parklands, bush tracks, coastlines, and bitumen pathways. 

If this interests you, lace up your walking shoes and join in on the fun. You never know what breathtaking sights and good times await!

Philosopher’s Corner
Philosopher’s Corner

Where to Sign Up: Philosopher’s Corner

Looking for a fun way to satisfy your insatiable philosophical curiosity? If your answer is a resounding “Yes!” join Philosopher’s Corner! 

With 238 members, this group is all about diving into mind-bending questions that might keep you up at night. 

Whether you’re pondering the mysteries of the universe or the meaning of life, Philosopher’s Corner is the place to be for some stimulating conversations. 

This group is open to anyone, and the group’s leaders don’t require any sort of equipment for applicants. The only thing they’ll demand of you is an open and curious mind, and, of course, participation!

Pickleball Adelaide Group
Pickleball Adelaide Group

Where to Sign Up: Pickleball Adelaide Group

Looking for a smashing good time while making new buds? Look no further than Pickleball Adelaide Group!

For those who don’t know, pickleball is an easy-to-pick-up game that fuses elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. If you want to pick up something new, this game might be it.

This group currently has 577 members and doesn’t have any age restrictions. To join the Pickleball Adelaide Group, though, you must pay a membership fee of 5 dollars (per player) for every 5 hours (first-timers don’t have to pay).

Toastmasters – South Australia
Toastmasters - South Australia

Where to Sign Up: Toastmasters – South Australia

Joining Toastmasters – South Australia is an efficient way to meet new friends and an even better method of boosting your confidence. 

This group’s purpose is to improve the public speaking skills of members through the help of supportive and competent mentors.

Toastmasters – South Australia often holds conventions and public speaking courses where everyone can participate. I’m actually a part of this awesome and inclusive organization that’s all about good vibes and personal growth. 

Not only have I learned a ton at their workshops, but I’ve also gained a squad of amazing new friends! This is because Toastmasters – South Australia, accepts people of all ages, cultural backgrounds, and gender orientations. 

Dancing, Dining, and Much More for Over 55’s Group
Dancing, Dining, and Much More for Over 55’s Group

Where to Sign Up: Dancing, Dining, and Much More for Over 55’s Group

The Dancing, Dining, and Much More for Over 55’s Group is the ultimate social club for those who want to keep the good times rolling. With an itinerary of exciting activities such as dancing, dining, karaoke, and more, you’ll never have a dull moment here! 

The group currently has 191 members, and they’re still looking for new ones. Aside from the 55 and above age requirement, the group’s organizers are also requesting applicants to be as active as they can. 

Just a heads up: to join the club you’ll need to pay a yearly membership fee of 10 bucks. There are also certain events wherein you’ll have to throw some additional cash as cover charges or upfront fees.

Adelaide Wine Lovers
Adelaide Wine Lovers

Where to Sign Up: Adelaide Wine Lovers

Is it just us, or does the wine taste better when you drink with new friends? You might have the answer to this question if you join Adelaide Wine Lovers (AWL), a group where people of legal ages relish the flavors of wine variants in casual settings. 

The activities done by AWL include touring Adelaide’s wine regions, attending wine festivals, and being a part of educational events for wine aficionados. You can be a part of all of this by paying an annual membership fee of just 10 dollars.

If there’s no huge event, AWL’s members meet in pubs or restaurants to talk about wine while tasting more wine! Attendance isn’t a must, but it’s highly encouraged. 

Adelaide Social Wellbeing Group
Adelaide Social Wellbeing Group

Where to Sign Up: Adelaide Social Wellbeing Group

Living a healthy lifestyle and finding new friends are some of the benefits this group provides. The Adelaide Social Wellbeing Group is a club that promotes healthy and exciting living mainly through group exercises like walking, yoga, and hiking. 

They also have stress-relieving social gatherings like online gaming nights and laser tag games. And the best part is the group’s organizers are open to more event suggestions.

Members of the Adelaide Social Wellbeing Group meet 1 to 2 times per month, and the activity they’ll do depends on the members’ votes. The chances of building new friendships here are also high since the group has over 900 members already!

Adelaide French Language Meetup Group
Adelaide French Language Meetup Group

Where to Sign Up: Adelaide French Language Meetup Group

Are you ready to say bonjour to your new friends? The Adelaide French Language Meetup Group is a cordial and welcoming club for native and non-native French speakers living in Adelaide. 

The main goal of the group is to let its members hone their mastery of the French language through genial conversations. Celebrating French culture (especially food) is also an activity typically done by the group.

Despite focusing on all things French, the group still very much welcomes and embraces members coming from different cultures. 

The organizers believe that the more diverse the Adelaide French Language Meetup Group is, the more topics they can talk about.

Adelaide English as a Second Language Group
Adelaide English as a Second Language Group

Where to Sign Up: Adelaide English as a Second Language Group

If you want to meet fellow ESL speakers and practice your English in a welcoming, non-judgmental environment, you should try joining this group. 

The Adelaide English as a Second Language Group aims to build new friendships through personal and online forums.

This group also wants to introduce the cultures and other languages of ESL speakers through thorough self-introductions. This is an outstanding way to share your identity with the group’s whopping 2,000-plus members!

The events they do are also fun, imaginative, and fantastic for socializing. For example, one of their events last May challenged members to creatively explain why diversity is important, and the outputs they came up with were hilarious and thought-provoking!

Lovers of Music, Festivals, Theater, and More
Lovers of Music, Festivals, Theater, and More

Where to Sign Up: Lovers of Music, Festivals, Theater, and More

This group is for true blue music fans who love to vibe with other people at electrifying concerts, smashing pub gigs, and epic music festivals. If you’re into these activities, it might be time to sign up for Lovers of Music, Festivals, Theater, and More.

Currently, the group has 453 members. The group doesn’t have any age restrictions, but you must share the same musical or artistic interests.

To join the Lovers of Music, Festivals, Theater, and More you must also pay an annual fee of just 5 bucks. The group’s leaders explain that some of the payment will be donated to charities founded for the arts.

Adelaide Virtual Reality Group
Adelaide Virtual Reality Group

Where to Sign Up: Adelaide Virtual Reality Group

The topics you discuss here may be about virtual reality, but the new friends you can make are real. The Adelaide Virtual Reality Group is a public social club for virtuanauts or virtual reality enthusiasts. 

This is another group that I’m personally a part of, and it’s certainly one of the friendliest! I actually have minimal knowledge about virtual reality when I joined, but with the help of the super-friendly members, I learned quickly.

We meet at pubs or cafes in Adelaide, where we talk about the latest developments concerning virtual reality while having a drink. 

If you thought we only meet virtually, that’s okay. We get that a lot!

Conscious Women Manifesting Abundance South Australia
Conscious Women Manifesting Abundance South Australia

Where to Sign Up: Conscious Women Manifesting Abundance South Australia

This club was specifically established for the empowerment of South Australian women. 

Conscious Women Manifesting Abundance South Australia is a public group that focuses on uplifting the spirit of members through supportive and open-minded discussions.

With over 190 members, you’ve got a good chance of meeting a new buddy here. Some of the topics this group talks about include spirituality, the Law of Attraction, and the significance of having a positive mindset.

The ladies of this group also promote self-improvement and self-help. For women who want to know how to prosper career-wise, this group might also help you, as it has members who are successful career women.

Adelaide Motorcyclists
Adelaide Motorcyclists

Where to Sign Up: Adelaide Motorcyclists

Rev up your engines and join the Adelaide Motorcyclists group, where you can meet fellow riders who share your passion for adventure and socializing! 

This group is a private club that aims to promote the adventurous and highly sociable culture of motorcycling. 

Newbies and experienced riders who own any type of motorcycle are all welcome here. Best of all, there’s no membership fee to hop on board and hit the open road with this zooming group.

The only request of the organizers is active participation and socializing. Their rides typically take place on weekends, but there are times when they’d go on weeknight trips.

Adelaide Board Games Meetup Group
Adelaide Board Games Meetup Group

Where to Sign Up: Adelaide Board Games Meetup Group

Board games aren’t boring, especially if you play with new friends! The Adelaide Board Games Meetup Group is a public club wherein you can share your love for board games with fun people!

Get ready to unleash your inner game master and let the fun levels run wild! From classic board games like Monopoly and Checkers to niche picks like Carcassonne and 7 Wonders, all types of board games are accepted in this group!

The meetups occur once every month, and the membership fees will be determined by the meeting’s cost. As of right now, the group has over 2,000 members too, so finding a new friend here might not be as complicated as chess.

Food Lovers
Food Lovers

Where to Sign Up: Food Lovers

Good food is sweeter if you share it with friends, and if you join Food Lovers, you might know the reason why. Food Lovers is one of Adelaide’s private foodie groups that enjoy conversations over mouthwatering delicacies.

The people you’ll hang out with within this group are all food enthusiasts. From pizza lovers to fine dining experts, Food Lovers has all types of foodies you can be friends with.

There is a voluntary fee of 2 bucks for every dinner, and this money is going to be donated to Red Cross and Cancer SA. A deposit fee (the amount will depend on the meal’s cost) will also be required for every event.

Adelaide International Students Meetup Group
Adelaide International Students Meetup Group

Where to Sign Up: Adelaide International Students Meetup Group

If you’re new in Adelaide, this group will welcome you and make you feel at home. As its name suggests, the Adelaide International Students Meetup Group aims to create a solid community for Adelaide’s international students.

This public group doesn’t require any membership fees, but attendance and participation are highly encouraged.

During meetups, members of this group share their experiences living as international students in our city. They also help each other study and, of course, do fun things together like partying and food escapades.

Shut Up & Write!
Shut Up & Write!

Where to Sign Up : Shut Up & Write!

Hello, fellow writer. If you’re looking for a fun and friendly community that welcomes all writing skill levels and genres, look no further than Shut Up & Write! 

As a proud member myself, I can vouch that this group is not just a great place to hone your craft but also to make some amazing writer friends along the way. 

The mentors of Shut Up & Write are competent and truly affectionate. They make sure that you have access to the best writing resources and workshops so that you can improve faster.

FAQs about Makings Friends in Adelaide

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