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The Top 8 Public BMX Tracks in Adelaide

The Top 8 Public BMX Tracks in Adelaide

One of the most thrilling and hottest sports right now is BMX riding. Many kids just find the jumps, turns, and bumps to be freeing and exciting, so a lot of parents seek out BMX tracks that their children can train on.

Luckily for Adelaideans, Adelaide has plenty of those and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to let you know which ones are the best and where you can find them.

Here are the best BMX tracks in Adelaide and nearby suburbs that are open for public use!

Brighton Pump Track

Brighton Pump Track
Photo by: Play & Go

Location: Commercial Rd, Brighton, South Australia 5048

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Brighton Pump Truck is a pump and BMX track in the centre of Brighton. It features a variety of obstacles that cater to riders of varying ability levels, so it’s pretty popular with riders, particularly children.

The site is approximately 1,350 square metres in size, which is just the right size to get the kids pumped up and excited. It’s also open 24 hours, so kids can go even after school to get some exercise.

Just note that the local government closes the track when the town experiences bad weather to preserve the surface and reduce the risk of accidents. Keep checking their Facebook account for updates.

What makes this a thrilling ride: What makes this track stand out from other BMX tracks is that riders don’t usually pedal to get through each obstacle. Instead, they generate momentum by doing some up-and-down body movements.

Bower Road Bike Park

Bower Road Bike Park
Photo by: Kids in Adelaide

Location: West Lakes, South Australia 5021

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

The Bower Road Bike Park is located in West Lakes and takes advantage of the sunny environment to give riders the best BMX experience.

The course was a little bit larger than we had anticipated, and we were pleasantly surprised to know that they have different tracks depending on your skill level. They have a kids’ BMX track, an advanced track, dirt jumps, and a pump track. 

Some more features of the track that make it worth visiting are the on-site shaded shelters for the audience, toilets, and a drinking fountain.

What makes this a thrilling ride: The track has ample amounts of jumps, rollers, and turns to make it more thrilling for riders. Even the kids’ track can be quite challenging for beginners, so we advise parents to keep a close eye on their kids.

Happy Valley BMX Club

Happy Valley BMX Club
Photo by: The Advertiser

Location: Aberfoyle Park, South Australia 5159

Operating Hours: 

Monday – 5:30 AM – 8:00 PM

Tuesday: 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Friday: 6:30 PM – 10:00 PM

The Happy Valley BMX Club is one of the oldest BMX Clubs in Australia, having started in the early 1980s. It has hosted 6 state championships, so you can just guess how great its BMX track is.

We were quite surprised the club embodied its name Happy Valley, as we noticed how friendly and happy the kids in the club were. It’s a perfect track for kids who are only starting, as there are a lot of riders who are more than willing to help.

In addition to that, the club also offers coaching sessions every Monday for mini-wheelers, beginners, and intermediate riders. If you’re under 16 but would still like to join, you need just bring a parent or guardian with you to the classes.

While waiting for coaching sessions, we suggest beginners start at the pump track first before moving to the other jumps, as those are much more suitable for older and more experienced riders.

What makes this a thrilling ride: The track has some complicated berms that make it hard for toddlers to go through without braking.

Gawler BMX Track

Gawler BMX Track
Photo by: Kids in Adelaide

Location: 33 Gawler River Rd, Willaston, South Australia 5118

Operating Hours: 

Monday: 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Wednesday: 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Saturday: 5:00 AM – 9:00 PM

One of the best BMX tracks in Northern Adelaide, the Gawler BMX Track is a must-visit place for avid BMX riders. The track is quite large and has starting gates that are used during official events and training. 

It also has a quite challenging course as it’s mostly used by racing riders. Kids don’t have to worry, though, as it has a pump track, which is a great training ground before trying the more advanced jumps in the track.

In addition, the club hosts coaching and training sessions every Monday which riders can take part in. There will be separate sessions for mini-wheelers and beginners to better help them with their skills.

Another great thing about this track is its close proximity to the Elliot Goodger Memorial Park. This allows riders to go to the park to access its playground and picnic tables.

What makes this a thrilling ride: The track has some doubles, so it gets kids excited and nervous at the same time.

St Agnes Recreation Area

St Agnes Recreation Area
Photo by: City of Tea Tree Gully

Location: 240 Smart Road, St Agnes, South Australia 5097

Operating Hours: Open to the public when not being used by the TTG BMX Club

The St Agnes Recreation Area serves as the home of the Tea Tree Gully BMX Club. It’s accessible to the public whenever the club members are not using it, so feel free to stop by and give it a try whenever you have the chance.

The club’s Facebook account is always updated, so check there first if the track is open to the public before heading over. 

Due to the challenging nature of the track, riders of any age find it an ideal location for training. In fact, you’ll see some people in their 20s using the track with younger kids.

What makes this a thrilling ride: The course features a number of hills and jumps that the riders may use to refine their abilities. In addition to these, there is a starting gate that is mostly utilised for official races.

BMX City Dirt Tracks

BMX City Dirt Tracks
Photo by: Experience Adelaide

Location: Blue Gum Park, Unley Rd, Adelaide, South Australia 5000

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Located in Blue Gum Park, BMX City Dirt Tracks is one of the public tracks in Adelaide that we cannot miss. This is one of the most well-liked BMX courses in the city because it offers four different tracks based on skill level.

The park features a beginner track, an intermediate track, an expert track, and a pump track that is suitable for everyone. These tracks were developed to provide a training place for riders of all ages and skill levels.

The City Dirt Crew does a great job maintaining the track, considering how good the condition of the surface is. There are also a lot of shaded areas where parents can rest while keeping an eye on their kids.

Another great thing about this track is it is located right beside TreeClimb, where you can get some coffee and food. If your kid is not yet tired, you may even try the obstacles there.

What makes this a thrilling ride: The track is filled with tall jumps, especially the expert section of the track. 

Hallett Cove BMX Club

Hallett Cove BMX Club
Photo by: Kids in Adelaide

Location: 2 Oval Rd, Hallett Cove, South Australia 5158

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

The Hallet Cove BMX Club is another excellent club that aspiring BMX riders can visit if they want to learn more about the sport and get started riding.

They offer weekly coaching and training sessions to help riders sharpen their skills. They also host annual races to keep the sport alive and provide entertainment to riders.

The club has a wide track that’s open for everyone to use, so check it out when you need a place to train. It provides some classic jumps and turns that are perfect for kids who are seeking some adrenaline boost.

What makes this a thrilling ride: The wind can be strong on the track at times, which adds to the challenge. Even if you do appreciate the challenge, we still highly advise riders to watch out and prepare for strong winds, as they can be dangerous.

Elliston Reserve

Elliston Reserve

Location: 953-987 Lower North East Road, Highbury, South Australia 5098

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday: 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM

A full-sized BMX track that is hidden away among the pine trees is available for riders to enjoy at Elliston Reserve. It’s packed with a wide variety of challenges that are far more difficult than they look.

Kids around the age of 5 can already start riding their BMX on the track, but they might not be able to finish everything because the track isn’t beginner friendly.

Just be extra careful when riding in Elliston Reserve, as the track is surrounded by trees, which might cause you to become distracted and affect your ride.

What makes this a thrilling ride: It’s the perfect training spot for riders over the age of 10, as they’ll most likely enjoy the thrill they’ll get from the tall jumps and corners in the track. In addition, the size of the track is ideal for preparing them for the tracks that will be utilised in the actual races.



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