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Wellness Wonderlands Top Women-Only Gyms in Adelaide

Wellness Wonderlands: Top Women-Only Gyms in Adelaide

Looking to break a sweat at a women-only gym in Adelaide? 

Whether you’re pumped for a calorie-crushing workout or gunning for a low-intensity Pilates sesh, we have the 411 on our city’s must-hit, bro-free gyms, like Satori Women’s Health Club and Female Training Center.

If you’re ready to turn up the heat and feel the burn, deets on locations and business hours and insider tips are just below!

Satori Women’s Health Club

Address: 80A Unley Rd, Unley, SA 5061

Contact Details: (08) 8299 9701

Operating Hours: Daily – 24 Hours

Distance from the CBD: 2.8 km


From pumping iron to learning the sweet science of boxing, Satori Women’s Health Club can help you ace your wellness goals. They have over 40 classes per week, all suited for different fitness levels and preferences.

Their yoga, stretching, and shredding exercises are all hits for ladies who want to sweat it out with a group. But if you’re more of a soloist, opting for their personal training sessions is a clear-cut choice.

Satori also has a unique Boomers Body Tone Class, where you’ll tone muscles, boost flexibility, and sculpt your core while dancing to disco hits from the 80s and 90s!

Enhance your fitness journey by pairing your exercise routines with personalized dietary guidance from their qualified dietitians.

Female Training Center

Address: 9/505 Henley Beach Rd, Fulham, SA 5024

Contact Details: (08) 8355 6604

Operating Hours: Daily – 24 Hours

Distance from the CBD: 8.4 km


Whether you’re aiming for muscle conditioning or eyeing that weight loss trophy, the ladies-only Female Training Center can turn your gym goals into reality with its killer lineup of circuit-style classes.

These classes also have fun twists, like the Barbell Strong class, which incorporates the rhythm of beats with squatting, pressing, lifting, and curling exercises.

Aside from their famous barbell workouts, this studio has sessions focusing on resistance-based moves, kettlebells, dumbbells, dead balls, steps, bodyweight workouts, and more, all cranked up to boost your heart rate, muscles, and mind.

Before fully committing your time and money, take advantage of their 7-day free trial to get a taste of the experience and ensure it’s the right fit for you.

Fernwood Fitness

Address: 1 Chambers St, Park Holme, SA 5043

Contact Details: 0426 667 409

Operating Hours:

  • Mon to Thu – 10 am to 1 pm, 4 pm to 7 pm
  • Fri – 10 am to 1 pm
  • Sat to Sun – Closed

Distance from the CBD: 10.1 km


The women-only Fernwood Fitness gym is the ultimate playground for those who want to build, burn, and, of course, flex a bit while at it.

Offering low, moderate, and high-intensity classes, they have something for all your needs, from zen-like balance and posture sessions to barbell pump workouts and ab-building bonanzas.

Suppose you want to turn flab into fab while partying, though, give their TYGA class a go. Here, you’ll tone your muscles via high-intensity routines while getting down to the latest hip-hop, dancehall, Latin, and Afrobeat bangers.

You can bring your little ones to the gym’s kid-friendly facilities, where they’ll enjoy socializing and playtime.

Beautiful Fit

Address: 9/453 Fullarton Rd, Highgate, SA 5063

Contact Details: 0435 506 309

Operating Hours:

  • Mon to Thu – 5 am to 9 pm
  • Fri – 5 am to 12 am
  • Sat – 6 am to 9 am
  • Sun – Closed

Distance from the CBD: 5.3 km


Beautiful Fit is a fitness hub empowering mums ready to slay their workout game through strength-based classes. Most of their programs focus on burning menopausal fat and improvement of mobility, but they also teach teens and kids how to be active.

The go-to session here is Burn and Tone—a 45-minute fat-blasting extravaganza that includes bodyweight exercises and some serious equipment action. But if you want to take your cardio to the next level and burn calories, there’s Express 30, a quick and intense interval training.

Ensure a smooth check-in process by making all payments for classes or sessions in advance using a credit card or bank transfer, as cash payments are not accepted.

She’s FIT Adelaide

Address: Level 2/867 South Rd, Clarence Gardens, SA 5039

Contact Details: 0404 645 669

Distance from the CBD: 6.9 km


She’s FIT cracked the code on making fitness a blast and a social affair, whether you’re into boxing, pumping iron, or just unleashing your inner powerhouse with some HIIT or circuit training.

Speaking of training, most here go for their knockout boxing/therapy session designed to elevate your overall mood and cardo. And for those days when life’s frustrations need an outlet, there’s the gym’s anger management class, a power-packed strength session.

Oh, and if you’re targeting an Insta-worthy booty and killer abs, their abs and booty session is your ticket to sculpted perfection.

If you seek personalized guidance, consider She’s FIT’s 1-on-1 coaching setup.


Address: 2/471-473 Tapleys Hill Rd, Fulham Gardens, SA 5024

Contact Details: (08) 8353 1999

Operating Hours:

  • Mon to Thu – 6 am to 11 am, 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm
  • Fri – 6 am to 11 am
  • Sat – 8 am to 11 am
  • Sun – Closed

Distance from the CBD: 9.4 km


Quick and efficient, the all-women Curves gym is famed for its 30-minute workouts blending strength training, cardio, and stretching routines.

Their first-rate sessions include the Body Basics Class, a medium to low-intensity fitness fiesta that targets the arms, core, and legs with functional movements. Curves’ cardio classes also hit all the fitness sweet spots—strength, speed, power, flexibility, coordination, and agility.

For visitors looking for zen while working on stability and core, the low-intensity balance and traditional classes are the winning options.

Seize the opportunity to try out Curves’ free workout! However, note that this exclusive offer is available for first-time visitors and local residents.

Derrimut 24:7 Gym 

Address: 178 St Vincent St, Port Adelaide, SA 5015

Contact Details: (08) 8341 0978

Operating Hours: Daily – 24 Hours

Distance from the CBD: 14.3 km


Although not technically a women-only gym, Derrimut still features a section where the men are off-limits. In terms of classes, they have a mix of low and high-intensity sessions that will have you huffing and puffing but also flexing in style.

One of their highly suggested programs is the boxing class, a high-intensity circuit that’s not just about throwing punches but also sculpting that tone and enhancing your stamina like a champ.

But if you want a cardio and agility exercise that doesn’t require punching, pick their Zumba program, where you’ll dance to Latin bops instead of throwing haymakers.

To streamline your experience and avoid unnecessary hassle, be sure to review the gym’s workout timetable regularly.

Adelaide Hills Women’s Fitness Studio

Address: 450 Flaxley Rd, Mount Barker, SA 5251

Contact Details: 0414 806 307

Operating Hours:

  • Mon to Fri – 6 am to 7 pm
  • Sat to Sun – Closed

Distance from the CBD: 37.7 km


With exceptional and comprehensive programs under its belt, Adelaide Hills Women’s Fitness Studio is a premium pick for gals pursuing a better body and mind.

The studio has FIIT, a dynamic interval training session for muscle and strength build-up, and BOX, best for amping up cardio and scorching excess body fat. If your focus is lifting, enrolling in LIFT, an advanced program for strength development, is a no-brainer.

POWER, on the other hand, is a total body strength class that wraps up with a metabolic conditioning workout that will leave you sweating bullets.

Bring your kids to the FITKIDZ class, a specially designed program for boys and girls aged 8–12 years. All abilities are welcome, and the class aims to strengthen both the body and mind while fostering valuable life skills like determination and resilience.

Flinders University Sport and Fitness

Address: Alan Mitchell Building, Registry Road, Flinders University, Bedford Park, SA 5042

Contact Details: (08) 8201 2842

Operating Hours: Daily – 24 Hours

Distance from the CBD: 13.7 km


The women-only area of Flinders University Sport and Fitness is a workout haven offering both free and pin-loaded weights, cardio machines, and even stretch and mat space for those post-workout yoga sessions.

In addition, the gym has the FEAR-LESS program, with varying routines and goals weekly, depending on your fitness needs and wants. The good news is there’s a ladies-only option—you just have to specify it in the reception.

After working out, take advantage of Flinders University’s on-campus massage therapy service. It’s a perfect way to unwind and relax those post-workout sores.
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