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Into the Heart of Black Forest, Adelaide: A Travel Guide

You’ll be missing out big time if you overlook Black Forest! Here, you can feast your senses on mind-boggling performances at Circobats or keep the youngsters grinning from ear to ear at the Princess Margaret Playground.

Find out what else is cooking in this sizzling suburb!  We listed the best restos, activities, and shopping spots Black Forest offers.

How to Get to Black Forest

Car: If you’re starting from the CBD, drive eastward of Grote Street and turn left on its southern intersection with West Terrace. 

Continue driving south of West Terrace until you reach Anzac Highway, where you’ll drive southwest. Proceed to Gallipoli Ramp and drive southward until you see the eastern entrance to Addison Road.

Enter Addison Road to reach Black Forest.

Bus: From the CBD, ride the GLNELG bus at Victoria Square until you arrive at Stop 6 South Road Here, you must walk southeast to reach Black Forest.

Train: If you’re starting from the CBD, board the GLNELG line at Victoria Square and stop at the Adelaide Railway Station Tram Stop. Walk north to board the SEAFRD line and stop at Clarence Park.

Walk southwest of Clarence Park until you reach Black Forest.

Where to Eat

Asian Kitchen Noodles To Go!

Asian Kitchen Noodles To Go!

Address: 729 South Rd, Black Forest, SA 5035

Contact Details: (08) 8293 5633

Pricing: $

Asian Kitchen Noodles To Go! boasts a cozy interior, with Chinese décor like eye-catching golden cat figurines and captivating paintings.

For the meals, their authentic sweet and sour pork takes center stage. This dish has crispy pork chunks diving into a pool of sweet and tangy sauce.

Now, if you’re trying to be healthy, they have bok choy with oyster sauce specially crafted for vegans. The crisp, vibrant bok choy meets a rich, savory oyster sauce, resulting in a plate of fresh, crunchy greens and delectable umami notes.

FB’s Fancy Burgers

Address: Shop 11/715-727 South Rd, Black Forest, SA 5035

Contact Details: (08) 8471 3508

Pricing: $$


FB’s Fancy Burgers presents a modern and refreshing interior with pastel gray hues and colorful slogans plastered on the concrete wall.

Talking cuisine now, the crispy bacon and cheese is our team’s classic meaty indulgence here. It stars South Australian beef paired with crispy bacon, creamy cheddar cheese, and tomato relish in a wholemeal bun.

For our kiddos, we typically order the small but hearty Moo Moo Burger. This burger has South Australian beef, cheddar cheese, and tomato sauce.

Chapati House 2

Address: 6a/715 South Rd, Black Forest, SA 5035

Contact Details: (08) 8371 1700

Pricing: $


Chapati House 2 is a hip and affordable Indian resto.

Our go-to meal here is lamb masala. This aromatic, meaty, and hot dish serves up lean cubes of tender lamb bathed in a sweet, tangy, and earthy sauce with onions.

The best wines to complement the robust Indian flavors offered by this resto are the fruity, oaky, and subtly sweet red and rose wines. We recommend the Tatachilla Shiraz, Grand Bruge, and Mick Rose.

Miss Maria Rolls

Miss Maria Rolls

Address: Shop 10/715 South Rd, Black Forest, SA 5035

Contact Details: 0431 151 863

Pricing: $


Miss Maria Rolls’ bahn mi with honey chicken is their top seller. It has juicy chunks of honey-glazed chicken, crisp vegetables, and a slathering of savory sauce.

And if sandwiches aren’t your thing, this Vietnamese resto has tofu bowls too, with the option to add meat or veggies.

Amigo’s Pizzeria

Address: 731 South Rd, Black Forest, SA 5035

Contact Details: (08) 8293 8933

Pricing: $


Amigo’s Pizzeria’s vintage vibes are hard to resist. It’s like stepping into a rustic Italian pizza parlor, with classic brickwork and wooden flooring. 

Their iconic savory and zesty Amiigo’s Special is a worthy headliner among their flavorful delights. It includes fresh tomato sauce, salami, red onions, olives, garlic, and an aromatic blend of herbs. 

Vegans can go for the earthy gourmet classic pizza with roasted eggplant, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, and capsicum.

The Village Baker Black Forest

Address: Shop 4/715 South Rd, Black Forest, SA 5035

Contact Details: (08) 8351 4447

Pricing: $


You can’t leave Black Forest without tasting or bringing home the famous artisan bread and pastries of The Village Baker. 

First up is their award-winning white sourdough. This treat has a crisp, golden crust and a tender, airy interior. 

We also can’t forget their cakes, particularly the orange and almond cake. It’s moist and zesty and has the crunchiness and subtle nuttiness of almonds. 

Things to Do

Learn and watch circus acts in CircoBats

Address: Tenancy 2 ( entry off Emerson Road, 775 South Rd, Black Forest, SA 5035

Contact Details: 0418 775 777


CircoBats is the place for you if you’re looking to spice up your visit to Blackwood by learning and watching jaw-dropping circus moves. This circus school has workshops, classes, and a shop for those who want a taste of life under the big top. 

The classes here cover everything from hand manipulation to acrobatics, balancing, and tumbling. Then there’s the aerial class, where they harness (pun intended) your high-flying skills through demonstrations of acts done with trapeze, lyra, and silks.

CircoBats also offers parkour and tumbling classes for adults. Additionally, you may opt for the CircusFit sessions, where the trainers advance your physical conditioning before you attempt more difficult acts. 

Relax at Forest Avenue Reserve

Relax at Forest Avenue Reserve

Address: Forest Ave, Black Forest, SA 5035

Contact Details: (08) 8372 5111


The Forest Avenue Reserve is 1.2 hectares of well-maintained fields and trees. There are picnic tables in the shadiest areas, but you have to cook your picnic food at home, as there aren’t any BBQ grills here.

Those with prams and strollers will also love the smooth and flat terrain. The entire reserve is around 430 meters, so it’s an easy trail, especially on shadier and cooler days.

In addition, there’s a playground with slides, a mini-fort, and climbing platforms. Your little ones will find several playmates here, as students from the nearby Black Forest Primary School often play on this spot. 

Exercise at Southside Muay Thai and Fitness Adelaide

Address: Black Forest Shopping Centre 12, 715 – 727 South Rd, Black Forest, SA 5035

Contact Details: (08) 8490 6829


Southside Muay Thai and Fitness Adelaide is an amazing spot for working out and learning self-defense. 

You can visit their website to book a free trial program and have a glimpse of their services and sessions. The routines you’ll do here usually depend on your preferences and needs, but expect basic exercises for strength and stamina.

Beyond the flexible programs, this gym also flexes top-tier amenities and facilities. 

It has full air-conditioning, free Internet, a convenient gym shop, and a drink selection for coffee and tea enthusiasts.

Bring your kids to Princess Margaret Playground

Address: 5 Byron Rd, Black Forest, SA 5035


Princess Margaret Playground excels at making little ones feel like royalty. The entire space feels vibrant and joyful, with whimsical structures like flower posts and facilities teeming with colorful artwork. 

There’s a pretend shop where imaginations can run wild, climbing frames to conquer, swings and seesaws with four seats. You’ll also find covered slides to zoom down and spinners for those who enjoy a good dizzying.

Additionally, they have a sandpit fit with a climbing castle and sand scoops.

The grassy area surrounding the playground is also ideal for picnic-goers.  

Where to Shop

Maiyaz Boutique

Maiyaz Boutique

Address: 23 Gray St, Black Forest, SA 5035

Contact Details: 0424 344 607

Pricing: $


Maiyaz Boutique mastered the art of making you look fabulous with a touch of Indian elegance. They’ve got brilliant Indian earrings and necklaces that are nothing short of showstoppers. 

They also offer finely crafted Indian ethnic wear, some with a modern twist for those who like to blend tradition with a hint of contemporary style. Think vibrant sarees that practically shimmer with intricate embroidery and rich, luxurious fabrics. 

Moreover, they provide shimmering potli bags that are practical and stunning. These bags burst with colors, intricate embroidery, and glimmering drawstring closures.

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