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Capital to Coastline A Complete Canberra to Adelaide Guide

Capital to Coastline: A Complete Canberra to Adelaide Guide

Ready to escape the city grind? Buckle up for a ripper road trip from Canberra to Adelaide!

From sipping wine in Griffith’s vineyards to soaking in Ouyen’s rugged outback scenes, we will set you up for an Aussie adventure like no other. We have the deets on this route’s coziest accommodations, dopest restos, hippest towns to explore, and more!

Best Time to Visit Adelaide

Best Time to Visit Adelaide

The best time to visit Adelaide and experience the city’s charm is autumn (March to May), which has daytime temperatures of around 26°C to 19°C (79°F to 66°F) and nighttime temperatures varying from approximately 16°C to 11°C (61°F to 52°F).

Things to Know

Distance: Around 1,160 kilometers

How to Get from Canberra to Adelaide

How to Get from Canberra to Adelaide

By Plane: If you’re keen on zooming from Canberra to Adelaide, hopping on a plane is the ace move. 

Canberra Airport offers direct flights to Adelaide Airport, taking around 1.5 to 2 hours tops. The average fare for one-way flights ranges from $181 to $361.

Multiple airlines like Qantas, Virgin Australia, and Jetstar offer regular flights, so you have options to snag a sweet deal and zip across the skies.

How to Get from Canberra to Adelaide2

By Bus: The bust route might take a tad longer, but hey, it’s a budget-friendly option for the laid-back traveler, as you’ll only be paying about $163 to $550.

On the range’s lower end, you’ll get the Early Bird ticket type. This comes with major perks, like picking your own seats and earning rewards, and cons, such as the lack of refunds and the inability to change your travel date and time.

The higher end consists of ticket types, like the Advantage, which allows cancellations and date changes, and the Flexible, which has the added benefits of refunds and cancellations.

In this option, travelers typically catch the GX233 bus line from Canberra, heading to Albury around 9:30 pm. If you also follow this, you’ll arrive at Albury around 1:05 am and hang around there for a bit of a layover until 4:25 am.

After the layover, jump on the V/Line bus departing from Albury and heading to Adelaide. This leg will have you cruising for about 14 hours straight until you reach the 85 Franklin St stop in the Adelaide CBD.

How to Get from Canberra to Adelaide3

By Train: Depart from Canberra Railway Station aboard the Southern NSW 636 at 5:08 pm, cruising for about 1 hour and 27 minutes. You’ll then make a stop at Goulburn, where there will be a layover of 4 hours and 28 minutes.

From Goulburn, catch the Southern NSW 621, departing at 11:03 pm and will reach Southern Cross by 7:19 am the next day. 

After a 46-minute stopover, board the Journey Beyond’s Overland train at 8:05 am, settling in for a 10-hour and 30-minute ride through stunning Aussie landscapes. Finally, you’ll arrive at Adelaide Parklands Terminal around 6:05 pm the following day.

You’ll be paying nearly $174 to $212 if you pick this option.

Where to Stay

Townhouse Hotel Wagga Wagga

Address:70 Morgan St, Wagga Wagga, NSW 2650

Contact Details: (02) 6921 4337

Pricing: $ to $$


The Townhouse Hotel Wagga Wagga is where the savvy spenders and high rollers both find their groove. 

Their Standard Room is the budget-friendly way to catch some sleep before you continue the drive. It comes with a comfy queen bed, an LCD TV, a sweet bonus of a complimentary swim pass, and free broadband.

If you prefer a more spacious crash pad, level up to the Executive Suite. You’ll get a plush king bed, convenient lounge access, a high-definition smart TV, and more lavish-looking lighting.

Big4 Hay Plains Holiday Park

Address: 4 Nailor St, Hay NSW, 2711

Contact Details: (02) 6993 1875

Pricing: $


Big4 Hay Plains Holiday Park offers chill spaces without breaking the bank. For instance, their pet-friendly Standard Cabin is simple yet tidy, offering a double bed, a sweet spot for dining, and a fully equipped kitchenette.

Now, for the larger fam and squads, the 2 Bedroom Family Villa is a jackpot. It features a spacious setup with a mix of beds, including a double, queen, and bunk singles, alongside a full ensuite bathroom for that much-needed privacy. 

Those looking to fully embrace Hay’s outdoor splendor, though, should opt for their powered caravan sites. These sites can handle up to 8 peeps, and they’re a stone’s throw from amenities like the recreation room, pool, and kitchen.

The Hahndorf Old Mill Hotel 

Address: 98 Main Street, Hahndorf, SA 5245

Contact Details: (08) 8388 7888

Pricing: $


The Hahndorf Old Mill Hotel is a heritage-listed site that offers quaint rooms with top-notch amenities.

Families or groups seeking a room all about R&R will find solace in the hotel’s Double Spa Chalet. The room has a comfortable mix of a queen or double bed, two single beds, and a luxe two-person spa.

Another highly-rated option is the Twin Suite, with separate rooms and a convenient kitchenette. One room comes with a spa, while the other offers a refreshing shower, providing versatile choices for up to three guests.

Where to Eat

Il Corso Cafe Griffith

Address: 140 Banna Ave, Griffith, NSW 2680

Contact Details: (02) 6964 4500

Pricing: $$


With 29 years of excellence to their name, Il Corso Cafe’s family-style and authentic Italian dishes are definitely worth stopping by once you reach Griffith.

One of the must-tries here is their bolognese gourmet pizza, slathered in a bolognese sauce base and topped with mushrooms, ham, and olives.

But if pasta is your jam, then the Fettuccine Rucola is where it’s at. It’s loaded with tiger prawns, prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, rocket, and a dash of chili—all tossed in a garlic olive oil fiesta.

Kinfolk and Co. Coffee

Address: 167 Lachlan St, Hay NSW, 2711

Contact Details: (02) 6993 3456

Pricing: $


Kinfolk and Co. Coffee is your spot for a breakfast extravaganza, churning out barista-made coffee right smack in the heart of Hay’s main street.

The menu here dishes up everything, from mouthwatering burgers to sweet and colorful muffins.

The star of the show for us is the Large Sundowner pack that has an array of cold cuts, fruits, nuts, and cheeses. And when it comes to drinks, their rich cappuccino and espresso with locally sourced beans are totally worth making a pit stop for.

Hahndorf Inn

Address: 35 Mount Barker Rd, Hahndorf, SA 5245

Contact Details: (08) 8388 7063

Pricing: $$


At the Hahndorf Inn, it’s all about diving headfirst into hearty German eats while soaking up the vintage vibes of an 1863 hotel decked with a timber-clad ceiling and natural stone walls.

The Schweinshaxe, a plate of giant crispy skin pork knuckle, is one of the inn’s best-sellers. Clocking in at around 1-1.2 kilograms, this beast is served with a traditional potato salad, sauerkraut, and a generous drizzle of gravy. 

If variety is your spice of life, the Original Taste of Germany Platter is where it’s at. It consists of a mix of four award-winning German Butchery wursts, a hefty soft-skin pork hock, kassler, mashed potato, sauerkraut, a duo of pretzels, and more!

What to Do

Get up close with alpacas at Blackwattle Alpaca Farm

Address: 315 Patemans Ln, Murrumbateman, NSW 2582

Contact Details: 0403 991 612

Pricing: Free


Whether you’re a solo cruiser or a crew of up to 10 adventurers, Blackwattle Alpaca Farm in Murrumbateman is a must-see pit stop—especially if adorable animals and pristine farm scenery are your jam.

You can strut around the tree-lined and grassy lands with one of their furry alpacas or llamas. Guests can then get hands-on and feed the animals with a bucket filled with goodies fit for happy herds.

As you parade with your fuzzy friends, guides will talk about the farm’s history, the unique characteristics of the alpacas and llamas, and how their fibers can be turned into different products, such as yarn and textiles!

Learn some history and look for ghosts at Old Gundagai Gaol

Address: U159 Sheridan St, Gundagai, NSW 2722

Pricing: $


History buffs and thrill-seekers are in for an informative and ghastly treat at the historic Old Gundagai Gaol. The tour explores the prison’s old rooms, but the twist is you’ll be given maps and audio directions instead of a traditional tour guide.

If you’re in for something more thrilling, though, join the Paranormal Fear Test from 9 pm to midnight. You’ll explore dimly lit corridors, test your nerve in isolation chambers that toy with your senses, and encounter carefully crafted spine-tingling stimuli.

Highlights include facing fear head-on in interactive stations, all designed to awaken primal and psychological fears. After you’ve dared the shadows and expanded your limits, you can conduct your own ghostly investigation!

Address: Morrow St, Wagga Wagga, NSW 2650

Contact Details: (02) 6926 9660

Pricing: Free


The 1,000-square-meter Wagga Wagga Art Gallery isn’t your average art joint. It showcases seven exhibition spaces with walls that adapt to the theme of current exhibits and advanced lighting and climate control to preserve delicate masterpieces.

One of the spotlight-stealers here is the National Art Glass Collection, housing glass art from the ’60s onward. The collection has over 700-plus works, each showcasing a different style, from vibrant stained-glass pieces to more abstract glasswork.

You may also marvel at the Margaret Carnegie Print Collection, which started in 1980. It now boasts over 1,400 original prints in various media forms, from screenprints to sketches of luminaries like Noel Counihan and Fred Williams.

Have a drink in Calabria Family Wines

Address: 1283 Brayne Rd, Griffith, NSW 2680

Contact Details: (02) 6969 0800

Pricing: $$


For your safety, only visit Calabria Family Wines if you’re planning to rest for a day in Griffith because, trust us, you’ll have a hard time resisting the blends here.

Their Star Cellar Door Riverina is a Tuscan-style cellar door brimming with warm Italian decor. What you’ll taste here is specially handpicked by the Calabria Family, so every sip is sensational.

The top wine we tried was The Calabria Iconic Grand Reserve 2016 Vintage, a robust and cinnamon-spiced red wine with rich flavors of cherries, black licorice, and dark chocolate!

Watch the sunset in Hay

Address: B75, Hay NSW, 2711

Contact Details: (02) 6993 4045

Pricing: Free


Sometimes, all you need on a road trip is nature in its full radiant splendor. And what better way to witness such a sight than stopping by the outback town of Hay during sunset?

Located 16 kilometers north of Hay along the Cobb Highway, you’ll find a purpose-built sunset viewing area. The platform also has sculptural furniture, so you better bring some picnic essentials and watch the sun in its full glory while munching on a snack.

The golden hours here are a 360-degree spectacle that’s unspoiled by towering structures or city smog. What you’ll see is a spectrum of hues unfolding over the vast plains, creating a mesmerizing visual feast a photographer would yearn to capture.

Camp and spot kangaroos and emus at Wyperfeld National Park

Address: Wyperfeld Entrance Rd, Yaapeet, VIC 3424


Add a dash of wildness to your road trip with a visit to the rough and rugged Wyperfield National Park. Here, you’ll find a chain of interconnected lake beds alongside Outlet Creek, part of the Wimmera River’s northern stretch.

These lakes come to life when an overflow from the Wimmera River fills them, resulting in blossoming desert flowers and plants that attract emus and kangaroos.

For a convenient viewing spot, head to Wonga Camping Area, nestled at the park’s southern tip. This sprawling campground offers ample privacy and space for both large and small groups and is one of this arid land’s shadiest portions.

Explore the home of the famous painter Hans Heysen

Address: 68 Heysen Rd, Hahndorf SA 5245

Contact Details: (08) 8388 7277

Pricing: $


Sir Hans Heysen’s The Cedars is one of Australia’s most impeccably preserved historic homes. This art and architectural gem features a chalet-style studio, heralded as the nation’s oldest purpose-built artist’s haven dating back to 1912.

As you enter the 36-acre manor, you’ll also step back in time and witness the evolution of Heysen’s artistic creations. Well-preserved paintings of Australian landscapes and family portraits adorn almost every corner of the home.

The estate’s artistry extends beyond the house itself. A vibrant garden, originally cultivated by the family, continues to grace the grassy outer grounds, painting the tree-shaded area with additional colors.

What to Expect from Adelaide Climate

What to Expect from Adelaide Climate
  • Summer (December to February): Hot, dry weather with highs around 29°C (84.2°F) and lows of 16°C (60.8°F). Expect sparse rainfall.
  • Autumn (March to May): Pleasant temperatures averaging 12.7°C to 22.7°C (55°F to 73°F), minimal rainfall, and colorful landscapes.
  • Winter (June to August): Cooler temperatures, around 15°C to 16°C (59°F to 60.8°F), and relatively low rainfall.
  • Spring (September to November): Gradually warming weather, averaging 11.8°C to 22°C (53.2°F to 71.6°F), with low rainfall and cooler evenings.
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