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Where to Go in Adelaide for Queen’sKing's Birthday 2023

Where to Go in Adelaide for Queen’s/King’s Birthday 2023

With the coronation of Charles III, 2023 marks the first celebration of the King’s Birthday in South Australia since 1952. While the name of the holiday has changed, the second Monday of June is still the date of its celebration. 

This holiday can be a fantastic time to spend with your loved ones. If you’re looking for a restaurant, pub, or family-friendly spot to visit for this long weekend, we’ve got you covered! 

Is the Queen’s birthday holiday now the King’s birthday holiday?

The Queen’s Birthday is now the King’s Birthday in Western Australia and Victoria. The holiday will still be held on the second Monday of June, considering that it’s been the norm since 1938. 
There’s a chance, however, that the official title won’t catch on until King Charles III’s coronation (on May 6, 2023). 

Why does the date for Queen’s Birthday/King’s Birthday celebration never change?

Although the holiday is named as such, the exact day for the Queen’s/King’s Birthday never changes so that it can be celebrated in optimal weather conditions in the UK. 
As the UK is where the monarchy is based, the celebration of their birthday is made to match the usual month when there’s little to no rainfall. 
Aside from this, it has become a tradition at this point, and having to change for every monarch can be inconvenient. 
Lastly, the Queen’s/King’s Birthday is best enjoyed as part of a long weekend, hence, it always falls on the second Monday of June.

Family-friendly Restaurants Open in Adelaide for Queen’s/King’s Birthday

Enjoy the Queen’s/King’s Birthday by having a royal feast in one of the best family-friendly restaurants in Adelaide. 



Location: 253A Seaview Rd, Henley Beach SA 5022

Surcharge: 15%

HNLY is a chic seafood restaurant with an exquisite view of Henley Beach. It’s a great way to celebrate the royal holiday because of its elegantly minimal design. 

The view is especially stunning upstairs where you see the coastline clearly. 

They serve seafood fresh and Mediterranean style. Made by head chef Ricardo Plazola, their specialties include scallops, lemon-dripped King George whiting, and the Southern calamari spaghetti. 

If you’re not one for seafood, they also serve 500-gram rib eye and buttered roast chicken. We found it highly appetizing because it has just the right amount of salty and savory flavors. 

White wine goes great with their seafood. We highly recommend getting locally blended Spring Seed Moscato (from McLaren Vale) or the Sawyer Chardonnay (from Adelaide Hills). 

Local’s tip: If you’re unsure of what to order, avail of the four-course chef’s selection menu instead. For a minimum of 4 guests, they can take the reins and give you the best offerings of the day. 

2. One Sneaky Cheetah

One Sneaky Cheetah

Location: 243 South Rd, Ridleyton SA 5008

Surcharge: 15%

One Sneaky Cheetah is made by the founders of Italian pizza places Pizzateca and Madre. It can be a great spot to visit for the Queen’s Holiday because of its laidback atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxing during the long holiday.

The industrial design of the place is reminiscent of New York pizza restaurants. 

There’s no need to read the ingredients for their menu, as their specialties include recognizable names like Margherita, Meatlover, Ham and Pineapple, and Veggie. 

We had a great time chomping down these pizzas with its aptly named house beer One Sneaky Lager. 

Local’s tip: The lines here get busy, especially during holidays. If you don’t want to wait long, order your pizza through the pick-up option on their website. 

3. Anchovy Bandit

Anchovy Bandit

Location: 96 Prospect Rd, Prospect SA 5082

Surcharge: 15%

Italian restaurant Anchovy Bandit is simply unbeatable when it comes to atmosphere. Classy and stylish, it’s a great restaurant for those who want an experience any royalty will enjoy. 

The restaurant can be found inside the Palace Nova cinema complex. It features a pizzeria and a cocktail bar.

Their affinity for style is also reflected in the presentation of their food. Even a dish as simple as scallops and cucumber is made more appetizing because of this.

We highly recommend their Coffin Bay Pacific oysters, as their briny taste is enhanced by the fermented chili they provide. 

An intriguing snack is the Rockmelon topped with green ants, which left a lasting sweet and sour taste in our mouths. 

Local’s tip: Prospect Road can be noisy during the holidays, making outdoor dining less desirable. We suggest booking in advance to secure a seat inside. 

4. Osteria Oggi

Osteria Oggi

Location: 76 Pirie Street, Adelaide

Surcharge: 20%

Osteria Oggi creates pasta on the day it’s served, which we definitely felt with every bite of their crab-infused tagliatelle and sausage-filled casarecce. It’s a great restaurant if you want something fresh and exquisite for the Queen’s Birthday. 

The sophistication of the area is muted and simple. It lets the food speak for itself, and this subtlety extends to their interior with gentle shades of cream. 

Families can dine in their spacious booths or long tables. There’s plenty of space for stories and laughter as the smoke from their slow-roasted pork rack gently fills the air. 

Every part of their menu is made to share, and it’s best availed through their chef selection menus named Casa and Villa. They even have a recommended wine for every dish, which shows how detailed they are with food. 

Local’s tip: It can be a bit loud inside during busy hours. Make sure to tell the servers your order clearly, as they sometimes mix it up. 

5. Gin Long Canteen

Gin Long Canteen

Location: 42 O’Connell St, North Adelaide SA 5006

Surcharge: No surcharge

Southeast Asian restaurant Gin Long Canteen is a fantastic spot for Queen’s/King’s Birthday because of its infectiously-energetic atmosphere. We had a great time here because of their friendly servers, sizzling meals, and dynamic interior design. 

You can choose between the “Eat Small” or “Eat Big” menu, both featuring Malaysian, Thai, and Vietnamese staples. We especially recommend their chicken satay because of its chewy texture and the spicy peanut sauce provided. 

They serve one of the best mango sticky rice dishes we’ve had. The coconut is fresh, and the milk enhances the sweet-sour taste of the mango. 

Pro tip:  Their sign outside is a bit hard to catch because it’s small. It’s best to open your handy map app on your phone to know its location. 

Pubs and Bars Open in Adelaide for Queen’s/King’s Birthday

Looking for a drink or two to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday? Check out our list of the different pubs and bars open on this holiday.

6. Sunny’s Pizza

Sunny’s Pizza

Location: 17 Solomon St, Adelaide SA 5000

Surcharge: 15% surcharge

Sunny’s Pizza can be summarized in three words: pizza, booze, and nostalgia. Everything here is perfect for a night out with your friends, especially as part of the long weekend for the Queen’s Birthday. 

Though it’s named as such, the pizza store actually opens past 5. As the day comes to a rest, disco lights, 70’s music, and ovens come in full swing.

Our cocktails of choice include the sweet agave-infused Sunny’s Margarita and the Camari and Watermelon. If you’re looking for something more straightforward, why not try the Four Pines Pacific Ale beer tap?

Of course, we’re also fond of their pizzas, especially the eggplant parmigiana which comes with a silky texture and sweet flavor. Another standout is ham and pineapple pizza made more flavorful by adding green chilli verde.

Local’s tip: Don’t give up if your call for a pizza pick-up is ignored after 2–3 times. You’ll be able to pick up your order from their store within 10 minutes after your order, and the taste is definitely worth the wait.

7. Cry Baby

Cry Baby

Location: 11 Solomon St, Adelaide SA 5000

Surcharge: No surcharge

Cry Baby is the choice for those looking for an edgy and rock-inspired pub to hang out in during King’s/Queen’s Birthday. One of its primary inspirations is UK-born Mick Jagger whose photographs can be seen on its walls. 

To calm your nerves and get your dancing started, try their signature cocktail London Calling made with lemon juice and gin. It’s a big hit because it leaves a refreshing feeling in your mouth. 

There’s plenty of tap beer available, all of which are locally sourced. They also have their own lager, the Dive Beer. 

We had great fun playing pool by their party corner. There’s also a jukebox that plays classics from the 60s to 80s which is especially great for rock enthusiasts. 

Local’s tip: You should arrive before 9 so that you won’t have to wait in line to enter. 

If you’re a music lover looking for live entertainment, check out our list of the best live music spots in the city.

8. Seppeltsfield Road Distillers

Seppeltsfield Road Distillers

Location: 436 Seppeltsfield Rd, Marananga SA 5355

Surcharge: 15% surcharge

Seppeltsfield Road Distillers is a long drive from the CBD, but their multi-awarded menu should make the drive to Barossa Valley worth it. If you want to spend the long weekend in the valley, we highly recommend adding it to your itinerary. 

It has a tasting room where you can taste its award-winning Shiraz Gin. It’s made and bottled in-house, which is why every sip is fresh and bold.

You can have French cheese as you drink their earthy-tasting House Gin. They have plenty of space for lounging and relaxing as you enjoy their liquor. 

The distillery is best visited as part of a tour in Adelaide so that you can have a complete experience of Barossa Valley.

Local’s tip: They’re only open until 5, so be sure to arrive early to try their gins.

9. Clever Little Tailor

Clever Little Tailor

Location: 19 Peel St, Adelaide SA 5000

Surcharge: 10% surcharge

Clever Little Tailor’s interior is more than enough to justify why you should spend the monarch’s holiday here. The design inspiration is rustic and romantic, with its interior being reminiscent of a small-town library out of a fairytale. 

One of the best aspects of the bar is that they can whip up any cocktail request you have. May it be something light or hard-hitting, they’ve got you covered. 

We had plenty of wines to choose from, and our favorites were the Moon Juice Vermentino and NV Alpha Box Prosecco, both served by the glass. 

They serve simple bar food to give you something to munch on as you drink. These include savory loaves and fish, cheese, and olives. 

Local’s tip: The place doesn’t accept reservations. Arrive here early to secure a seat. 



Location: 260-262 Rundle St, Adelaide SA 5000

Surcharge: 10% surcharge

BRKLYN is inspired by the streets of the New York suburban area it’s named after, and it captures the feeling successfully with its industrial design. 

It’s great for a casual way to end the long holiday because the crowd here is cool and relaxed. In fact, you can even have them pick your drink through their mystery gin/beer option. 

We had some chuckles after reading the witty names of their cocktails, including the plum-infused Owwwa Owwwa and Roku-gin-based Watermelooowwn. 

Oily and meaty grubs are available in the form of chorizo tapas and pork belly bites. It’s best enjoyed with Japan-imported Nikka Coffey gin or London’s berry-mixed Fords gin. 

Local’s tip: Just like in New York, the music here is eclectic with genres like hip hop, soul, funk, and more. Listen to the tracks they play so you’ll have a new addition to your playlist! 

Family-friendly Spots Open in Adelaide for Queens’/King’s Birthday

The Queen’s/King’s birthday is a great time for exploring family-friendly spots. Here, we list spots for a thrilling or educational experience for you and your children. 

11. West Beach Adventure

West Beach Adventure

Location: 4 Hamra Ave, West Beach SA 5024

If there’s any time for you to ride thrilling and high-octane rides, it’s definitely on a long weekend. You’ll have plenty of time to recover after the sweat (and dizziness!) you might get from the aerial obstacles of West Beach Adventure.

Featuring a free fall as high as 18 meters and up to 70 aerial obstacles, the amusement park is definitely for the adventure-seeking family. 

It’s only 15 minutes away from the CBD, and it’s also near cafes and restaurants along the coastline. 

Local’s tip: The cafes nearby are a great place to hang out if you can’t handle heights. 

12. National Railway Museum

National Railway Museum

Location: 76 Lipson St, Port Adelaide SA 5015

The National Railway Museum is the largest of its kind in all of Australia. If you want to look back at the Victorian era of steam trains and rails, the Monarch’s Birthday is a fabulous time. 

You can even ride the Semaphore, which travels up to Fort Glanville. Along the way, you’ll see the breathtaking view of the Esplanade and its dunes. 

A trip here may just awaken the train enthusiast in you or your child as it did with us. Learning the ins and outs of the train, its importance, and its design made us appreciate the method of transportation more.

Local’s tip: The Semaphore may not always be operational, especially during hot days.

13. Cleland Wildlife Park

Cleland Wildlife Park

Location: 365 Mount Lofty Summit Rd, Crafers SA 5152

Seated atop Mount Lofty is Cleland Wildlife Park which is home to many iconic Aussie creatures. Here, you can see koalas, wallabies, and kangaroos, the country’s most beloved marsupials. 

(Fun fact: Queen Elizabeth II has once been gifted six red kangaroos straight from the Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens!)

The view here is stunning and worth the hike. It feels like you’re visiting the animals’ home rather than intruding here, and they’re extra friendly to visitors. 

There’s a great balance of attractions here, as there are wetlands, aviaries, and a glorious view of Adelaide through their lookout. 

Children especially love feeding the animals themselves. We definitely felt amazing after seeing an emu and waterfowl approaching us to be fed! 

Local’s tip: Their cafe regularly has long lines. It’s best to bring your own food before going here. 

14. TreeClimb Adelaide

TreeClimb Adelaide

Location: Cnr Greenhill Road &, Unley Rd, Adelaide SA 5000

TreeClimb Adelaide is another thrilling experience. We lived out our Tarzan fantasies as we tried their climbing courses, and the sweat we had by the end was a welcome proof of our efforts. 

It’s family-friendly, as they have courses made for different age groups. For a full 80 minutes, a highly trained crew will be there to guide you through the different obstacles. 

The accessibility of the place makes it a very convenient choice. They’ve also created a branch in the Kuitpo forest, which you should definitely visit if you’re visiting near. 

As the Monarch’s Birthday is a part of a long holiday, you’ll have lots of time to recover after the intensive session you’ll experience. 

Local’s tip: Your experience may take longer during the holiday because aside from the large volume of guests, some people may become hesitant to finish the obstacle. Be especially patient in case this happens. 

15. SA Maritime Museum

SA Maritime Museum
Photo from SA Maritime Museum

Location: 126 Lipson St, Port Adelaide SA 5015

SA Maritime is a great choice if you want to know more about the culture of Adelaide’ seafaring folk for the Queen’s holiday. Located in Port Adelaide, the museum stands strong on bond stores that have been around since the 1850s. 

We felt as if we’d traveled back in time because of the museum’s charmingly rugged walls. It’s a display of naval culture, and you’ll get stories of sailors and fisherfolk from decades ago. 

Here you’ll see real-life items straight from a Pirates of the Caribbean movie, including messages in bottles, interactive replicas of ships, and ship sculptures.

Local’s tip: The lighthouse has a fantastic view of Port River. You can even spot some dolphins from above!

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