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Where to Go in Adelaide for Anzac Day

Where to Go in Adelaide for Anzac Day

Anzac Day is a commemoration of the brave soldiers who brought honor to the country. On this day, their suffering and dedication are remembered and honored throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Anzac Day is a national holiday that you can use as a time for visiting the different spots of the city. Here, we go through the different bars, restaurants, and events you can visit during the holiday.

Restaurants Open in Adelaide for Anzac Day

Anzac Day is a perfect time for bonding with your friends and family over hearty meals. If you want something more thrilling to do on Anzac Day with the family, we advise taking them to a theme park.

1. Betty’s Burger 

Betty’s Burger

Surcharge: 15 %

Opening time on Anzac Day: 11 AM-9:30 PM

Betty’s Burger is one of Australia’s largest franchises, which is why they’re a familiar name for many. On Anzac Day, why not spend your day munching on their juicy burgers?

They have a wide selection of beef, vegetarian, and chicken burgers. Like a classic diner, they also have shakes, sundaes, and salad. 

Their menu puts an Aussie twist on classic American meals, making the food savory and filling. 

There’s no going wrong with choosing the Betty’s Classic. Its Angus beef is just the right amount of chewy, and its vegetables are always fresh. 

Their thick shakes are a great way to finish the meal. We especially love their chocolate shake; it has just the right amount of sweetness.

Pro tip: Betty’s Burgers’ lines are long even outside of Anzac Day. Be sure to show up early, or simply have your meal on the go. 

2. Anchovy Bandit

Anchovy Bandit

Surcharge: 15 %

Opening time on Anzac Day: 5 PM and beyond

Anchovy Bandit is a great spot for the holiday because of its laid-back mood that fits the holiday. It got its name from a Tarantino-made screenplay, and just like the filmmaker, the restaurant is full of surprises for you. 

It’s part of the Palace Nova cinema complex, and entering the restaurant is like visiting a movie set in the 1940s. 

Straight from the oven and wafting with aromas, their zucchini pizza was instantly memorable for us. The charred onions and soft herbs elevate the dish to higher levels. 

We have no complaints about their well-made pasta, especially their crowd-favorite spaghetti. The best part is that it’s made vegetarian-friendly, which is why we didn’t worry about extra calories.

Aside from this, they also have fusilli with pesto, bucatini, rigatoni, sweet corn, and more. They’re best bought with wood-fired flatbread to balance the flavors.

For drinks, try one of their signature cocktails. Our favorite ones include the pineapple punch, molto bizzaro, and lime daiquiri.

Pro tip: Grab tickets to a movie before visiting the restaurant. You’ll appreciate its ambiance much more after.

3. Hnly


Surcharge: 15 %

Opening time on Anzac Day: Open for lunch and dinner

Hnly is an elegant restaurant just a few blocks from Henley Beach. It has a great view of the jetty, the beach, and the sunset. 

We loved sipping on their cocktails and wines in this relaxing atmosphere. 

The whole place is decorated with limestone and travertine. Complemented with the restaurant’s muted color and tastefully minimal decorations, the dining experience here is hushed and tranquil.

Their menu is centered on Mediterranean cuisine that uses locally-sourced ingredients for maximum freshness. In fact, they collaborate with local fishermen to have their products delivered within 12 hours! 

Their Anzac day specials are chef-chosen and are made to showcase the best for the season. 

Pro tip: As the restaurant is located in Henley Square, it’s easy to visit the beach first before you have your dinner here. Take a few shots and take in the sunset before you have your feast.

4. One Sneaky Cheetah

One Sneaky Cheetah

Surcharge: 15 %

Opening time on Anzac Day: 5 PM-9 PM

One Sneaky Cheetah is the go-to place if you want classic flavors like margherita, meatlover, or vegetarian. After all, the solemn holiday suits a more simple feast.

Don’t let its simplicity fool you, however, as their pizzas are made from scratch and baked by the masterminds behind Pizzateca (in McLaren Vale) and Madre (in Gilbert St). 

It’s best enjoyed with wine and spritz made by Riot Wine Co. After all, you can never go wrong with pizza and beer!

We had a great time munching on their pizza, which had the right amount of chewiness and consistency (showing their dedication to freshness and high-quality ingredients). 

Our favorite is the Cheetah’s Tail. Its soft dough and unique take on garlic herb butter—further improved by wood fire—make it an absolute treat.

The restaurant has an industrial design that is relaxed and laid back. Its cheetah print theme is memorable and goes great with the design of its pizza. 

Pro tip: They don’t have airconditioning, so be prepared for some heat especially if it’s sunny outside. 

Bars and Pubs Open in Adelaide for Anzac Day

Want to raise a toast for all the fallen soldiers of Anzac? Visit one of these bars/pubs to meet folks with the same idea for the holiday.

If you’re looking for an affordable place to stay for the holiday, we recommend checking our list of the best motels in Adelaide.

5. East End Cellars & Tasting Room

East End Cellars & Tasting Room

Surcharge: No surcharge

Opening time on Anzac Day: 12 PM-7 PM

East End Cellars is the go-to for wine enthusiasts. When it comes to going down to the last detail of winemaking, its owners are some of the most professional in Adelaide.

On Anzac Day, there’s no surcharge for visiting them. Many veterans and their families visit the place to crack a bottle or two, and it’s why it’s such a perfect place to visit during the holiday. 

Their new location’s highlight is the Tasting Room, which elevates the experience because of its elegant interior. With finely-selected meats and cheeses, the room provides some of Adelaide’s finest offers. 

Speaking of food, they’ve elevated their menu by including locally-grown produce including the McLaren Vale Olives. 

We especially like their Charcuterie Boards because they’re extensive including Gruyere cheese, truffle salami, and fermented Felino sausage.

Pro tip: Their wine selection is dizzyingly large. Don’t be embarrassed to ask their servers about the best one for you depending on your preferred taste and budget!

6. Cry Baby

Cry Baby

Surcharge: No surcharge

Opening time on Anzac Day: 4 PM-2 AM

Cry Baby isn’t just a bar, it’s a reflection of Adelaide’s deep culture of loving rock and roll. Every corner is a testament to the free spirit of the music, from the records they play to the photo-filled walls and the regular crowd. 

Labeling itself as a place for “bad hangovers and loud music,” it’s a great spot if you want to destress and have fun for the holiday. 

Their food options are simple and great for those who want a quick bite. They give generous servings for their charcuterie boards and hot dogs. 

There are plenty of things to do inside the bar. They have a pool table, a jukebox, and live band performances on the regular.

You’ll get plenty of hospitality—and wild fun from its patrons and staff if you’re up for it. 

Pro tip: Every regular knows this: be sure to show up before 9! The line gets long after this. 

7. The Crafers Hotel

The Crafers Hotel

Surcharge: 15% surcharge

Opening time on Anzac Day: 10 AM and beyond

The Crafers Hotel is one of the beloved spots in Adelaide because of its cozy ambiance and relaxed crowd. It has been around since 1839 and has since established itself as a place for the classic Adelaide pub experience. 

The pub has over 10,500 bottles waiting to be opened. They have a mix of imported and locally-sourced ones, the latter coming from wineries like Ochota Barrels, Saint and Scholar, and Yarra Yering. 

To compliment your drinks, try out their French menu that features crowd favorites like oxtail en croute and French salad.

Since it’s some minutes away from the CBD, we advise checking in to one of their deluxe rooms. Featuring amenities like tubs and a shared kitchen, their rooms are great for holiday pampering. 

Pro tip: Use the handy booking tool on their website to make a reservation on Anzac Day. 

Events in Adelaide for Anzac Day

There are formal ceremonies held annually in Adelaide to commemorate Anzac Day. Check out which ones you can attend for this day. 

8. ANZAC Day Dawn Service

ANZAC Day Dawn Service

Where it’s held: Southern Australia National War Memorial at North Terrae

The ANZAC Day Dawn Service is held during dawn because, during the war, it was the time of the day most strategic for starting combat. 

It’s only fitting that the new morning serves as the time for honoring the soldiers’ sacrifices. 

The ceremony attendees follow the “stand-to” practice of soldiers, assuming a ready-for-battle position. 

The service starts at around 4:30 AM. During this time, excerpts and messages from veterans will be read.

9. Cross of Sacrifice Remembrance Service

Cross of Sacrifice Remembrance Service

Where it’s held: Cross of Sacrifice at Pennington Gardens, North Adelaide

The Cross of Sacrifice Remembrance Service serves as the last part of the Anzac Day commemoration. It’s held before noon. 

Attendees join a ceremonial march leading to the burial site where a final prayer will be given.

10. ANZAC Youth Vigils

ANZAC Youth Vigils

Where it’s held: South Australian National War Memorial

The ANZAC Youth Vigils are held the night before ANZAC Day. It’s ideal if the holiday is a busy one for you. 

It’s spearheaded by different youth organizations in Adelaide including the Australian Army Cadets, SA Country Fire Cadets, Surf Lifesaving SA, Scouts Australia, and Guides SA.

FAQS about Anzac Day

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