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Where to Go in Adelaide for Labor Day

Where to Go in Adelaide for Labor Day

Labor Day is a celebration for all workers, a day when we step back from our everyday grind. Adelaide is a city filled with many spots for recreation, and the long weekend from the holiday is a great time to make the most of it. 

If you’re looking for a place to go in Adelaide for Labor Day, may it be a pub, restaurant, or any community space, we’ve got you covered! This list covers both adult-only and family-friendly places. 

When is Labor Day in Adelaide?

Labor Day in Australia is held on the first Monday of October.
Labor Day is held as a commemoration for the Eight Hours Day March, a labor movement that happened in April 1856 advocating for the said number of work hours for all. It was started by tradesmen in Melbourne. 
Aside from this, Australia also celebrates labor day to celebrate the everyday efforts of workers in the country. 

Are there classes in Adelaide on Labor Day?
There are no classes in Adelaide during Labor Day. It’s part of a long weekend that starts on Saturday and ends on Monday. 
It’s why this time can be great for spending time with your family. From gardens, zoos, and parks, the city has plenty of spaces to visit. 

Pubs and Wineries in Adelaide Open on Labor Day

Pubs and Wineries in Adelaide Open on Labor Day

For labor day in Adelaide, why not crack open a beer or two? After all, a whole year of working hard is best celebrated with some bottles, a lively crowd, and some sumptuous food!

1. The Little Pub

The Little Pub

Website: https://www.thelittlepub.com.au/

Address: 17 Hindley St, Adelaide SA 5000

The Little Pub is the perfect place for beer enthusiasts. They have one of the best-tasting craft beers that Adelaide has to offer—just ask the locals!

The best part is that their beers are budget-friendly. It’s a perfect place for the average worker to spend their special day in, so grab a mug during their happy hours of 5 to 7 PM.

Another highlight of the bar is its cocktail jugs. For an affordable price, we were able to get the party going for a group of 4. 

The interior is simple and casual, perfect for a laidback Labor Day. They have a table football, pool table, and plenty of screens for viewing. 

Pro tip: Go to the back of the bar to view their extensive offerings of beers. Beer on tap is also available there.

2. Exeter Hotel

Exeter Hotel

Website: http://www.theexeter.com.au/

Address: 246 Rundle St, Adelaide SA 5000

The Exeter Hotel is hard to miss whenever you visit Adelaide. It’s become iconic at this point, having been around since 1851.

The pub is a refreshing sight, as they stand their ground firmly on not modernizing their look at all. From its exterior down to the tiles of the bar, the design that made it so loved in the first place is still maintained. 

What you see is what you get. Everything that screams “local pub” is here, including local beers and wines, delicious grub, and a relaxed crowd, making it perfect for a Labor Day celebration. 

Speaking of grub, their food menu changes every day! Our favorites include curry, steak sandwiches and chips, and chili. 

Pro tip: Take regular trips to the bar to get accustomed to its atmosphere. You may come to love its no-nonsense and straightforward vibe. 

3. Hains and Co

Hains and Co

Website: https://www.hainsco.com.au/

Address: 23 Gilbert Pl, Adelaide SA 5000

Hains & Co is simply unbeatable when it comes to atmosphere. It sports a sailor-themed interior that turns nights into a lively experience. 

The pub is a refreshing spot in the middle of the CBD because of its stylishly campy design. It’s a great bar for those who want a lively celebration for their Labor Day. 

When they party, they party hard! The energy here is infectious, especially during burlesque dances and DJ raves. 

There is always something new in the bar because their beers and cocktails change with the season. Special ones include the Archie Rose Rum, Pirate Life, Lord Nelson, and Dark ‘n Stormy. 

Pro tip: This place is smoker-friendly. If you’re not a smoker, however, the bar is a safe area for you. 

4. Lobethal Bierhaus

Lobethal Bierhaus

Website: https://bierhaus.com.au/

Address: 3A Main St, Lobethal SA 5241

Lobethal Bierhaus is a great place to visit if you’re spending the long weekend in the Adelaide Hills. It has many open outdoor spaces that allow us to feel the atmosphere of the hills. 

We were glad to know that their beers are produced nearby by using industry-grade equipment. Manned and perfected by locals, the beer house provides the best of Adelaide Hills with every mug. 

Some of our favorite drinks they serve are the Choc Oat Stout, Little Devil, creme brulee, and Bohemian pilsner. They’re packaged in attractive and sleek bottles too!

Pro tip: If you’re looking for a kid-friendly winery, Lobethal Bierhaus is the place for you. They have a children’s menu and many meals that the youngsters will love.

Restaurants in Adelaide Open for Labor Day

If you want to celebrate Labor Day with the family, why not spend it in a restaurant? There are plenty of places to dine across Adelaide for Labor day. 

5. Golden Boy

Golden Boy

Website: https://www.golden-boy.com.au/

Address: 309 North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000

For Labor Day, why not try international cuisine? Golden Boy is a testament to Adelaide’s love for foreign cuisine.

Its menu is a great showcase of Thailand’s savory offerings, including Kampot Pepper Fried Chicken and Braised Pork Pancakes.

Some favorites of ours are their lettuce cups and their green papaya salad. They have a way of keeping the flavors sweet, sour, and piquant in one bite. 

And to top off your meal, we highly recommend their pandan custard. It has a grassy vanilla taste mixed with the freshness of coconut cream. 

They also have a private room if you want a small get-together for Labor Day. It can seat up to 18 people. 

Pro tip: There is a 20 percent surcharge for their Labor Day hours, so be sure to be prepared! 

6. Pizzateca


Website: https://www.pizza-teca.com/

Address: 319 Chalk Hill Rd, McLaren Vale SA 5171

Pizzateca is a great place to experience South Italian cuisine in Adelaide, especially if you’re visiting McLaren Vale as part of your Labor Day trip. It’s manned by immigrants, the Mitolo family, who showcase their experience and traditions with every pizza. 

We like their outdoor dining area, as their lawn has a lot of space for kids to play around. With the food being just right up children’s alley, it’s no wonder why this place is a big hit among families. 

Our favorites include their cream-filled burrata which is just the right amount of sour. Just the aroma of the cream made our mouths water. 

And because we were already in the Hills, there was no question that we had to sip one of their locally-brewed offerings. Our favorites include the Hills Cider, the Zerella, and the Golden Child. 

They also have family-friendly drinks like the bitter Crodini, Mocktails, and the Lyrebird Spritz (made from Italian orange soda). 

Pro tip: Try to chat with some of the servers! They have some interesting stories about how their menu has changed over the years.

7. Sunny’s Pizza

Sunny’s Pizza

Website: https://www.sunnys.pizza/

Address: 17 Solomon St, Adelaide SA 5000

Sunny’s, ironically, is a pizza shop that only opens past 5. 

With subtle lighting, a disco ball, and 80’s pop, the shop is straight out of a coming-of-age flick. It even has a small dance floor where you can dance your stress away during Labor Day.

To enhance the vibes, they also serve cocktails and beers. Our favorites include the soft fuzz (peachy gin), trademark margarita (tequila and lime on the rocks), and yakuza spritz (strawberry and yuzu). 

But the star of their menu is none other than their pizza. It’s eclectic in its inspiration, ranging from Italian to Hawaiian. 

Our favorite is Pizza #4 which features chargrilled pineapple and mozzarella. The inclusion of the fruit makes its flavors more intriguing.

Pro tip: It gets very loud inside during the night, so it’s probably best to save the conversation for later and dance the night away instead! 

8. Luma Restaurant and Bar

Luma Restaurant and Bar

Website: https://lumarestaurant.com.au/

Address: 120 North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000

Luma Restaurant and Bar’s interior is enough to make your Labor Day a treat. Made with exquisite Art Nouveau architecture, every space in the restaurant is intricately designed. 

The design of their columns and ceiling, partnered with the delicate detailing of their furniture, is probably the reason why the restaurant made its way to our Instagram feed. As part of Playford Hotel, it certainly serves as its centerpiece. 

The best part is that the luxury is offered at a reasonable price. We got a breakfast buffet here for only $42. 

The food here is free-range and organic. Paired with their well-brewed coffee, it’s a great way to start Labor Day (or to refresh you from the hangover from your long weekend drinking!).

Pro tip: The staff, especially their pastry chef, is very friendly. Try to have a chat with them as you dine!

What to Do in Adelaide for Labor Day

For some, Labor Day is better celebrated in the open. Adelaide offers many amazing spots if you want to be with nature during this holiday. 

9. Visit the Adelaide Botanic Garden

Visit the Adelaide Botanic Garden

Address: North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000

Adelaide Botanic Garden is one of the best parts of the city, as it stays true to the city’s mission of being a liveable and eco-friendly place. 

It’s inside the CBD, making it very accessible for everyone. Spending Labor Day through a picnic here is a great idea. 

Not to mention, it’s also completely free to visit! You can either make it part of your trip to the city or spend the whole day here. 

Little ones will especially have fun in The Little Sprouts Kitchen Garden where they can learn about different plants used for food. Concepts like composting, honey production, and herbs are also taught here. 

Pro tip: On rainy days, try visiting the Amazon Waterlily Pavilion. Its glass architecture gives it an ethereal feeling when it fogs from the rain.

10. Hang out at Glenelg Beach

Hang out at Glenelg Beach

Distance from CBD: 21 minutes

Glenelg Beach is home to many attractions, making it a great place to spend the afternoon of Labor Day. It’s especially a popular choice among swimmers and snorkelers.

There are plenty of opportunities for exploring its water through the Wild Dolphin Safari or the romantic Sunset Safari provided by Adelaide Ocean Safari. 

Kids will especially have a great time in The Beachouse which is filled with the largest water slides in the city. It even has bumper bash boats which are crazy fun for the daring ones.

Of course, not everyone has to be wet to have fun! You can instead walk on the Glenelg Jetty to enjoy the view and the gentle breeze of the sea.

And to end the day on a dreamy note, why not meet the sunset while riding the giant Ferris wheel? You’ll get a stunning golden view of the Adelaide Hills and the coastline. 

Pro tip: Drink lots of water when visiting the beach! It’s easy to forget to stay hydrated, as there are so many things to do here.

11. Visit Adelaide Zoo

Visit Adelaide Zoo

Address: Frome Rd, Adelaide SA 5000

Adelaide Zoo is a fantastic choice for a family trip. Viewing the animals is made more fun by its inclusion of many immersive activities facilitated by the zookeepers.

Some activities you can do here include feeding the tigers (at a safe distance), getting to wave at the cute giant pandas, and getting up close with meerkats. 

Pro tip: Check out the daily schedule for shows they have on their website so that you can create an itinerary based on the animals you prefer the most. 

Speaking of animals, you may want to spend the long weekend far from home. Don’t forget to keep your pets fed and secure by entrusting them to one of the best dog boarding or cat boarding places in Adelaide.

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