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Why is Adelaide attracting global scholars

Why is Adelaide attracting global scholars?

We Adelaideans, take pride in our city as one of the best spots for international students. It’s no wonder because we take good care of our scholars, from the quality of education to the vibrant culture of our sunny city.

If you’re an international student seeking a city that’ll be your home up to when you turn the tassel and spread your wings in the workforce, I highly recommend Adelaide. Read more to discover why our city is an excellent choice for you.

1. Adelaide’s quality of education is excellent!

Adelaide’s quality of education is excellent

First and foremost, our city has excellent educational opportunities that cater to a wide range of interests. 

Whether you aspire to become a writer or spend your college years delving into the intricacies of quantum physics, we have programs and resources to support your academic pursuits!

One of the best parts of studying in Adelaide is that it has some of the top universities in the world. They provide a conducive space for you to learn various disciplines in a dynamic way. 

What are the top universities of Adelaide based on world rankings?

The top universities of Adelaide according to QS are

  • The University of Adelaide (#109), 
  • The University of South Australia (#363), 
  • and Flinders University(#425).

The University of Adelaide was established in 1874 and has produced 5 Nobel Laureates in the field of physics, physiology, and literature. If you’re eyeing this prestigious award, I highly advise applying for the university. 

2. Adelaide is student-budget-friendly

Adelaide is student-budget-friendly

If there’s anything most college students will agree on, it’s that budgeting is challenging! After all, college tuition fees aren’t declining anytime soon! 

The good news is that Adelaide is one of the most affordable capital cities in Australia. According to Student Cities, you’ll only need around $2,312 monthly here (refer to the table below for a comparison with other cities). 

CityMonthly estimated cost of living for students

Majority of your costs will be spent on your accommodation, so I advise you to look for the most affordable apartments in the city. 

3. Adelaide is beautiful (and accessible!)

Just do a quick search for photos of Adelaide and you’ll see how beautiful it is! With our picturesque gardens and our spacious parks, it’s easy to take a breather here and simply enjoy your surroundings.

The best part? Our hangout spots like Glenelg Beach or the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary are just 20 minutes away from the city center! 

Our city boasts excellent infrastructure and transportation, which is why you can finish an exam and then visit the beach immediately after! 

Just hop on one of our many free transportation services, such as the 99C City Loop, the Adelaide Connector Bus, and the tram.

4. International students have a great support network here

We get it, traveling somewhere far from home for education may be especially daunting for some. But in Adelaide, worry not because we’ve got an excellent network made possible through StudyAdelaide

From university applications to document processing, securing accommodations, and even finding internships, the website has you covered!

Not to mention, our top universities also have community hubs where you can receive guidance on improving your English skills, volunteering opportunities, and access to religious support.

Here are some links for the community hubs in University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, and Flinders University.

5. Adelaide has plenty of opportunities for part-time work

International students will find it easy to get part-time employment here while studying. In fact, a student visa allows you to allot up to 40 hours per fortnight, with unlimited hours when on break!

Just ask your seniors. There are plenty of jobs you can take on! Check out some of the hiring companies in Prosple and Gradconnection.

What are the top employing industries of Adelaide?

What are the top employing industries of Adelaide

The top employing industries of Adelaide are

  • public administration and safety, 
  • professional, scientific, and technical services, and 
  • healthcare and social assistance.

This is based on numbers from Informed Decisions.

A complete list of the industries can be seen below:

Top Industries of Adelaide Number of employees
Public administration and safety27,077
Professional, scientific and technical services26,079
Healthcare and social assistance25,643
Financial and insurance services12,980
Education and training12,765
Accommodation and food services10,240
Retail trade6,257
Administrative and support services5,490
Information media and telecommunications5,451

6. Adelaide is diverse and inclusive 

Adelaide is a fusion of many cultures from all over the world! In 2023, we have over 35,000 international students, coming from 120 countries. 

It reflects in many aspects of the city, from our festivals down to our food. We’re home to many citizens born overseas, such as in China, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, India, and Hong Kong. 

In addition, our city is dubbed the “City of Churches” because we’re a city of high religious tolerance. 

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