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5 Best IVF Clinics in Adelaide

The 5 Best IVF Clinics in Adelaide

Specialists. We examined the qualifications of the specialists, as they will be with you throughout the whole process of the baby’s growth. Specifically, we looked at their years of experience, education, and training.
Services provided. Fertility encompasses multiple factors. For the best treatments, we looked for clinics with endocrinologists, urologists, and other specialists available to ensure that they offer many services.
Fees. While IVF in Adelaide is pricey, it doesn’t have to be very expensive and unattainable. We chose clinics that are within reach of parents-to-be.
Clinic. We checked their clinic to see its facilities and accessibility. We also considered the convenience of booking an appointment with them.

1. Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility

Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility's Homepage

Services: Ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination, in-vitro fertilization

Website: https://www.adelobs.com.au/

Address: 38 King William Rd, Goodwood SA 5034, Australia

Contact Details: +61 8 8272 7755

Operating Hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 8 AM-5 PM
  • Saturday-Sunday: Closed
Google reviews score4.7/5
Total reviews4.5/5
Score consistency 4.7/5
Years of experience5/5
Certifications and licenses5/5
Range of services5/5
Variation in specialty of doctors5/5
Variation in services provided5/5


  • Extensive list of services
  • Experienced doctors
  • Many options for intra-uterine insemination
  • Straightforward process for availing their IVF procedure


  • Has received complaints of unprofessional for receptionists
  • Pricey compared to other clinics

Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility is a great choice for IVF in Adelaide, as they are complete when it comes to services and facilities. They can assist with fertilization, birth, and postpartum care. 

They are led by Dr. Fischer, who has a decade of experience in laparoscopic surgery, high-risk obstetrics, and IVF. When assigned to her, you can receive holistic advice about anything related to fertility. 

It’s hard to go wrong with their process for IVF, as it is straightforward. They make sure to tell the instructions in terms easy to understand for many. 

They have many options for intrauterine insemination, including natural cycle insemination, clomiphene citrate ovulation induction, and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) ovulation induction. 

It’s why they can accommodate clients with different conditions, preferences, and budgets. These procedures are done in a well-maintained facility conveniently located in Goodwood. 

We also like that their website is among the most comprehensive we’ve seen. It is filled with vital information that can guide those who will undergo a procedure. 

If there’s anything we didn’t like about them, one is that some clients complained of receiving unprofessional service from their receptionists. 

Aside from this, their rates are pricey compared to other clinics in Adelaide. Get a thorough breakdown of all the costs of your procedure upon your first consultation with them to be prepared.

2. Repromed IVF Adelaide

Repromed IVF Adelaide's Homepage

Services: In vitro fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, embryo freezing, sperm retrieval

Website: https://repromed.com.au/

Address: 180 Fullarton Rd, Dulwich SA 5065, Australia

Contact Details: +61 8 8333 8111

Operating Hours:

  • Monday: 7 AM-5 PM
  • Tuesday, Thursday-Friday: 7 AM-4 PM
  • Wednesday: 7 AM-8 PM
  • Saturday: 8 AM-1 PM
  • Sunday: Closed
Facebook reviews score4.3/5
Google reviews score3.4/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency 3.85/5
Years of experience5/5
Certifications and licenses5/5
Range of services5/5
Variation in specialty of doctors5/5
Variation in services provided5/5


  • Large team
  • High success rate
  • Has many clinics all over Australia
  • Thorough with explaining steps for IVF procedure


  • Hard to book appointment because of high demand
  • Unresponsive communication lines

Repromed is one of the most known fertility clinics in Australia. After all, they have clinics in Adelaide, Tasmania, Victoria, Northern Territory, Queensland, and Western Australia. 

They have seven accessible locations for consultations and a full-service location in Dulwich. The clinics are manned by more than 15 fertility specialists, including endocrinologists, gynecologists, and more.

You can get all of the fertility services with them, including in vitro fertilization, intrauterine insemination, donor reproduction, ovulation induction, and surgery for infertility.

They have a high success rate for pregnancy, embryo transfer, and live births, even for those over the age of 35. This shows their expertise in fertility treatment. 

We appreciate their thoroughness in explaining the steps for IVF. Clients can feel more comfortable because of how well they create individualized treatment plans to match your health condition. 

All of that said, it’s hard to book an appointment with them even for consultations, as there is high demand for their services. 

Aside from this, their contact lines are unresponsive. This extends to phone and email communication lines.

3. Flinders Fertility

Flinders Fertility's Homepage

Services: In vitro fertilization, frozen embryo transfer, surgical sperm retrieval, endocrine disorders, IUI-assisted insemination, donor program, fertility preservation, egg freezing

Website: https://flindersfertility.com.au/

Address: Kaurna Country, 24 Gordon St, Glenelg SA 5045, Australia

Contact Details: Kaurna Country, 24 Gordon St, Glenelg SA 5045, Australia

Operating Hours:

  • Monday-Thursday: 7:30 AM-5 PM
  • Friday: 7:30 AM-3 PM
  • Saturday: 9 AM-1 PM
  • Sunday: Closed
Facebook reviews score4.8/5
Google reviews score3.3/5
Total reviews4/5
Score consistency 4.05/5
Years of experience5/5
Certifications and licenses5/5
Range of services5/5
Variation in specialty of doctors5/5
Variation in services provided5/5


  • Has many years of experience
  • Multilingual staff
  • High success rate
  • Good programs for LGBTI+ patients


  • Has cases of repeatedly canceling appointments
  • Has issues with explaining the costs of services

Flinders Fertility has been around since 1982. They’ve built a reputation for their compassionate and professional services which have earned the trust of many clients. 

They proudly hold the record of being the first clinic in South Australia to help a couple give birth to an IVF baby. 

11 doctors lead the clinic, each with years of both local and international experience in fertility cases. They are multilingual and can speak Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, and Korean. 

The clinic has high success rates for clinical pregnancies and live births. This number even extends to those within the age range of 30–40. 

Their facilities are highlights of the clinic, as they can handle egg freezing, surgical sperm retrieval, frozen embryo transfers, and ovulation inductions. 

Another highlight is their programs for LGBTQI+ patients. They have dedicated donor programs, fertility preservation, and partner IVF programs for them. 

Their counselors have great knowledge in the process of looking for donors based on preferences, sampling donors for diseases, and similarly important procedures. 

There are only a couple of downsides to them. 

First, some clients complained of having their appointments repeatedly canceled by some of the doctors of the clinic. 

Next, some had issues with the way that the fees for their procedures were explained. Specifically, some said that their representatives gave vague answers which led to misunderstandings later on. 

4. Embrace Fertility

Embrace Fertility's Homepage

Treatments For: Low egg numbers, endometriosis, PCOS

Website: https://embracefertility.org/

Address: 266 Melbourne St, North Adelaide SA 5006, Australia

Contact Details: +61 1300 848 470

Operating Hours:

  • Monday, Wednesday: 9 AM-8 PM
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 9 AM-5 PM
  • Saturday-Sunday: Closed
Google reviews score5/5
Total reviews3.5/5
Score consistency 5/5
Years of experience5/5
Certifications and licenses5/5
Range of services5/5
Variation in specialty of doctors5/5
Variation in services provided5/5


  • Holistic fertility assistance
  • Telehealth consultations are conducted well
  • Good qualifications of staff
  • Accommodating and friendly doctors


  • Irregular opening hours
  • IVF procedures are done outside the clinic

Embrace Fertility is a good choice for IVF in Adelaide, as their fertility assistance is holistic. Their team has a great track record and extensive experience in diagnosing issues that can lower fertility, such as PCOS, low egg numbers, and endometriosis. 

One of the best aspects of the clinic is their telehealth consultations. It is easy to book, and their rates for this are affordable. 

Their head gynecologist has a Ph.D. from Cambridge University. She has extensive experience in IVF medications and new technologies related to them. 

The other members of the team are active in current trials and research about fertilization. This results in a scientist-practitioner approach that ensures the novelty and effectiveness of the procedures they conduct. 

We also appreciate how accommodating and friendly their team is. Their positive demeanor results in a more comfortable and welcoming experience. 

But one thing we weren’t fond of with the clinic is their irregular hours. Specifically, their closing times for Monday and Wednesday are different from the rest of the week, which can be a bit confusing. 

Aside from this, their IVF procedures are done outside the clinic. This can be inconvenient for some patients. 

5. Fertility SA

Fertility SA's Homepage

Services: Low intervention methods, fertility preservation, IVF and ICSI, counseling services, genetic testing

Website: https://fertilitysa.com.au/

Address: 9/431 King William St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Contact Details: +61 414 855 722

Operating Hours:

  • Monday-Thursday: 9 AM-5 PM
  • Friday: 7 AM-5 PM
  • Saturday-Sunday: Closed
Google reviews score3.7/5
Total reviews3/5
Score consistency 3.7/5
Years of experience5/5
Certifications and licenses5/5
Range of services5/5
Variation in specialty of doctors5/5
Variation in services provided5/5


  • High success rate
  • Doctors have good variety of specialties
  • Complete set of technology 
  • Good at coordinating donor conceptions


  • Pricey
  • Takes a while to answer inquiries

Fertility SA boasts one of the highest success rates. They have helped in giving birth to more than 2,000 babies since being founded in 2009. 

Their team has a resident gynecologist, obstetrician, embryologist, and surgeon. Most of them have decades of experience both in Australia and overseas. 

One of the best aspects of the clinic is how they explain the fees for the procedure. It also comes in packages that match different budgets and fertility needs.

Aside from IVF, they have other fertility services including counseling, alternative fertilization methods, and low-intervention methods. 

These are made possible by the technology for genetic testing, incubation, preservation, and more in their clinic. 

We also like that they are great at coordinating donor conceptions. They can organize unknown donations, donations for same-sex couples, solo woman sperm donors, and counseling for these. 

However, one thing we didn’t like about the clinic is that they charge high for their services. 

Aside from this, they take some time to answer inquiries made through email and by phone. 

FAQs about IVF Clinics in Adelaide

The following are the prices for similar services:

Freezing of embryo$625
Freezing of sperm cells$475
Intrauterine insemination (IUI)$2,676
Frozen embryo transfer (FET)$3,930
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