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5 Clubs with the Best Tennis Courts in Adelaide

Top 5 Clubs with the Best Tennis Courts in Adelaide

Number of Courts - We included tennis clubs in Adelaide with many courts to ensure that they can accommodate more players and avoid long wait times for games.
Courts’ Condition - The tennis courts’ condition greatly affects the game, so we only included clubs with well-maintained courts.
Cost - We selected clubs that charge a reasonable fee for the quality of court they’re providing.
Accessibility - We evaluated the tennis club’s location and operating hours. We gave plus points to clubs that are easy to contact.

1. Memorial Drive Tennis Club

Memorial Drive Tennis Club's Homepage

Services: Competitive tennis and social tennis

Website: https://mdtc.asn.au

Address: 1626 War Memorial Dr, North Adelaide, SA 5006

Contact Details:

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Number of courts5/5
Courts’ condition4.5/5


  • 13 lawn courts, 11 hard courts, and 4 synthetic courts
  • LED lighting on all hard and synthetic courts
  • Has a dining cafe and bar
  • Spa and sauna are available
  • Individual and group tennis coaching


  • Some stands need improvement
  • Café doesn’t offer a lot of vegetarian food
  • Speakers need upgrade

Memorial Drive Tennis Club is just a few minutes from CBD and offers its members world-class tennis facilities.

After its renovation in 2019, the club now has 13 lawn courts, 11 hard courts, and 4 synthetic courts. They can accommodate more players, and you don’t have to worry about the courts being packed.

We also like the LED lights that they have on all hard and synthetic courts, making night tennis possible for its members or casual visitors.

We were also impressed at the other facilities that the club offers. Members can now enjoy the spa and sauna after a tiring day of playing or grab some snacks at the cafe.

The stands just need improvement for all the facilities to be truly world-class. Some of the seats are uncomfortable, so many don’t get to enjoy the game they’re watching.

It’s also a pity that the cafe doesn’t offer much vegetarian food. Fries are the only vegetarian option available in the cafe, so it’s understandable why many vegetarian members aren’t that excited about the cafe.

2. Reade Park Lawn Tennis Club

Reade Park Lawn Tennis Club's Homepage

Services: Competitive and social tennis

Website: http://readeparktennis.net

Address: Flinders Ave, Colonel Light Gardens SA 5041

Contact Details:

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Google reviews score4.4/5
Total reviews4/5
Score consistency 4.2/5
Number of courts5/5
Courts’ condition4.5/5


  • A good number of grass courts
  • Family membership is available
  • Non-members are welcome
  • Coaching available


  • Strict with shoes worn by players
  • Can be hard to book for events

Reade Park Lawn Tennis Club (RPLTC) takes great pride in their lawn courts, so they always go the extra mile to take care of them.

The club currently has 14 lawn courts. All of which are some of the best courts you’ll ever play on in South Australia.

To avoid damage on the grass, RPLTC is very strict with players’ shoes while playing. Players are advised to wear tennis shoes or other shoes with flatter outsoles.

Aside from their courts, we also love that they offer family membership for those who want to bond over tennis.

Moreover, we appreciate that they welcome casual visitors to their facilities. As long as they pay the visitor fee of $10, they’ll be able to enjoy their top-notch lawn courts.

Just note that they’re pretty picky with the events that they accept. If the event you wish to hold on their premises is not up to their standard, you might have difficulty booking them.

3. Seacliff Tennis Club

Seacliff Tennis Club's Homepage

Services: Tennis courts, coaching, and club apparel

Website: https://www.seaclifftennis.com.au

Address: Lipson Ave, Seacliff, SA 5049

Contact Details:

  • 0429 990815, 0422 285891 (for senior tennis)
  • 0435 775 239 (for junior tennis)
  • 0412 548209 (club secretary)

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Google reviews score4.7/5
Total reviews4/5
Score consistency 4.4/5
Number of courts4.5/5
Courts’ condition4.5/5


  • 12 Plexipave hard courts
  • Coaching available
  • Offers club apparel
  • Has a bar


  • No grass courts
  • Not the best choice for those who want casual games

Seacliff Tennis Club (STC) has been providing high-quality tennis experiences to its members for over a century now, and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

The club is home to 12 Plexipave hard courts that members can use to train for competitions or enjoy a game.

They also provide coaching services to members who want to improve their tennis skills. The club’s head coach has been recognised by Tennis Australia and is a certified master trainer, so you’re guaranteed a fruitful lesson.

Another thing that we appreciate about this club is its apparel. It has a variety of club apparel available to ensure players are comfortable with their clothes while playing.

We also think the club’s bar deserves some praise. They serve tasty snacks and refreshing drinks to ease the players’ fatigue after a delightful game of tennis. 

There’s no denying that STC has some of the best hard tennis courts in Adelaide, but it may not be the best club choice for certain people.

For one, they don’t have grass courts, so those who prefer playing on grass may find this disappointing.

Moreover, it can be intimidating to sign up if you’re just up for casual games and not planning on participating in competitions, as most of the members are competitive players.

4. Peake Gardens Riverside Tennis Club

Peake Gardens Riverside Tennis Club's Homepage

Services: Tennis courts, night tennis, and coaching

Website: http://www.pgrtc.net.au

Address: 6/24 Bice St, Marleston SA 5033

Contact Details:

  • 0435 803 488 (club secretary)
  • 0411 868 686 (club president)

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Google reviews score4.5/5
Total reviews4/5
Score consistency 4.3/5
Number of courts4.5/5
Courts’ condition5/5


  • 14 tennis courts
  • Big lights for night tennis
  • Has playground next to courts
  • Night tennis competition
  • Coaching available


  • Small clubhouse
  • Not the best choice for casual playing

Peake Gardens Riverside Tennis Club’s blue Plexi-cushion courts are too good to not be included in this list.

The club’s well-maintained cushioned courts are relatively safer for players. Even if players fall, they can avoid getting a severe injury because the court lessens the impact.

Another thing we like about their courts is the lights surrounding them, making night tennis possible and fun.

We also appreciate that there are playgrounds near the courts. This makes it easier for parents who want to play tennis but can’t leave their children alone.

It must be because they have a lot of courts and other facilities, but the clubhouse is smaller than other clubs.

Fortunately, they’ll be building a bigger one this year.

Overall, the club is excellent for players looking to join a competition, as they also offer coaching services.

Casual players are also welcome, but the experience might not be as enjoyable, as it is for competitive players. Most members are training for a competition, so you might have difficulty looking for someone to play with.

5. Prospect Tennis Club

Prospect Tennis Club's Homepage

Services: Tennis courts, coaching, and club merchandise

Website: https://play.tennis.com.au/prospecttennisclub

Address: Willcox Ave, Prospect SA 5082

Contact Details: [email protected] 

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday: 7:00 AM – 6:45 PM

Google reviews score4.1/5
Total reviews4/5
Score consistency 4/5
Number of courts4/5
Courts’ condition4/5


  • 8 tennis courts
  • Various membership options
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Offers club merchandise
  • Great junior program


  • Some courts need resurfacing
  • No grass court

Prospect Tennis Club (PTC) has one of the best junior programs in South Australia. The club holds yellow, green, and orange ball competitions to cater to juniors’ different playing levels and help them improve more.

Moreover, they have a tried and tested coaching system. Led by Theodora, the club specialises in ANZ Hot Shots, Individualised Lessons, and Performance Squad Coaching.

What we really like about PTC, aside from its junior program, is the warm atmosphere among the club members. The friendly members and staff make tennis less tiring and more fun, so we understand why many players keep coming back.

It’s also easier to make friends with other players, as the club has eight courts that aren’t that far from each other.

Most courts are in good condition and can cater to intensive games. But some need resurfacing to make the tennis experience better.

In addition, if you prefer grass courts, this isn’t what you’re looking for. All eight courts of PTC are hard courts.

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